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I have hundreds of little sketches featuring me as Ternip Hedd, often with Kitty (she's royalty), wearing what I wore that day. Kitty wears whatever she likes too because she's royalty, and she loves thrift shopping best.

I draw these in cafes when I go on my morning inspiration walks downtown. Sometimes I colour them with pencil crayons too. 

(Please respect my copyright. Thanks!)

Hooray! Not too late for the muffin and coffee special!

When mean people try to bring us down, we go to the Royal Yacht.

That's an imaginary child above. I don't have kids.

Caption: Rescue whiskey was bad enough - but rescue martinis with a hair dryer. Have I no dignity? (Our handbags are getting covered with snow!)

When my hat is too big.

Reading with grand contentment in the non-immaculate garden.

Wondering what life would be like if I could answer this way for real.

Most of the above have appeared somewhere on this blog before in case they look familiar, but I haven't posted much of my recent work. 

And below, a sketch by my husband O. I love his ultra-clean lines. He has tons and tons of sketches too.
Below is a video collaboration between me and O. He sketched the characters on napkins and came up with the story, and I did the scanning, editing/colour, and video.

And finally, a little video of sketches of me and Kitties. Heh. It's a sweet world. I want to go there sometimes.

That's all. I hope these put you in a good mood. My big abstract painting, which I used to do in my studio, can be found HERE. When I lost the studio I concentrated more on these sketches.


  1. Oh, Mel! I do love all of these. As I watched your videos, I thought about how I need to bookmark this page so I can return to it to get lost for a moment in whimsical wonder. So I have bookmarked it. Thank you for sharing these.


  2. I can't figure out why you haven't published a book yet. These all take me away.

    I especially loved the little films. You are both very talented.



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