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Sunday 14 October 2012

Oh dahlings, meet my little wittle Pucci jumpsuit

Oh dahlings, why, oh why, did I buy this $2,000 Pucci jumpsuit? Am I, as they say, fou?

But is my jumpsuit not jolie? Especially with my Miu Miu boots? In the above photo I am Puccicking in my foyer. And below I am Puccicking again at my back door. As you can see, I simply cannot let you inside - the mess is, as they say at my chateau in France, horrible.

Yes, jolly frigging right this piece is jolie. I paid 19 bucks for it at House of Vintage Fashion. Bwa-ha-ha! And it's not Pucci. Frankly, lacking a label I have no idea WHAT it is, and I don't caaaare. But I can tell you this: this polyester jumpsuit madness made me feel like far more than a paltry $2,000, especially on a rainy day.

Details of the outfit:
  • vintage floral polyester jumpsuit, thrifted, House of Vintage Fashion, $19
  • brown crackle leather Miu Miu boots, thrifted, Wildlife Thrift Store, $9
  • quilted cotton biker jacket, sample sale, Metallicus, $20?
  • indigo beret, thrifted, Community Thrift Store, $10?
  • magic loupe pendant, O made it for me
  • black wool turtleneck, thrifted, Value Village
  • fingerless knit gloves, retail ($5?), Canadian Tire automotive store

The room above is in fact dark grey, but as soon as I walked in it turned white and multicoloured tongues unfurled from the walls to blow happy raspberries at me. I swear it's true. I was drenched in fruity wall spit! 

The couple on the balcony, overwhelmed by delirious contentment gazing at my Pucciesque explosion of floral goodness as I leapt past, immediately turned to stone. Even distracted birds were flying into the walls. That's the power of style, my friends. Yup, the power of style.

Sandra, bandmate and blogger of Lens is More, and I were at it again, combing downtown for photo ops and behaving rather badly. But we have no shame... 

Pay no attention to my moustache. Whatever you do, don't look at my moustache. That black thing, don't look at it - it's not there, the black moustache thing. Kidding aside, the bronze arm under my nose makes me feel like a true artiste like Dali and ready for a sneeze at a moment's notice. See Sandra's blog for a photo of her with a moustache - if she posted it... It was her idea.

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. 

So much architecture to climb, so little time today. We really ought to bring a step ladder on our next outing. 

I shall be linking this post to Patti's fantastic Visible Monday at her blog Not Dead Yet Style. I missed last week - bu hao. I look forward to seeing everyone there. I hope you've all had shameless weekends. 

Have you ever had someone mistake your vintage finds for designer label apparel? I'm sure many of you have, and I admit getting a laugh when the two are confused. If I really HAD paid $2,000 for this "Pucci" jumpsuit, most of you would think I'm mad. I considered trying to fool you but in the context of this blog, that would be almost impossible! But what if all my blog's "thrifted" finds were really new designer labels in disguise? Would you think less of me?

Finally, I have been LOOOVING everyone's twee-free tulle photos! Huge hugs to Sarah at Misfits Vintage for setting off this tulletarianism! See her Tutu and a Teacup Challenge if you want to join. Liberate your inner bitch ballerina. You'll feel better. Really.


  1. What a great find! I actually have a jumpsuit that looks incredily similar. My mom made it for herself when she was thirteen. I've sadly outgrown it though.

  2. You make every outfit post into a piece of art, my dear Madelein.
    Love, love, love.

  3. Hey Mel

    Again, there`s been an even bigger change - to a "big personal art performance". Wow ... outstanding, and in a row of great artists.

    Have a nice week

  4. Hahaha! You're divine! I love your monkey of Pucci, and your ideal chateau also, safe! Your post are the joy,laughter and genius! Congratulations!

  5. always good for a laugh, you are! you funster, you.

  6. Have you been in my wardrobe? I'm sure that catsuit's one of mine (or if not, it should be), give it back!
    Love the House of Melanie! I read a couple of blogs where people really do spend vast amounts of money on clothing but I never comment, I don't think we live on the same planet. x

  7. Exuberant doesn't begin to cover it! But can I ask: the last several posts have been high on performance -- how much do you really wear these pieces? Does it require a ton of energy to get through the day in them? And do you have that energy naturally or do the clothes help supply it? I know I couldn't live up to them, myself, but you look very spirited in all these persona. . .

