Sunday, 16 July 2017

I can't hear me. The Big Interview.

I painted my eyebrows white, well, very light blue, before I went out in the morning, and in this photo, taken when I got home, you can't even tell. So what happened to my makeup? Was it sucked into my body?! 

It's a pancake type from MAC, which means it's not tested on animals, a plus, unless you count myself. At least it washes off very easily, the part that your body hasn't lapped up already. 

My Big Interview was recorded a while ago for a podcast that went live a few days ago. The show is MaturePreneurial, hosted by Elaine Benoit. If you ask how it went, I would say it was kind of like snapdragons growing out of rocks, like these, which I photographed recently. I felt nervous but I pushed through it - I won't go so far as to say I bloomed madly, but I conquered another fear, and that's worth celebrating.

I arrived at the sound recording booth early, having decided to use the pro studios at Vancouver Public Library's Innovation Lab. A Skype interview. The facilities are free with a library card - computer, mic, mixer. The tech promised to set me up, but when I couldn't hear my own voice through the headphones, only the interviewer's, the tech said, "It's supposed to be like that." ?! NOT.

As a result, I was not only nervous but also flustered from the outset and didn't have a chance to review my notes. But I survived. Maybe it was better not to hear what I was saying. Heh. At least I could hear Elaine.

When the interview was over, I noticed something weird. My pant legs had been hiked as high as they would go, and when you're wearing palazzo pants, which I was, that's pretty high. Yes, I had subconsciously been raising my pant legs throughout the interview, a nervous tick I suppose. Hahaha! Thank goodness I wasn't wearing a dress! - there was a tinted window in the booth where anyone could look in.

So if you want to know more about me, have a listen HERE. Elaine has interviewed lots of interesting people, including Lyn Slater, who gave a detailed account of how her social media presence was born. The mysterious rising pants are in the bio photo there. A big thank you to Elaine for having me on her show!

That's a Desigual T-shirt that Shelley of blog Forest City Fashionista gave me, with "RAINBOW" splashed across the front in sequins, and butterflies, so I farked it. Shelley suspected I would. Nobody tells me happy words and gits away with it! Heh.

I added the phrase "Existential Angst" to balance things out a bit and wore it the first time with my tuxedo pants and a jacket I got from Sylvia of blog 40 Plus Style during the clothing swap at the big blogger meetup a couple of years ago. This outfit made me think of Tom Waits. And I'm wearing a couple of rings that O made me, also available in his Etsy store here.

And I'm wearing BROWN. Whaaa?! It was nippy and this dress is a stretchy wool blend. If I hadn't had the striped tights, I wouldn't have put it on. And I'm wearing my watch choker. It's easy to tell time because it's broken and time stands still. Of course you see my magic loupe too, also available in O's shop here, a handmade piece. He even shaves the lens to a custom size.

I don't know what I'm doing in that pose down there.

And one more outfit for the road. My huuuuge pants that will definitely fall down without my unisuspender or that chain belt I'm wearing. They are so cottony soft, double ply, by the Vancouver label Babs. And on top is my silk Donna Karan pyjama shirt. 

On my feet are my Velveteen Rabbit D&G shoes.

Ahhhh, summer is here. I like it. Not too hot, not too cold. For now. 

That's all for this week. I had a whole post written and scrapped it at the last minute. I took time to write it too. That often happens when I think too much. Sigh. 

In my last post I wrote how I just got a cart. Pffft. I keep forgetting to take it out, or don't take it out on purpose thinking, oh, I'm not going to buy anything this morning, and then what?! All-natural peanut butter, $3 off per jar?!! Heh. Must. take. cart. And fan.

I'll link up to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb.

I hope youse guys are in your groove, making the most of each day. As always, thanks for dropping by!!


  1. Loving the striped jacket and tuxedo looking pants!!!! I'm about to start an interview series---it's the thing!!!

  2. Yes, it is the thing. I enjoyed this experience after the tech shock. But I'll definitely use the library facility again. Good luck with your series!! xo

  3. woaaa, love that you had that big interview and that you used public library facilities (I'm a huge fan of public libraries!), and also love your revamped t-shirt with angst! (so much better than just a 'rainbow')
    It's shocking to see you wearing Brown, but your tights and fabulousness make it look cool! (amazing!!!). And I love your massive pants!, and your shoes!

