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Friday 1 June 2012

Swinging in my '60s eggplant dress

This is not a genuine '60s dress, merely something I picked up at Winners that makes me feel very swingy Twiggy. I realized when I put this on today how seldom I buy new any more, and while this dress was about 60 percent off, if I saw it again today I probably wouldn't buy it. I love it, but I would rather spend the money at a local thrift shop.

This dress is a bit short, but when I wear it with tights I am more confident. Sometimes I wear this with my mustard tights and an aqua T underneath, but I wanted a leg colour that was a bit more subdued today. 

Next is my impression of an extra terrestrial with a ginormous head. My head is actually tiny, but I was leaning forward so you could get a better view of my fierce jewels and the detailing on the top of the dress. DON'T BE SCARED!

Details of the outfit:
  • knit dress, new on sale at Winners a few years ago
  • pink under-T worn backwards, sample sale, Metallicus
  • blue-grey tights, sample sale, Metallicus
  • pendant, $2 (?) at Wildlife Thrift Store
  • Dorothy red shoes, Hush Puppies, thrifted, Value Village (a wardrobe staple)

I am not including any standing up photos today. I like the change with the ladder.
Okay, that's all. This is my frock on a Friday. I played squash today like a worm.


  1. Melanie, I think the same way! Even when I buy something on clearance, the next thought that pops into my head is how much I could've gotten at the thrift store with the same amount of money!
    Well, it was funds well spent, because the dress fantastic and looks like it can go from season to season with just a tweak on accessories.

  2. I like the idea of this sitting pose too. It looks relaxed like we're sitting and visiting with each other. Maybe I'll just have to try it. Except for the ET head. Maybe I'll try it so I can see my boobs really big for a change. ;)
    And you do look a lot like Twiggy here with that classy dress and tights!

  3. Well, once again you've planted a seed and all I can see (partly because of the cut/style of the dress and your extraterrestrial comment)is you co-navagating the SS Enterprise with Captain Kirk. And I'm sure Captain Kirk would fall madly in love with you and there'd be several episodes of anticipation of whether you'd wish for things to remain platonic or if you'd return Jim's feelings. haha

  4. Ooh, lovely! I love eggplant, and I love this dress on you. :) I really like all of the color combos you can get out of it too--this is fab, and then when you mentioned the mustard and aqua, I was all OoooOOOOoooooh!

    That pendant is gorgeous!!! Fierce jewels are FIERCE. Completely mesmerized..possible even-more-closeup? :D

    p.s. Your eyes are amazing.

  5. I had a picture of Twiggy on my bedroom wall while I was growing up. We looked at each other every day. You are VERY TWIGGY in this outfit. So groovy.

  6. You have the most amazing shade eyes.
    Love, love everything you wear.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Oh" eggplant " perfection Miss Melanie! Twiggy would not look as good.
    The pendant is very beautiful and works so well.
    We looked at Mr O's work and it amazing and incredibly detailed, exquisite.
    Squash like a worm???? Tennis like a caterpillar????
    Love v

  8. Not surprised those shoes are a wardrobe staple darl, they are just beyond fabulous.xx.

  9. You played squash like a worm? I want a Vlog with proof. I don't believe you.
    Love the eggplant (aubergine to us) with the grey tights and the fabulous clashing shiny shoes. More close-up pictures, too, please! You have the most amazing eyes and skin as well as a fabulous pendant. xxxx

  10. Oh the pendant! this outfit is beautiful on you-the grey makes it so perfect!

  11. I love this dress so much with the red shoes, and the grey tights. I tend to feel guilty when I shop new instead of spending it second-hand.

  12. You are the perfect example of "gamine" style. Twiggy, Amelie, Audrey H. have nothing on you! Love you!

  13. Allo Mélanie
    Funny i was thinking of doing a 60s number
    I have found those pretty crochet gloves at St Vincent de Paul today
    To complete the oufit
    Love those colors on you
    Your tiny head is so cute!

    Ariane xxxx

  14. Is playing squash like a worm a good thing? Or a bad thing? ;0

    Nice calculating on Ariane's blog about the calories!

  15. Eggplant (one of my favorites) on silver ladder. Couldn't be more wonderful! I love the close up; you appear very serene and relaxed, yet beautiful and a bit mischievous. The pendant pulls it all together.

  16. That is a fab dress, and it is certainly very Twiggy with your lovely pixie crop hair!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  17. It's a great dress - egg plant never seems right to us Brits, we say aubergine (wonderful word, delicious vegetable!) I can see why you splashed out by thrifting standards. Since you have it in your wardrobe, you need to wear it LOTS to get your money's worth, and because it suits you so well, and there are so many fabulous dress/coloured tights combinations to explore!
    Gorgeous pendant, always love those shoes, and an enormous head is fine with me (even if it's just an illusion - mine is ALWAYS enormous, the camera isn't lying).
    Hurrah for squash-playing invertibrates! xxxx

  18. Played squash like a worm? Now there's something to sell tickets for! Interesting outfit for you.... much more sedate than some of your other outfits. Isn't it funny how expensive clothes from "normal" stores seem once you get used to thrift stores?

    Many thanks for your comments on my blog about the Olympics.

    Love from England,

  19. I love the simple cut of the purple dress - you do look very "gamine" in it! I don't buy nearly as many "new" clothes as I used to; $50 goes much further at Value Village than at my favourite boutique. I will splurge on a couple of new pieces at the beginning of each season.

  20. I love the simple cut of the purple dress - you do look very "gamine" in it! I don't buy nearly as many "new" clothes as I used to; $50 goes much further at Value Village than at my favourite boutique. I will splurge on a couple of new pieces at the beginning of each season.

  21. I can definitely see the Twiggy look in this dress. In fact, I keep searching eBay for the paisley tent dresses I can remember wearing in the Twiggy era. The grey tights are fabulous with the color of the dress.

  22. You don't look like E.T., more like a Vogue model. I love the color of that dress and the empire waist detail. Drooling ever so slightly, so will gad off now :P

  23. You do remind me of Twiggy! I loved her big eyes and long lashes. You are tiny like she was. You look fab on a ladder!


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