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Thursday 25 October 2012

My Olive Oyl army boots

This is what I wore on Monday, an outfit that made me feel oh so Pepe Le Pew, the animated romanticizing French skunk, although the footwear was decidedly more Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons. That's a whole lot of Looney Tunes for someone wearing just, um, black.

The pieces:
- quilted cotton biker jacket with anti-cold turned-up collar, sample sale
- wool wraparound skirt, thrifted
- black riding pant jeggings, sample sale
- black army boots, thrifted, a score for $10
- lurex diamond-patterned thigh-high socks, Hue brand, retail
- fingerless gloves, upcycled from the Canadian Tire automotive store
- wool indigo beret, thrifted

The photo came out a bit dark so I had to boost the brightness, but it turned out okay because now you can see all the colourful scuffmarks on the wood rail behind me from the grating of the garbage bins. Oh, the romantic life...


Hit Us With Your Floral Stick! Floral Week Update

This is what I wore TODAY pictured with my new friends, a couple of raucous, fabulously attired dames out on the town for the day. They've been pals for 40 years and their smiles and laughter were contagious. This is one of my favourite filmy dresses, last worn here.

This photo is doing double-duty: it's here and over at my street style blog, which is a first. When I see me in the photo it looks like I'm wearing a brown bra over my blouse because the blouse colour is so similar to the dress bodice. Bwa-ha-ha. That makes me love it even more.

Sarah at Misfits Vintage said it's arbitrary Floral Week, so I naturally joined in, see last post.
Other bloggers that of know of who have worn florals this week include:

Ariane at Style Sud-Est
Dylan at Dylan's Dress
Lynne at Practical Paralegalism
Krista at Petee's Palace
Helga at Helga von Trollop for a mighty double whammy!
And keep your eyes open for Jean's flower power at Dross Into Gold

If I've missed anyone, my apologies. Do let me know.


  1. I always liked Olive Oyl. Fab black ensemble.

    It totally looks like a brown bra - ha! But seriously, you look amazing as always.

  2. I have a vintage Moschino "Olive Oyl" jacket -- he was very into her look!

  3. I think my comments are getting lost. Somehow I don't see mine on your other floral post. But I must say, that top outfit is one of my favorites on you. I could dress like that every single day! What a great jacket.

  4. I agree with Joni. That top outfit totally goes into my favorites category. You look soooo french coooool.

  5. Oooh, love those boots, and for $10 -- what a shopping coup! The whole Olive Oyl look is very fab and makes me long for some cool weather.

  6. That skirt is beyond floral, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a grand weekend, dear Melanie.

  7. lol, me too I thought it was a brown bra :D
    but looks good on u.

    Love the Pepé Le Pew on you! :D
    The jacket is awesome.

  8. I have to say my dear I'm digging both outfits! Love your kick ass $10 tankgirl boots. The three of you look ready for anything. Here's to new friends and bras on the outside;) I'm glad you said it first because we are all thinking it:)

  9. I love the French Girl Look outfit. Tres chic. And Melaine, I was shocked (!) that you were wearing a brown bra over top of your blouse in the second picture - until it just became funny as a look with the whole ensemble. Only to read that it was just a trick of the eye. You trickster, you.

  10. So much energy in this post -- love the Olive Oyl/Pepé le Pew look

  11. If Popeye had seen you, he would have thrown Olive Oyl over in a skinny minute :o Very, very cool in all your black. I think the scuff marks on the railing only add to the awesomeness of this photo.

  12. I totally adore your bold unique looks! I love someone who wears clothing that is fun!


  13. I love you in your Olive Oyl outfit - that's basically the look you would find me in most of fall and spring - short skirt, tights, and chunky boots! You can rock the all black punk rock look and then turn around the next day and do floaty brights and florals. Your friends look like they were having fun posing with you.

  14. I did indeed think you wearing a bra over the dress! Perhaps we should start that as the next meme.

    Love those knee socks.

