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Thursday 4 April 2013

Blinded by the light

It's the power of gold spangles, my friends. This treasure cast so many reflections that my elevator became a private discotheque. When I stepped onto the sidewalk, the entire city lit up in sparkly madness.

The day I bought this top I entered my favourite thrift store determined not to find anything. After careful scrutiny of every corner I had achieved my targeted disappointment. But of course, like any good soldier of style, I had to do a second sweep - JUST TO MAKE SURE! On my way out, the glint caught my eye...
  • gold sequin top, thrifted (same neck style as the sparkle catsuit of a couple posts ago)
  • maxi floral silk skirt, Debbie Suchat sample, thrifted, last seen as spring skress HERE
  • ankle boots, you've seen them all over the place, new long ago
  • oversized mauve silk blouse, hand-me-over from time-sealed treasure chest
  • magic loupe, O made it for me
  • maxi cardi with convenient pockets located at knee height, sample sale, Metallicus 
  • unseen: mustard tights and wild diamond-patterned socks, for a future post...
  • toolbox handbag, not shown here but it was my bag du jour
Below is how I looked outside with my cardi against the chill and my street style camera.

When I wear this skirt the way it was designed, as an actual maxi skirt rather than as a skress, the waist settles around my hips so that the hem elegantly sweeps the floor, or sidewalk - not so elegant! So I rolled the waist to shorten the length, which worked for a while at least.

In this outfit I envision myself centre stage playing electric guitar for the song "Blinded by the Light" by Manfred Mann, never mind that I can't play electric guitar...

Does anyone know the REAL lyrics by heart?... If you do, you have my admiration. I hope you're having a week full of sparkle, real or imagined.


  1. During the Holydays I missed your last post so now I'm completely numb and I don't know if I can comment properly all this awesomeness!
    I've still have some yellow fur trim and pink sparkles dancing in my eyes and I can't see clearly!
    I never watched the video before but now I'll try to figure you out playing guitar, I'm sure that you can be a rockstar especially in that beautiful skirt and top!The blouse is perfect too!
    You rock

  2. I am in the truest of actual love with this gold sequin top. :) And paired with the floral..just beautiful. You are proof that fashion/style is art; I so admire your eye to put together such wonderful pieces which in turn creates a stunning ensemble! :D XO

  3. love all that sparkling fabulousness, gold and purple color combo and that maxi is so colorful and pretty floral!!, and also love how you've styled with a long grey cardi, so elegant and cool!!
    you're so inspirating!!
    besos & art

  4. I think that "Blinded by the Light" is one of the most mondegreenable (is that an actual word?) songs ever written. Utterly unintelligible, no matter who sings it!

  5. I only know "blinded by the light" and no more because it sounds like he's singing "repped up like a douche another runner in the night" after that.
    You look stunning, the gold top is gorgeous, especially teamed with the flowing floral skirt, the cardigan makes it a bit more grungey, which adds another element to this awesome outfit x

  6. What a fabulous gold composition, my dear.
    I can never get enough of you wearing art.
    Much love.

  7. I have a tune for the day!

    You sparkle and glow in this fabulous top, Melanie. Stand aside, disco queens, here she comes. Awesome.

  8. Very 'I Dream of Jeannie' magical, love that top and how you coordinate stuff, thanks for sharing!

  9. The second sweep is vital! What a treasure of a shirt. I have a favorite sequin shirt and this makes me want to bust it out!
    I have short legs so my hems always drag on the floor ad it kind of drives me batty-- I am always stepping on them and almost ripping the skirt or tripping.
    Becky :)

  10. The world is your disco! (As Miss Janey was known to say, "when in doubt, Do Something Sequins.")

  11. Yowza! Digging the sparkle with the flowers as only you can wear them. I love Miss Simmond's version of the lyrics to Blinded by the Light. I knew the word "douche" had to be in there somewhere.

  12. Wow! What a treat, not one but two posts to catch up on! That sequinned and chiffon-y ensemble is pure poetry, I NEED gold sequins in my life, too!
    Love that track and adore you! xxx

  13. I am blinded by your FABULOUSNESS!!! Love the skirt!! Love the sparkly disco ball top!!

    I always SWORE they were singing "wrapped up like a douche...."

  14. Melanie Ill be singing that tune the rest of the day and thanks Clare that is exactly how I remember it! You are your very own disco party in that top, nice work with how you styled it!

  15. Disco! I love the gold paillettes on the top and how lovely they are with the maxi skirt. I bet you swooshed going down the sidewalk, as well as sparkled!

