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Sunday 7 April 2013

My daughter would NOT approve...and I've been SpyGirled!

If I had a daughter she would divorce me. I can hear her now - "MUUUUM!!! Are you KIDding me? Oh my GAAAWD. You are NOT wearing that in public." So glad I don't have children...although I'm sure if I did, they would be proper stepford children who say: "Oh Mother Dearest, you are a vision of gorgeousness, brimming with a host of talents and tender-heartedness, and I hope one day to be as fabulous as thou art." Perhaps some of you have spawned and reared such creatures?

Sandra and I were at it again. This is my David Bowie-who-fell-to-the-Earth look. Why did I have to fall so near the slosh bucket room and groady pay phones at the train station? Because we like it like that. Sandra wanked around with a few shots. Her talent never ceases to amaze and dumbfound.

"Yes, you heard me right. This is Occupant 008. Mission accomplished. Prepare Flight Deck 21 of Interplanetary Craft for double martini debriefing or you'll find yourself in the spacepod. Veeeery funny about the slosh bucket, C9Q2."

Those idiots! How many times do I have to tell them to turn the spaceship lights off when they land?

I wouldn't wear the hot pants or the silver spandex pants alone, but together, oh, yes, scandalously on the brink of being scandalous. I last wore the hot pants with my toolbelt to the Guvernment, here. By the way, following the wildly successful debut of our first unreleased album, Just Bad Enough is working feverishly on our next unrelease.

  • white A/X coat, thrifted, Value Village, last worn here
  • hot pants of disintegrating vinyl, Value Village
  • silver spandex pants, free from time-sealed treasure chest
  • big black glitter booties (known as crappy-quality new shoes), retail
  • black T under hot pants, thrifted, Value Village
  • gloves, Canadian Tire, retail, decapped by me
  • standing up hair, made so with aromatic blue product from Sandra
  • magic loupe, O made it for me
I got some great pics of Sandra as well. One of my faves, below, is of her relaxing in the informal hallway to her living room. Maybe she'll post more pics on her blog Lens is More.

On the way home from our escape-aids, I had my eyebrows coloured chemical-white at MAC cosmetics. I took some photos but lost them. I'll take more when I redo them myself. And O just gave me a new tool box - bigger, stronger, faster. I am thrilled. I'll show you later, after I've had my way with it.

Holy Jamoly - Anne M Bray, aka SpyGirl, has sketched me in my dear-to-me floral spring madness outfit, which I posted here, as part of her Digital Catwalk-themed fake journal for International Fake Journal Month.  If you don't know Anne, you must also see her amazing personal style. And as a professional artist, her Commute series of artwork is currently being exhibited at TAG Gallery. Anne has many gobsmacking talents which she applies in her personal and professional life. Hugs, Anne. Thank you so much for this sketch. I love it and I am honoured. I am probably preaching to the converted here, but just in case, I encourage you to check out her blog.

That's the news from my part of the galaxy. My badass self just had to come out and play, especially with sticking-up hair from the special blue product. Yeah, baby. I hope your hair sticks up in just that special way that makes you feel like gettin' down and walking like an idiot as you play your own special tunes in your head. Does it?

[Addition] GAAAA - I'm of course going over to Patti's Place at Not Dead Yet Style for another of her Invisible Monday partays. (Sorry we trashed the place last week Patti. It was the punch, and then Curtise got up on the table and Tamera started singing... To make up for it I've hired some male strippers this week. They don't do much for me either, but it's fun just to write it.)


  1. Great post!
    Great photos!
    I'm afraid that my daughter is from the first version . . . when she was in high school and college, everything I did embarrassed her. Now that she is almost forty and has two daughters of her own, I'm starting to look pretty smart and valued again, :)
    Funny how that works,LOL.
    Have a great day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. That extra-terrestrial thing is working for ya! We can be Heroes, just for one day. (I'm going to see the David Bowie exhibit in London next month, so have Bowie Brain right now!!)

    You and Sandra make a great creative team. I love your portrait of her as well.

  3. Your spy outfit is very Agent 99 has gone to Mars.

    Let's talk about that "informal hallway" to Sandra's living room...ummm seriously? I thought it was a hotel lobby. I am in love with that room! Gawgeous!

  4. I loved the outfit and I think your hypothetical daughter would be proud of it!
    The picture of you looking up at the spaceship lights is absolutely stunning! You should print it and hang it somewhere! =)

  5. Awesome photos. Definitely keepers!
    You would be a funky mom but I'm sure under appreciated.. I am dreading the teenage years! My oldest boy (10) has already started saying that he doesn't think I'm very fashionable (lol) and he now refuses to push his baby brother in our big 50s pram (way too embarrassing) He used to push it proudly. Sob. Downhill from here for a few years!

