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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Grey-haired bed-head worn as "rocker look"

I woke up. I rolled out of bed. I washed my face. And then I saw my hair. What glory! Why fight it? Why not EMBRACE it? So I did a little bit of Patti Smithing today (rocker chick) and wore my head direct from horizontal position to vertical position, with a slap of red lipstick to celebrate my successful directional change. I thought of putting Product in my hair, but that would mean my hair won!!

What to wear was not a big challenge. I knew I needed denim and my pickle-stabbers (pointy shoes), so for a little glammish ethnic rock on top I went for my Oriental-style jacket with the huge obi, last seen here. No beret - I daren't cover my rock head.

These shoes were made for walking. Really! I've included a close-up, next photo, so you can see what I mean - elastic top, like slippers, with killer kitten heels. I should have bought a dozen pairs, and the store had them in white too, which I curse not buying when I had the chance.

Details of this outfit:
  • most gorgeous Oriental-style jacket, thrifted, $15
  • ultra low-rise, button-closure Bardot jeans, $10 at sample sale
  • lightweight long cotton button shirt to cover stop of said ultra low-rise jeans, thrifted, Value Village
  • black vinyl bag, hand-me-over
  • long-sleeved T under everything, Metallicus sample sale

I projected some 'tude on the sidewalk in a rather comic attempt to be rockin'. The pose below exemplifies my failure at cool. I tried turned-in toes here which many women seem to do for photos. Why don't men do this? Because it's really weird for one thing, that's why! But it made me feel very On Trend.

You can see the cords of the obi belt hanging down on both sides. I like those dangling bits. My hair is a bit deflated in these photos because I did this shoot after I came home, not before.

Channelling Patti Smith made me feel powerful and surly (with a grin), and if I could play electric guitar (which I would LOOVE to do, it's never too late I tell myself) you would have heard some pretty wicked Jimi Hendrix riffs - maybe I'd even have played with my teeth and behind my head, but not at the same time, that would be kind of hard. My bed-head here was far more spectacular I think, but more Devo than rock and I would have had to wear a flower-pot thing on my head.

How did you rock YOUR day, ladies?


  1. You are a rock n roll vision! I LOVE the oriental jacket; so beautiful. I just picked up a couple that are similar, and all I wanna do is put 'em on and sing some Kozmic Blues or Magic Man..

    Glad you embraced the glory that is your hair..truly magnificent bedhead is a gift from the universe, I believe. And those shoes! Gorgeous, AND comfy to boot? I think a YAY is in order..rock it out. :D XO

  2. This is awesome! I don't think I've seen you in jeans before and these are very hip. Your hair is true rocker you know. It's the "just got out of bed with a leftover coolness hand me a notepad cuz I got lyrics in my head" look.

  3. Embrace the bedhead Melanie, you are a total Rocker Chick! I have trouble finding jeans that suit me anymore, but those look fab on you. I think that jacket is one of my fave pieces of yours--soooo gorgeous. Isn't it cool when an outfit can inspire you to feel saucy and powerful. It changes the way you carry yourself and inspires guitar-playing fantasies!

  4. Rock on!
    I'm totally smitten by the jacket and it is an incentive to act on my recent idea of buying a kimono to wear as a jacket :D

  5. You are completely rocking this look, Ms. Melanie! I love the crazy bed-hair (I'm too chicken to do my bed-hair - it's completely insane Flock-of-Seagulls/Sid Vicious-like), the kimono and those skinny jeans (the cuffs rule) and the shoes. My grandad would have called those "nose-pickers", heh heh. He used to tease me about my pointy-toed shoes in the 80s.

    Me? I am not rockin' today - maybe in attitude, though, if not in my sartorial choices! I am excited to be starting a new wardrobe capsule on Friday - and it will be full of more rocker-chic(k) items!

  6. As my day has just started,it's being rocked by YOU!
    Love this look,sooooo rock n roll and funktasmo! that jacket is sublime,and the hair!!Fabulous! Sometimes you just gotta go with it;mine rarely deoes anything amazing on it's own,dammit!!!
    Patti Smith is AWESOME!Perfect inspiration!

