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Tuesday 23 April 2013

The '20s dress

Don't speak to me. I'm from another era. I'm cra-cra.*


Time-warping between past and present. 3D-style. Close then far.

But time stands still for these shoes.

*Cra-cra, pronounced cray-cray, is an abbreviated form of the word crazy, popular among hip urban youth in the early 21st century.

  • swingy polka-dot blue dress with tie at the neck, thrifted, purchased the day I was stranded with only my stiff nylon car blanket covered in leaves as a coat in the rain and that guy said he liked my style
  • black tights, remains from an Egyptian tomb but mysteriously made with kryptonotic elastic
  • patent black leather shoes with strap, thrifted
  • R coat, thrifted
  • felt cloche with flower, retail, from the shop at the archeological site mentioned above
  • magic loupe, handmade gift of love 
  • ghost-on-a-swing pendant, friend
Unexpected deadlines means no Visible Monday for me, but I must still SEND YOU to Patti's place at Not Dead Yet Style for if you haven't been already to ogle all the other specimens of early 21st century beauty. Go, GO NOW! Quickly!


  1. I am sooooo glad you did this. Totes cra cra. I LOVE you, you little flapper, you.

  2. At first I thought that cra cra was the sound produced projecting silent films because you look like a 20's movie star! But also crazy could be a good definition of the iconic women of the past, I also think about one of my favourite fashion icon and person Zelda Fitzgerald, she wasn't afraid to dare and she was a beautiful example of cra cra chic & choc. I love the coat and the hat and the polka dots dress!
    Stay beautiful, stay cra-cra!

  3. You are so wonderful, ahhhhhhhhhh

  4. Wow! I love your 20's look and it really suits you. You are a real 20's gal. This must be your past life showing through here! ;-)
    I have just noticed your other post before this one. Haha... Such fun to see you in bright colours and your eyes are an incredible blue!
    Really good to visit you again.

  5. I can't help talking to you! What does that make me? I love this look on you, and suspect you are a superstar in every era across time, space, and dimension. In particular, I must visit Egypt for the tremendous tomb tights, I can't get over them.

  6. Ahhh, the 20's, I remember them well -- oh, the *1920's*! Well, you look flapper-fabulous, and you are cra-cra in the best ways. xoxoxo

  7. cra cra-lady wearing a bucket on her head.

  8. I love when you do the time warp thing. Cra-cra is the way-way, baybay.

  9. cra-cra crazy, you awesome fabulous thing you!!

  10. You look as if you just jumped off the running board of a roadster and your getting ready to slip into a smokey speak-easy for a bit of hooch!!
    LOVE it!!

  11. I like your time travel outfit!

    xx juli

  12. Now I cannot possibly join in with all the cra cra stuff (my iPad doesn't approve either, it autocorrected that to car car!) since I am British and I would sound ridiculous.
    But I CAN join in with the admiration of your flapper outfit - the cloche hat is fabulous (a bucket? Thorne's seeing things!) and suits you so perfectly. And polka dots and pointy strappy shoes and ancient tights and your trusty R coat and your exquisite face all make for a wonderful Roaring Twenties look. Perhaps you are about to join Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon on their 1922 excavation? Simply thrilling, darling! xxxxx

  13. Love the shoes. Then again, I love anything with straps. :)

    Super duper cloche too!

  14. Oh, Melanie, you are wise, witty and amazing! I,too, like your style, your dress, your shoes, your hat. But you underestimate us - surely all of us wildly hip people already know what cra-cra is.


  15. To be pendantic for a moment, the US kids spell it "cray".
    First heard it at a blogger conference in reference to "intense" commenters -- it took me a while to understand what was meant (#so old).

    Loving you in this flapper look. The first image looks like how the surveillance camera caught you before you went into the bank with Clyde.


  16. The 20s look looks perfect on you. Ok, every look of every decade looks amazing on you but I especially like this 20s style. You could be one of Waugh or Fitzgerald's bright young things. I adore it all. Now go video yourself doing the Charleston

  17. lolzzz we go cray cray down here! You look so 20s and so goooood! I am jealous of how well you rock a drop waist dress!
    Becky :)

  18. melanie, i love your outfit. i also love your photo. . i have being trying to mess around with my photos but i have has any luck doing something i like. any tips. thanks lucyx

  19. You're deffo crazy and i like it!!!! xx

  20. Greeat vintage style - love the jacket :)

    Would be lovely if you visit me too,

  21. As has been pointed out by Miss Simmonds, you seem to be able to rock the styles from every decade! I love the grainy photo at the beginning of the post - Charlie Chaplin should be standing next to you, in the persona of the little tramp.

  22. Love the hat!! 20s style is still far and beyond my favorite shapes and designs. I'm also overly fond of cloche hats.

  23. You make a wonderful flapper. I do love the Roaring Twenties and I can just see you doing the Charleston.
    Fabulous darling!

  24. You look FANTASTIC. It is cra-cra how fantastic you look.

  25. I'm cra-cra about this outfit! loving the polka dots! Hugs P.S. I hope you'll share this post at my hop don't forget to enter the giveaway too ( there are polka dots!)

  26. The 20's look fantastic on you! That coat is a killer of a mix with the dots. The shorter sleeves and hat just top it off perfectly.

    blue hue wonderland

  27. Hello Mélanie!

    Yes your are cra- cra
    Never heard of cra-cra
    Love your 20s inspired outfit!
    Really excellent
    I did one post last summer 20s style, it was a lot of fun to do
    I was more like the party girl outfit, yours is more like the working girl of the 20s

    Will e-mail you soon- got some news - and i should think of a pic for Vogoff!

    hugs and love


  28. adorable dress my dear! like it a lot my dear!

  29. One of my teen daughters has a t-shirt with "Cray-Cray" on it :P

    You know I'm very partial to this outfit due to the cloche hat. Will Pin you to my Pinterest Cloche Hat Board tonight!

  30. You know I love this look and I am a little scared because this is what I would actually wear to work. Are you losing touch with your usual style or am I losing touch with reality?

  31. Love the top photo.
    As always...amused, enlightened, entertained, and inspired. You always make me laugh with your brilliant sense of humor in your writing. :)

  32. Love the 20's and you are the cat's pajamas in this little number!
    Hugs aplenty,
    Reva :)

  33. The 1920s never looked so good ,bay, especially with added time dimensional tights and dress with added chat up line. xxx

  34. Time stands still for your every post. Your eyes under the cloche transfix. As do the polka dot dress with the R coat. The mix of patterns is so inventive.

  35. We just love visiting your blog, can't get enough of you Melanie.


  36. Hello Melanie, you are not just a fashion-bug/model, but an artist as well. I love how you choose to photography these shots. You truly captured the era.
    I am back from my trip and I had a wonderful time. Lots of family fun with my two granddaughters, and although my daughter had her head buried in her books most of the time, we did have some great time to visit, too. When I left she was caught up with all her studies and feeling fresh and ready to take on the world, again. God blessed us all in many wonderful ways, this week. Thank you for your sweet comment, you're a good friend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  37. Being called an artist from you is the greatest honour.XXXXXXXXX

  38. You've given me polka-dots, laughter and a new word. How could I not join your gorgeous blog? ;-)

  39. You are incredibly stylish in the other era aswell, and thanks for the English lesson.

  40. You are totally cra-cra. Or totes cra-cra as my daughter often says to me. I want to tell her that her generation has nothing on my generation, but she wouldn't believe me.



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