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Monday 25 August 2014

Supplicant, that would be me

Oh poor Douglas Coupland...

For those of you who don't know him, he is one of Canada's most internationally acclaimed contemporary writers and artists, and there is currently a survey exhibition of his work at Vancouver Art Gallery. I was perplexed by his latest book, Worst. Person. Ever., and wanted to interview him, either for Vogoff or Bag - I know, it's not my usual thing but I was intrigued, and he lives in Vancouver. When I discovered I could only contact him through his New York agent, I dropped the idea. Until...

I was at one of my cafe haunts a week or so ago and suddenly there he was, seated at a table near the entrance (exit in this case), alone, maybe waiting for someone - me of course. I launched myself at him. He had no chance of escape. Poor man.

I was Dressed that day, of course, something you've never seen but terrifically '70s polyester (not what I'm wearing in these photos), and quiet Mr. Coupland was startled by my swift maneuvering into his space, looking as I did with my toolbox handbag and newly shaggified Warholian locks.

I blah, blah, blahed, asked to shake his hand, blah, blahed. He smiled shyly. And then I asked him if I could interview him sometime about his book. That's when his face shut down. "No, I don't do those," he firmly said. Ah. 

After a little more blahing, I awkwardly, hurriedly gave him my card and released him from my psychic grip. He fled. So did I. Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Since I initiate conversations with strangers all the time, and they with me, I figured Mr. Coupland's celebrity shouldn't shield him from my advances any more than the next person, and what if he had said, Sure, why don't you join me for a clambake this afternoon? After all, the world is a freaky place.
These photos feature what I wore on Aug. 15, last Saturday (have I been away that long?), the thrifted vintage lounge attire I wore when Jean of Dross into Gold came to town, see here - except I am wearing my thrifted platform Steve Madden sandals instead of my shaggy green boots, tights, and man robe. I felt calm. So very calm. A benediction. A supplicant? I expected little birds to alight on my open palms mistaking me for a tree in the psychedelic forbidden garden. 

And then below is a shot of me some days ago. I'm older since I last posted. I'm older every single nano-second of every single day. My computer is older, my home is older, my new stuff is older, my thoughts are older. The suction power of the Earth is non-negotiable. My fresh bread is staling even as I type. Which reminds me, I think I have some leftover potato chips...

I look slightly deranged, yes, but what of it? Both of those necklaces I found in the garbage room located off one of my favourite shooting locations, the garbage room atelier. The gown and earrings were thrifted. And I blurred out the background big time. I love this white hair!

Again, I'm not getting around much but I see some of you every day in my VOGOFF layouts. I'm going to link up to Patti and the gang at Visible Monday, just to let you know I'm still around. I hope you're all well!

Thursday 14 August 2014

My new hair from Angel

My new hair. I don't know why I put my eye photo first, but I did. I, eye, I, eye,'s all about me.

Technically this is just new colour, or decolour, not a cut, courtesy of Angel who altered me on Sunday dressed in a leather kilt. He ministered to my head for hours while it basted in goo, and it paid off - the colour turned out right the first time, which is a miracle. He's a schtar! My hair is still in shock, though, looking like fried egg whites on my head.

Angel did my hair at a former salon but when he left I entrusted my colour to someone else. Big mistake (last salon fiasco). Magically, just when I needed him again, Angel reappeared at a salon called Chemically Addicted - great chandeliers, not snooty, offerings of beverages and lovely magazines, convenient central location on Davie Street, and open seven days a week. I only go to a salon once every six to eight months so it's important to get it right! Although I can personally vouch for Angel's work, the other stylists there were also very friendly and their customers left with big grins. I went back to Chemically Addicted on Monday and photographed Angel for my street style blog, here. His own website is here.

Today was rainy (Wed) and there was only one thing for it: scribbles and colour in the form of my upcycled rockstar DIY pants and jacket. You'll note the same striped sweater from my previous post, I'm in love with it. And Turnip Head, who recently ate Miz Bagg - then vomited her up again. 

I've had more work come in and can't comment as much as I'd like but I'm making quick rounds. In my free time I'm working on VOGOFF as well. I'm excited about this issue. For me, it's all about letting go and releasing my fear of making mistakes...heh. I'll be back soon.

Sunday 10 August 2014

A touch of dark shadows for Visible Monday

This is my black silky gown/slip/night dress. Even double-size too big, I fell in love with it in the shop. It's old - you can tell by its general decrepitude and the wonky metal side zipper - and was probably home-made with its pinking-sheared seam edges, lack of labels, and hand-stitched hem. I resized it on my regular sewing machine playing with darts. But it cried out for a little Dark Shadows so I machine-stitched on a spooky rebel girl patch I'd made by iron-transferring my sketch onto a T-shirt scrap with serged edges.