  6. That 3rd pic of you is AMAZEBALLS!!!!! I LOVE IT! You interpret Bowie beautifully! Loving the shineyness, and of COURSE you were Spygirled! WOOTENANY!

  7. i love your outfit.
    i love the photos,
    i love sandra's photos,
    i love sandra's living room.
    but most of all i know i'm going to love your eyebrows. i can't wait to see them. love lucyx

  8. I adore your sticking up hair! I did mine like that this weekend, but then slept on it, which made it go sort of funny. Love your fabulousness, Melanie!

  9. Amazeballs is right!! I love your roughed up hair, the shiny space pants and stardust meets double 0 agent feel.

    LOVE the Spygirl drawing. She's so awesome.

  10. She'd like to come and meet us, but she thinks she'd blow our minds...
    You look utterly out-of-this-world-ly fabulous, Melanie! Your legs in those silver trousers and vinyl hot pants - phooarr! It's a little zip-up playsuit, isn't it? How wonderful! As ever, your styling and commentary and the photos are spot on, and the close-up shot is exquisite. I'm going back for another gawp!
    And you're art too! Loce Anne's portrait of you.

    Such a small and insignificant
    little hallway, poor Sandra, hope she finds somewhere grander soon... Doesn't she look swish?!

    I always walk idiotically to the special tunes in my head. And my daughters are used to it, and may occasionally roll their eyes, but I think they're really proud of crazy Mama. Underneath all the eye rolling... xxxxxx

  11. You are a starling. Shiny and bright and beautiful. Anne is amazing- I love her +40 blogger series.

  12. Oh beam me the fuck up and take me the fuck with you! I want to wear hot pants and silver pants and blue aromatic hair stuff... mostly I want to PLAY with you two exquisite faffers.

    Fuck off, autocorrect, I know what I'm talking about.

    You are exquisite with a capital EX.

    Sarah xxx

  13. Indeed, my two daughters call me Mommy Dearest... they complement me continuously and praise everything I do and every step I take in my shoes. Yes, it can be done Melanie. Children can be stepforized simply and easily. In fact, I have an eBook I am ready to release on the topic. :-)

  14. My daughters are still to young to feel embarassed but I'm sure that time will come and it will probabily be my space age moment. I love the outfit and the man Who felt to earth inspiration, the silver pants worn with the hot pants are stunning and Sandra's photos are beautiful!
    Anna's illustration is awesome too!

  15. you and Spygirl got some gorgeous photos and I love that outfit!

  16. love all your glorious über-cool shiny presence, that hot pants!! and silver spandex!!, wouaaa, you're fabulously rocking my world!!
    besos & bowie

  17. You are stunning! I love this androgynous space age look and bow to your creativeness.
    I know I've become the kind of woman I loathed as a child - loud, inappropriately dressed and having far too much fun.

  18. Beautiful photos. You do the Bowie stye perfectly--very few humans alive can achieve that quality! Love the closeup shot.

    Blue Hue Wonderland

  19. You've got such a great figure and your Bowie version has knocked me down.I mostly loved Sandras living room though.Forgiven?

  20. Wow you look amazing, what a great outfit! And the 3rd picture seems like taken of a magazine!
    xx Tani

  21. Sandra is a brilliant photographer, these Bowie-esque iD style shoot are gorgeous, but it helps that you're such supermodel material anyway. The silver lurex pants are great and makes me wonder what else lurks within the time chest. xxxxx

  22. That look is definitely channelling Bowie. And who wouldn't love that. you look amazing. Sandra's photos are fab.

    I've just seen a Spygirl illustration over at Vix's blog. Anne is so talented. Will definitely check her out.

  23. oh my heart, it's the Thin White Duke, come to visit my humble blog. What do I serve????? Love this, and of course the art from the amazing Anne is double fabulous.

  24. Great imagination both you girls
    the last pic is stunning, lucky you have your photographer! I should check her blog, no i must!
    You said you had the blue stuff in your hair? I'm waiting for the pink stuff in your hair!


  25. If you were my mom, I'd be stoked!! And then I'd borrow your silver pants.

  26. Awwww, thanks for turning me into a verb! What a sweet tribute!

    LOVE your Bowie hair. Explain this "blue stuff" -- I'm new to the land of hair product. Using my boyfriend's Dep and most of the time I look like Alby from Big Love

  27. David Bowie without a doubt. In color and black and white! The silver spandex pants were made for you and are fully appreciated in this part of the galaxy.

    Anne's sketch is divine!

  28. I adore your haircut and those silver pants are totally on my personal wish list now

  29. Looking fantastic. Love those photos. The man himself would be impressed ... I'm off to the exhibition in Aug ... can't wait. Keep on having fun ... M x

  30. I think that is one of the main reasons I have not spawned yet. I'm a little bit fretful a bundle of beige will be the fruit of my loins and to be truthful that to me would be tantamount to giving birth to Damien from The Omen.
    You look FABULOUS and I love your David Bowie-who-fell-to-the-Earth look, YOWZA!
    Great pics too...xXx

  31. You couldn't get more gorgeous and sexy, very Bowie glamtastic! Your pins look incredible in those fabulous silver trousers. You're looking so beautiful in that 3rd photo.