  16. You look so beautiful! You are totally revved up like a deuce!!!

  17. Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.

    Not that it makes any difference.

    I love the gold beyond sparkledom bouncing off the walls, matched with the elongated gray smoke column cover-up, followed by the glow-y diffused floral-esque maxi. The icing on the cake that is you is being armed with camera case and magic loupe (and no doubt the silver tool case/bag).

  18. Melanie, You look gorgeous. The gold disco ball top is the best!

    I think it's so funny that the pockets of the maxi dress are down around your knees. You could put dog treats in there for when you are out on the streets of Vancouver.

    And don't get me started on that song. Do you remember this skit?

    I found it on YouTube. Comedy Troupe Vacant is hilarious, and I always think of it as soon as I hear anyone mention the song.

    Sue xo

  19. What a crazy sweater, you could carry around puppies in the pockets.

  20. Another amazing outfit! Those pale colours are incredible on you Melanie, and what a skill you have, to wear those gold sequins in such a graceful way that they look positively subtle! Glorious.

  21. Lovely lovely spangle sparkle. That's what I say. I can just imagine you shimmering away as you walked around today :-)

    P.s the problem with song lyrics is that I think I know the words, so I sing them. Then interfering types tell me those are NOT the words....

  22. That gold top is amazing under that cardigan. That cardigan is what dreams are made of! I love when I do that last sweep of a store and manage to find the most amazing thing of the trip in that last look.

  23. Deuce, douche, it's all the same really...
    You are blindingly gorgeous, as always, with your sparkles and floor-sweeping glamour and gorgeous pouffy sleeves. It always pays to have one last look... Never know what may have escaped your beady eye, and it would have been such a shame to leave without that fabulous sequinned top.
    I think we need to see more of your rock chick side, Melanie, don't let not being able to play guitar stop you! You and Sandra are long overdue a musical interlude. xxxxx

  24. Ooh, this is all spangle-tastic, bouncing little rays of light, colour and sunshine in our direction. I'm imagining you gliding elegantly and effortlessly down the staircase to your left in the photos, while the soundtrack plays and coloured lights strobe off the sequins...

  25. Another great outfit and colors put together.I like how the grey cardi ties the look together.So nice you looked twice before you left the shop

  26. I can't imagine anyone else making a gray cardigan look so elegant! The pockets are a bit Disneyesque, but I love the long lines of everything in the second photo.

    Such a good, thorough shopper - and you were rewarded with gold!

  27. I'm blinded by the light of your gorgeous hair, for one. After that, it's your sequined majesty, and floral magnificence. No wonder you had to cover it up ever so slightly with a subtle cardi. Everyone would have been incapacitated by your brilliance. I can barely breathe from here, in absentia.

    Many many hugs and kisses!!!! XXOO

  28. that sequined top makes me want to scream with desire!!

  29. I love your color choices!
    xxx juli

  30. you are truly a sparkly creature of fabulousness! make no mistake about it, i adore every single thing about your style!! x

  31. You in your gold spangles, me in my silver tutu, we'll have the satellites in a right tizz. We simply must put a stop to the dreary greige madness that's sweeping the planet and I do believe we can hatch a cunning plan to put an end to all that malarky!!! Why can't we be neighbours? There must be a purely logical, scientific reason for such a mishap!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  32. Oh jayzus wept, I'm so far behind again...

    The GOLD SEQUINS. Yes yes yes.

    The layers and texture and patterns... I just want to touch you all over.

    Sarah xxx

  33. That second sweep pulled in the gold! LOVE the midas touch! :-)

  34. Adding the grey sweater is so unexpected and right on!

    Blue Hue Wonderland

  35. stunning outfit Mélanie and i missed it, how did it happened, i must have been busy or something, i missed your gorgeouness Darling!
    Yes i do the same while in thrift shops go for a second round of sniffing the fabulous find! and yes me too found on the way out the best piece ever!

    Ariane xxxx

  36. Great pants! I loooove it!

  37. This is so beautiful, all the languid vertical lines... If that makes any sense. It does in my head anyway.
    I like how the fabric seems so fluid... and the contrast with that sequin top, reminds me of some sort of armour. That maxi skirt is the type of thing that's calling out for sunny days and sandals.
    (I just remembered what the top reminds me of:

  38. I so wish I could run into you on the street, with sparkles and magic sizzling all 'round you :) Even your cardi is uber-cool :)


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