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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Grey-haired bed-head worn as "rocker look"

I woke up. I rolled out of bed. I washed my face. And then I saw my hair. What glory! Why fight it? Why not EMBRACE it? So I did a little bit of Patti Smithing today (rocker chick) and wore my head direct from horizontal position to vertical position, with a slap of red lipstick to celebrate my successful directional change. I thought of putting Product in my hair, but that would mean my hair won!!

What to wear was not a big challenge. I knew I needed denim and my pickle-stabbers (pointy shoes), so for a little glammish ethnic rock on top I went for my Oriental-style jacket with the huge obi, last seen here. No beret - I daren't cover my rock head.

These shoes were made for walking. Really! I've included a close-up, next photo, so you can see what I mean - elastic top, like slippers, with killer kitten heels. I should have bought a dozen pairs, and the store had them in white too, which I curse not buying when I had the chance.

Details of this outfit:
  • most gorgeous Oriental-style jacket, thrifted, $15
  • ultra low-rise, button-closure Bardot jeans, $10 at sample sale
  • lightweight long cotton button shirt to cover stop of said ultra low-rise jeans, thrifted, Value Village
  • black vinyl bag, hand-me-over
  • long-sleeved T under everything, Metallicus sample sale

I projected some 'tude on the sidewalk in a rather comic attempt to be rockin'. The pose below exemplifies my failure at cool. I tried turned-in toes here which many women seem to do for photos. Why don't men do this? Because it's really weird for one thing, that's why! But it made me feel very On Trend.

You can see the cords of the obi belt hanging down on both sides. I like those dangling bits. My hair is a bit deflated in these photos because I did this shoot after I came home, not before.

Channelling Patti Smith made me feel powerful and surly (with a grin), and if I could play electric guitar (which I would LOOVE to do, it's never too late I tell myself) you would have heard some pretty wicked Jimi Hendrix riffs - maybe I'd even have played with my teeth and behind my head, but not at the same time, that would be kind of hard. My bed-head here was far more spectacular I think, but more Devo than rock and I would have had to wear a flower-pot thing on my head.

How did you rock YOUR day, ladies?

Sunday 27 May 2012

Making friends with something that used to gross me out

I used to shudder when I saw crocheted dresses, vests, blankets, bags - anything crocheted. It was just one of those things, like having a fear of spiders. It may in fact have been the web-like patterning of crocheting that triggered the cringe.

But look at my new favourite dress! A crocheted masterpiece! I saw it and my skin prickled - with delight, and, I must confess, a little bit of eeew which made it just right. Add to the dress a wondrous new red felt beret that I recently thrifted and I felt like an impish princess. Striding down the sidewalk in this Wonder Outfit of dress, hat, fence-climbers (shoes), and bright red lipstick, I was transported to Paris. Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour my dress said silently to passersby. Some of them actually answered back.

Details of the outfit:
  • thrifted red beret, $10
  • thrifted crocheted dress, $24
  • fence-climbers (aka pickle-stabbers), new a few years ago
  • black tights
  • shortish black knit dress under the crocheted dress, new about 20 years ago, Tokyo
  • fierce jewel necklace, thrifted, $2 (?)

Below I am hailing a cab: "Take me to the Louvre! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!!!"

And here's a shot without the bag and camera. The dress is pinched in slightly at the waist. I thought it was me(!) but it's the yarn.

I'm including this outfit in Patti's Visible Monday. Good to be back!

Revealing the Red Beret

If all my blogger friends were six-year-old girls, here's how I would introduce my new red beret:

I see my friends ahead in the park, giggling in their chumsy huddle. I'm running so hard towards them that I can't even stop to hike my skirt to pull up my tights that have puddled around my ankles - I can't wait to tell them. Breathlessly I break into the group. My flushed cheeks and sweaty hair are just right to create the saucer-eyed expection I was hoping for among them.

"Look!" I say, and with both hands I reverentially present my new red beret into the center of the circle. Everyone is silent in awe. "I know," I say, still gulping to catch my breath.
"Where did you get it?" Curtise whispers.
"I dunno," I shrug. "It was magic... You can touch it if you want." Hesitantly one girl after another feels the soft red felt. 

