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Monday 31 December 2012

Teacup juggling, faux fur, and seagull feathers...

I have just trekked down from my secret monastic cave nestled in the majestic snowy peaks of the Himalayas, fortuitously guided by a flock of holy owls and flamingos. Calmly settled now in my more earthy digs in Vancouver,  I have been practising calligraphy (with seagull feathers) and teacup juggling, while roasting pink marshmallows on skewers gripped by my toes. This is what I wore on my travels.

  • acorn felt hat (also known as my Hershey's Kiss hat), vintage now but bought new in Kyoto
  • oversized sleeveless patterned cotton vest, hand-me-over
  • floaty emerald green apron skirt with pink embroidered flowers, thrifted
  • black leather skirt, hand-me-over
  • burgundy sparkly cotton top (top layer), hand-me-over
  • long-sleeved white T (middle layer), retail
  • black wool tunic (bottom layer for warmth, not visible), thrifted
  • cableknit brown tights, retail
  • black boots, retail 
  • faux fur collar with wraparound red tie, made by me with $2 collar from fabric shop
Layers, layers, layers. I didn't want to wear a coat so I bulked up on my core warmth, and the collar is very toasty. I wanted to wear my Miu Miu boots with this ensemble, but I have a persnickety toe that whined most loudly when I approached my heels (too much marshmallow roasting perhaps).

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I'm joining Patti's Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style at last. It's been a busy "holiday." Everyone looks fantastic and spirits are high. Hugs and eggnog. I always buy eggnog, have one glass and throw the rest away. Arg. Do you do that? Do you even LIKE eggnog?

And thanks for reading VOGOFF! Aren't those women gorgeous? I call them "dupermodels," more super duper than "supermodels." If you haven't seen it, have a peek. The next issue will be something completely different...

Monday 17 December 2012

My familiar outdoor look

This is what I often look like when I go out in the mornings - patterned coat over whatever I have on underneath, bright tights, the most fabulous footwear I can find that my feet and the weather agree with, my of-the-moment favourite pink scarf, and a beret in whatever colour I am in the mood for. In this particular outfit I added the wide black elastic belt with patent leather near the buckle.

Under the coat you can just glimpse a wavy-patterned stretch tank-style dress which I wore on top of a black long-sleeved T.

This winter sheath feels fun and somewhat chic - or am I delusional? I think the dark belt with the beret is what makes this more grounded. The rang-y cat expression is compliments of my past week. I do know that when I've had the chance to slip away on my selfish/self-care inspiration walks last week I felt very swingy and bouncy in pattern and colour, yet polished and so-fist-icated with that subtle hat/belt containment. "Good morning, good morning, good morning...!" was my silly birdsong to the world. And guess what? It responded with a Good Morning back. How cool is that?! 

  • thrifted coat
  • thrifted D&G shoes
  • thrifted beret
  • mustard tights, retail
  • scarf, gift from Sharron
  • thrifted belt
  • thrifted stretch tank dress
  • thrifted black T
Are you happy with your outerwear or do you see it as a necessary evil cloaking all the fabulousness you're wearing inside?

I am linking up to Patti's Visible Monday. I look forward to seeing everyone there! It's been a while since I joined the party.

PS - I put up a VOGOFF sidebar image. Feel free to grab as you like or not. Doesn't Desiree look awesome on the cover?! This is the link:

Saturday 15 December 2012

VOGOFF December 2012 issue

Here it is: the VOGOFF December 2012 issue. This is what I have been busy doing during my spare time. Miz Bagg was a taskmaster. I hope you like it - I certainly enjoyed putting it together. My thanks to all the wonderful people who contributed to this issue. Mwah!! Maybe YOU will be in the next one...? Click below to read it in pdf format.
VOGOFF December 2012

Issue 1 (test issue)
Issue 3
Issue 4

Friday 14 December 2012

Vintage Vogue Japan dress

Today I need to share with you my incredible vintage jumpsuit. When I bought it the salesclerk told me that Vogue Japan had used it in a photo shoot they did in Vancouver. I was going to buy it anyway, but I admit to having a little thrill that I, moi, was wearing a magazine piece. Although I intended to wear it to a vintage fashion show on The Little Black Dress, I didn't - I ended up in a '60s outfit with my go-go-boots and a short black crepe wool shift.
This garment is a one-piece '70s jumpsuit - even the fabric belt is attached. Don't you love those heavy gold-plated Xs, one sewn onto each side? I do - they make me swoon. The belt has a hook-and-eye closure on the back. And that psychotropic paisley citrus print...don't get me started! The split skirt billows magnificently revealing the ultra-wide black gaucho pantlegs.

The fabric has a silky swishy texture but the outfit is surprisingly heavy, one of the heaviest non-outerwear pieces I have. The lining appears to be hand-sewn so I'm guessing this piece came with a hefty price tag when it was new. It was cared for and still feels new.

