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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Promise of spring skress

What I'm wearing was originally snowy white, but as soon as I stepped outside all the shy spring flowers in the ground instantly bloomed and hurled themselves with vigor onto my dress. What a shock!

When I found this garment in my local thrift shop I thought it was a strapless dress. When I got it home and tried it on, it was apparent I had purchased a skirt. No mind. I hauled out my trusty uni-suspender and MADE it be a strapless dress - so now it's a skress, wearable as a skirt or a dress. 

Details of the outfit
  • skirt (skress) called "Modern Day Geisha" in "Watercolour Print," Spring 2012 sample, Debbie Shuchat design, with tags, retail $195. Moi? $15
  • black boat-neck under T, thrifted
  • uni-suspender worn halter style, made it
  • quilted cotton biker jacket, sample sale
  • red wool beret, thrifted
  • black tights, retail
  • ankle boots, retail way back
  • magic loupe and pendant, O made them for me
This skirt feels all silky wonderful and it was made in Canada. I love the bias cut and twirliness. Swish, swish, swish, oooh, feeel my legs! Even the earthworms came crawling out to see this promise-of-spring skress.

This outfit will just squeak in for Patti's fantastic Visible Monday. Yay!

I have been invisible in the blogging world recently. I'll be in and out for the next month or so as well...duty calls. Also, I just realized that a couple of days ago marked one year of exposure on my blog. What a scary step it was starting Bag and a Beret. Tremendous hugs to all of you for making this such a rewarding experience!! You guys are the BEST! I'd like to do a Thoughtful post, but it must wait...Still you all shine and shine and shine. Stay warm or cool, as the case may be... And stay GORGEOUS!

Sunday 13 January 2013

But would Shackleton approve?

I popped my nose out of my ice cave for a moment and it froze. I knew I would need to wear my polar-bear camouflage coat today (aka pastel-nicotine faux fur coat) with my skirt hiked above where it should be in shameless fashion.

The uni-suspender I had made for a previous skirt (here) came in handy to prevent slacking down of this one too. In its normal waist position this skirt looks hideous, truly. It's always been a bit too roomy. I like the asymmetry of one side higher than the other. Polar adventurer, yes, but somewhat cavegirl too.
Plus, One must show off  One's New Socks  to maximum advantage. Aren't they FABulous?

These socks feature a stunning geisha motif, sadly hidden by the ankle boots which were necessary for my Antarctic trek. The kanji is about bringing good fortune. Hot, hot pink leggings also provided an extra layer of warmth under the socks. I bought a couple more pairs of socks in bright designs since they were 30% off. Would Ernest Shackleton, polar adventurer, approve?

  • psychedelic graphic turtleneck, thrifted
  • uni-suspender, made it
  • skirt, sample sale
  • leggings, sample sale
  • graphic socks, NEW ALERT! (no lucking thrifting babies like these)
  • polar coat, thrifted
  • magic loupe, O made it for me.
  • ankle boots, retail, new 10 years ago
You've seen all of these pieces before except the NEW SOCKS. Oh, did I tell you I got NEW SOCKS?
I'm off to Patti's Visible Monday. I mustn't stop moving or I shall freeze in place. I'll see all you lovelies over there of course. Have a visible week!

My persnickety toe is cured! For now...
Let's keep up that positive energy force field for indomitable Sarah and her valiant love shack!!!

Monday 7 January 2013

Silky and Jacquardy

This is what I wore.
I liked it very much.
The patterns are splendid.
Silky and jacquardy.

Olive Oyl boots
Not a toe box but a toe cave
I capped the patterns with my dark beret, gloves, and shoes.
Otherwise, these patterns would have been leaking down my limbs.

Inspired by Megan Mae and her Mori Girl styling.

silky dress, thrifted, homemade (that neon lime at the hem is the dress lining)
jacquard jacket, thrifted
beret, thrifted
Olive Oyl boots, thrifted
tights and socks, retail
gloves, retail
seafoam underskirt, thrifted
dark brown turtleneck, thrifted

Going to Visible Monday. Thanks, Patti. Hostess with the mostest.
Going to check out the lay-deez.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Hat bigger than my head in fake Paris

When I've worn this outerwear in the past, I've felt like it's wearing me, not that I'm wearing it. But today...

I want to sweep through the lobby of the Hotel Georges-V Paris on my way to my suite, stopping briefly at the front desk with instructions to  "Do please hold all my calls and send up some caviar and cheesecake immediately" delivered in a low husky voice with heavily-accented English that startles me, not caring that my ruby red lipstick has bled into the heavily powdered spider lines around my mouth, nor that I don't even like caviar. With a dismissive yet graceful flourish of my gloved hand I disappear into the lift. Ah, Jacques, he understands my needs so well.

The coat - such velvety midnight madness, the hat and sunglasses hiding my identity like a mysterious aging screen star or a socialite who's had recent work done.

Would people even care that I'm wearing an old oversized coat turned inside out with a single new button sewn way off to the side near my neck to size it down and had the pockets ripped off? Or that this thrifted faux fur hat, as big or even bigger than my head, has a scarf stuffed in the crown to keep it from sliding down over my eyes? Or that the coat sleeves extend far beyond my pale fingertips? No! Rather - Non!
Did it matter that I had to dodge moneyseekers and spitters on the sidewalk and dodge puddle grunge on my way to the coffee shop? NON! Or that there were babies crying and businessmen talking too loud into the air when I got there? Um, okay, yeah, that really bugged me.
And then when I got home I worked.
Dreaming is free. If you can't dream it, it will never happen.
Where do your clothing dreams take you lately? 

"Ah, Jacques, do tell those autograph hounds to keep their distance. I'm not who they think I am. And lock the door on your way out...."

  • coat, inside out, several sizes too big, pockets removed with button added, old
  • boots, retail, very forgiving of a persnickety toe
  • oversized hat, thrifted
  • scarf stuffed into hat, thrifted
  • Chanel sunglasses darling, hand-me-over (not to be confused with "hand it over!!")
  • camera, for sudden street style photography, but I can't find subjects these dark days
I tried to post this earlier but Blogger wouldn't let me put up my photo. I had to do a workaround.  
*When I say today I'm referring to last week. I have a different post for Patti's Visible Monday...

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Sketches and Yellow Skirt Update

I haven't posted any of my journal sketches for a while and I particularly like the one I did below to celebrate the next 365 days of blank pages begging to be filled with happy intrigue, romance, adventure, and riches...

I think the man cat looks like Karl Lagerfeld. Purely coincidental! I am wearing my pale-nicotine faux fur coat, red beret, denim jeggings, and low-heeled boots. The cool cats are wearing things I WANT to wear, especially that colourful maxi coat.

In the next sketch called Cat's Cradle I am wearing my Steve Madden houndstooth ankle-zip stovepipe pants (did I miss any adjectives?), my Shar-Pei black wool sweater, and indigo wool beret, all thrifted.

I love my pencil crayons. It's a meditative process drawing something and then adding life with that tight scratchy colouring action. I know a lot of you have inspiration boards and Pinterest - I guess this is my way of doing the same thing. Do you colour?


Helga of Helga von Trollop wears the travelling yellow skirt! If you haven't seen her in it yet, you simply MUST. I didn't think it possible, but this neon yellow is probably the least eye-catching of the pieces she has on. Thanks, Helga, for adding to the love. See her original post of it here.

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