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Sunday 31 March 2013

Is that a pistil in my corolla?

Springtime in the city. Clearly it was time for me and partner-in-crime Sandra of Lens is More to do a little style parkouring again, climbing, hiding, exploring...

Pics of me were taken by Sandra.

pearl-pink satin palazzo pants with rear zip, vintage new old stock, thrifted, $10
pastel floral chiffon peignoir, vintage, thrifted
neon orange sleeveless ruffle blouse, thrifted
white T-shirt, Gap, retail, customized by me
platform sandals, Steve Madden, thrifted
chain belt, thrifted
crazy socks, retail, I'll show you later
pink eyebrows, heh heh heh 
white hair, Angel at C:EHKO hair salon

 White hair, pink brows - although the hair looks a wee bit flat here.

When I got my hair whitened about seven months ago, I felt very badass. But look at me now - all flowers and spring and sweetness. "Oo, lovelies, a lavenderish heaven-sent breeze swept gentle kisses of chiffon wisps and big-honking-pant flaps around me until I was enveloped in a delicately throbbing cloud of 'Help! I can't see where I'm going. I can't walk in these feckers. Are we there yet?'...(me channeling Miz Bagg)." I was tremendously comforted knowing I had brought along backup flats and half a box of bandaids, neither of which were needed. I had planned to bring backup pants too in case of a palatial-sized palazzo-pant wardrobe malfunction, but forgot.

Playing in the rock garden. "Oh, Mighty Isis, I summon thee."

If Miz Bagg's wardrobe trailer had accompanied us today, I would have demanded that her cracked team of stylists steam these satin pants before the shoot. The palazzos looked good when I first put them on, but after coffee, a chocolate-chip cookie (home-baked by Sandra), and a satisfying chin wag at my favourite coffee shop, the crotchal area looked like a giant accordion, which recalls neither the genre nor rhapsody of music one would prefer there. 

Peaceful Rock Garden of Divine Meditation
(aka Boulders in Reeking Hideaway under Bridge)

This plain white Gap T-shirt had been kicking around my closet for many years, seldom worn. Then last night while watching Poirot I decided to rough it up a little with my Sharpie (permanent marker). The character is me, shrugging, standing in a pile of clothes. On the left it says bagandaberet and on the right, melanie. Now I love this piece, although I don't know if it will wash. Don't care. I should research fabric markers/paint because I like drawing on my clothes. Do you have any recommendations?

I also put a great photo of Sandra here on my street style blog today. Check out her wrap in gold "lammay" (the accent mark doesn't work and it definitely wasn't "lame"). I discovered it time-sealed in a treasure chest by a buddy of mine. If I cleaned it out for him I could keep what I liked - win-win.

Oh, look, it's Mighty Isis! 

And I wore the outfit below last week. This was my original outfit of choice for meeting Sheila (Ephemera) and L, which was nixed at the last minute by cold weather. Clicky heels on the boots, yeeah, that made me feel very badass, even though I hadn't had my hair bleached out yet. And I adore swinging that little granny bag around, it packs a whallop. 'Scuse me, 'scuse me - smack.

sleeveless off-white groovy dress with rear zip, vintage, thrifted
sleeveless black sparkle catsuit, front zip with O-ring in back, thrifted
leopard print shrug with faux fur collar and cuffs, and pink satin lining, thrifted
voodoo pendant and ghost-on-a-swing pendant, gifts
ankle boots, retail long ago
heart bag, thrifted
granny bag, gift
gloves, Canadian Tire automotive store, decapped by me
wool beret, thrifted

I added the yellow faux fur and black fringe for length and voluptuousness. Hand sewing, ladies!

Sparkle, baby, sparkle.

I'm slightly disheveled in these photos - I had just returned from my inspiration walk and exertions with my granny bag. I usually snap my photos before I go out. This catsuit leaves a little trail of sequinny bits wherever I go. How romantic.

