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Sunday 31 March 2013

Is that a pistil in my corolla?

Springtime in the city. Clearly it was time for me and partner-in-crime Sandra of Lens is More to do a little style parkouring again, climbing, hiding, exploring...

Pics of me were taken by Sandra.

pearl-pink satin palazzo pants with rear zip, vintage new old stock, thrifted, $10
pastel floral chiffon peignoir, vintage, thrifted
neon orange sleeveless ruffle blouse, thrifted
white T-shirt, Gap, retail, customized by me
platform sandals, Steve Madden, thrifted
chain belt, thrifted
crazy socks, retail, I'll show you later
pink eyebrows, heh heh heh 
white hair, Angel at C:EHKO hair salon

 White hair, pink brows - although the hair looks a wee bit flat here.

When I got my hair whitened about seven months ago, I felt very badass. But look at me now - all flowers and spring and sweetness. "Oo, lovelies, a lavenderish heaven-sent breeze swept gentle kisses of chiffon wisps and big-honking-pant flaps around me until I was enveloped in a delicately throbbing cloud of 'Help! I can't see where I'm going. I can't walk in these feckers. Are we there yet?'...(me channeling Miz Bagg)." I was tremendously comforted knowing I had brought along backup flats and half a box of bandaids, neither of which were needed. I had planned to bring backup pants too in case of a palatial-sized palazzo-pant wardrobe malfunction, but forgot.

Playing in the rock garden. "Oh, Mighty Isis, I summon thee."

If Miz Bagg's wardrobe trailer had accompanied us today, I would have demanded that her cracked team of stylists steam these satin pants before the shoot. The palazzos looked good when I first put them on, but after coffee, a chocolate-chip cookie (home-baked by Sandra), and a satisfying chin wag at my favourite coffee shop, the crotchal area looked like a giant accordion, which recalls neither the genre nor rhapsody of music one would prefer there. 

Peaceful Rock Garden of Divine Meditation
(aka Boulders in Reeking Hideaway under Bridge)

This plain white Gap T-shirt had been kicking around my closet for many years, seldom worn. Then last night while watching Poirot I decided to rough it up a little with my Sharpie (permanent marker). The character is me, shrugging, standing in a pile of clothes. On the left it says bagandaberet and on the right, melanie. Now I love this piece, although I don't know if it will wash. Don't care. I should research fabric markers/paint because I like drawing on my clothes. Do you have any recommendations?

I also put a great photo of Sandra here on my street style blog today. Check out her wrap in gold "lammay" (the accent mark doesn't work and it definitely wasn't "lame"). I discovered it time-sealed in a treasure chest by a buddy of mine. If I cleaned it out for him I could keep what I liked - win-win.

Oh, look, it's Mighty Isis! 

And I wore the outfit below last week. This was my original outfit of choice for meeting Sheila (Ephemera) and L, which was nixed at the last minute by cold weather. Clicky heels on the boots, yeeah, that made me feel very badass, even though I hadn't had my hair bleached out yet. And I adore swinging that little granny bag around, it packs a whallop. 'Scuse me, 'scuse me - smack.

sleeveless off-white groovy dress with rear zip, vintage, thrifted
sleeveless black sparkle catsuit, front zip with O-ring in back, thrifted
leopard print shrug with faux fur collar and cuffs, and pink satin lining, thrifted
voodoo pendant and ghost-on-a-swing pendant, gifts
ankle boots, retail long ago
heart bag, thrifted
granny bag, gift
gloves, Canadian Tire automotive store, decapped by me
wool beret, thrifted

I added the yellow faux fur and black fringe for length and voluptuousness. Hand sewing, ladies!

Sparkle, baby, sparkle.

I'm slightly disheveled in these photos - I had just returned from my inspiration walk and exertions with my granny bag. I usually snap my photos before I go out. This catsuit leaves a little trail of sequinny bits wherever I go. How romantic.

Sorry this post is so darned long. Blame it on my florified badass self. I hope you are all having a marvellous weekend full of chocolate and meat and/or vegetables and fruit, with refreshing beverages. Cheers. I'm linking for sure to Patti, She-Ra of Garden Parties, for Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. I look forward to seeing you there. Get ready to polka!

Sunday 24 March 2013

I met Ephemeral Sheila!

Not only did I meet blogger Sheila of Ephemera, but I met her dashing partner L as well. AND...we ate a lot and we laughed and we imbibed coffee and cocktails. Bwa-ha-ha. This is the meeting that made Friday "special." (ed. note: I wrote this up yesterday and am posting today - you'll note that some of these photos are on Sheila's blog as well. Great minds, great minds...)