  • thrifted '70s patterned jumpsuit with rear zip, "Missy House" of Canada label
  • thrifted brown crackle-leather Miu Miu boots
  • necklace, now vintage but new when I bought it
  • earrings, now vintage but new when I bought them
  • thrifted tweed cap
  • thrifted coat (those are Rs in the pattern but the label is "Belle Vogue" of Tokyo and Osaka
  • thrifted black long-sleeved top underneath for warmth
  • black tights, retail
In this ensemble I felt like the hostess of a cocktail party. I envisioned myself effortlessly weaving and bobbing around my guests to the sound of bossa nova, oblivious to the smudge of too-bright orange lipstick on my front tooth, as the sounds of laughter and the tinkling of martini glasses and dangling earrings float off into the summer breeze - like I'm living in a dream. The scene is all too groovy, sexy, and sophisticated...exactly the opposite of reality here. I do what it takes to keep my mind off this freaking darkness and rain.

The patterned winter coat I wore for extra zing.

I have found a window in which to start visiting everyone again. I feel like I've been away so long. I hope you are all well. I have a holiday treat to share with you on Saturday or Sunday - I hope you like it. It partly explains my absence...

Monday 3 December 2012

Pastel-nicotine faux fur

What could be lovelier than a pastel-nicotine faux fur coat with an oversized hood worn with spirograph pants and top?

This look says WAAAKE UPPP!!! I was flashing people all morning in this sensationally googly-eyed ensemble.
Boing, boing, boing, FLASH
Boing, boing, boing, FLASH

Ooo, you naughty!

  • dizzy graphic turtleneck, thrifted
  • dizzy graphic pants, Talbots, thrifted
  • stretch wedge booties, thrifted
  • pastel nicotine coat, thrifted
  • green beret, gift from sensational Ariane
  • black leather belt, thrifted (I should have repositioned it before I took the photo, oh well)
  • fingerless gloves, upcycled from Canadian Tire automotive store
The pants are too large - they sit on my hips - but I like that slidey feeling. And they are made'll never guess - Talbots, a somewhat upscale women's retailer. They have some of the most groovetastic clothing cleverly camouflaged within their somewhat sedate shops, not that I shop there - I find what I need in the thrift shops. I've worn the top several times before, my favourite being here.

I shall link this up with Patti's fantastic Visible Monday crowd over at Not Dead Yet Style. I'm lurking, commenting when I can, but your thoughtful, stylish, witty posts give me the energy to get through these busy days. Everyone is incredibly inspiring, I mean that. Thank you so much. Have a fantastic week!

Thursday 29 November 2012

Jumpin' jacquard, luscious lurex, and twirling tulips

I have some special pieces I've been longing to show you in real life, but since that hasn't happened yet I decided to do a photo shoot last night. How much fun was that? - especially with these garments...

First up is a maxi skirt which I received from gorgeous Curtise of The Secondhand Years who got it from Terri from Rags Against the Machine in a circuitous transcontinental effort. (In this same package of love I also received a fabulous velvet maxi dress with a lacy sewn-in blouse featuring leg-of-mutton sleeves, here. Can you believe its amazingness?) Here is the skirt, first in closeup and then how I styled it.

  • vintage maxi jacquard skirt with rear zip/button enclosure, gift from Curtise and Terri
  • jacquard vest, hand-me-over, downsized three sizes
  • vintage jacquard jacket, thrifted, home-made (the price tag said "Mad Hatter at the Tea Party")
  • aubergine silk blouse, hand-me-over, many sizes too big
  • red wool beret, thrifted
  • brown crackle leather Miu Miu boots, thrifted
  • blue brooch, craft fair, sold as hat adornment
I wore a variation of this outfit a couple of weeks ago but was unable to photograph it that day even though I felt bee-yoo-ti-ful in it. The jacket is heavy like upholstery fabric - it can almost stand up on its own - and the skirt doesn't have any vents in the bottom which meant I had to take feminine steps thereby enhancing my wearing pleasure. My approach to this outfit was, if I'm going to wear one piece of jacquard, why not wear all my pieces at once? I call this "Runaway Chesterfield." (I always get confused between brocade and jacquard - I hope my use here is correct...)

The next piece I received in the same package. It is an absolutely delicious lurex capelet, special from Curtise. Oooh, she knows my heart well.

  • crappy dreamy shoes, retail, with vintage kimono-strip laces, gift from my friend Sharron
  • glitter bronze tights, retail
  • lurex dress, thrifted
  • lurex capelet, Curtise
  • red wool beret, thrifted
  • black long-sleeve under-T, thrifted
I haven't worn this ensemble out yet because the shoes, worn only once, already need sole reinforcement, hence the "crappy" descriptor, but this outfit is DEFINITELY an incentive to get that done. The capelet is very cool because it has little sleeve openings sewn into it. I would  need to wear a wrap or shawl of some kind over it for outdoors, thus adding to the drama and glamour of the sparkles.

