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Friday 14 December 2012

Vintage Vogue Japan dress

Today I need to share with you my incredible vintage jumpsuit. When I bought it the salesclerk told me that Vogue Japan had used it in a photo shoot they did in Vancouver. I was going to buy it anyway, but I admit to having a little thrill that I, moi, was wearing a magazine piece. Although I intended to wear it to a vintage fashion show on The Little Black Dress, I didn't - I ended up in a '60s outfit with my go-go-boots and a short black crepe wool shift.
This garment is a one-piece '70s jumpsuit - even the fabric belt is attached. Don't you love those heavy gold-plated Xs, one sewn onto each side? I do - they make me swoon. The belt has a hook-and-eye closure on the back. And that psychotropic paisley citrus print...don't get me started! The split skirt billows magnificently revealing the ultra-wide black gaucho pantlegs.

The fabric has a silky swishy texture but the outfit is surprisingly heavy, one of the heaviest non-outerwear pieces I have. The lining appears to be hand-sewn so I'm guessing this piece came with a hefty price tag when it was new. It was cared for and still feels new.

  • thrifted '70s patterned jumpsuit with rear zip, "Missy House" of Canada label
  • thrifted brown crackle-leather Miu Miu boots
  • necklace, now vintage but new when I bought it
  • earrings, now vintage but new when I bought them
  • thrifted tweed cap
  • thrifted coat (those are Rs in the pattern but the label is "Belle Vogue" of Tokyo and Osaka
  • thrifted black long-sleeved top underneath for warmth
  • black tights, retail
In this ensemble I felt like the hostess of a cocktail party. I envisioned myself effortlessly weaving and bobbing around my guests to the sound of bossa nova, oblivious to the smudge of too-bright orange lipstick on my front tooth, as the sounds of laughter and the tinkling of martini glasses and dangling earrings float off into the summer breeze - like I'm living in a dream. The scene is all too groovy, sexy, and sophisticated...exactly the opposite of reality here. I do what it takes to keep my mind off this freaking darkness and rain.

The patterned winter coat I wore for extra zing.

I have found a window in which to start visiting everyone again. I feel like I've been away so long. I hope you are all well. I have a holiday treat to share with you on Saturday or Sunday - I hope you like it. It partly explains my absence...


  1. As always, you look fantastic! And I can definitely picture you as a cocktail party hostess in that ensemble! That brightly coloured 70s piece was a great find, and looks amazing on you!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pattern! Def a bit of colour if it's dull over there! x

  3. Absolutely stunning, Melanie, and it fits you like a dream! I love the Xs on the belt too; nice detail. I'd love to get a closer peep at your bling. :)

  4. What a fabulous piece of clothing, my dear Melanie. I love the colour and print so much, and the clash with the coat is so Marc jacobs in his best day.
    Always a piece or art in your own right, my friend.Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Melanie its a dream!!!!! The pattern is just amazing and you would perfect on the over of a vogue magazine.
    I hope you are having a weekend filled with happiness.
    Love v

  6. That jumpsuit is fabulous. I love that patterned coat on top. You always look amazing.

  7. HOly fuck balls!!!!!!!!!! Oh dear, I guess a lady doesn't say such things at a swanky cocktail do, but if she's had a few too many Dexy's with her dirty martini, I guess she's not too bothered about swaying through the crowd on a broken heel, letting go with her filth. Orange lippy on the hostesses teeth ... yes indeedy!! YOU are a walking party in your jumpsuit baby. There's no way anyone would feel winter's chill seeing you looking so fecktacious! Ooooooh can't wait for the surprise! ;) xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Oh. Mah. Gerd.

    That jumpsuit is EXQUISITE. I have never seen one like it - the overskirt and the patterned fabric over the plain black is AMAZING. Oh I am so glad that you and this incredible piece have found each other - you were MEANT to be together!

    Oooh I am VERY excited to see what treasure you have in store for us!

    BIG HUGS, Sarah xxx

  9. It must be so wonderful for all of those Vancouverians to see you sauntering down the street in a BURST of color on a grey rainy day. You are doing a public service my dear.