Sorry this post is so darned long. Blame it on my florified badass self. I hope you are all having a marvellous weekend full of chocolate and meat and/or vegetables and fruit, with refreshing beverages. Cheers. I'm linking for sure to Patti, She-Ra of Garden Parties, for Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. I look forward to seeing you there. Get ready to polka!


  1. You, you, dear Melanie are the goddess of all badass fashion. Whenever I color on my clothing it goes very badly, think third grade art class! Love the fringed pants and the fabulous photo shoot. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday.

  2. I'm a first timer - saw your picture on Visible Monday and had to stop by. So, I was reading along and several times I burst out laughing...awesome writing wit and fashion style you have, madam - you're way more brave than I, but I can aspire, no? I'm lovin' the inner/outer bad-ass you express...the twack of the purse was great!!!

  3. Hi sweetie!! Pretty in pink and everything else. Your hair is perfection and I'm jealous of your fabulous fashion shooting moments. Goddesses indeed. Too bad about the outfit for the Sheila meeting, but this way WE get a two-fer!! LOVE YOU.

  4. Oh my gosh, love the pink palazzo pants (accordian and all), the hand-customized tee (you could sell these!), and the marvelous didn't-make-it-to-see-me outfit! Fringe! Fur! Fun!

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

  5. Sweet mother-fucking Mary mother of god. The butterfly has emerged from her winter cocoon and she is flying baby! FLYING!!!!! Oh those satin palazzo's - my heart is THUMPING with orgasmic pleasure at the sight of those legs flapping around like disobedient flags of victory!!!! e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Is incredible in this post!! Pink eyebrows - yeeeeahhhh!!! Poirot is instant DIY inspiration and I'm surprised you didn't swap the t-shirt for some cash in hand with some stranger walking by. A cracked team of stylists is hard to come by, especially one wielding a steamer in a cafe. I'm amazed at how lax employees have become. xoxoxoxoxooxxo

  6. That is some badass pink satin and floral shit. Satin, lamé, sequins, clicky boots...I swoon.

  7. Love the white hair!!! I am always trying to get mine white, but it's so dark I can never get it all the way white. That catsuit with the faux fur trim and little cropped leopard jacket is sweet!! Love the Isis pic with the gold lame winged top.
    becky :)

  8. Those pink pants are fabulous. Hair color is the best!

    Blue Hue Wonderland

  9. I love the abstractedness (?) of the first photo. You whiten your hair? My seems to be taking its own self to white!

  10. So much yes! But so much deligthfullness! I'm so boring now hahaha! Oh my whwn i saw the pics at Patti's my mouth remained opened for 5 good minutes!
    This first outfit is perfection i tell you plus the magic of Sandra's photography, it's magic!

    Those black pants with the fur! Eeeeeeeeek! Too cool girl

    I love you so much i will cry now....

    Ariane xxx

  11. melanie i love your style. i think i've said this on every comment i 've wrote to you but i do. the photo's are great. like ones from a magazine. your posts are never too long. i too have nothing to wear! love lucyx

  12. Fab street style Mélanie, i just shared it on my Facebook

    Ariane xxxx

  13. Knock out! Both outfits! You have totally outdone yourself in all categories. Who wouldn't want to catch a few of your sequinny bits when you are out and about for the world to admire.

  14. Pretty in pink...that is what I thought when I saw your first photo.

  15. You are like spring herself all flowers and great colors.

  16. Your t-shirt turned out great! I love the pink pants with the pastel chiffon. Fresh, soft, spring.

  17. Your style and DIY abilities are inspirational! I'm digging the pink pants and I adore that t-shirt. Everything about all the looks is fantastic! And how great to have a photog buddy! I should give my tripod the day off!