And the finale, ta-dah, this is a gorgeous maxi dress with a tulip motif and beret which I received from awesome Ariane of Style Sud-Est.

Isn't this dress divine? At first I wasn't sure how to style it - the bodice is attached to the skirt in a zig-zag line you can barely make out in the first photo - but when I added the belt everything fell magically into place. This dress is so filmy and dreamy; it's the most fun to twirl in. You should hear the swishy sound. And the green beret, I have to thank Ariane for reintroducing me to this beautiful colour! I love it now with my white hair. The denim jacket turns this into daywear but the delicate hemline requires dry sidewalks. Thank you, Ariane!

That's all. Sorry for such a long post. I have woken up every day wondering if this is THEE day for any of these outfits and I'm glad I have finally photographed them to share with you. So hugs to Curtise and Terri and Ariane for making possible this post and my happiness wearing these amazing pieces.

When you're stumped by how to style an outfit where does you mind go first: scissors? scarves? belts? donation bin? I was tempted to shorten the dress and I'm so GLAD I resisted!!

Sunday 25 November 2012

My fedora made me do it

He was a wise-cracking thug with a mug that only a mother or a streetwise moll dressed as a man, such as Yours Truly, could fall for. He was good for laughs, always had a loaded gun in his pocket - with the safety off. Too bad I hadda off him, the sap. Don't he know commitment is a three-syllable word?

Me and the dames is going for a little joyride down to the joint to hook up with Patti. Hear she's got some action going on - so's if you're Not Dead Yet (Style) git over there, Visible Monday. But bring backup. If ya's ain't there, tell Marty I tips my hat and says hello. Then tell him to get his sorry ass over here to fix these slanty floors if he knows what's good for 'im.

Details of the outfit
  • fur felt hat, thrifted
  • wool/cashmere coat, thrifted
  • jeans, thrifted
  • stretch wedge booties, thrifted
  • men's tie, thrifted
  • tuxedo shirt, thrifted
  • leather belt, thrifted
I wore jeans and a belt, a tie, this new old fedora, and this coat twice this past week - I was so in love with the new hat! Plus, it was raining and miserable, perfect for film noir. If I could have walked down the sidewalk in grainy black and white, I would have.


Thursday 22 November 2012

Executive look takes a detour

I am a tropical flower, blooming madly atop a stalk of pinstripes and animal shoes. My satiny petals stretch to the sky in vain in search of sunshine and nourishment.

New Fashion Rules: 
  1. All political leaders must wear neon colours (and paisley) to important summit meetings to set the right tone for peace and conciliation. 
  2. Male political leaders must wear mod side-zip ankle boots, in white or black, and bell bottoms.
  3. Female leaders must wear go-go boots and maxi dresses. 
This is the new law.

Smiles bloomed all around me as I sashayed down my route, my corolla bobbing in herbaceous splendour. Black and white turned to technicolour in a fleeting trail of sparklets that twinkled in the gloom and wet of another rainy day.

  • sleeveless neon orange satin blouse with ruffles, thrifted
  • neon pink satin blouse, Jacqueline Conoir, thrifted
  • elastic stomacher-style orange belt with rear velcro closure, thrifted
  • pinstriped executive skirt, thrifted
  • D&G animal-print shoes, thrifted
  • red beret, thrifted
  • Betsey Johnson coat, and tights, retail
Also, I hope you all get out there, elbows cocked, wallets bulging, to gorge on Black Friday, which in North America (yes, Canada too) has become the official kick-off day for Holiday Shopping Season!!!! I dislike this day and what it stands for with intensity. Holt Renfrew, a high-end fashion retailer which I frequent for sensory inspiration, had a sign out today, "Thursday is the New Black Friday" - I just found out that there IS such a thing as Black Friday and already it's extended to Thursday. I wonder how long it will take to morph into Black Week, Black Month...

Rain seems to be the weather du jour everywhere right now. I hope you are all finding ways to cope. Maybe shopping will help. After all that venting, who knows? Maybe I'll hit a few thrift stores... I'll use my flower power to knock those shopping suckers outta my way. Okay, so I'm a Venus Fly Trap, not a benign tropical bloom after all...

Bella at Citizen Rosebud has drawn up a pledge which affirms one's intent to shop second-hand first. I'm glad she said "first" because I do still have a weakness for retail from time to time. I have already been living according to this credo, but now I have a beautiful new colourful widget for my sidebar.

Monday 19 November 2012

Rain defiance outfit

I was a slug until I put this on. Colour. How else could I possibly face the day? How else could I channel the magnificence flowing through the cosmos? This is my Rain Defiance outfit.

