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Monday 7 May 2012

Cafe Peignoir Cocktail Dress

After yesterday's activity - the art opening, which I shall write about soon - my whole body felt like jello with relief today in the vein of "It doesn't matter what I do today because yesterday is behind me." This is a liberating state of mind with which to approach one's closet! I thrifted a satiny bubble skirt with a wide elastic waist for the opening and decided at the last minute not to wear it, as often happens when I shop for occasion-specific attire, so I decided to wear the skirt today with my black tights and pickle-stabber shoes. Despite their fierceness the shoes are ultra-comfortable because they are elasticized around the opening.

Colour was desperately needed so I called upon my rainbow stretch dress, last worn here and here. But something was still missing... My fabulous peach peignoir! I thrifted it several weeks ago and was dissatisfied with it's tent-like hang, so today when I threw it on I belted it.

The photo does not do justice to the fullness and filminess of the peignoir or the satiny sheen of the skirt underneath. I can only say that walking down the sidewalk felt absolutely heavenly. Swish, swish, sashay. I saw a woman's jaw drop - it was a first! And that made me swish even more wildly with a ridiculous grin. Why not? Yesterday is behind me (even though it was one of my best days ever!). With the coat on, this outfit made me feel like I was going to an evening cocktail party along the Seine; I made do with the next best thing - my favourite coffee shop. (That black lump in the photo is my camera for street style spotting.)

Details of the outfit
  • peach peignoir, thrifted, Community Thrift Shop, $18
  • bubble skirt, thrifted, Wildlife Thrift Shop, $10
  • shoes, new a couple of years ago
  • rainbow stretch dress, thrifted, Value Village
  • spring coat, new, Winners last spring
  • white T-shirt, new a few years ago, Athlete's Foot!

What I love is how the cinched waist makes the peignoir flare. The fullness of the skirt also accentuated the coat's A-line created with the top button done up. I like this look much better with the coat. I think next time I might wear a different coloured T underneath. What do you think?

At the coffee shop I was oblivious to everyone around me as I scribbled about the opening and drew my little picture, then on the way home I ran into a wonderful gentleman I had style-eyed several months ago. Now I have lots and lots and lots of work to do...

This peignoir is perfect for Visible Monday! Here I come, Patti! Bonjour, everyone.
Big hugs and thank you's for your well wishes on the opening. They really worked! You guys are the BEST. Hugs again.


  1. What I love is your incredible style and miraculous imagination. That peignoir is lovely. I'm not even brave enough to wear one to bed :P

    Swishy clothes are my fave; we must have been on the same swishy wavelength today...:)

  2. God, I love the way you dress! Your layering skills are greaat!!!!!!!!
    LOVE the night wear as day wear (i do it all the time,too :)
    You inspire me so very much.

  3. The belted peach peignoir is absolutely spectacular and such an expression of creativity and fun. I have a huge vintage lingerie collection and you have inspired me to take a few pieces in a new direction. Your unique and creative outfits always make me smile!

  4. It is jaw droppingly fabulous! Love the peach/black combination.

  5. Peachy deliciousness! Peach always makes me think of Desiree,who also like to wear her peach lingerie items out and about!!! I applaud you,darling,that peignoir is DIVINE,and bless you for having the guts to just show it off to the world like it dseserves! And I am reminded that I have a black one stashed somewhere that I simply MUST find now!! And a shorter burgunder lacey one....where ARE they?!You have filled me with yearning!!
    Ha,I never wear something I've shopped for specifically to the event I bought it for either! Somehow,how I envisaged it just never comes to fruition and I usually loath it!!!

  6. I love the idea of a woman's jaw dropping at your swishy fabulousness! Love the rich colors and textures. I like it without the coat, too, and I think lots of different colored tees might work. I'm picturing something similar to the shade of the skirt, but maybe that would be too tricky?

    Mostly, though, I'm savoring the term "pickle-stabber shoes."

  7. A really pretty outfit Melanie, with those wicked pointy shoes. A great contrast!

  8. Like Anne, I am in awe of "pickle-stabber shoes". I must steal that phrase, or rather borrow it, and credit you everywhere I go. You are fabulous, as always.

  9. Hi Mélanie!

    A peignoir! Only can think of that! Wow i am impress!
    I salute your cleverness Mélanie
    Simply amazing!

    Ariane xxxx

  10. I'm so glad to hear that the showing went well and I know what a relief it can be to have something behind you. I've been sweating bullets that the literary magazine would be back from the printer's on time to be distributed before the last day of class. It is!