  18. Great outifts, love your top look :)

  19. The pink pants are perfection, even with the accordion. And I adore the chiffon-y peignoir overtop. Cute eyebrows too. I used to put pink around my eyes when I was younger, but the look wasn't as successful: I looked like a little rat. :) xo

  20. Loads of fabulous & inspirational outfits in this post. I love that awesome lammay jacket that Sandra is wearing and your styling parkour is a stroke of genius :)

  21. You really look like the arriving spring, particularly in this backdrop!

  22. I love the peignoir! I can see many possibilities with it! You have a very unique and definite style, hats off!


  23. The pink trousers - so much attitude! But it takes a Melanie to wear them ...

  24. You really have a unique and stunning look. You have the bluest eyes I have ever seen on the internet! found you on Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday. And thank you for the t-shirt inspiration. You have just given me ideas with what to do with my t-shirts that are on the way out!
    Kristin at highland Fashionista

  25. Melanie--youROCK!!! I love the palazzo pants and the floral top and the T--WOW!!
    And you second outfit is dynomite!!
    BTW--Sharpies won't wash out --I dropped on that put a line down my boob on a tshirt and NOTHING would remove it!!

  26. We use sharpies to make name tags in costumes, it doesn't wash away.

    Love all the outfits.

  27. Let me just say- you look so good disheveled. And bold Isis and her floaty cloudy acolyte light up the cityscape. It feels so good to have you back in the bloggersphere, to peek at your beautiful, beautiful face and see what you have expertly, and artistically have thrown on your magnifique body. I hope you don't go away again. Not a very practical wish, but there's not a truer one out there. Missed you during your bloggy absence and am just realizing by how much as I sop up the pleasure of seeing you again in your recent posts.

  28. I always read your posts but I don't usually comment...HOWEVER, this one is SO completely brilliant I had to leave a little note to say so!

  29. fabulous in your pink pants and floaty floral shirt, you look like a springtime dream!!, and that leopard shrug and white dress outfit is really Gorgeous!!, love everything you wear, dear lady, you're so inspiring!!
    besos & arte

  30. Man alive, the term 'badass' has nothing on you. Every photo is a dream, but I loving the furry and fringed ankles best xx

  31. Amazing outfits Melanie, I love them all! You look especially lovely in those wonderful soft colours, the peignoir and pink flares - palazzo pants are the business aren't they! An Isis worthy of fashion worship indeed.

  32. So magical! I can't get over those amazing pants. either pair of them! The white tunic is also wicked cool. I need to find more pieces like that.

    Also I am jealous of your white hair. It looks so good on you.

  33. Oh Melanie, Goddess of the Accordion Crotch and the Sequin Catsuit, I worship you!
    I love the soft pastel floral blondness of the first look, and you look a mile tall in that first pic of you on the rocks. Sandra is indeed all statuesque Isis, the pair of you must have turned some heads when you met up!
    As for your customised catsuit, it's a triumph, darling! Clickitty click go the heels, shimmer go the falling sequins, whack goes the bag, and ahhhhh go those who are lucky enough to clap eyes on your wonderousness.
    You should start selling t-shirts with your art on them, what a brilliant idea. xxxxx

  34. Never apologize for giving your readers more photos of you! Love the photos of you on your rock, summoning Isis (and it worked). I am swooning over the pale pinkness and flappy fabulousness of the pants. Damn satin - it does hold the wrinkles, and the last thing you want is a creased crotch area!

  35. So many great things to comment on, and me without internet access at home (bastard telecom companies!).

    Palazzo pants and peignoir - lovely words! Your T-shirt is divine (apply heat before washing - either with an iron or by putting in the dryer) - I would buy one if you were selling!

    And fringe on the bottom of your pants is just inspired! You never cease to amaze. And I am so jealous of you and Sandra running around Vancouver, smelling the sights, shooting walls turquoise, and leaving a trail of sparkle in your wake!

  36. You made me laugh aloud as opposed to normal internet internal guffawing! Love those pants, love those shoes, love, love, love!!! And how epic is that photo of Sandra. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  37. Oh, there's too much to love here!

    I have been rendered wordless...
    I bow down to your glory, oh goddess of the rocks and sequins and furry bits and diaphanousness and... and...

  38. JAYSUS, woman!! You are GLORIARSE in every guise! Splendour, thy name is Melania Fabularsita!

  39. How lovely to do sweet and badass, whichever you choose. I'm convinced you brought in spring all by yourself. Looking very rich and lush in your darker outfit, as well.