You've probably seen all these outfit pieces before in other mixes... But today I'm wearing my glasses for a little retro smackage. And when I wear them outside, I almost ALWAYS wear the matching magnetic clip-on shades (even at night), which are of course ultra-cool in their geek factor.

And below, I am checking the tastiness of the air... not so sweet. This photo was taken at about 1:30 p.m. just to give you an idea of how dark the days get here at this time of year when it's raining. 

I am linking this up with Patti's fabulous Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. I'll see you all there in fits and starts this week. Let's raise a glass to Patti too, who is in the middle of a big move. Cheers, Patti!! Have a great week everyone, rain or shine.

PS. I wanted to wear a maxi today but rain is not a good friend to it hemline. I must wait for sunshine.

Thursday 15 November 2012

Wearing mustard with relish (Fashion Challenge/FC)

I have mustard - I relish this colour! So I'm playing a little catsup with the Fashion Challenge: Fall Colour Trends hosted by Megan Mae and Keely. Bandmate/crazy-gal Sandra and I were hot-dogging on a rooftop where we caught this shot. I'm glad my buns are not showing! I don't think what I'm wearing is on trend but I do have these mustard tights. Everyone looks spe-ta-coo-lar (word of the day) in their autumn colours!

Here I am luxuriating in the vestibule of my closet
The items:
  • mohair pullover, thrifted
  • maxi dress, thrifted
  • mustard tights, sample sale
  • D&G animal print shoes, thrifted
  • necklaces, assorted
  • wool indigo beret, thrifted
  • fingerless gloves, upcycled from Canadian Tire automotive store
  • quilted cotton biker jacket, sample sale
On her blog Lens is More Sandra posted a little video, which also includes clips of both of us suffering from a lack of dignity during this art outing.
Isn't my closet vestibule spe-ta-coo-lar?!
Hope y'all can wring a few more marvellous moments from what remains of the week....

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Join The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show

The Freakish Yellow Skirt is now retired. Thanks everyone, for joining! She is home, but she is not finished yet. Stay tuned. 

Yes - the FREAKISH yellow skirt (FYS) is flying around the world AGAIN! - and it wants YOU to style her as part of a I-surrender-to-positivity celebration. The globe-trekking, which kicked off in 2012, was Sarah's idea (from Misfits Vintage), and I think it's too much fun. Plus it's much easier than mailing a gnome - or myself considering how gnomish I look below.


Send me an email, act like a diva (no spaces) AT g mail dot com. Include your full mailing address and I will tell the current skirt holder where the skirt should go next. I will notify you that the skirt is on its way. 

The list will be made in priority sequence, not according to geography. She is a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-skirt kind of skirt. Plus, MANY THANKS TO SHELLEY of Forest City Fashionista, for generously coordinating so much of the skirt's journey until now. 

If you like, attach something to the skirt or alter it with paint, sewing, markers or other means. Please do not shorten the skirt because the length is part of its charm, and please maintain the skirt's flexible sizing. 

Post a photo of yourself in the skirt and let me know. I shall then put a notice on this blog and post a photo in the FYS Gallery.

Please try not to not keep the skirt for more than two weeks. She is a rambling gal and likes to be on the move.

If you like, you can put the logo below (or in my sidebar) in your blog. The cartoon woman is modelled after Sarah.

(The gallery was on this post originally, but with 25+ women who have participated so far, a separate gallery was required.)

The skirt is a slippery silky parachute-type fabric with an elastic and drawstring waist capable of accommodating many sizes. My addition to the skirt is below: acrylic paint, Vancouver badge, lovely squiggy sewing.

My journal sketches of the skirt: Jul. 16 and Aug. 5, 2012 ("atsui" means hot in Japanese). The animals hiding under the skirt are, importantly: a dog, a cat hanging by its claws, and a penguin.

I hope you will join this circus. 

I bought this big lemon skirt on sale in July 2012. I wore it for the first time here. I wore it a couple more times in the summer and then did another post of it here as a purely inspirational piece.

What makes this skirt special is not only its vibrant colour but a particular comment about it which was very critical, excerpt: "you're looking unbelievably ugly in those clothes." I have to say that of all comments on Bag and a Beret, this one – which incidentally was written by a male friend (TT) - has had the most impact on me to date. In the midst of so many laudatory comments, here was one that directly questioned my style.

Until this criticism I admit that it was surreal writing and receiving so many superlatives and compliments on blog posts. Also, while I know that all the comments I receive (and write) are genuine (and seductive in their positivity), the absence of criticism was an elephant in the room. I couldn't help but wonder – isn't there more to it?