"Aren't you going to wear it?" Ariane asks.
"No way," I say, "this is for sure going in my special treasure box.
"That's frigging crazy," say Helga, Desiree, and Vix at the same time, as they snatch the beret and run off giggling wildly. Everyone follows, laughing, in chase.

FINALLY, what I wore to my gallery opening

Ariane suggested that I wear a red beret. Of course such an item was not to be found when I needed it most, and this is what I ended up with. It's hard to see here but those are my mustard tights and I'm wearing my bright red Dorothy shoes too.This is the outfit that appears in the header of Culture Serf, my street style blog. I carried around my camera all day and didn't take one shot, so friend sent me the one below. The piece in this photo sold already.

That's all. Hopefully soon I will be able to post more regularly.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Would you give a blog award to THIS woman?

As style blogs go, would anyone in their right mind give a blogger appreciation award to THIS woman?

Well, the inimitable Curtise at The Secondhand Years has deemed me worthy of the 
(Homework assignment: Debate Curtise's soundness of mind.) 

Many hugs and kisses to you, Curtise! 
Thank you. I'll try not to to let you down... 

FYI: The above photo is unretouched, that's exactly what my hair looked like when I crawled out of bed - and, yes, my face IS that blurry in the morning. This look fits right in with Patti's (Not Dead Yet Style) retrospective of '80s looks.

It always amazes me that what I tap away on my keyboard makes it past my front door! 
To fulfill the obligations as a reigning Blogger Appreciation Awardee I must NOT do the following - pose nude in a magazine (darn it), give the finger to children, hork in public, hike my skirt to pull up my tights (commonly accepted blogger queen practice aka CABQP). A winner MUST, however:

1: Thank the person who nominated you by linking his/her blog; 
2: Answer the four questions below;
3: Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to fellow bloggers;
4: Let the Bloggers know that you have nominated them.

  1. How long have you been blogging? Since January 31, 2012, just over three months.
  2. Why did you start blogging? Dressing in clothes that resonate with my feelings makes me feel invincible, my light shines twice as brightly, and it was always a let-down to come home after a spectacular inspiration walk with nobody to share my own style with. The blogger community is full of smart, funny, amazing women who provide that outlet and feed back into that positive cycle. 
  3. What type of blogs do you like to follow/read? Answer: Many kinds, but mostly blogs by strong, witty women who appreciate the good vibes that echo through their homes, their communities, and the the world at large through the simple act of wearing things they love and sharing their life stories. 
  4. What is the one thing you'd like to improve on as a blogger? Answer: My photos are mostly indoors; I'd like to get more outdoor photos. I'd like to integrate other stories into my posts...


It has been a difficult decision, but in the way of the samurai (treat serious things lightly, light things seriously) I have decided to treat this serious thing lightly - I stress out thinking of my blog favourites.
  1. Ariane at Style Montreal Sud-Est
  2. Jean at dross into gold
  3. Rosemary at Forever on the Catwalk of Life
  4. Anne at The Frump Factor
  5. Shelley at Forest City Fashionista
Some of my awardees have probably already won this award? I wouldn't be surprised. If you have, let me know and I'll pass it to another  - so many to choose from!!

Now -What I Wore

I missed Patti's Visible Monday, which was very disappointing, so here's what I wore Sunday.

And another shot mannequin style below to show the fitted bodice, which I love.

Details of the outfit:
  • vintage cotton day dress, home-made, the colour of faded tea towels or curtains; it brings to mind the scent and sound of spray-starch or the shush of the hot iron over finger-flicked water.
  • refashioned blouse, puff inserts sewn into the sleeves, many, many darts sewn into the bodice in reverse-Sharpei style
  • bamboo fibre tights
  • thrifted Dorothy red shoes
Ms Bagg has invited me to the Sahara for the 2020 autumn/winter collection shoot so I shall be indisposed until the end of the month. (Seriously, I am burning my candles in the middle now...all good, though.) So, I am sorry I have not commented on your posts lately, and my posting has been irregular too. I'll be back by the end of the month with quick peeks to everyone in between. 

