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Monday 11 February 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!!

Yes, Friends:

is in town again - this skirt is getting more air miles than moi - vacationing now in

with creative, gorgeous host 

E d i e   P o p of homesick blues

I dare you to feast your eyes on her

miraculous transformation

of this magical fabric of zest and happiness.

Her illustration of our skirt friends will also mesmerize with its

cool-to-the-power-of-100 power!

Huge hugs, Edie, for your original, excellent styling of this skirt, your illustration, and your Big Banana.
Your additions have added extra wings. 

On another note,
I am indisposed until the end of the month so I won't be able to post or visit. But...
when I come back I shall explode in a kaleidoscope of fantastically mad psychedelicosis, scattering rosebuds and candies through all your blogs. Be well!
Also, so many of you have requested the skirt - which makes me very excited! For now I am letting anarchy rule in terms of her flight schedule. But don't worry. She has no timetable and she doesn't seem to mind continent-hopping. (I need to borrow Miz Bagg's secretary, or NOT!)

Monday 4 February 2013

If it's Monday it must be 1978

When I saw this wondrous lemony poly pantsuit I instantly thought Charlie's Angels, pantylines, deodorant commercials, department store perfume, and racquet sports. Hence...

Interior. Daytime. On the club phone in the lobby: "Burt, oh, Burt (Reynolds), I'm finished playing. Course I trounced him. Gawd, I'd sell my third unborn child for a drink; meet me on the deck for daiquiris before we hit the beach, okay, sweetie? Then let's go for a spin down the coast with the top down. (LOL) YOUR top you naughty boy... Mwah." This was a very fun mini shoot - having been my first step away from work, journaling or foraging for food since my last Visible Monday shoot. And I have

at Misfits Vintage to thank for it!!

She sent me a package stuffed with love and goodness last week and I hugged it in its marvellousness.
Check out this fantastic drawing she sent me on the card! I LOVE IT!

I just had to put this pantsuit on and prance about in it. I haven't worn it out yet, but I shall when I have more free time to enjoy its spendour.

That's not me. It's my evil bitch catalogue self. I get that way when I wear makeup - can you see it? It was only proper for this homage to the lemony yellow pantsuit. Plus, the pineapple light. One never plays squash without mood lighting, darling.

Details of the outfit:
  • lemony yellow rescue pantsuit, from Sarah
  • platform Steve Madden sandals, thrifted, $11 hee hee
  • striped socks, retail
  • earrings, vintage, purchased new
  • pineapple light, retail, Tokyu Hands, Tokyo
Obviously I am joining Patti's Visible Monday bunch at Not Dead Yet Style. Wish I could hang out for longer but I'll have more energy and time in a couple of months...

Sarah also included a skirt and top that made me speechless. I can't post it yet because I must do some tweaking before I can squeeze into the skirt. I'll just say, you have never seen sleeves like it before in your life. Hugs, Sarah. Wish I were there to loll about with you on the whore!

And this last photo conveys a bit of my real courtside self. Kick you to the curb? You betcha.  Especially in my orange platform court shoes. Bwa-ha-ha. Hugs, everyone. You are my joy.

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