I believe that criticism can be useful, but this remark really made me think. And think... At first I was relieved and amused by it - but then hurt, angry, STOIC, so much drama! What I finally concluded is criticism IS meaningful - there must always be room for differing opinions - but in the context of my blog, where I am sharing my life/style adventures, I need safety for experimentation, which helps me grow stylistically through supportive remarks, enthusiasm, and gentle suggestions, and also grow new friendships. Much darkness breathes in the city around me, and I reason that surely, finally, I can afford to surrender fully to this online positivity that I have miraculously stumbled into. Private email still leaves plenty of room for critical engagement.

Would I publish this kind of criticism again? I really don't know, but TT shook me into an awakening, which was a good thing. It affirmed my style convictions, my blog intentions, and my respect for the blogging community, but it was also a reminder that I must continue to stretch and question myself, which I believe is part of what he was getting at. Also, the comment was definitely a case of "be careful what you wish for"! I regret that other comments on the post were derided by the remark, and I was very moved by fellow bloggers' swift and sure defence of me and their own opinions.

The travelling yellow skirt freak show represents the positivity and solidarity I discovered through what happened. Apparently Helga of Helga von Trollop had done a similar thing in the past with a quilted bag (which took an unknown detour), so this is not an original concept, but I do hope you embrace this skirt and what it means. Sarah was a genius to apply the idea to this skirt. I will feel incredibly happy knowing that the big bright yellow sail of a skirt is flying and flapping wildly around the world with its message:

Let's enjoy life!! 
Let's enjoy dressing up!!
It's just frickin' fabric!! (a really good piece though)
We surrender to the positivity!
Let's dance, baby!!

I look forward to seeing this skirt on any of my existing friends, and new friends, who want to join in!!!! (More gratuitous exclamations!!!) Aaaaagh!!!!! IS THAT ENOUGH POSITIVITY FOR YA?!

Monday 12 November 2012

Vintage wool dress for mystery

Today I wore one of my favourite odd dresses, a heavy wool garment with little gold studlettes, graduated in size, on the sleeves and front pocket, and a flared skirt. The dress was three or four sizes too big when I thrifted it, so in standard slacker fashion I simply sewed up the side seams to fit and lowered the shoulder seams at the top. Although this is a frequent go-to item for evening music recitals, I also enjoy it for daytime wear as well. There is a mysterious air about this garment which brings to mind the classic holiday-season movie Bell, Book and Candle in which Kim Novak, a witch, falls for a mortal, James Stewart.

Walking down the sidewalk I felt so deliciously witchy in the rain shadows that I was sure that if I turned around quickly, boo!, I would catch a dozen black cats (named Pyewacket) frozen in stride, amber eyes blazing. I always liked Kim Novak far better as a witch than as a mortal. I wonder if the street lights flared and burned out in a trail behind me.

Details of this ensemble:
  • vintage dress, thrifted
  • black tights, retail
  • medium-heeled shoes (aka frump shoes), retail
  • magic loupe, O made it for me
  • magic pendant, O made it for me
  • fingerless gloves, upcycled from Canadian Tire automotive store
  • beret, thrifted
  • seafoam cotton skirt underneath as a petticoat, thrifted
Below is a closeup of the dress fabric with the studs, and this is the tool-box bag I carried today, which came with a tool O ordered. Isn't it divine? I shall customize it at some point but I was content with the plain exterior today.

Happy Visible Monday! This week I'm able to make it over to Patti's place at Not Dead Yet Style. I missed you all last week... Time to catch up. Do your clothes put you in a mood or does your mood put you in your clothes?

Also, regarding my last post for Vogoff magazine, I greatly dislike ageism, and yet I defined this faux magazine's audience as women +40. Big mistake! I know so many wonderful bloggers who are under 40 and the world would not be complete without you. So if any of you want to contribute to Vogoff, I heartily welcome your suggestions.

AND - I am very excited and flattered to be featured in an interview (here) posted by 
Sylvia on her amazing blog, 40+ Style (TM). 
The piece is called: 
"How to be more creative with your outfits: Style lessons from Melanie." 
Thank you! 
Sylvia is the kind of woman who could put on a scratchy potato sack and make it look cool and breezy in Singapore heat. If you haven't see Sylvia's style yet, do go have a look!

Wednesday 7 November 2012

VOGOFF Magazine by Miz Bagg

Letter from VOGOFF Editor in Chief, Miz Bagg:

I know the universe hangs on my every blurt so I have decided to immortalize myself as Editor in Chief of this magazine, the highly prestigious, internationally-acclaimed, Pewlister Prize-winning VOGOFF (pronounced voggoff or vhog-off). Please reserve your applause until the end. (Come now, get ahold of yourselves. Have a little dignity and humility - like me.)

Of course I, Miz Bagg, am the queen of everything about beauty, fashion, makeup, grace, real good manners, and such-like, and I am an incredibly word-ly person, as you no doubt observed in my writing in my How-to Guide to Posing, Part 1 on 8-track cassette. (Thanks for your support. Of course you bought it.) So my beauty is not only gobsmacking - my intelligence and that stuff are also big gob-droppings of smartness.

