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Monday 31 December 2012

Teacup juggling, faux fur, and seagull feathers...

I have just trekked down from my secret monastic cave nestled in the majestic snowy peaks of the Himalayas, fortuitously guided by a flock of holy owls and flamingos. Calmly settled now in my more earthy digs in Vancouver,  I have been practising calligraphy (with seagull feathers) and teacup juggling, while roasting pink marshmallows on skewers gripped by my toes. This is what I wore on my travels.

  • acorn felt hat (also known as my Hershey's Kiss hat), vintage now but bought new in Kyoto
  • oversized sleeveless patterned cotton vest, hand-me-over
  • floaty emerald green apron skirt with pink embroidered flowers, thrifted
  • black leather skirt, hand-me-over
  • burgundy sparkly cotton top (top layer), hand-me-over
  • long-sleeved white T (middle layer), retail
  • black wool tunic (bottom layer for warmth, not visible), thrifted
  • cableknit brown tights, retail
  • black boots, retail 
  • faux fur collar with wraparound red tie, made by me with $2 collar from fabric shop
Layers, layers, layers. I didn't want to wear a coat so I bulked up on my core warmth, and the collar is very toasty. I wanted to wear my Miu Miu boots with this ensemble, but I have a persnickety toe that whined most loudly when I approached my heels (too much marshmallow roasting perhaps).

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I'm joining Patti's Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style at last. It's been a busy "holiday." Everyone looks fantastic and spirits are high. Hugs and eggnog. I always buy eggnog, have one glass and throw the rest away. Arg. Do you do that? Do you even LIKE eggnog?

And thanks for reading VOGOFF! Aren't those women gorgeous? I call them "dupermodels," more super duper than "supermodels." If you haven't seen it, have a peek. The next issue will be something completely different...


  1. Welcome back, Melanie! You definitely have a festive glow - perhaps Harrison Ford was good to you this mountain excursion, hooray! I love what you did with this collar, the beautiful sleeves and green skirt, and the bright vest livening up those flowers. A Happy New Year to you and O too!

  2. Oh, oh, the next issue...for 2013. Cannot wait! I see why you have trekked forth and back to your secret cave - to manifest another duper Vogoff endeavor. And dressed for the occasion as well, down to the pink marshmallowy core. (oh! pardonnez-moi.)

  3. Wow - super cold weather outfit. I know you said Himalyan but I think it would also look great to wear for a glass or throat burning Russian vodka. I really like your outdoor look from your last post. I am catching up on blogs after the holdiays. Bet you are having fun tonight. Happy New Year.

  4. Monasticism must be good for the soul - you look stunning! I especially like the skirt. And the hat. And the vest. And the boots.

    I like your use of the term "hand-me-over." Other than sounding a little demanding, it's probably more apt now that I get cast-offs from my niece instead of my older sister (and brother).

    Happy New Year to you, and if you have a chance I'd love for you to visit my new blog!

  5. You look like a little Latvian Heidi with all of your layers. The mountain air has given you an extra bit of sparkle. Eggnog? I use it to make French toast..drink the booze just straight! Happy New Year my Friend!

  6. Just found you, via Visible Monday.

  7. I don't like actual eggnog, but the *idea* of it is heavenly. Love your mountainy/monastic look, the colors are grand! Thanks for sharing with VisibleMonday xoxoxoxo

  8. Melanie, that ensemble is amazing! I'm picturing you and and the monks enjoying a bowl of buttered tea and swapping naughty koans. Eggnog? I'm one of those odd birds that loves the stuff. Especially once it's well liquored up.

  9. Oooh, I must see your feathered calligraphy! And I'd love to see you doing it while dressed like this. You remind me of those cool ethnic dolls I wanted to collect as a kid. The clothing was gorgeous, but I didn't have the funds to purchase them and when I joined the monthly automatic delivery club my mother grounded me! I had no idea that only the first one was $.01

    Happy New Year!

  10. OOOooohhh you are sherpa derpa gorgeous in this magic mountain layered escapade of an outfit! I have never tried eggnog as it sounds disgusting to me - but I know some who swear by it. I think it feels more disgusting as it's always stinking hot here at xmas - perhaps if it were cold, I might feel differently.

    Team Vogoff 2013!!

    Sarah xxx

  11. Such a fabulous look! And your inspiration is right where my brain headed.

    As for eggnog I adore it. My lactose sensitive tummy does not. So I do the same - have a small glass and toss the rest. They don't sell it smaller than a carton and no one else in the house likes it but me.