Sheila was grabbing my bum in this shot. Obviously I liked it... Isn't she SPECTACULAR?

Except for stumbling across materfamilias hurriedly when we were both up to our eyeballs in pressing engagements, this is my first official blogger meet-up. What a treat! 

For me, blogs are like TV shows, so seeing a blogger in real life is like meeting a celebrity - it leaves me starstruck and googly-eyed. I didn't bring my autograph book (well, I don't have one - does anyone anymore?) but I was tempted.

Sheila was even more dazzling in real life than she appears in ephemera, hard as that may be to imagine. She wore a beaded floaty tunic-dress with trousers under a zesty tangerine trench coat. Her starlet hair was a glowing halo and her vivid violet glasses accented her brilliant all-seeing eyes. In short, she was a Sparkling Mass of Energy (SMOE).

L was brilliant as well in his Smoking Lily T, newsboy hat, round blue spectacles, jeans, and coat with thread bits hanging down in a cool way and metallic silver detailing. I included a photo of the couple in my street style blog here but if you want a really good gander at what she's wearing, you must check her post.

Spookily, we were all wearing square-toed shoes and Sheila and I were both wearing tangerine. Neener neener (space music sound effects...).

Details of what I wore: 
  • yet ANOTHER Groggy coat, thrifted, same outing as last two
  • striped pants by Talbots, thrifted
  • jacquard vest, thrifted
  • men's tie, thrifted
  • tuxedo shirt, thrifted
  • heart bag, thrifted
  • beret and belt, thrifted
  • ankle boots, retail long ago 
I must confess, the outfit I had on danced around the limits of my sartorial expression, but it's always a good thing to experiment, to push boundaries - they're only clothes. This was my last-minute outfit, Plan B; it was too cold for Plan A. Miz Bagg of course thought the ensemble rather dull - she's so demanding! This Pucci-on-Louis-Vuitton-checks-on-acid, Muppet Massacre Groggy coat needs a little vacation now.

This outing definitely counted as a perk of blogging. Sheila and L are immensely engaging artistic souls, sharp of wit and dress, and brimming with writing/art/music talent. No better way to spend a holiday Friday than over a hearty brunch with coffee and a cocktail chaser, with two warm-hearted people. Thanks, Sheila and L, for a memorable outing. Happy anniversary!

I'm including that first photo of Sheila and me in Visible Monday hosted by the indefatigable Patti, whose generous hosting at Not Dead Yet Style is so deeply appreciated. I'll see you there! I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.


Thursday 21 March 2013

I'm still Groggy!

Bwa-ha-ha- the sun was shining might fierce today. How could my clothes possibly live up to the weather? Definitely some spirography-type pants were required, which I recently downsized, seen here before the change. I added my tuxedo blouse worn under a silk brocade halter top. Then my R coat with a black sleeveless Groggy vest bought on the same outing as the Muppet massacre coat in the previous post. On my feet are ankle boots by Ingledew's, almost new condition, in buttery soft brown leather.

  • tuxedo cotton blouse, thrifted
  • spirograph pants by Talbots, thrifted, remade
  • Ingledew's ankle boots, thrifted, Value Village, $7 (yay!)
  • silk brocade halter top with three rear ties (you have to tie it in front and then twist it around)
  • R coat, thrifted
  • Groggy sleeveless black vest, thrifted, $10
  • cool vinyl bag, thrifted. I love it so much it's starting to fall apart.
And what's that around my neck? My street style camera! I dusted off the cobwebs and loaded her with new batteries, so glad I did - I always meet the most cool people doing street photography. If you don't know it, it's here.  

And Tracey Rossignol of Fashion Forward 40 profiled me on her Follow Fashion Friday, March Edition, along with Lynne of The Good Will Hunting Paralegal and Joni at Walking Colors, two bloggers I love! Thanks, Tracey. Bonus - Tracey is based in Vancouver.

That's all for now. Tomorrow is a special day. I'll tell you about it soon... Spring kisses all round.

Sunday 17 March 2013

I feel groggy...

...because that's the label of my coat.

My coat is a lovely shag carpet of delight by Groggy, very good for telling wind direction and as camouflage wear when stalking small cartoon prey. When I bought it the man behind me at the checkout said it looked like a Sesame Street massacre. Bwa-ha-ha.

