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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Have you seen this woman lately?

I'm never more at home than I am in my painted world, which had been spinning beyond my orbit for too, too long. With the help of booster rockets, I at last achieved reentry.
I've worn the above a couple of times in the last three weeks, in variations. It also looks good with flats. I must give credit to Thorne Garnet for the inspiration here - she sent me this amazing blouse in her site giveaway. I can't think of a better top for these pants.

  • awesome florally, paisley-ish blouse, Thorne Garnet
  • blue vintage Versace stretch pants, front zip closure, striped side-stitch detailing in blue thread, inner ankle zips - $9.99!, Wildlife Thrift Store
  • orange platform Steve Madden sandals, thrifted
  • crazy turquoise socks, retail
  • red beret, thrifted
  • handbag, from O, the case that his Starrett height gauge came in
  • insect pendant with mantis, made it
  • gloves, Canadian Tire, de-capped and hemmed by me
I forgot to throw on my chunky multicolour beads, which leaves this re-creation somewhat lacking... Next time.

Here are all the treasures from Thorne Garnet, which came wrapped in lovely pattern tissue...

Isn't the hat amazing? She made it! You'll definitely see it in a future post. I had been looking for exactly this kind of blouse and hat. Perfect timing.  And the "fake French hair" - I'm thinking of something special for that too. And who could live without beautiful heart candles in a lovely snowman box? She also tied everything with a knitted string. Thank you.

I took the photos of the first outfit this evening, but below is what I wore this morning, photos taken in the detestable concrete box with the epoxified floor...

I guess I have been craving colour lately. I wore my "R" coat on top for more patterny madness. The socks send this over the edge, which is where I'm most comfortable lately.

  • hideous yellowy-green bow-tie blouse with ruffley bits, thrifted
  • zigzaggy weird top with gaping peekaboo opening in front and single neck button, thrifted
  • accordion pleated chiffony skirt, hiked up, thrifted (unhiked it is almost as long as my sock tops)
  • unisuspender for hiking up skirt, slightly visible under zigzag top, made it
  • teal tights, retail
  • crazy turquoise socks, retail
  • D&G leopard shoes, thrifted, Value Village
I'm definitely linking up with radiant Patti at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, just barely making it in time. It's been a while. I'm submitting the first look because...well, because. I look forward to seeing everyone there! ("this morning" means Monday) Thank you, everyone, for being patient and supportive during my absence. Hugs all round.


  1. Oh, I love those turquoise pants! They are spectacular! You must send me the address of this Wildfire Thrift Shop. It seems to be crammed with wondrous items.

    I adore your fun and funky looks!

  2. Oh, oh, oh, so is that a new painting? Do you have studio space again? What's happening? Besides that your outfits are amazing, of course. Lovely colors and patterns all magically put together and playing nicely together. But your painting is what's exciting me right now.

  3. Darling it's so wonderful to see you after your spiritual exile - it's done WONDERS I say!!!!!!!!!! My throat is a little dry from the panting I've been doing during the past few minutes. I've run out of paper bags. Top-to-toe FRICKIN' amazingohmygodletmegiveyouapiggybackridearoundtheblock!!!!! Now I'm pawing the screen because I want it all!!! Insect necklace **faints**. What a darling Thorne is:). Welcome home. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoo

  4. So happy to see a post from you in my feed today! Your zigzaggy top makes my heart swoon. Hooray for packages in the mail. Snail mail is one of life's joys.

  5. Wow. The re-entry is electrifying. You exhilarate with you mash up of color pattern and good humour. Nice on the eyes too. Welcome back. I've missed you.

  6. So lovely to see you back on the runway, while the announcer describes your outfit, "Melanie is wearing a hideous yellowy-green bow-tie blouse with ruffley bits complemented by a
    zigzaggy weird top with gaping peekaboo opening."

    Love the turquoise pants, love the blouse, love the necklace, love the painting, and your crazy self!!!

  7. What a fabulous burst of colour! Happy to see you back. You are the pinnacle of fabulousness in my whole blog feed today!