This first issue features only photos of moi, Miz Bagg, of course, but I may allow the little people to contribute later on when I'm busy doing something way better. In this issue I am pleased to unveil to you the hottest thing since Yanni - the mashed potato fashion accessory specially designed by iqi (pronounced icky). Unless you've been living in Uranus, you'll know that kitchen tools are hot.

And who can help dancing uncontrollably when opening a container of yogurt or spraying air freshener or whipping out a duster or mopping the floor? Well, lucky you's - inside this issue are a few new dance steps you can try when cleaning and eating. They are perfect for tightening up those pesky fleshy pads on your hand between your thumb and index finger.

Plus, as a special feature: "Are we addicted to our uprights?" With a quiz! I too am not immune to the sight of a hard upright vacuum, all beastie thrumming with unkempt hair inside, which is only natural for a feminine creature such as mine self, but here I share with you not only my secrets for hiding these naughty little liaisons from your partner, but also ancient mystical monk moves for upping your upright's suction power by 73.5 percent. Therapists are on standby in case you fail the stupid quiz. You loser.

Miz Bagg caught in an unguarded moment following the upright shoot. Photo courtesy of Takenzeepiss 2012
Okay, I'm off now to consult with all those high-power smiling advertising people in New York to teach them a hot dance for their new and exciting anti-fungal soap. They keep begging and begging me to be in their global network ad campaigns (it's rather embarrassing) and I keep telling them to feck off, I'm far more valuable in my role as guru and goddess. Then I'm off to consult on ballerina costumes for some female products.

I know it's a an exciting life, but I, Miz Bagg, am the only one to lead it, as I shall and can. Tra-la-tra-la. Ooh, my upright needs attention.

Till the next unbelievably fabulous issue, hugs and kisses, but don't wreck my lipstick!!! (Oh, you fecking bi-otch)


(The Real Writer's Notes)
In the next issue, probably December: The Implications of Hot Flashes. Are peri/menopausal women with hot flashes responsible for global warming or is it bovine flatulence? What would happen if power companies could wire hot flashes into the Smart Grid. Would we have to call it the Smarter Grid?

The Real Real Writer's Notes

I watched part of the recent silent movie, The Artist, a few nights ago and another movie from 1932 last night in which the lead platinum blond delivered this great line: "I'm as exciting as an ironing board." On top of that, I had a little correspondence with Curtise from The Secondhand Years about kitchen utensils... So Miz Bagg was sequestered in a photo shoot last night not knowing what would result.

I'm so happy this "magazine" popped out. I had been mulling the idea for quite a while and suddenly there it was - my perfect inaugural cover. If any of you want to contribute a little piece to a future issue, maybe next month, let me know, ultra-Vogue on drugs with cool photos.

About the outfit

  • black satin ball gown above, last worn here 
  • bunch of jewellery I dug out of my box, including beads from the Pride Parade and a few pieces that someone had left in our garbage room for the taking - I'm such a discriminating shopper
  • canary diamond ring from the local dollar store. 

I haven't been commenting much but I have been lurking. Sometimes I have to pull back to keep the fun and spontaneity alive. I think you know what I mean...

I hope you're all having a FANTASTIC week.

Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4

Thursday 1 November 2012

Do these booties make me look like...

...I'm having too much fun? Because I am! And they passed the new-footwear test - I survived my inspiration walk without a single blister. These heels are not as challenging as some others in my closet because of the built-in platform.

I made the skirt from a new old-stock roll-end of fabric from my favourite fabric store, Dressew. It is a stretch synthetic blend that feels like a thick '70s ski-pant fabric. I simply stitched the piece together at the back and hemmed the top, bottom, and back slit. Done. No zippers or buttons. But...this skirt does have a tendency to slide down my body so I added the suspenders. 

In typical slacker fashion I made a single cross-sling suspender which would involve less sewing. Sewing was required because the device is made from backpack strapping with little clips sewn onto the ends, and the strapping had to be shortened. It also has a backpack-type clasp which you can see at the front, and a little pouch on the back side of it to carry pens and such. Handy! Plus, I didn't have another suspender even if I wanted to maintain some symmetry.

The stuff:
  • skirt, I made from new old-stock fabric
  • suspenders, I made from bits and pieces
  • ivory silk blouse with mother-of-pearl heart-shaped buttons, old, retail
  • black glitter platform booties with wood heel, retail (shameful!)
  • black compression knee socks (because they don't fall down), retail
  • two vintage slips, thrifted, for warmth
  • brown wool cape, not shown, super sale, retail
About the booties, they are the worst quality I have experienced in years -  that will teach me to buy retail. When I got home from this inaugural walk the soles had divots all over them. Worn once and already I have to take them preemptively to the cobbler for shoring up. I'd feel totally ripped off if I didn't love the profile and the glitter so much.

