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Tuesday 5 June 2012

A dress for drinking moonbeams

My steps are confident as I cross the moors, my way through the mist lighted by the flickering candle in my lantern. I hear rustling in the brambles behind me. What care I? I have no time to stop, much to the fortune of those who would deter me in my mission... This is my bewitching outfit. I thrifted this tatty-black maxi muslin dress a couple of weeks ago. Today I wore it with a black poly-blend shawl I haven't worn in ages and ages, and my Ghost-on-a-Swing pendant made by a friend, last seen here. If I had gone with a more colourful accessory, this outfit would not look quite so spooky, but I like it spooky.

I must stop to drink in the inverse frequencies of colour beaming from the moon and wild heather.

Details of this outfit:
  • black maxi muslin dress, thrifted, Community Thrift Shop, $10
  • men's black leather belt, buttery soft, thrifted, Value Village
  • black boat-neck long-sleeve T under the dress, thrifted, Value Village
  • hot pink tights (you can't see them but I know they're there!)
  • stretch zip ankle boots, new years ago
  • Ghost-on-a-Swing pendant, handmade by friend (her Etsy shop is Little Lamp)
  • black shawl, I don't remember where I got it
Again, the rustling. "Identify yourself forthwith or I shall transfix you with my hypnotic beam and transmogrify you into lilies of the valley for all eternity!" Oo, scary.

And below is my journal drawing of this outfit from this morning's inspiration outing. It's not very spooky, I know, but at that particular moment I was revelling in the tattered glory of this dress and the secret pink tights underneath. I don't usually wear this kind of flouncy/frilly clothing but I enjoyed this piece. Of course, the wind made it doubly fun to wear. The great spinnaker of fabric carried me to places that I'd only dreamt of - like that coffee and muffin deal for $1.99 before 11 a.m. Sigh. Moored in reality.

I hope you are all having a great week! It's cold here.


  1. It's far too chilly for June! Although nice to see the sun (at least over here on the Island).

    Love the long flouncy black dress! and that ghost is adorable. Swooshy long clothes are so dramatic; they definitely call for exaggerated, theatrical flair!

  2. This is a wonderful spinning dress. You must feel fabulous. I love love love your drawings. <3

  3. i love this look on you and thank you for the sweet comment about tangerine :) sending lots of electronic kisses

    kisses A.

  4. I hope you made it home from the coffee shop safely. You could have been swooped up by a griffin and carried to it's cave. He would have been kind to you though I'm sure of it. He would have been taken with your gloriously swooshy dress and you would have given him your beautiful shall. ;)

  5. My God, i LOVE that dress!!! It's so bohemian!

  6. Oh I am all "Lily of the Valley" now, I feel so pretty!!!!! Thank you hypnotic beam!!!!
    The black layers of the shadow dress are just beautiful.
    May I order a cat hat that is warm and purrs, it is snowing heavily here so that would be perfect.
    Love v

  7. Not sppoky, but a real creation.
    You are such an artist!!!

  8. Ooh, Gothic and swirly and magical - I am indeed bewitched by your hypnotic beam, Melanie! You are in a very playful, fairytale frame of mind just now, I like it!
    I have tried to train my cats to drape themselves uncomplainingly on my head to save money on hats, but they just refuse to oblige. 4 cats but not a single warm purring hat, I'm afraid! xxxxx

  9. oh Melanie...i do love your ever artistic mix of fashion visuals and the written word...together they are transporting!

  10. Ok this dress is AMAZINGGG... and your ilustration jaja so funny... happy day...

  11. Twirly and fabulous. And one must always have a purring hat for especially cold day.

    I also like spooky. It's not just for Hallowe'en anymore!

  12. You could just as easily be in a silent film, with all the drama. I love it!

  13. I got a good chuckle out of your new hat. I love the VOLUME of this dress and how you've restrained it a bit with the belt.

  14. You have conjured up another truly magical outfit. I love your little drawing so much.

  15. Looooooooove this outfit so much... the dress is exquisite, the movement is marvellous, the ghost pendant is fabulous and the photos are wonderful. And I love your splendid art! Sarah xxx

  16. Super dreamy dress, perfect for dramatic twirls and magical moonbeams.... :)

  17. Just add a wig and you'd be Kate Bush. In a good way, y'know?!

  18. Hi Mélanie!

    A complete different style as always and always fabulous dear Mélanie
    Love those swirly dresses - lots of movement, so easy to wear!
    They make great pics as well!

    Ariane xxxx

  19. love the twirl! I love the titles of ur posts too! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    PS. New post is up on my blog. Check it out whenever you have time!
    Style-Delights Blog

  20. Love how the shadows behind you add to the spell. Wonderful!

  21. Hauntingly fabulous! I love this, you look ethereal and otherworldly, very different to your usual style but still totally unique and traffic-stoppingly brilliant. Show us those pink tights, go on, you know you want to! xxx

  22. My first visit to your blog and I had to follow instantly. The dress is divine but I think you may be a bad influence because I now want to put my cat on my head. Here, kittie, kittie, kittie....

  23. Spooky is GOOD! I love the outfit you have styled using this dress, and it is definitely made for strolling about the moors. You have such a marvelous imagination when it comes to your outfit stories, and your wonderful drawings.

  24. I am transfixed by your outfit, the story that you tell, and your journal drawing. You captured the movement of your dress, which adds to the bewitching atmosphere. I can feel it right here, in the room where I sit.

  25. oh I love this! Have you seen my latest post? You needed to be wearing that phantasmorgorical outfit outside of a ruined church in the moonlight!

  26. This is fabulous, I love it! Such a fun blog Melanie!

  27. Wow this blog looks so new for me!! Melanie you look awesome in all this dresses, why not to pay more attention for accessories such as designer glasses. And separate WOW for the pictures, you are very talented artist!!


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