  32. Even your Spy Girl drawing looks like you're beaming up with a whoosh!

  33. God, I'm so late to the party. I just snuck in the back door and have been hanging out in the kitchen (there are a lot of cool people in the kitchen). But I'm so glad I finally saw this before you beamed up! Why am I not following Spy Girl? I'll add her to the list of blogs that I can't keep up with.

    Signing off, X57K839

  34. Excellent photos and excellent YOU!!!

  35. I'm digging the shiny, silver pants, Bowie look!

  36. WOW! Those photos are good. Sara is very talented. Can I join your spaceship please?

  37. ZOMG, what an incredible outfit and gorgeous photos. I particularly like the one of you in profile.
    I don't have any children either but I think I'd probably be the same... kids want to rebel against their parents no matter who they are - sometimes rebel by being conservative even. Life is funny :)

  38. Those black and white pics of you are incredible! I love the close-up where you are sort of gazing off. Why do you not live in my town so you can be my model?? I love the whole outfit-- I actually thought the leggings were silver leather at first they looked so... I don't know METALLIC. Love your hair forever and ever and if you did have kids I KNOW they would be so well behaved and the most proper of proper that they'd probably literally tun into to property.
    Becky :)

  39. Hey Melanie, I always need a few moments after reading your posts to fully integrate all the visual, wordy deliciousness that is you. I know when I finally meet you on the streets of Vancouver, I will be a bit gob-smacked, starstruck, you know! Me, dare I say, a little bit Pollyanna, and you a futuristic Interplanetary Craft Captain an all.

    Brilliant post, and I loved your SpyGirl sketch.

    Sue xo

  40. I do have children but I would like some of those Stepford ones you're talking about Melanie. I love your Man Who Fell to Earth look, your friend is very talented but you're a great subject, the little playsuit and silver pants look amazing on you. xx

  41. Your David Bowie look is perfect! You are so handsome and I get really jealous! I am sure that your children had expressed yourself as you wish. I don’t have children but I have lived with my husband's children since 1995. They are adults now, but when they were teenagers, I sometimes worried that they might be ashamed of me because we live in a small village, they were interested in sports, fishing etc etc. But when I visited my husband's son in his student apartment in another city, I realized that my fears were unfounded. He had lots of photos on the wall, including me in "weird" clothes. I became so happy!

  42. Holy Moly those are the most amazing you can wear the coolest things and make them look great.
    I just love the 3rd pic......brilliant.
    love V

  43. You are a living work of art and much hotter than Bowie - don't watch his latest video, just remember him when he was hot.

  44. I so love every inch, every speck, every bit of this post. You will always be a bright, tough, elegant white cat in my estimation! Thank you for sharing these excellent photos of yourself ... they should absolutely be shared.
    I really appreciate this Bowie moment!

  45. Hooray for play!! Especially when you can look this good!! Sandra's home looks freakin' fabulous. Looks like you could collaborate on a whole design and music empire.

  46. If you had a daughter you wouldn't be able to call your clothes your own, they would be walking out of the door whenever your back was turned! (I've got two girls, one of them is still complaining because I threw out my cowboy boots twenty years ago.)
    WOW, and how good you look in black and white!

  47. These photos are beautiful--YOU are beautiful! I love the photo of you looking! Love the Bowie feel. So hot! XO

  48. God! you look fab! If I were your daughter I would definitely say something like "I wish I would just like you at your age" and "Mom, can I borrow your pants next week?"

    P.S. no beret so I can't add my regular - but above all your beret/hat is stunning.

  49. Not sure where to start - you and David Bowie could be long lost siblings - the Man Who Fell To Earth style aesthetic suits you! I adore you just for layering silver spandex pants under vinyl hotpants.

    Very nice photo of Sandra, although she looks oddly subdued ;)
    Anne's blogger sketches are gorgeous and does great justice to the outfits. Wonder if I can bribe her to include me (if you're reading this Anne, just email me with a price)

  50. If looking beyond fabulous in every thing you wear is scandalous, then you have gracefully dived over the brink. I do love the picture of Sandra. Her hallway is bigger than my

  51. Wonderful indeed, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I have children, but they have wings, so they would never trim mine.
    Much love my dear friend.

  52. This outfit kicks ass and daughter would only say something because its weird seeing your looking so hot! These pictures are all so moody, love them! Sandra's house looks amazing too! I'm digging your hair the white suits you.

  53. you look so gorgeous! there are no children on earth like the ones you imagine you will have! pesky little critters x


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