  4. So TRUE: " More than anything, following her heart, coupled with risk-taking and grand surrenders to personal chaos, have fueled her mid-life social media success." But wait, mid-life?? Vouz?? I think you are just beginning to roar. xox


  5. So cool, so cool. Maybe your rolling bag needs a little something to wear to accompany you on your daily treks. I'm thinking she can't just go out in the same thing day after day - as great as shiny b&w polka dots are. hmmm.

  6. Mel, Thanks so much for the shout out! I so appreciate it! I had so much fun interviewing you! I wish I could have laughed freely instead of stifling the guffaws! You rock! Lainey!

  7. If you couldn't hear yourself I would think you'd end up shouting....because you can't hear yourself! Of course you need to hear yourself speaking, his response to you was wrong.

  8. As you know, I just loved your interview. And of course some images to go with it are nice. I see you as a current day Edith Ann from "Laugh In" hiking up your dress/pants as you talk. "And that's the truth." I hope you know what I 'm talking about so I don't sound nuttier than usual. Your existential rainbow angst outfit reminds me so much of 1960's Bob Dylan and that is a very good thing. And as for your giant Babs pants, I actually looked them up to see if they deliver to Californy but no. So it's off to my sewing machine I go. So much inspiration from you Melanie!!!!!

  9. I need me a camera remote control thingy!! I'm super loving those striped tights!!

  10. You are indeed overcoming fears, trying new and exciting things....AND...inspiring us as you do it!

    I love your photos today, especially the one with the sketch on the handrail.

  11. Never did brown look so goddamn rock'n'roll! xxx

  12. Congratulations Melanie. I'm with Sue of A Colorful Canvas. You are the most wonderful example of overcoming fears and inspiring us along the way. Your outfits are always soooo creative. I swoon!

  13. Thanks for just being you Melanie, just being around, doing your own thing in your own way. Never dull, ever inspiring, making us chuckle.

    Luv ya x

  14. Love what you did with the shirt - I knew you would Mel-o-fy it! I wonder about where the makeup goes that I put on in the morning and it kind of freaks me out to think that there may be a layer of makeup that is getting thicker and thicker beneath my epidermis.

    I so enjoyed listening to the podcast! The technical difficulties would have make me uneasy too, but you carried it off magnificently. I like the Babs pants.

  15. You are such a natural schtar! Loved the whole interview.


  16. I burst out laughing over your snap dragons through rocks analogy (I pushed through it! Hah!) and the hiked up pants. Hilarious! Your interview was great and you sounded super smaht and savvy. Couldn't tell you were technically challenged. Look forward to more interviews and insights. Well done.

  17. That interview was a pure delight! Something about hearing a persons voice adds so much to the realness of their being... I have a fuller sense of your heart and how ideas bubble out of you in so many mediums. I found your story of wearing a bag over your head so interesting, a very unexpected part of your evolution. But Ithink think sharing more of your artist's soul needed to be measured out. I'm so glad the beret fell off the bag. Yeah, life certainly can be about conquering each fear and savoring the moments that follow. That's a daily deal in some ways.
    I loved every spec of that interview and little turnip head has made her way into our hearts. That shot of you looking at her is telling of how you feel about this journey you're still planning eh? So fondly, Jude

  18. I love love the brown outfit. With those fab shoes and fab tights. They make the outfit. And I love the wide pants. Great the way you added the belt and suspenders hanging down. I am repeating myself like a broken record when I say: how do you do that? Looking good in everything you put on, never mind what.
    The grey and white striped jacket of Sylvia I remember. I tried to snatch it up myself, but it was too tight. Sylvia definitely has one, sometimes two sizes smaller than me. Bummer. Love the jacket.
    PS I am going to listen to your podcast later on today. Must rush now. Awesome that they asked you.

  19. The podcast interview was a delight.

    Big love for that striped jacket.

    Adore the cool brown/warm grey - it doesn't love me (I have to go with really dark bitter choco) and I have raging envy for those who can wear it - and you're right - the stripey tights make it super-groovy.

    Snapdragons growing out of rocks is totally the yoga pose you are doing on that stair rail.

    I'm about to trial glitter hairspray over my grey-roots centre part - woot!!

  20. You sounded great, no nerves detected! Love you in the stripe legs.


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