Then today, an afterthought was expressed on-the-moment, which seldom happens. On my morning inspiration walk, strolling through a group of upscale, edgy, twenty-something men and women, I was suddenly bombarded by compliments on my style. Approbation from young people is very uplifting, so I smiled broadly and thanked them. Then, ten steps past, still hearing them in my wake, I stopped, spun around, and struck a pose. "How's that?" I asked. They laughed, I laughed. I thanked them again for their great energy, and continued on my way. It was a Moment.

The photo above shows my tool box for cosmetic and financial emergencies, my ghost-on-a swing pendant, and the magic loupe that O made me. You've seen the playsuit before, here.

Oh spring, oh spring... how I long for thee. Today was a wonderful harbinger of warmer days to come, sunny, bright, but still nippy, and downtown was crowded with festive St. Patrick's Day parade-goers.

  • shag carpet green Groggy coat, thrifted, $20!
  • playsuit, thrifted
  • ghost-on-a-swing pendant, from friend Monique of little lamp sculptures
  • ankle boots, retail long ago
  • magic loupe, O made it for me
  • tool box, swiped from O
  • red beret, thrifted
Thanks for your feedback on helping to date the outfit in my last post. 
I hope you are having (had) a grand weekend full of pleasant surprises. I'm skipping over to Patti's at Not Dead Yet Style for some Visible Monday joy. I hope to see you there looking fabulous as usual.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Join me for a dirty martini at the Stork, won't you?

Roddy picked me up after my show at the Stork Club in his new black Bugatti. Really, I haven't seen him so giddy since he recounted his night of debauchery with Rudolph Valentino in Palm Beach! I was afraid they wouldn't have the car ready for his birthday but Gustav knows I have my eye on a matching one in red. Now Roddy laughs that he'll have to enter the Le Mans next season. What fun. Let's hope I can get my new place in the Hamptons sorted out by then.

This exquisite pink champagne satin outfit is courtesy of Sarah of Misfits Vintage. It accompanied the divine yellow pantsuit that sent me reeling back into the '70s. I went even further back this time, late '20s/early '30s, inspired by this glamorous handmade beauty circa I-don't-know-when. Can any of you place this piece? The pleated fan sleeves are truly works of art.

When I first saw the skirt I was certain it was too small and only tried half-heartedly to slip it on before resolving to add small expansion panels to the sides. When it came time to do the alteration, I was sad; I simply couldn't mar this wondrous piece. Duty-bound, I went for a second attempt as is.

Voila. This is definitely a wiggle skirt, and although the zipper went up without a fight after all, I couldn't fasten the double hook-and-eye at the waistband, despite my wonderwear's ungodly sausage-casing powers.

  • fan-sleeved, rear zip boat-neck satin top in pink champagne with matching skirt featuring side slits, from visionary Sarah
  • vintage patent black shoes (I really required some crystal studded strappy silver sandals, but one makes due. Diamond bracelets and earrings, a white faux mink stole, two enormous white ostrich feather fans, and crimson nail polish would have been grand as well.)
  • faux pearls
  • gold locket with a photo of my grandmother
  • sausage casing, from the meat store
  • canary yellow jewel, toybox
I spent a couple of hours mending, pressing, and smoothing in the afternoon before the shoot, but the chocolate-coloured dingleballs on the hem of the top are hanging on for dear life. Now that the shoot is over, this pampered lady-wear is hanging safe and secure in my closet, not quite hale enough to brave Vancouver's sidewalks but certainly game for another adventure at The Stork in the months to come. (Stork Club: famous NY nightclub that opened in '29)

On another note -
Connie over at Crafty Home Cottage has immortalized me in her artwork. If you haven't seen her blog, she explodes with positive energy that she shares in her hand-drawn journal images. She is also a musician and all-round cool person.

Thank you so much, Connie!

What are you dreaming about this week, lovelies? I once read that the dream car of surveyed Canadians turned out to be a Jeep. I was mortified. Maybe our dream gowns would be made of goretex  too (outdoor rain fabric)? Obviously, there are different interpretations of the word "dream"...

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Have you seen this woman lately?

I'm never more at home than I am in my painted world, which had been spinning beyond my orbit for too, too long. With the help of booster rockets, I at last achieved reentry.
I've worn the above a couple of times in the last three weeks, in variations. It also looks good with flats. I must give credit to Thorne Garnet for the inspiration here - she sent me this amazing blouse in her site giveaway. I can't think of a better top for these pants.