The colourful striped cotton top was purchased for lots of money by a stranger in the past but I scooped it up for $5. (I thank her for donating it rather than throwing it away.) The knit is very delicate and the sleeves are extra long, perfect for the cool edge in the morning air. I'm also wearing a blue rhinestone necklace, a gift from a former housemate, a brown ball pendant thrifted decades ago, and the magic loupe from O. Those are my vintage sunglasses on my head, repaired for me by O. And on my feet are my thrifted D&G pony shoes.

This dress billowed thrillingly in the breeze, such silky swirling about my legs. The heft of my toolbox handbag and vigorous handling added manly ballast - I think spooky girl appreciated that. I always feel extra good when I wear something I've handcrafted. And you? Well, I know you do too - I always see it in your faces. 

I'll be slinking over to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style in this gown. Slink, slank, slunk. I'll be the woman in the dark corner of the yard standing motionless in an eerie mist, a glowing green drink in my hand, and purring on echo mode. I won't bite. Promise. 
PS - In answer to the question, what is a serger?, from the previous post, look at the inside seams of a T-shirt or other knit garment - they were sewn together with a serger. With a built-in cutter, a serger also trims the fabric automatically as it passes under the presser foot. Sergers are also called overlockers. They look different from regular sewing machines because they have three to four spools of thread.

In my next post, see my new hair...!

Saturday 2 August 2014

Miz Bagg's poser video, new garbage shirt maxi, and more

My new feather boa. It's been too frigging hot to dress like a non-colour-fast bird but my new character, Helen, didn't give a flightless flying feck. Helen is the host of my new YouTube series called Helen's Hot Hauties - as in Haute Couture (hauties pronounced hoe'-tees). Think of it as VOGOFF in motion, with an exuberant host. Those are stills from video footage but Helen wears glasses now.

Episode 1 features a selection of Miz Bagg's award-winning original poses in a segment I'd pieced together before I thought of Hot Hauties. Sadly, most of Helen was chopped; there was no room left. Ah well, she's only the host who explains everything. More than a minute of me in video is simply too fabularsenic. I'm not sure where I'll take HH, but I can say: talking to myself in public with grand animation set a new record of shamelessness.
And this is Hat Attack #13, is it true? Thirteen?! And here I am in a hat.
This photo was dark so I had to up my levels all around, but you get the idea. I love cloches and I wore this blue cotton one, which I bought retail years ago, for most of my inspiration walk today; I had to take it off and ruffle my hair in the breeze once in a while. I also felt invisible under this hat with my shades on, but I enjoyed slinking around in Spy Mode. Thanks, Judith of Style Crone, for the party, Hat Attack #13. Her hat collection is incredible. 

I'm also linking up to Sheila's Shoe Shine at her blog Ephemera. There's a good view of my hairy thrifted D&G shoes in the photo below.

BUT GUESS WHAT I'M WEARING!! You'll never guess. It's a dress I made! I'm am so excited I had to make a drainage hole in the bottom of it. 
I got a new serger, a special gift from O. I had been having trouble with knits on my regular sewing machine. I tried sandwiching the fabric with paper, taping it, using interfacing, stabilizers, starching, zigzagging, stretch stitching, every single trick to stop that annoying ruffle. It would also have helped if my machine had a presser foot pressure adjustment knob, but NON! Soooo.... Hahahah! 

My serger is a Brother "Lock 1034D", less than $300. It arrived pre-threaded, and after untangling the mess I just started sewing. I'm going to use this thread until it runs out. 

This dress is made of three garbage shirts, a navy blue regular T on top, a darker navy golf shirt turned upside down, collar and buttons removed and pockets turned into sleeves near my knees, and a khaki T-shirt, also upside-down with the collar removed and sleeve turned into drainage hole. I finished the piece off with a bleach pen, inspired by Megan Mae's recent bleach projects.

I was feeling very angsty about the Machine so I just. started. sewing. The freedom! Aaaah. Breaking the learned no-no of sewing without a plan felt like writing in library books with black marker and folding their pages over and dribbling coffee and food all over them. Now that I have done sewing like this and didn't get heck or have to pay a fine, I'm committed to doing more. I'm scouring the house for more garbage T's. 

I am so pleased with this garbage shirt maxi dress that I feel like a writer who has first-novel writer's block. Can I live up to this mess again?! A huge hug to all my sew-sisters out there - you know who you are - for inspiring me to take this next step with the Machine.
If you're still reading - yes, this is a packed post - a reminder to watch the video, Helen's Hot Hauties, with Miz Bagg's award-winning poses. I hope you too try these poses out at home. 

Finally, THANKS, EVERYONE, for your VOGOFF submissions! As I suspected, I had quite a few come in these past few days. It's going to be the best issue, a bit different, as it should be, and hopefully worthy of our collective efforts.

See you in the funny papers. Who used to say that? I hope you're all finding inspiration around every corner. I look forward to visiting you.

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