  10. I wonder what treat you have in store, I can hardly wait!!!
    I'm so glad you're planning to share that jumpsuit, bags I have it for next week! xxxx

  11. I loved your description. I often envision myself in quite different circumstances when I put on any chosen outfit. If only we could live in our imaginations!

    The print on that jumpsuit is wild.


  12. I only could dream of a playsuit like that, I immediately start hearing a Pizzicato Five song in my head and imagine that groovy party you described (you and your imagination save me from this bad mood for a while).I usually live in my fantasies and was nice to visit someone else's world, that was a great party!!
    Have a wonderful surreal weekend!!

  13. Fabulous, and yes, so groovy! The R coat is divine, and I love the hostess-with-orange-lipstick setting : >

  14. fantastic. fits you so well! love that print, si zingy ...

  15. This jumpsuit needs its own show! I love it and you are so right everything is perfect about it, especially those X's! It is exactly what I need to get through a dreary gray rainy day. Did I mention how it takes the cold away. I can see you being the hostess with the mostest and all your fashionable blogger guests, now wouldn't that be the party of the century! Can't wait to see what you have been up too, with you we never know :)

  16. Wonderful description of the cocktail party. We were just talking about the possibility of starting a new tradition here and throwing a cocktail party now and then.
    What a great jumpsuit and the style of that hat is great on you!

  17. Yes, the detail of the lipstick smudge is perfect! I'm sure there's a rainbow of lipstick on all the cigarette butts, lots of mustaches and sideburns, and maybe a bowl of keys by the front door (naughty!). I love that you've had your jewelry long enough to call it vintage, and it goes perfectly with this fabulous outfit!

  18. You write so well! i can see the scene!
    That jumpsuit is so stunning, your pics are so good Mélanie
    You look so fabulous you could have done the shoot for Vogue Japan with that jumpsuit!

    I sent you the pics of Muffie!

    Let me know!

    Ariane xxx

  19. Such a cool jumpsuit!! The party you describes sounds sooo fuuun! Would love to go to something like that now :))

  20. You look beyond groovy! Orange smudge of lipstick and all!!


  21. Love this! You look swashbuckling!

  22. Groovy, sexy and sophisticated? Yes inDEED! You are, and so is that fabulous a jumpsuit. If ever an item of clothing was destined for an owner, that wonderful piece was meant to find you, I am so glad it did! What amazing colours and print, you look stunning. In fact, I think this might be my favourite ever outfit you have shown us! And I can just picture the party scene!
    Have been missing you but I know you have been VERY busy.... xxxxxx

  23. You and this spectacular garment are a match made in heaven. The print, the X-es, the skirt-and-gaucho-pants, YES. I see that orange lipstick painted indelibly on every glass rim, cigarette butt, toothpick, and lucky guests' cheeks for days!

  24. That's a cocktail party I want to be invited to, although I have nothing as fabulous as that DIVINE jumpsuit to wear. It fits you perfectly! I've been missing your visits, but after seeing the magazine, you are more than forgiven ;)

  25. I've missed you! This jumpsuit is spectacular and it looks wonderful on you. Do you think you could find the original fashion shoot? That would be really exciting xxx

  26. I'd LOVE to be a guest at that party!!
    The jumpsuit is freakin' AMAZING!!! I love how you've styled it. Wouldn't it be a kick to see the picture of it in the Japanese Vogue??

  27. You are smoking! phew. I can't say more than that.

  28. Love the pattern!
    You look more like a singer than a cocktail hostess.

  29. That dress was made for you. And you that dress.

  30. Wow, I love all your clothes, but this jumper might be my mostest fave of your to date. I do love the Xs on the belt and the wonderful colors and pattern. And of course I've thought from the very first time I discovered your blog, that you should be modeling for Vogue. You are as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than man of the models in their spreads or adverts.

  31. that jumsuit is so loud, it's screams fabulousness!
    Melanie, when you have a moment, please send me an email to as would like to send you some bits and bobs :)


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