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Thursday 15 November 2012

Wearing mustard with relish (Fashion Challenge/FC)

I have mustard - I relish this colour! So I'm playing a little catsup with the Fashion Challenge: Fall Colour Trends hosted by Megan Mae and Keely. Bandmate/crazy-gal Sandra and I were hot-dogging on a rooftop where we caught this shot. I'm glad my buns are not showing! I don't think what I'm wearing is on trend but I do have these mustard tights. Everyone looks spe-ta-coo-lar (word of the day) in their autumn colours!

Here I am luxuriating in the vestibule of my closet
The items:
  • mohair pullover, thrifted
  • maxi dress, thrifted
  • mustard tights, sample sale
  • D&G animal print shoes, thrifted
  • necklaces, assorted
  • wool indigo beret, thrifted
  • fingerless gloves, upcycled from Canadian Tire automotive store
  • quilted cotton biker jacket, sample sale
On her blog Lens is More Sandra posted a little video, which also includes clips of both of us suffering from a lack of dignity during this art outing.
Isn't my closet vestibule spe-ta-coo-lar?!
Hope y'all can wring a few more marvellous moments from what remains of the week....


  1. I think that first photo is truly fashion forward! Wish I had a vestibule. Matter if fact, wish I had a closet instead of a cupboard and a floor - can you have a vestibule to a floor?

  2. Started my Friday to read the interview with you on the 40 + style, and got lots of inspiration and encouragement. Thankyou!

  3. I laughed out loud at "buns"!

  4. I love condiment puns &I love your ocher tights.

  5. I love your mustard tights and animal print shoes. Tights are a great way to add mustard to a look.

    I'm also loving your beret. I reckon that's bang on trend - I see Curtise has been rocking one too. I was never a big fan because I had to wear one for school, but I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for one now.

  6. LOVE your touch of mustard! You rock as usual! Xx

  7. Loving the lounge shot - can't wait to see the whole closet : > You look fabulous, the shoes are wow and the beret is *vous*. Remember to use condiments for safe sex (sorry!).

  8. Oh the condiment jokes are many and plentiful... I'll just get in a pickle if I join in.
    I saw the video over at Sandra's blog and had a right old chuckle, it's brilliant!
    Love those leopard print shoes, perfect with the mustard tights, but I want to see more of that frock, please!
    Hope you have a fabularse weekend , keep your buns covered, Mel! xxxx

  9. Ooh I just bought a 1950s cashmere pullover sweater for that mustard color alone, love how you paired everything and those shoes are divine! Glad to find your blog, have a great weekend...

  10. Oh to have a closet vestibule. I adore the color mustard and the tights with animal print shoes leap off the screen. They go well with early morning coffee!

  11. Mustard is this season's colour even if I own maybe just a dress in it!It really suits every carnation and hair, I'm not an enthusiast by the way, but I have to admit that combined with the pale blue of your wonderful dress and a hint of leopard, it's astonishing!!

  12. Mustard-covered buns. :) I don't know how I would ever ketchup to you! Love the photo of you basking in the rooftop sunshine with your wild shoes and seafoam lace. Great jacket too - and the most spectacular vestibule I have ever seen!!!!!

  13. Mustard does not exist in my colorful world, I just don't do autumn colors very well. You however look fab in this color combo. Everything about you pictures always look so artsy! Maybe it's just you, you are incredibly photogenic!

  14. Precious pantihose! Yellow is power, light, positivity... yellow is like you! And the blue dress... delicious... AH! I love your yellow skirt of the previous post... Magic!

  15. Yay for mustard tights! And not just because I have some, too.

    Your closet looks exactly like I'd expect the editor of VOGOFF's to look. Looks like, ah, plenty of heavy duty vacuuming goes on in there :)

  16. You're quite the little sauce pot with your mustard tights on show, aren't you? I'm not one for Autumn colours although I rather like a bit of mustard of my legs, too. xxx

  17. Oh! love this mix of colors and love the firt pic taken outside- it shows your beautiful complexion girl, you look fabulous -
    That vestibule of yours is stunning i can imagine the rest!

    Have a fab weekend and did you receive my package yet?

    Ariane xxx

  18. Mélanie -
    I have put the travelling yellow skirt badge on my blog and if it is possible i will join the show!

    Ariane x

  19. great dress! I wish I had one! it's so dreamy!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  20. You did have challenge colors lurking in your closet! Hooray for yellow tights! I love them with your blue skirt. I don't know that I was really on trend either, but I did have fun pulling things out of my closet to try and find things that worked.

  21. I Love Mustard! And the Title of your Blog Post is hilarious! Loving it all...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  22. loving the look...... I have a pair of autumnal mustard and maroon mary-janes!!

  23. Mustard is like the spanish sun, and your are more radiant even that this star, my dear friend.
    i saw a picture that reminded me of you, I will be sending it to you as soon as i find a link

  24. You haven´t got a facebook, or email account, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Could you sen it to me at please

    1. I'll definitely send it to you. I have just a small tab at the top that says Contact. I should put it in my sidebar...!

  25. That look is definitely cutting the mustard, if I do say so myself! Can you let me know how to add the badge to my blog - I'm no luddite, but sometimes I feel like one...

  26. Mustard tight are a blogger's must have! Gorgeous with the aqua coloured maxi dress! The leopard print shoes with the mustard tights is a combination I may have to copy!

  27. hehehe Such a cute post. :}
    I adore the color and fabric of your skirt.

  28. Leaves me smiling as always! Btw I found a pic in a 1947 Holiday magazine that reminded me of you - send me a note at if you want me to forward it to you!

  29. You should have sent your photo for the Fashion Challenge! This outfit would have been perfect: mustard and teal! Next time.

  30. Melanie, how is it that we have never met in person, yet we share so many similarities? I mean, I can't get over it, your closet... it is exactly the same size as mine!! And I have that same couch in my closet, the exact fabric! Uncanny... :-)


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