  • awesome florally, paisley-ish blouse, Thorne Garnet
  • blue vintage Versace stretch pants, front zip closure, striped side-stitch detailing in blue thread, inner ankle zips - $9.99!, Wildlife Thrift Store
  • orange platform Steve Madden sandals, thrifted
  • crazy turquoise socks, retail
  • red beret, thrifted
  • handbag, from O, the case that his Starrett height gauge came in
  • insect pendant with mantis, made it
  • gloves, Canadian Tire, de-capped and hemmed by me
I forgot to throw on my chunky multicolour beads, which leaves this re-creation somewhat lacking... Next time.

Here are all the treasures from Thorne Garnet, which came wrapped in lovely pattern tissue...

Isn't the hat amazing? She made it! You'll definitely see it in a future post. I had been looking for exactly this kind of blouse and hat. Perfect timing.  And the "fake French hair" - I'm thinking of something special for that too. And who could live without beautiful heart candles in a lovely snowman box? She also tied everything with a knitted string. Thank you.

I took the photos of the first outfit this evening, but below is what I wore this morning, photos taken in the detestable concrete box with the epoxified floor...

I guess I have been craving colour lately. I wore my "R" coat on top for more patterny madness. The socks send this over the edge, which is where I'm most comfortable lately.

  • hideous yellowy-green bow-tie blouse with ruffley bits, thrifted
  • zigzaggy weird top with gaping peekaboo opening in front and single neck button, thrifted
  • accordion pleated chiffony skirt, hiked up, thrifted (unhiked it is almost as long as my sock tops)
  • unisuspender for hiking up skirt, slightly visible under zigzag top, made it
  • teal tights, retail
  • crazy turquoise socks, retail
  • D&G leopard shoes, thrifted, Value Village
I'm definitely linking up with radiant Patti at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, just barely making it in time. It's been a while. I'm submitting the first look because...well, because. I look forward to seeing everyone there! ("this morning" means Monday) Thank you, everyone, for being patient and supportive during my absence. Hugs all round.

Saturday 9 March 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!!

California Dreamin'...

the travelling yellow skirt freak show
has made a pit stop in  sunny Sacramento, California, where it has been
styled by the stunning

Tami Von Zalez of Thrift Shop Commando.

She has done this skirt proud with a gorgeous magazine-worthy photo session
 which you can't miss.

Also check out her sparkling addition to the skirt on her post.

You will not be disappointed.

Speaking of Sacramento, Sacramento Amate of Mis Papelicos has put in a request for the skirt as well. So if the skirt is coming your way, please keep Ms. Sacramento in mind. : )

Saturday 2 March 2013

Feeling grey

The great thing about having no time to yourself is that you really, REally,
APPRECIATE when you get some.

This is what I wore Wed?... when I saw my buddy Sandra for the first time in forever.
The days are a blur. I also escaped to downtown on Feb 23 in an AMAAAZING outfit,
mostly courtesy of Thorne Garnet, whose giveaway I won.
WOW! She is a psychic sister, can't wait to show you!! I will wear it again when I dig myself out of this cave - which is continuing on into the new week, unexpectedly.

Isn't this sophisticated? All demure-like up there, oh, shrinking violet... So feminine and polite and retiring. Shall we have some tea? Some dainties on doilies?

The facial expression is permanent. It won't come off. GAAAAA!!!! This is what my brain looked like, even though I was still FEELING grey, like cool porridge. Boring. BOOORING. I liked dulling the colour under the tunic.

Due to a myriad of circumstances I'm overflowing with information. 

Outfit details:
  • merino wool and angora pullover (one piece, not a vest), thrifted, Ypsilon label?
  • sleeveless tunic, thrifted
  • cool socks, retail
  • big shoes, retail
  • rainbow stretch dress, stretch skirt, thrifted
  • mustard tights, sample sale
  • voodoo pendant, Tokyo, vintage like me
And below is my new favourite song. I hope you cherish it as much as I do. I shall erect a church, perhaps a cathedral, to this anthem. While I'm at it, maybe I'll just make a whole new religion to go with it. LANGUAGE, ladies, LANGUAGE. Again, Sandra introduced me to this hymn. It. is. fucking. awesome.  I want that onesie.


I'm lurking but I should be on a more regular routine starting next week...? I certainly haven't forgotten any of you!!  Such inspirations. Mwah.

Favourite new quote: "I was inspired by the oscillations of a slime mold."

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