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Monday 31 December 2012

Teacup juggling, faux fur, and seagull feathers...

I have just trekked down from my secret monastic cave nestled in the majestic snowy peaks of the Himalayas, fortuitously guided by a flock of holy owls and flamingos. Calmly settled now in my more earthy digs in Vancouver,  I have been practising calligraphy (with seagull feathers) and teacup juggling, while roasting pink marshmallows on skewers gripped by my toes. This is what I wore on my travels.

  • acorn felt hat (also known as my Hershey's Kiss hat), vintage now but bought new in Kyoto
  • oversized sleeveless patterned cotton vest, hand-me-over
  • floaty emerald green apron skirt with pink embroidered flowers, thrifted
  • black leather skirt, hand-me-over
  • burgundy sparkly cotton top (top layer), hand-me-over
  • long-sleeved white T (middle layer), retail
  • black wool tunic (bottom layer for warmth, not visible), thrifted
  • cableknit brown tights, retail
  • black boots, retail 
  • faux fur collar with wraparound red tie, made by me with $2 collar from fabric shop
Layers, layers, layers. I didn't want to wear a coat so I bulked up on my core warmth, and the collar is very toasty. I wanted to wear my Miu Miu boots with this ensemble, but I have a persnickety toe that whined most loudly when I approached my heels (too much marshmallow roasting perhaps).

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I'm joining Patti's Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style at last. It's been a busy "holiday." Everyone looks fantastic and spirits are high. Hugs and eggnog. I always buy eggnog, have one glass and throw the rest away. Arg. Do you do that? Do you even LIKE eggnog?

And thanks for reading VOGOFF! Aren't those women gorgeous? I call them "dupermodels," more super duper than "supermodels." If you haven't seen it, have a peek. The next issue will be something completely different...

Monday 17 December 2012

My familiar outdoor look

This is what I often look like when I go out in the mornings - patterned coat over whatever I have on underneath, bright tights, the most fabulous footwear I can find that my feet and the weather agree with, my of-the-moment favourite pink scarf, and a beret in whatever colour I am in the mood for. In this particular outfit I added the wide black elastic belt with patent leather near the buckle.

Under the coat you can just glimpse a wavy-patterned stretch tank-style dress which I wore on top of a black long-sleeved T.

This winter sheath feels fun and somewhat chic - or am I delusional? I think the dark belt with the beret is what makes this more grounded. The rang-y cat expression is compliments of my past week. I do know that when I've had the chance to slip away on my selfish/self-care inspiration walks last week I felt very swingy and bouncy in pattern and colour, yet polished and so-fist-icated with that subtle hat/belt containment. "Good morning, good morning, good morning...!" was my silly birdsong to the world. And guess what? It responded with a Good Morning back. How cool is that?! 

  • thrifted coat
  • thrifted D&G shoes
  • thrifted beret
  • mustard tights, retail
  • scarf, gift from Sharron
  • thrifted belt
  • thrifted stretch tank dress
  • thrifted black T
Are you happy with your outerwear or do you see it as a necessary evil cloaking all the fabulousness you're wearing inside?

I am linking up to Patti's Visible Monday. I look forward to seeing everyone there! It's been a while since I joined the party.

PS - I put up a VOGOFF sidebar image. Feel free to grab as you like or not. Doesn't Desiree look awesome on the cover?! This is the link:

Saturday 15 December 2012

VOGOFF December 2012 issue

Here it is: the VOGOFF December 2012 issue. This is what I have been busy doing during my spare time. Miz Bagg was a taskmaster. I hope you like it - I certainly enjoyed putting it together. My thanks to all the wonderful people who contributed to this issue. Mwah!! Maybe YOU will be in the next one...? Click below to read it in pdf format.
VOGOFF December 2012

Issue 1 (test issue)
Issue 3
Issue 4

Friday 14 December 2012

Vintage Vogue Japan dress

Today I need to share with you my incredible vintage jumpsuit. When I bought it the salesclerk told me that Vogue Japan had used it in a photo shoot they did in Vancouver. I was going to buy it anyway, but I admit to having a little thrill that I, moi, was wearing a magazine piece. Although I intended to wear it to a vintage fashion show on The Little Black Dress, I didn't - I ended up in a '60s outfit with my go-go-boots and a short black crepe wool shift.
This garment is a one-piece '70s jumpsuit - even the fabric belt is attached. Don't you love those heavy gold-plated Xs, one sewn onto each side? I do - they make me swoon. The belt has a hook-and-eye closure on the back. And that psychotropic paisley citrus print...don't get me started! The split skirt billows magnificently revealing the ultra-wide black gaucho pantlegs.

The fabric has a silky swishy texture but the outfit is surprisingly heavy, one of the heaviest non-outerwear pieces I have. The lining appears to be hand-sewn so I'm guessing this piece came with a hefty price tag when it was new. It was cared for and still feels new.

  • thrifted '70s patterned jumpsuit with rear zip, "Missy House" of Canada label
  • thrifted brown crackle-leather Miu Miu boots
  • necklace, now vintage but new when I bought it
  • earrings, now vintage but new when I bought them
  • thrifted tweed cap
  • thrifted coat (those are Rs in the pattern but the label is "Belle Vogue" of Tokyo and Osaka
  • thrifted black long-sleeved top underneath for warmth
  • black tights, retail
In this ensemble I felt like the hostess of a cocktail party. I envisioned myself effortlessly weaving and bobbing around my guests to the sound of bossa nova, oblivious to the smudge of too-bright orange lipstick on my front tooth, as the sounds of laughter and the tinkling of martini glasses and dangling earrings float off into the summer breeze - like I'm living in a dream. The scene is all too groovy, sexy, and sophisticated...exactly the opposite of reality here. I do what it takes to keep my mind off this freaking darkness and rain.

The patterned winter coat I wore for extra zing.

I have found a window in which to start visiting everyone again. I feel like I've been away so long. I hope you are all well. I have a holiday treat to share with you on Saturday or Sunday - I hope you like it. It partly explains my absence...

Monday 3 December 2012

Pastel-nicotine faux fur

What could be lovelier than a pastel-nicotine faux fur coat with an oversized hood worn with spirograph pants and top?

This look says WAAAKE UPPP!!! I was flashing people all morning in this sensationally googly-eyed ensemble.
Boing, boing, boing, FLASH
Boing, boing, boing, FLASH

Ooo, you naughty!

  • dizzy graphic turtleneck, thrifted
  • dizzy graphic pants, Talbots, thrifted
  • stretch wedge booties, thrifted
  • pastel nicotine coat, thrifted
  • green beret, gift from sensational Ariane
  • black leather belt, thrifted (I should have repositioned it before I took the photo, oh well)
  • fingerless gloves, upcycled from Canadian Tire automotive store
The pants are too large - they sit on my hips - but I like that slidey feeling. And they are made'll never guess - Talbots, a somewhat upscale women's retailer. They have some of the most groovetastic clothing cleverly camouflaged within their somewhat sedate shops, not that I shop there - I find what I need in the thrift shops. I've worn the top several times before, my favourite being here.

I shall link this up with Patti's fantastic Visible Monday crowd over at Not Dead Yet Style. I'm lurking, commenting when I can, but your thoughtful, stylish, witty posts give me the energy to get through these busy days. Everyone is incredibly inspiring, I mean that. Thank you so much. Have a fantastic week!

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