Here is a close-up of the crappy, dreamy booties.

They came with black laces but I replaced them with these mismatched laces made from strips of kimono fabric. The laces were given to me by my friend Sharron, whom I recently featured on my street style blog - here.

Overall, while everyone outside today was huddled under their umbrellas (a light sprinkle), I was ready for some serious ninja action, power-infused by home-made style and glitter booties. New song of the day: "Your Sole has Divots."

If you had to write a song about your day, what would you call it? Hugs, all.

Monday 29 October 2012

No cure for velvet maxi dress nostalgia

This dress was singing "American Pie" so I had to Respect the Tune by throwing lots of gew-gaws around my neck and my beret on my head, and slipping on my lace-up boots with grommets (and sneaky side zippers). I would wear this elegant dress to drive my mud-spattered pickup truck, if I had one, pedal to the metal, not because the dress is unworthy of a Rolls but because I love the contrast and would love to listen to that song on the truck's radio.

This dress has been travellin', travellin', travellin' from Terri's place (RAGS Against the Machine) in the USA to Curtise (The Secondhand Years) in the UK, where it did an abrupt U-turn back to North America and my greedy little mitts. Bwa-ha-ha. I adore it! Excited hugs and clapping with glee to Terri and Curtise for this awesome dress. In this rescue parcel (it arrived on "Day from Hell") Curtise also included a moving card and a stunning looorex capelet, as well as a brocade skirt, also of Terri origin, all of which I shall show you soon.

Details of the outfit
  • homemade velvet maxi dress with a built-in lace blouse with big puff sleeves
  • mantis pendant that I made; loupe that O made; beads and bracelet, old retail
  • boots, thrifted
  • beret, thrifted

The velvet ties on the dress are very long so I criss-crossed them in front before knotting them in back. You can see them in the next photo, which also details the accessories.

Aack! That's a big face! My lips are orangey! I would have preferred a frosted pink lipstick but alas don't have any. I'm wearing a black shirt under the dress for warmth because I wore only my brown wool wrap on top to go out. Can anyone correctly date this divine dress? "American Pie" came out in '71 and that's what came to mind. Terri?

So look out. I'm tearing down that dirt road in my pickup truck to Patti's Visible Monday. I mustn't soil my frock because I'm going dancing afterwards. I look forward to seeing what you're all wearing.

In Other News

Earlier this month beautiful Smiley Clara awarded me another Liebster Award. Thank you so much, Clara, although sadly I notice that her blog is no longer there! To fulfill at least part of the awardee obligations, I am responding to her questions below.

1. Hey, how are you feeling today? With my heart
2. What was the most inspiring thing you saw this morning? My coffee
3. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play you? Gloria Swanson
4. And who would play your love interest(s)? Gene Wilder
5. If you were a song, what song would you be? "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred, LOL
6. What would be your drag queen name? Miz Bagg
7. What is the best present you've ever been given? A jigsaw (among others)
8. If you could be anything in the world, what would you be? A volcano
9. What was the most romantic moment in your life? Top secret
10. What would you do with a million dollars? Spend it
11. What do you want people to know about you? I exist

Instead of naming 11 people to carry on this award, etc., I am sprinkling it like confetti over everyone with best wishes for a great week! Thank you, again, Smiley Clara. Where are you?

Thursday 25 October 2012

My Olive Oyl army boots

This is what I wore on Monday, an outfit that made me feel oh so Pepe Le Pew, the animated romanticizing French skunk, although the footwear was decidedly more Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons. That's a whole lot of Looney Tunes for someone wearing just, um, black.

The pieces:
- quilted cotton biker jacket with anti-cold turned-up collar, sample sale
- wool wraparound skirt, thrifted
- black riding pant jeggings, sample sale
- black army boots, thrifted, a score for $10
- lurex diamond-patterned thigh-high socks, Hue brand, retail
- fingerless gloves, upcycled from the Canadian Tire automotive store
- wool indigo beret, thrifted

The photo came out a bit dark so I had to boost the brightness, but it turned out okay because now you can see all the colourful scuffmarks on the wood rail behind me from the grating of the garbage bins. Oh, the romantic life...


Hit Us With Your Floral Stick! Floral Week Update

This is what I wore TODAY pictured with my new friends, a couple of raucous, fabulously attired dames out on the town for the day. They've been pals for 40 years and their smiles and laughter were contagious. This is one of my favourite filmy dresses, last worn here.

This photo is doing double-duty: it's here and over at my street style blog, which is a first. When I see me in the photo it looks like I'm wearing a brown bra over my blouse because the blouse colour is so similar to the dress bodice. Bwa-ha-ha. That makes me love it even more.