  8. Honestly, you have the best style I've seen in the whole internet, and I mean that with all my heart! :)
    I love the outfits, especially the first one! I can't believe those gorgeous pants were only $10!
    Thanks for inspiring me. Keep on being colorful! ;)

  9. Finally I can breathe some fresh air!! I'm so glad to see you again with a great inspirational post!
    I should dare more and your talent in mixing prints and bold colors makes me want to try, I'd love to reach your awesomeness!
    The shoes are stunning and so the high waisted trousers and Thorne's blouse!! And I'm taking notes of the floral /leopard/striped combination!
    Love xxxx

  10. I love, love both ensembles, and want your gorgeous shoes, dear friend.
    I was missing your inspiration.

  11. It was worth the wait, babe! I'm lusting after those turquoise trousers and the pink paisley blouse from our Thorne is perfection with them.
    Love the zig zag jumper and crazy socks, I've missed your patterny madness! xxx

  12. Missed you too! Your new paisley blouse from Thorne is fabulous and how did you find those Versace trousers at the thrift?? You look amazing as per always xoxoxo

  13. Glad you're back! I've missed your fabulosity! I also love your turquoise pants. And the second outfit is a dream!

  14. Wow, your rocking that $1 blouse like no bodies business!!!!!!!!!!!!!It just prove that you should always look on the $1 rack at the thrift shops, and it's silk.

    I'm so happy that you like the package of joy. It's kind of odd picking gifts for some one you don't know. I looked at your photos and guessed! Can't wait to see you rocking the hat.

  15. You blend right in to your painted colorful.Yes, I crave color this time of year too. Love those shoes.

  16. Great to have you back! You're a work of art against your work of art, looking wonderful in those turquoise pants!

  17. It's so wonderful to have you in all of your colorful eccentric glory back!!!
    LOVE the first outfit--the top is amazing!!
    and the second outfit--I love how the colors in the skirt echo the top and are sharpend by the acidy green top and turquoise tights!!

  18. Nice to see you back, Melanie! The pants are wicked, and the gifted blouse is so pretty. The D&G shoes are also a fave. You look lovely in both outfits - your usual pop of colour and way of putting things together always put a happy smile on my face! xoxo

  19. Ahhhhhhhh!
    That's me, sighing the contented sigh of a woman happy to see one of her favourite bloggers back on the scene and on fine fine sartorial form!
    Those Versace trousers look stunning, and you are right, the silk blouse from Thorne is perfect with them. Bonkers sandals but oh so very lovely!
    I remember having a top very similar to your zig-zag one when I was a kid, but there was no gaping peekaboo going on with mine! I like the colour of the hideous blouse, and always appreciate the Bow of Pussy.
    Seeing you against the backdrop of your painted world makes me smile, Melanie! There are blue skies, fluffy clouds, swirly lollipops and flowers and insects in there, all psychedelic and hippy trippy and wonderful, the perfect accompaniment to your amazing style!
    Welcome back, my dear, I have really missed you. Xxxxx

  20. I don't know what I love more--your painted backdrop or your platform shoes.

  21. Your outfits are so edgy and fun! Love it. Went to a Betsey Johnson event today stay tuned on a post on that tomorrow.

    Ali of

  22. Excellent! There you are! A fantasic splash of colour and joy. That blouse is fab and goes a treat with those trousers.

  23. Missed one of my favorite bloggers...that's you! I'm glad to see you back.

  24. I've missed you like sleep!

    The first outfit is EXQUISITE! The blouse and pants are PERFECTION. And I love the floaty, patterny madness of the second outfit (the colours!).

    I love you in the art. The shoes are SPLENDID.

    You are splendid. Don't ever leave us again!

    Sarah xxx

  25. wow-wow-wow! you look stunning! I absolutely love your pants and beret!
    I hope you're doing great!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting an international 2 friendship bracelets giveaway on my blog here check it out

  26. What a wild combination of different patterns and fabrics. I love your type. It sort of reminds me of Missoni, cannot belive it's thrifted. You look great!

    P.S. wanna follow each other on Bloglovin?


  27. So glad I stopped by VM to see if I missed anyone!
    Lush! (In the sense of verdant and plentiful, not consistently inebriated...) So gorgeous and such a treat to see. All of it.
    Thanks for making my evening brighter!

  28. Whoa, look who it is!!! Peekaboo! Pantsing, parcel-receiving, pattern-mixing gloriousness! I've missed your dear face, xoxoxoxo

  29. Everything is perfect. As usual, I wouldn't expect anything less. The turquoise pants of perfection as just gorgeous, especially with the pinky psychedellic top. The chevron nonsense is just wonderful, especially with the riot of pattern surrounding it. You're back with a bang... and a beret xxxxx

  30. Amazing outfit colors and pants style! Love the backdrop too.

  31. I've missed you in my blog roll - welcome back! Both outfits are fabulous riots of colour and pattern. Parcels from bloggers are such a joy to receive; can't wait to see you in the hat.

  32. $10 for Versace ankle pants? Brilliant, Melanie, just like you.

  33. Wow, such colorful and original combo's. Love them!


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