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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Rose-petal-soft red pants, mmm

Hello, all. Rain here - and that can only mean one thing: more colour. I wore my patterned coat today too, one of my fave pieces.

Details of my outfit today:
red-rose, thrifted D&G velvet pants that even feel soft as rose petals
vintage patterned coat made in Tokyo
gifted teal silk XXL blouse
zipper tie (!) and O's vest
scarf from Mykonos and reading glasses I bought at Vancouver Art Gallery

I had to use my street style camera today because my other one is out of commission for a while, so the settings were different. I took down a white curtain backdrop, but forgot to use it. Oh well, next time. Hope you all had a great style adventure today.

If I photoshop out the background it would look like I'm flying.

Monday 30 January 2012

Colour on Warp Factor 4

I love when colours clash (sometimes) - and today was one of those days!

Details of what I'm wearing:
gifted Cirque du Soleil sleeveless T
Fiorucci patterned jeans bought in Tokyo over 20 years ago
Miu Miu boots thrifted for $10 (and the next day I saw them in Vanity Fair, score!)
maxi cardigan with very useful pockets by Metallicus
ultra lucky life pendant hand-made by O for me, stainless steel

Apart from the pendant, my favourite thing here is my matryoshka teacup holder, which I made with the help of O who custom-made the brass fittings, as you can see in the photo below. Nothing like drinking my favourite coffee at my favourite coffee shop from my favourite teacup from my great great great grandmother, which my mother sent to me. Mmm. I have a couple other teacup holders that you'll see sometime here.

I'm excited to take part in Visibility Monday for the first time, although I've been following Patti's blog, Not Dead Yet Style, for quite a while. In fact, her blog was the first style blog I ever stumbled across. Thank you, Patti!

Sorry, I've had to photoshop here because I have yet to fix my lighting problem, but the colours are pretty accurate.

You can see the brass fittings in the far right photo, and O made the slits in the top for the strap to go through.

Sunday 29 January 2012

Croc underwear

I didn't go out today because I had lots of work to get through, so no photos, alas. Instead, I am posting one of my cartoons. I hope you like it!

Saturday 28 January 2012

Rain means colour

My colour quotient usually rises with the inclemency of the weather Sometimes I have to force myself - but perseverance ALWAYS pays off. Overall, I'd say knits are my friend today. I like the flirty way the colour peeps out from my coat.

blue stretch skirt, long-sleeved T by Metallicus
gifted pink silk top, gold metallic bag
voodoo magic pendant & coloured beads, bought in Tokyo 20 years ago
gloves from Winners
thrifted beret, coat, striped stretch dress, shoes (Hush Puppies!)
mustard tights: changed my life

QUESTION: Do you have a particular piece of clothing that changed your life? For me, these mustard tights I bought a few years ago are the foundation of my style bravery - I had to wear clothes to match the glee I felt wearing them. I started small and who knows now where it will go?


Friday 27 January 2012

Military Bearing?

My favourite thing about this outfit is the brown socks over the black tights so I'm not too matchy and all the men's pieces. I'm getting pretty good at knotting men's ties.

thrifted white shirt made in France with 26 tiny front snaps
thrifted pinstriped skirt, boots, tie, beret
men's cashmere overcoat and vest: belong to O, custom made for him so I must be careful!

This is one of those outfits I wear and people ask me if I'm from Paris, although I get that fairly often anyway. Put on a hat in a sea of yoga pants and immediately you're an out-of-towner.

I've included another B&W photo. It looks like I'm a general looking for enemy troops cresting a distant hill. I'm hoping the dork factor may diminish the more I get used to posing but better lighting would be good.

My First Post

This is frightening. I started an outfit blog before featuring DRAWINGS of my outfits but never me in them: 1) I was scairt; 2) I felt like a dork; 3) I live a Japanese lifestyle, no shoes allowed indoors, so when I DID try to take pics, I had to run back and forth to the camera without shoes, then put my shoes on real fast standing on a paper towel, then pose before the self-timer went off - lots of photos of me bent over. Not a good look! After posting a month's worth of illustrations, I took the blog down anyway. It was freaking me out.

Now I've decided to take photos where I CAN take them - in my art studio. No shoe worries and my art is like a security blanket. I'll try to mix up my backdrops a bit so you don't get bored.

I want to thank you, outfit bloggers, for your posts You have given me courage and inspiration. I LOOOVE checking you out in your fabulous looks. There is so much ugliness in the world, so your efforts are greatly appreciated!!

Details of this outfit:
vintage patterned shirt in a torture fabric (love it)
vintage gold upholstery fabric pants (what's with the torture fabrics today?)
thrifted shoes, beret, embroidered leather belt
vintage sunglasses
vintage cape - I LOVE this cape!! 

QUESTION: Am I weird or does anyone else like the feeling of odd fabrics on your skin?

This look has an old-world feel to it so I thought I'd try something black and white. If you were to see just this photo you would probably never guess I took it in 2012. Sometimes I'm blurry because I still have the problem of running back and forth to the camera.
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