Until then, dress fabulously! Live fabulously! Shine with your high beams on! (okay, you can interpret that last one however you like...)

Monday 7 May 2012

Cafe Peignoir Cocktail Dress

After yesterday's activity - the art opening, which I shall write about soon - my whole body felt like jello with relief today in the vein of "It doesn't matter what I do today because yesterday is behind me." This is a liberating state of mind with which to approach one's closet! I thrifted a satiny bubble skirt with a wide elastic waist for the opening and decided at the last minute not to wear it, as often happens when I shop for occasion-specific attire, so I decided to wear the skirt today with my black tights and pickle-stabber shoes. Despite their fierceness the shoes are ultra-comfortable because they are elasticized around the opening.

Colour was desperately needed so I called upon my rainbow stretch dress, last worn here and here. But something was still missing... My fabulous peach peignoir! I thrifted it several weeks ago and was dissatisfied with it's tent-like hang, so today when I threw it on I belted it.

The photo does not do justice to the fullness and filminess of the peignoir or the satiny sheen of the skirt underneath. I can only say that walking down the sidewalk felt absolutely heavenly. Swish, swish, sashay. I saw a woman's jaw drop - it was a first! And that made me swish even more wildly with a ridiculous grin. Why not? Yesterday is behind me (even though it was one of my best days ever!). With the coat on, this outfit made me feel like I was going to an evening cocktail party along the Seine; I made do with the next best thing - my favourite coffee shop. (That black lump in the photo is my camera for street style spotting.)

Details of the outfit
  • peach peignoir, thrifted, Community Thrift Shop, $18
  • bubble skirt, thrifted, Wildlife Thrift Shop, $10
  • shoes, new a couple of years ago
  • rainbow stretch dress, thrifted, Value Village
  • spring coat, new, Winners last spring
  • white T-shirt, new a few years ago, Athlete's Foot!

What I love is how the cinched waist makes the peignoir flare. The fullness of the skirt also accentuated the coat's A-line created with the top button done up. I like this look much better with the coat. I think next time I might wear a different coloured T underneath. What do you think?

At the coffee shop I was oblivious to everyone around me as I scribbled about the opening and drew my little picture, then on the way home I ran into a wonderful gentleman I had style-eyed several months ago. Now I have lots and lots and lots of work to do...

This peignoir is perfect for Visible Monday! Here I come, Patti! Bonjour, everyone.
Big hugs and thank you's for your well wishes on the opening. They really worked! You guys are the BEST. Hugs again.

Friday 4 May 2012

My art exhibit, what to wear...

I am a haggard harridan. Why? Many work deadlines, and I have been busily preparing for an art exhibition that opens on Sunday, all while battling my cold. (Do you hear the tiny violins? Neither do I!) O custom-designed a metal mounting system for my acrylic works on paper, each piece is about 5ft x 5ft. I am as excited about how wonderful his architectural mounts look with the paper as I am about finally letting my art out for some air.

So I have been working with all seven hands and feet, not quite a Medusa, although I do hiss under my breath when I'm tired and irked. I have been devouring nuts like a maniac, a weakness, and these odd flax, sugar-free cookies by Red Square, which are like sand blocks - when you bite into them they just disintegrate in your mouth. I think I like them...?

I don't know what to wear to the opening in two days, something oh so artsy fartsy and yet sophisticated and demure, with a dash of impish Frenchness perhaps. It's a group show so the pressure is not quite as heavy as a solo affair. Okay, I have no more time to fritter. I must get back to the important job of freaking out. This is a DIY poster for the show below. That colourful squiggly painting is one of mine.

If you are in the Vancouver area and are free on Sunday, 2-4 p.m., please come to my opening reception!! I will be bleary-eyed but oh so happy to meet you! The Baron Gallery website has details.

PS: I have been remiss in commenting on all your wonderful posts lately! I have been visiting briefly, guiltily, between tasks. Normal life should resume soon. And thank you sooo much for all you lovely comments here. They are like Wheaties (North American power breakfast cereal which I've never tried - have you?).

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