Sarah at Misfits Vintage said it's arbitrary Floral Week, so I naturally joined in, see last post.
Other bloggers that of know of who have worn florals this week include:

Ariane at Style Sud-Est
Dylan at Dylan's Dress
Lynne at Practical Paralegalism
Krista at Petee's Palace
Helga at Helga von Trollop for a mighty double whammy!
And keep your eyes open for Jean's flower power at Dross Into Gold

If I've missed anyone, my apologies. Do let me know.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Deep Floral Haze

Fabulous Sarah at Misfits Vintage declared this FLORAL WEEK, rather "arbitrarily" and only lasting as long as she felt like it - that's my kind of Floral Week. Doesn't she look fabulous in that floral-splashed coat that Vix gave her?

Today was dark and dreary so I decided that perhaps a little floral therapy would be good medicine. I stumbled to my closet - think of me here as Pig-Pen in Charlie Brown both in my state of mind and dress - and tugged out this maxi dress, praying for floral healing powers. Then, SHAZAM, POOF!

Suddenly I awoke and the world embraced me, it drew me to her bosom and whispered, "My pet, we are one again." Aglow, I skipped downtown with beatific joy until a smiling gentle soul greeted me with, "Snap out of it, biotch!" Bwa-ha-ha. No, that didn't happen at all. But the florals did pick up my mood. I'd say those sneaky flowers reduced my grumbling by, oh, 50 percent, which is pretty darned good.

Details of the ensemble:
  • vintage homemade maxi dress, thrifted
  • ankle boots, retail
  • white maxi slip, thrifted
  • black coat, retail
  • red wool beret, thrifted
  • oversized aubergine silk blouse, hand-me-over

I always look like that photo above when I'm cold, my collar turned up as high as possible, as if that's going to make the cold go away.

So happy florals! I found a few other florals growing in my closet while I was rooting around. I never know what I'll turn up. I hope you're all having a great week. I love that song Deep Purple. Bring it on!

Sunday 21 October 2012

Two statement pieces make a declarative

I knew I would wear my red cape today, but, ho-hum, not paired with my black jeggings and square-toe boots as usual. That would have bored me immeeediately, especially since my fingernails-on-chalkboard mood demanded something more irritating. So I decided to pull out the fall/winter/spring/summer colours of my mad thrifted floral pants. I reasoned that one statement piece needs another to achieve full-on declarative effect. The pinks in the trousers and under-T jarred shiveringly with the candy-crunch red of my cape, and the spew of flowers on the trousers grated awfully NICE with the faux leopard trim. Yumm-eew.

Details of the outfit:
  • red wool cape with faux fur trim, thrifted, also worn here
  • Versace floral pants, thrifted, also worn here
  • kitten heel ankle boots, retail
  • pink long-sleeve T, sample sale
  • wool turtleneck, thrifted
  • jewel-encrusted pendant, thrifted, also worn here
  • magic loupe, made for me by O
  • indigo beret, thrifted
Next photo: Flasher! Actually, this is my impression of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Stayin' alive, baby. Just stayin' alive - unlike the eviscerated rat close by.

Of course, these are not self portraits - I have Sandra, art project co-conspirator and blogger of Lens is More, to thank for that. We were both feeling low energy today, even after splitting a chocolate croissant and pumpkin scone, so in keeping with the mood we skulked around alleyways for a bit. Too bad (or lucky) Blogger doesn't have scratch and sniff... 

Next stop was Chinatown. I hopped into this shop for the photo op because it embodied that ultra-cool Chinatown vibe. 

Then Sandra scouted the doorway below, which she thought would really set off the cape and pants. I love this location.

Sandra flew low under the radar today but we got a couple of shots of her with graffiti and neon - she knows the locations of the city's best graffiti. I wonder if she'll post any. (Edit: Yes, she put up a couple, including one with graffiti and below is one of her with a Chinatown neon sign.)

On the way home, just when my feet started screaming, "Hey, freakazoid, you're not 20 years old any more, ya know!" a young woman stopped and asked me, "Do you know Bill Cunningham? You remind me of his photos." For those of you not familiar with him, he does street style photography in New York. His work inspired to me do my own street style blog. Suddenly my feet shut up. That's what I call a good day: friends, chocolate, scones, art, and making it home without a single blister with Mr. C. on my mind.

I'm hooking this up to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, her fantastic blog. I look forward to visiting everyone, especially now that I have a little more breathing space.

PS: I wrote this Saturday just after my outing so when I say "today" I really mean Saturday.

Your Comments on the Last Post

Thanks, everyone, for your feedback on the questions I raised in the last post, particularly, what is "too far"? Your comments for me are what gave this post life. I liked the photo shoot, sure, but I enjoyed reading your views even more. I like to think anything goes and there is no such thing as too far. I am trying to achieve that as a state of mind in everything I wear and I am so thankful for the spectrum of styles you share in your blogs - so much inspiration.

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