    1. The clothes definitely help supply the energy. The positive energy that flows through me wearing something I love also flows out to others so THEIR energy also comes back. It's a fantastic magic loop that I didn't know existed when I dressed in "meh-wear." I wear these clothes in rotation for my daily inspiration walks, not just for photo shoots. The tulle is special and I stayed close to home the first time I wore it, but she is on my rotation list now too. When I wear it, a claiming process happens.

      I have many facets of myself to express and clothes help me define who I am and my world. If someone told me I'd be wearing a corset out for coffee in six years' time, I would have fainted. Bwa-ha-ha.

    2. I'm definitely impressed! mad props, as the kids say . . .

  8. I have been remiss with my blog reading so today I got to see both your lovely colorful outfits. You blend splendidly into the art collection in your foyer in your Pucci jumpsuit but my favorite is the striped dress with the pom poms. Love it and your free wheeling style.

  9. Fabulous, darling! Pucci smucci. You look just amazing in your unbranded floral triumph of a jumpsuit, who cares who made it? It's all about who's wearing it!
    Great photos, as always. I think you and Sandra like to get up to mischief together and egg each other on to further craziness. Love the bench photo, that made me chuckle!
    You and Sarah were truly inspirational in your tulle-ery, so thank you for that! xxxxxx

  10. This reminds me of all those wacky band romps ala The Monkees. Tho I think they paid retail......

  11. What fun! Love the laying on the bench photo. Can't imagine paying $2,000 for one piece of clothing. It takes me 2 years to send that, but only if I buy new shoes.

  12. Awesome! Love your description of the room turning white. If you truly did get any fruity wall spit on you nobody could see it on your fantastic psychedelically floral jumpsuit.

  13. Best jumpsuit ever. It looks fantastic. You're an riot of colour! I always adore your riot grrl p photo shoots with Sandra. When's your next video out??

  14. You are a show stopper, alright. I haven't the foggiest what a Pucci looks like, but it sure doesn't sound good in the mouth! The bench with legs is great, just like the tree with tutu edges. Always a joy.

  15. I love your posts so much, Melanie! Your mirth and glee shine through in every one.

    You're marvelous in that jumpsuit, and it's a wondrous piece. If it were really Pucci, I would sigh with envy. And yes, I would probably snigger at you if it were real, thinking you could have thrifted that for a fraction! Ha!

    Ah, the rainy season is here...

  16. Oh yeah, more polyester!!!! I can't believe it! So funny, I am sporting my poly goodness today. We are in sync... :-) I love that suit and all the stain resistant goodness it has to offer. And that shot on the bench with your feet on the end... priceless! xo!

  17. Everyone always mistake my new clothes for vintage. Up is down and down is up!

  18. Ahh is always such a delight to visit you my dear...for a good dose of style and humor! I did think of you all last week in your marvelous white was my favorite style image of the week!

  19. I see you're back to your old tricks again..."FRAMING" I believe you called it!! Works like a charm. I'm going to go back up in a moment and check out the video, very quietly. ( I don't want to startle the old folks.)

    I once walked in to a verrrrry exclusive boutique and they rushed over, oohing and ahhing, declaring my upcycled skirt must be a "blahblahblah" (can't remember what they said, it was so obscure and exclusive). While I was glad they liked it, I intentionally told them the origin of my skirt and watched their faces fall.

    Would I care if your thrifted finds were really Puccis etc? Not really, well maybe kinda. I sometimes enjoy seeing what Daphne Guinness does with her stuff. I just appreciate real creativity in styling, and gravitate to some styles more than others. I think you're a genius. There. I said it.

    I adore the picture of you and Sandra. Looks like a friendship made in heaven. :-)

  20. ok, that jumpsuit is fantastic!! I love the way you paired it with a black shirt underneath. Also, I love that you are wearing gloves found at Canadian Tire.
    You've made me want to wear something bright and covered in flowers!


    Absolutely adore these pics - I would love to romp with you gals and shower in the fruity wall spit!

    Frankly I think anyone who spends thousands on any item of clothing has more money than sense... and I know I sound like a cranky little old lady but I do not care! Now pass me my specs and walker, I need a cup of tea and lie down.

    You are spectacular. Seriously, that jumpsuit makes my heart skip a beat.