  15. Love both outfits and I do like those

  16. Just shows what a wonderfully versatile woman you are, you do rough, tough monochrome army chic one day, and floaty whimsical colour the next - and carry both looks off with casual aplomb!
    Those ladies look like they would be great company, and very stylish too.
    NOW I see - the brown "bra" is the top of the dress! I thought it was a little tie cardigan thingy actually, not a bra. Thanks for clearing that up anyway! I have some pink leggings which I can only wear under a maxi for warmth as they look like I have rather oddly coloured bare legs in photos... One lives, and one learns!
    Have a fabulous weekend, Melanie!
    PS. You have the bluest eyes ever! xxxx

  17. The jacket looks like it can take on any chill that comes your way! Very nice with the minimal background! Wearing the black outfit and then the floral with long time friends creates such a striking contrast. Style across the continuum illuminates your breadth of creativity.

  18. I love your patterned overknees in the frst picture and the yellow tights in the second picture and everything else of course. I'm somehow tights-addicted and own them in many colours and many patterns. So my first sight goes to tights very often. Have a great weekend! Hugs fom Miss Maple

  19. Hey Melanie! Thanks for mentioning me there in the FLORAL week list! I just love visiting you, 'cause I never know what you'll have on or be doing!! I love the black outfit. Every bit of it. The boots were indeed a score at 10 dollars. Wow. And the thigh high socks. Love 'em!!

    Flower power!

    Lynn Dylan

  20. I love your Pepe LePew look! He's a great muse!

  21. You are the consummate style chameleon! I dare anyone to try to contain your fabulous personal style. Just when I think I've got it, you flip the script again, like in this post. Love BOTH looks, you gorgeous creature you.

    I appreciate the mention, although florals are few and far between in my closet. But now I have an added incentive to create something. After all, if Melanie can come up with such an amazing variety of looks, surely I can try to follow suit? Just give me a little more time....I swear I'll come up with a flower or two.

  22. Well now, just where will I come up with a Brown Booby Dress of Awesome for my very own??? AND fabulous new-friend ladies too, Melanie - you are having all of the fun, and looking amazing. Your black outfit is totally killer, you sleek and gorgeous woman, and rainbow garbage-bin scuffs have never, ever, ever brought out the eyes of any living thing such as they do for you!

    Thanks for the Florals Week wickedness too!

  23. The black outfit is so great - the thigh high socks are fantastic with the very shiny boots (must have taken a lot of polishing!) and the jacket and skirt.

    The flower dress is awesome! The red shoes are so lovely, and you just have the best legs for yellow tights! You're a walking, talking, living rainbow!

  24. Oh man Melanie, love those Olive Oyl boots! I recently got some similar ones myself and they're just the best!
    Two blogs? You're busy woman! I took a peek at the street style blog, looks super! Rock on!

  25. Hi Melaine, I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE that top look . . . Paris runway . . . watch out for Melaine! You Rock!

    I think that you are right about layering an apron into your look . . . it brings a bit of Betty Crocker into the wardrobe. You have such a talent for pulling it all together . . . I would love to see what you do with aprons :)
    Keep living life to the fullest.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  26. Totally different outfits and you rock the f*ck out of each one. You are a total rock star! x

  27. How are you always so adorable? You ooze style. Some people would have that looked at by a professional but on you, it works!

  28. Now,I'm going to keep pretending you WERE wearing a bra over your blouse, as when I first spotted that I thought "feck YEAH"!!!
    I love LOVE that first pic, your eyes are glowing with otherworldy powers...I love the industrial background,and how lean and long your lovely legs are! Vix is right,you're a ROCK STAR! Those two ladies looked stoked to bw hanging with oyu! I know I would be!Why o WHY are you so far away?!

  29. I think your all black look is totally striking. It makes your blue eyes luminous! The long socks bring in the perfect amount of print.

  30. your bloots are stunning and the 3 ladies photo - wow! you're such stunners :)

    Inside and Outside Blog

  31. I think you look more like tank girl and a bit like Vash The Stampede from a Japanese cartoon called Trigun (except in black. Or possibly like some French resistance fighter in a future dystopian Paris. I love how I can make up narratives around your outfits and how you often look like supercool graphic novel characters come to life or an actor in an art house sci fi. Fantastic!

  32. ohhh I in love of that black Jacket, and the hole outfit that you didi it's increible...


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