    I love the pregnoir with the satin skirt! And I love even more that you're making jaws drop. I have a couple of filmy over-tunics that you've suddenly given me the courage to wear!

  11. I think this might just be my favorite outfit ever! You look like a beautiful birthday present!

  12. I love the swooshiness of all the fabric sub-waist. The peach and the black are such a good contrast: soft yet dramatic.

  13. So pleased to hear that the exhibition opening went well and that you are celebrating with some hearty sashaying. I'm very inspired by your styling of the peignoir (a new word for me - I have an extremely similar item that I've been referring to as a 60s/70s negligee). I'm going to have to dig mine out now. And another new word in the style lexicon: pickle stabber shoes - brilliant! Like the british 'winkle pickers' but with more verve and thrust!

  14. Oh oh in my crazy world I missed you and the exhibition well wishes.
    I am sure it was amazing!!!
    I have given up on "Event" outfit buying. I never wear what I brought, so now I have "Ladies in waiting"
    dresses waiting for an event. Works so much better.
    The peachy perfection is too pretty. Love it.
    Love v

  15. Well, you may remember I have a fondness for peach nylon vintage nightwear... So seeing you all swishy-swashy in a peachy peignoir has made my day!
    I love the unexpectedness of it; the stripey, the swooshy, the pickle-stabby, the bubbly (though can't see much of that, can the bubble skirt have a post all of its own please?) Your outfits always have an amazingly creative, quirky wow factor to them! That's why I appreciate you very much, Melanie!
    Looking forward to hearing all about the art opening, hope you are feeling less jello-like now... xxxxxxx

  16. I recently purchased two vintage peignoir sets, and I have been racking my brain as to how I can take them from the bedroom to the street. You've provided some great food for thought with this post. I am constantly impressed with your artist's eye for proportion, and mixing colours; your outfits are three dimensional paintings!

  17. You are a peach delight! I am very jealous and would also stare at you, in envy of course!

    Whilley boy says Hi!

  18. You look gorgeous! It's always good to make jaws drop.

  19. This is easily one of my favorite outfits of yours yet. The peignoir (a word I have never heard before!) really makes it. That garment is beautiful.

  20. Congratulations on your successful exhibition opening night! You look so lovely in your peignoir, and the shoes are just perfect with it! No wonder people stare at you, with envy like Miss Simmonds Says says.

  21. Delicious, frothy, and frivolous!!! Peach is a tricky color, as far as I'm concerned, and a peach peignoir, at that? Brilliant. I LOVE pointy-toe shoes. I have skinny feet and ankles so anything too heavy makes me feel like Olive Oyl, which is fine, sometimes. But the rest of the time? Give me pickle stabbers!!

    Can't wait to hear about the show!

  22. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this outfit. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That means I love it and I'm otherwise totally speachless. Another jaw dropper here.

  23. Melanie, I'm so glad to hear the opening went well. I'm in awe every time I see one of your outfits! How do you do it?
    I love it when a skirt swishes; it feels so good.

  24. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I totally understand where you're coming from. New York is Brutual, but definitely not complaining with the endless of opportunities.

    I love the "cupcake" shape of this outfit. It's so adorable and especially how you belted it in the center to everything tight. Perfect.


    Luis (my blog!)

  25. You look so chic & edgy, cool outfit!

  26. It is very well a modern princess with feet on the ground, I like, and a coffee ideal partner for a romantic thriller but a kiss for you, I love visiting your blog-house, ana.

  27. I'm so glad the opening went well, not that I doubted it would for a moment!
    I absolutely love your nightwear worn as day wear, it's so frothy, feminine and sweet and it would have been a crime to hide it away. x

  28. the way you wear your chapeau is so effortless and beautiful. Thanks for this image.

  29. the peach piece is really nice and would like to own one too

    have a lovely weekend :)

    kisses A.

  30. You're right, this look is TOTALLY Parisian! Love the combination of pink and black. =)

  31. That I can say! IMPRESSIVE LOOK! I love the shelter, and wonderful picture. Always brilliant!!!

  32. ohh I want to see you art opening, I wish everything go excellent... love your outfit, like always your combinations are unique... big hug Melanie

  33. Love this diaphanous stuff !

  34. This is amazing! I love the colour and the diaphanous material. Belting it was a genius idea, it makes this piece of intimate wear actually wearable!


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