    I get so homesick when I read your posts ... must come home someday and hang out under the freeway with the troll!

  40. Love your first ensemble, the badass floral outfit. Colors that not many people dare combine and certainly never will look so well put together as yourself. Divine!


  41. Ooh I love those pink pants so much, and your home made t-shirt, I've been wanting to have a go at something similar so I'd love to know how the Sharpie lasted after a wash. Your catsuit is amazing too, and your little leopard print shrug, and your friend is a gorgeous goddess with her golden robes. I'm so glad I managed to add your blog at last, I'd tried a few times and it never worked for some reason, then you would pop up on someone's blog being all interesting and I'd be like aargh, I have to add her! xx

  42. omg you look like some form of goddess! love it, so glad i found your blog xxx

  43. ARGH! So much to love here... where to start? I love your florid self and I've always loved your white hair. The sharpied t-shirt is fabulous, if it doesn't wash off I predict you starting a little t-shirt customisation business for your blog buddies. The pink pink palazzo pants are just perfection, I love them. The leopard print wrap thingy is just wonderful, so's your heart shaped handbag. All is wonderous and amazing, as it always is. xxxxxxxxxx

  44. Everything you wear is magic, just like You, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  45. Hey, I like you on the rocks. Like springing up in the rough and tumble places. very cool. I know, not having the 'accent' is troublesome. Like when I was typing blase the other day. But I didn't think of blassay. Of course it wasn't as important to get across as lammay is... Speaking of which, Isis looks awesome with turquoise.

    And Sheila ensemble Plan A is too cool too. Love the hand sewing bits. You are definitely a genuis/ goddess.

  46. Yup, you a diva! I laughed at the accordian crotch...just envelope yourself in that chiffon worries.

    I have done some homework on fabric markers. I read they all tend to dry up, so I just bought the el cheapo crayola ones from Walmart. I'll let you know how they go. Honestly, if I ever get sharpie markers on my clothes, the colour never seems to come out. I just didn't buy them because the multi packs were a little pricey. Michael's has Tulip brand and one other in addition to Sharpie. Like Val said, I plan to iron before laundering.

    Sue xo

  47. Melanie you are pure ART!!!!! I love how your wardrobe is filled with quirky and wonderful pieces that you bring together to just sing!!!! amazing!!!!!!
    Oh I would have a t-shirt like that in a heart beat, but the pile at my feet would have to be a lot bigger I think.
    Love v

  48. So, that granny bag packs a wallop, does it? Well, send it over here! I can always use an excuse to wallop someone somewhere! Yer lookin' divine, as usual.

    We have decided not to have spring this year, and just jump directly from winter into summer. (Cut out the middle man!)

    Much love from England,

    Rosemary of

  49. Totally digging those pink flares but your makeover with the fake fur and tassels has blown my mind. You are a bloody genius! xxx

  50. I never thought of wearing a peignoir as a jacket like that...and I love it! It makes the outfit. I also thought it was a very clever tee and then I read on down that you had made it...nice. Debbie @

  51. Oh! Love the pastel floral chiffon!!!
    With the pink pants are perfect.

    The one with the wind so poétique!

  52. Oh I have a sound track for your awesomeness playing in my head right now... Can you hear that funky bass? Can you feel it pound through your chest wall and does it make you strut with a cheeky, I-know-something-you-don't-know lopsided grin and your pelvis thrust forward like a dirty pervy fiend?

    I frickin hope so.

    Because HELLO, you are a VISION of strut.

    The pants details make me want to race out immediately and buy metres of fringing and pom poms and sew things on things and then wear All The Things.

    The pic of Sandra is STUNNING. The pink pants are exquisite. And you know I just LOVE a handmade tshirt with a message.

    YOU are a message.

    Sarah xxx

  53. Jesus Christ. I'm not even religious but that's my reaction to that catsuit! What planet of fabulousness has it come from?


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