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Sunday 25 May 2014

Tool-belt handbag

Karate-ish Queen. The Queen executes a flying helicopter kick to thwart a rabid Canadian deer.  Original, painting 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas paper. By me, painted in - why must I remember such details - um, maybe 2009?

Too bad the auto body shop near me was closed because that's where I would have preferred to take the first photo. I'm wearing thrifted button-fly jeans, $5, thrifted pretty black lace sleeveless top, thrifted Steve Madden army boots, and a leather tool-belt bag, a hand-me-over. Instead of a cigarette, I'm chewing on my seam ripper and that's a measuring tape in my tool belt. I embroidered eyes on the pant legs, black on the right, as shown, and a matching one in white on the other knee.

The second outfit is one I wore in March, a groovy thrifted tunic over a thrifted blouse, thigh-high socks with a silver lurex diamond pattern, black leather boots, magic loupe, and caramel-coloured jeggings. I hated this photo when I took it, I forget why, but now I don't mind.

Of course I had to show you the Karate Queen when I stumbled across this jpg during a desktop cleanup.

I'm linking up with Bella's Secondhand First at The Citizen Rosebud. See you there!

Sunday 18 May 2014

Zennie side up

PS: If u have received an od comment from me, it is becoz I'm am on strike from speling and grammer until Wensday. My account has not be hackked but feel free to delet my sloppy stile from yer blog.

He said, "Awesome! You look totally Zen. Like you are completely at one with the universe," he being the cool dude who passed me on the sidewalk (seemingly in possession of his faculties). That's precisely the look I was going for(!), NOT what you see in the photo above, but my maxi violet/fuchsia dress and magic green shaggariffic boots I wore when Jean of Dross into Gold was in town, here, minus the robe. The fact that I was levitating, not walking, is probably what struck him first, an ability born at precisely 12:50 AM when I closed out a daunting work project three glorious days before deadline.
Massive chandelier earrings and a neon pink bob-cut wig newly purchased for $12, swinging neatly - secretly- in my bag were also excellent flotation devices. And if all this weren't enough, I discovered a new French cafe that sells mini cheesecakes and other pastry minis for $1.89 each, but of course, being a beady-eyed thrifty gal bent on celebrating three days snatched from the abyss, I bought the three-treat deal for $4.75. Of course I'd be losing money if I didn't.

I have no photos of my "Zen" day, but they would have just come out as big balls of light anyway. I do, however, have a photo of what I was wearing the day BEFORE - I consider it a rehearsal outfit.

BEFORE Outfit:
  • thrifted vintage too-short maxi dress worn as a midi, made in Honolulu 
  • striped socks 
  • red glitter-soled shoes 
  • thrifted neon green/aqua/black blouse 
  • magic loupe made by O 
  • vintage mechanical watch from O
  • even wedding bands made by O 
The red dress, above and top,  is what I wore today two days after Zen Day.
By the way, that is NOT a pose, it's a stance, a way of being that I call "Pink Flamigo".
You'll not only see me doing this at bars, outside wo-men's bath-rooms, and in elegant dining rooms, but at any time of the day or evening, it's so much FUN!! You may even hire me to stand on your lawn.

Be sure to alternate legs to avoid excessive muscle build-up and lopsidedness - you don't fall to tip over into the curry chicken buffet! Mounting yourself on a skateboard is also an option I recommend if you have a rope long enough to tie around your waist to be towed by a) wayward children; b) adults; c) other wildlife.

thrifted cheongsam dress thingy with massive slit up one side
thrifted graphic turtleneck
thrifted lucky charm bag
thrifted earrings
magic loupe
thrifted shoes
socks retails

I'm linking this up to Bella's Secondhand First soiree over at The Citizen Rosebud. And I'm linking up with Patti too, Visible Monday is here again.
PS: I'm also linking this up to Mis Papelicos' Share-in-Style: Red.

No matter how busy I am, I always, ALWAYS make a point of going on a morning inspiration walk to one of my favourite downtown cafes to journal, sip hot coffee in a window seat, and catch up on life with the talented young musicians, dancers, and actors who temp as baristas and with friends when our paths cross.

As part of my celebration, I'm giving up proper grammar and spelling at least until Wednesday. It's all such a bore. If yu notiss stuf like this, it's because I'm rebelling. re-belling. re-belle-ing.

Norm Corp.
Norm Corps 

...although you probably won't notice because I won't be writing much, as I need to stay away from The Machine during recovery.

Did you vote for Vix yet for Vintage Personality of 2014? Git over there!! My voice is a faint echo of the many other fantastic bloggers who know her magic and have already put out the call. 

All I can say is: 
Vix is like a fresh spring shower in a world that likes to play in mud, although I know Vix must be a damned fine mud wrestler as well. 

Sunday 11 May 2014

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

From rainbow platforms she rises
sunrays spewing from her arse
the Divine, the inspired freakish thing, the 
from boudoir FILM noir
playground to bar-boundXX
with glowing beckoning codpiece
quivering and naked pale on

Magic shrooms
Hallucinogenic daydreams
You must see this.
G  o !    G o   n o w ! !

Oh, Sara, thank you so much for your joyful and fishy contribution to this piece of fabric! Seeing your post was an unspeakably welcome distraction from the living I'm crafting at the moment. If you haven't already seen her post, don't miss it. The quilt grows. The journey continues.

...and a quick update

Ere I am J.H...The ghost in the machine.
(from the movie Brazil)

I'm too late for Hat Attack. I'm too late for the latest Visible Monday and Secondhand First(TM) and Shoe Shine and and and... In fact, I'm late for most of the Net life swirling wildly beyond my control within the guts of this machine, beyond this little clickety keyboard and the blue ghost-light of the screen. But here's whad I got, which I am linking to Shiny T Tuesday at Flight Platform Living.

First, the hat. It's my black hat, a vintage one, $7, worn with a vintage car coat circa early '50s, golden and shiny, black side-zip slim-cut linen capris, and super-high studded platform shoes. I'll leave the visualizations of everything but the hat and my left eye and my bits of messy hair to your imaginations. 

Bing. S'a meercle. Here I am again. In my jeans. In a thrifted jacket (designed by a famous He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) enhanced, nay, resurrected by permanent markers (my faithful Sharpies - I had to get a new pack). This is MY jacket now, sucka'! Fake bone-tone reptile skin. I always smile like this when I come out of the salon in Brazil.

I'm in Mad Hatter mode. I'll connect later youse guys...

PS I just joined Mis Papelicos for her Share-in-Style: Pink as well. No pink here. I just felt like being a gatecrasher.
Okay, I just joined Bella's Shoe Shine too, hosted by Sheila at Ephemera instead of The Citizen Rosebud for something new. You can't even see my shoes. Heh. 

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