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Monday 11 February 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!!

Yes, Friends:

is in town again - this skirt is getting more air miles than moi - vacationing now in

with creative, gorgeous host 

E d i e   P o p of homesick blues

I dare you to feast your eyes on her

miraculous transformation

of this magical fabric of zest and happiness.

Her illustration of our skirt friends will also mesmerize with its

cool-to-the-power-of-100 power!

Huge hugs, Edie, for your original, excellent styling of this skirt, your illustration, and your Big Banana.
Your additions have added extra wings. 

On another note,
I am indisposed until the end of the month so I won't be able to post or visit. But...
when I come back I shall explode in a kaleidoscope of fantastically mad psychedelicosis, scattering rosebuds and candies through all your blogs. Be well!
Also, so many of you have requested the skirt - which makes me very excited! For now I am letting anarchy rule in terms of her flight schedule. But don't worry. She has no timetable and she doesn't seem to mind continent-hopping. (I need to borrow Miz Bagg's secretary, or NOT!)


  1. I hope you're well, and I can't wait until you're back in full form!

  2. Can't wait until you get back. Love your blog.

  3. Take care of yourself Melanie-I'll be looking forward to your return!

  4. I miss you, Mel! Looking forward to March, when you are back in the fold, showing us your fabulosity and commenting with your trademark wit and kindness. Hope all is OK with you.
    Oh that well-travelled yellow skirt, I am hopeful it will land in the UK at some point. xxxx

  5. I will miss you, but a break is always healthy.
    Much love.

  6. I shall miss you very much and anticipate your return eagerly xxxxx

  7. The yellow skirt has made some amazing travels! Hope you are well and will miss you while you are gone!

  8. I will miss you but will so enjoy it when you are back exploding kaleidoscopically!

  9. Miss you! Hope you are feeling great, and we look forward to your splendid return. xoxoxoxo

  10. I already miss you!! Well I do hope you've packed your fabulous yellow 1970s suit, because it will slap everyone who sees it out of a dreary winter and make them believe spring is already here. Big hugs and I so look forward to your return! xoxoxo

  11. My oh my! It certainly is quiet without you in the room. I hope all is well. Can't wait to see your bee-you-ti-ful face!!!!
    Lurve, Connie*

  12. Have a nice time off and i still wish for the magic skirt this year :)

  13. Thank you again for let us play with your wonderful Yellow Skirt! I'm going to miss your blog more than you can imagine

  14. Melanie, I will be sending healing wishes and prayers your way - and missing you like crazy!

    What Edie did with that skirt is absolutely magical. I love seeing its magic carpet ride :)

  15. It's cold, grey and foggy here today, so to inject a bit of light into my life I thought "I'll check out Bag and a Beret", but you're not here :(
    Hope you're having fun wherever you are!
    M x

  16. Awww, cannot wait til you come back and explode! That will be something to look forward to for sure!!!!


    PS -- and the yellow skirt is great over at Edie's!


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