  12. Happy New Year,baby!
    Oooo, some Jean Paul Gaultier inspiration here, I feel.Frigging spectacular.I expect you're all warm and cosy post hot buttered yak tea by now.MMMMMMMMM!

  13. Oh you look like a wonderful collection of carpet riding gypsy traveling warmness!!!!!! Just beautiful miss Melanie!!!!
    Thank you for all your wonderful comments and sharing your wonderful world.
    Happy happy new year, may 2013 be filled with wonderful happenings!!!!!
    Love v

  14. This is a kick-ass look. Beware -- designers will be knocking you off before you know it!

  15. Bit of a duper model yourself...Queen of layers today. Ease off on the marshmallow toasting until that toe improves.
    Happy new Year.

  16. Always an inspiration and pure joy,my dear friend.
    Happy 2013.

  17. What a gorgeously warm looking outfit. I do love layers. Happy new year. X

  18. Happy New Year!
    LOVE that outfit. That's some bloody brilliant combo work there! Love that floaty green.
    Looking forward to your work in 2013! x

  19. Truly beautiful skirt and such an inventive and amazing looking outfit. Great way to start the new year. Hope it is good for you and all your blogites. Can't wait to see what else you come up with this year. The look of the blog has changed? Yes? The background? I like it.

  20. Un look de leyenda para dejar bolar la imaginaciĆ³n, colorido y original, besos y feliz 2013, ana.

  21. I'm laughing at a vision of you guided by holy owls and flamingos. You look like you're about to chase off some marauding huns and the leap on your trusty stead and ride back through the snowy forest to your cosy yurt. You look absolutely fabulous all the time, it's always great to see you. xxxxx

  22. Heavenly Himalaya ensemble with layered levels of beauty. How festive you look on the last day of 2012; always unique and breathtaking. All tied up in a bow, you are a gift to behold!

  23. I am dying to correspond with you via Holy Owl. Or I may have you confused with Hogwarts...

    You are so beautiful. You made my day.

  24. Love this!! I remember early on you had a Himalaya-esque ensemble that I adored. You are utterly gorgeous.

  25. It's like a Zandra Rhodes goes to Tibet outfit, love it! I really dig the idea of all these layers instead of a bulky coat. Egg nog is not for me and neither are liver and onions:) happy new year sweetie!

  26. Oh, you look so exotic in this, like you should be riding an elephant as you sip tea while crossing the Himylayas!

    Happy New Year, Melanie! I hope maybe we can meet up next time I'm in Vancouver!

  27. Crafts, clothing, art in an outfit! I love it.

  28. Happy New Year, Melanie! May you continue to create outfits as inventive and stunning as this in 2013 and beyond! Xo

  29. I am getting a Cossack vibe from that outfit. It looks so gorgeous, but cosy too.
    VOGOFF is brilliant! Looking forward to the next edition.

    Happy 2013!

  30. Here you go ! Thank you so happy to have you back! I was waiting impatiently for your new outfit wondering what would be your next creation!
    I'm not disapointed, so pleased, you are so crazy i love it!

    Ariane xxxxx

  31. I love all the layering! It's so hot here I never get to really do looks like this... I always think of as Mongolian style :))

  32. So nice to see you again! I picture you astride a gorgeous white horse, with an owl perched on your shoulder, leading your followers across the mountains to Shangri-La...What spectacular layering!

    Can't wait to see what brilliance you come up with for the next issue of Vogoff. I used to think I liked eggnog, but like you, I would have a small glass and then throw the rest away.

  33. Oh my gosh, another work of art! Totally fabulous outfit. Wendy is right, designers will be copying you. I hope they send you some royalties!

  34. How have I missed this? Unlike you, I have not been traversing the Mongolian plains on a bareback horse with only a holy owl and an inate sense of style and drama as companions. No, I have just been at home, missing your fab post - sorry!
    If I knew what eggnog was, I would be raising a glass of it to the next issue of Vogoff - I can't wait. Clementine is at your service, should her skills be required in any area... xxxx

  35. I so love this outfit... It makes me think of "eastern european warrior princess". Warrior had to be on there to convey that it is in now way a still and complacent princess, but more of the fierce type that will hop on a horse with a big blade to chop off some heads if need be. My imagination is going full comic book mode now, hehe. The textures and embroideries are a feast for the eye, I love this so much!
    Happy New year to you too (still not too late to say it).
    I have still to reply to your email. Life has been hard lately but I will take care of sending you that parcel of joy during this week.
    Much love to you!

  36. PS: Vogoff is brilliant. I would love to be part of it some day, it would be great. I'm in great need of happy things to focus my mind on...


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