  7. The oriental-style jacket is gorgeous, and you definitely rocking the rocker-chic look. The denim looks beautiful on you.


  8. Ooooh you are rocking the bejayzus out of that fab jacket! Patti rocks and always had perfect bed hair. Sarah xxx

  9. Um, I stand that way 'cause I am a dork :P

    And can I say that you are so cute I just wanna hug you!!!! Oh, did I say that out loud? Well, it's true. You are the most huggable looking pointy-toed rock star evah!

    Dang, I said that out loud, too, didn't I...

    P.S. Sorry 'bout the difficulty leaving blog comments. I, too, struggle with those blasted reader code thingies, and have been known to wear two pairs of glasses at once...but I had to stop the death by spam at my poor blog :(

  10. I wore a linen dress. It was very 'what I think one should wear whilst traveling in India.' Which is 100% different from what I actually do wear whilst traveling in India. But I rocked it nevertheless.

  11. Your hair is great right out of bed! Patti Smith is a favorite of mine; I have a friend who tries to see her perform at least once per year. You channeled her perfectly with your gorgeous jacket, shoes, jeans and hair.

    I'm rocking the renovation!

  12. I LOVE this look, especially the jeans / shoe combo-like the patch on the leg!

  13. I adore your blog! This is a great outfit!

  14. Cool outfit and your hair looks great.

  15. I love your hair, do this again!Those shoes are divine too! Oh and the kimono top, I REALLY want one xxx

  16. You are so amazing, ahhhhhhhhhh, my dear friend

  17. Your bed head hair rocks, in fact the entire outfit does. Your crochet-phobia is equal to my winkle-pickle phobia but you look so goddamned fabulous you've even got me considering those scary pointy-toed shoes, that's true testament to your incredible style.
    The kimono top with the bad-ass jeans is mind-blowing, you are my style icon. xxxx

    1. I had to look up winkle-pickle (picker)! I loove that word.

  18. You do rock! My style is less rock and more roll ( roll hanging over the top of my jeans) Hugs. P.S. today is the last day to get your entry in for my giveaway you can win some great summer accessories ;-)

  19. You look great & your hair is lovely! I love your jeans & the oriental jacket..

  20. I predict that, within days, an entire city will be emulating your look. Rock on!

  21. You are so amazing at putting together an outfit! Lookin' totally rocker HOT in those jeans, gorgeous kimono, and the sexy shoes.

  22. I also must make a decision about my hair so you do not keep winning, it looks great between geisha and rock you've accomplished, I wait on my blog where you'll love the pictures, kisses ana

  23. Everything about this gets an A+ for Attitude!

  24. To say I love this look is an understatement. Skinny jeans (and yours are incredible!) with pointy toe shoes are a classic, and to pair them with the kimono and obi (bits and all) is downright perfect. And I love your hair!

  25. Hi Mélanie!

    This obi is wonderful - should keep an eye in thrift shops to see if a can find one;) - Mixed with jean is the perfect combination -
    About the hair, yeah! leave it as it is from now on- I had the same problem with short hair- now longer not as bad - but i do not fight it, little water and brush in the morning - I should finish the painting this weekend! yes i will finish it! and will post it

    Take care gorgeous!

    Ariane xxxx


  26. Oh Melanie, you make a fabulous rock chick! When you've just rolled out of bed with some hot guitar hero, it's no wonder your hair's sticking up!
    I have to say you look amazing in those jeans. I don't really think of you as a jeans kinda gal, but it just goes to show, if you style it right, it works! Love the kimono jacket, and of course your pickle stabbers/winkle pickers/snail skewers add instant glam to any outfit.
    Think I might have to unearth a pair of jeans and see what I can do with them... xxxx

  27. I totally in looooveeee of your outfit, you look amazing... and you're right, it's never to late... have a wonderfull weekend... biog hug

  28. I need to do a bedhead post! I love it and have for years been married to a man with serious Einstein hair. Actually, we call it his angel hair, but he is often mistaken for a mad scientist. I love the top and obi and at the very least, you could learn the ukelele!

  29. I LOOOOVVVVE this outfit, and you look incredible in skinny jeans!!!!


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