    Sarah xxx

  22. AHHHHH,
    This is so cute!! I thought your were wearing a Chinese dress in the small image.
    I guess you'll look good in them too!

    The Beret is just born with you :)


  23. O,feck,that IS a glorious jumpsuit! How can a gal go wrong with such a fabulous item?!
    Yes,I have had someone mistake something opshopped and vintage recently for some label,can't remember what label though.Pish!Said label probably stole the design.Nothing is original anymore, nor sacred.It's all in how you wear it.And you, my dear,wear it WELL.
    I agree with Sarah,only feckwits spend that kind of dosh on clothes AND I would love you romp with you amongst the fruity wall spit!

  24. You totally scared me at first with $2000, I was already thinking of how I could avoid acknowledging that! The jumper is like floral vomit and I mean that in the kindest way. I dig it and all these fun photos. I only own short jumpers because otherwise they are just too difficult to pee in:)

  25. Love materfamilias description of you as "spirited". You are, indeed, that. A high spirited little filly kicking up her hooves....wearing a coat of Pucci.

  26. That jumpsuit is fabulous and I love your messy house very much!!I can't wait to see your new video, I'm a big fan of your project!
    Those miu miu boots are perfect with everything!

  27. You look brilliant, what an amazing jumpsuit, your photos are so much fun!

  28. You brighten my day again mad gal! M x

  29. You are looking fabulous as usual. Brightening up everyones day. How could you not have fun in that suit? But it looks like you had plenty of it. Come visit me sometime in Singapore will you?

  30. The wonderful jumpsuit is almost the same colours as your party dress in the previous post! I love it! You're always bringing up thought provoking issues in the most entertaining way!

    There's no doubt that you would look amazing in anything Pucci, but then again, you look amazing in everything you choose to wear, designer or not! Like so many have said already, it's not what you wear but how you wear it!

  31. My Mother had a dress/jumpsuit like this back in the 60's. I thought she looked fab in it. Hers was a predominately purple floral. How cool you are in your bright print. I especially enjoyed your amusing commentary. Wall spit, indeed

  32. You totally rock that jumpsuit! Love your spirit and attitude!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  33. It's not Pucci? Erm, what does Pucci actually look like? So, you look fantastic, and I wouldn't think less of you if you had paid $2k for an outfit, because I am a rube and it would be wasted upon me anyhoo.


    I am so hoping The Costume Technician didn't throw out the tulle skirt she made in undergrad. Having a good rummage through her storage unit under the guise of finding her winter sweaters for her this weekend :)

  34. So tremendous that the walls turn colour and salivate. Dude! You are messing with our reality at a molecular level and in the best way. I adore the pics with and by Sandra. Y'all are cutie-pies!

    Er, total badass cutie-pies, that is.

  35. Can't stop laughing about the mustache!

  36. Even if I could afford to spend $2000 on one item of clothing, I wouldn't - think of all the stuff that would buy at secondhand stores!! J'adore la Jumpsuit - c'est Manifique (excuse my poor french). You and Sandra have such a blast with your photo/video shoots; it would be sooo much fun to join you. I loved reading your response to the one comment about the relationship between your energy level and what you're wearing. I feel much more alive and perky when wearing something fabulous than if I'm just wearing something that's merely "ok".

  37. Just divine is that floral goodness. Plus you are incredibly funny!

  38. You look like a million dollars in your vibrantly colorful ensemble and your sense of humor and style remind me why I love the blogs that I follow. Brava!

  39. Hi Melanie!

    I did not hear from you lately? busy?
    Sorry i did not leave a comment
    This post is brilliant and the jumper is stunning!

    Ariane xxxx

  40. Fruity wall spit and moustaches - what brilliance and merry humour! Love Vix's comment about you being in her wardrobe as that's what I thought as soon I saw that extraordinary jumpsuit leaping from the screen.

  41. this jumpsuit it's absolutely amazing :O

  42. Ok, I think I'm seeing a trend here. Flowers are still a go for Fall. Hope to see that jumpsuit in other seasons too.
    It's fun having a playmates when we're all grown up isn't it? That's how I picture you and Sandra.

  43. Wonderful photos, wonderful jumpsuit, wonderful you! I like your story about the fabulous effects of your jumpsuit on the walls of this dark grey room. Haha!

  44. The jumpsuit is so cool. You look like you're having millions of dollars worth of fun. ;)


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