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Thursday 1 November 2012

Do these booties make me look like...

...I'm having too much fun? Because I am! And they passed the new-footwear test - I survived my inspiration walk without a single blister. These heels are not as challenging as some others in my closet because of the built-in platform.

I made the skirt from a new old-stock roll-end of fabric from my favourite fabric store, Dressew. It is a stretch synthetic blend that feels like a thick '70s ski-pant fabric. I simply stitched the piece together at the back and hemmed the top, bottom, and back slit. Done. No zippers or buttons. But...this skirt does have a tendency to slide down my body so I added the suspenders. 

In typical slacker fashion I made a single cross-sling suspender which would involve less sewing. Sewing was required because the device is made from backpack strapping with little clips sewn onto the ends, and the strapping had to be shortened. It also has a backpack-type clasp which you can see at the front, and a little pouch on the back side of it to carry pens and such. Handy! Plus, I didn't have another suspender even if I wanted to maintain some symmetry.

The stuff:
  • skirt, I made from new old-stock fabric
  • suspenders, I made from bits and pieces
  • ivory silk blouse with mother-of-pearl heart-shaped buttons, old, retail
  • black glitter platform booties with wood heel, retail (shameful!)
  • black compression knee socks (because they don't fall down), retail
  • two vintage slips, thrifted, for warmth
  • brown wool cape, not shown, super sale, retail
About the booties, they are the worst quality I have experienced in years -  that will teach me to buy retail. When I got home from this inaugural walk the soles had divots all over them. Worn once and already I have to take them preemptively to the cobbler for shoring up. I'd feel totally ripped off if I didn't love the profile and the glitter so much.

Here is a close-up of the crappy, dreamy booties.

They came with black laces but I replaced them with these mismatched laces made from strips of kimono fabric. The laces were given to me by my friend Sharron, whom I recently featured on my street style blog - here.

Overall, while everyone outside today was huddled under their umbrellas (a light sprinkle), I was ready for some serious ninja action, power-infused by home-made style and glitter booties. New song of the day: "Your Sole has Divots."

If you had to write a song about your day, what would you call it? Hugs, all.


  1. Oh, my dear, this is an incredible outfit! Straight off the runway of the unbearably breathtaking YOU! I love your creativity in the skirt (I'm going to be wearing a very similarly shaped one tomorrow!) with the single suspender. Now I need to go thrift some suspenders!

    The shoes are lovely - what a shape - but I'm not surprised to hear that modern retail is crap. *sigh* I wish you showed the cape - you tease!

  2. So original to make a skirt with only one strap, but of course on you it looks fabulous. Good work.

  3. Wow, the skirt is so lean and awesome, and you know one suspender is delightful! Crappy, dreamy sounds like one of my ex-boyfriends. : )

  4. Fun, fun, fun, fun, and . . . . you know, FUN!
    and I love the comparison to 70's ski-pants . . .

  5. Amazing silhouette. Love the suspender (!) and the empire waist, along with the silk blouse. The laces on the sparkly shoes are genius. So how tall are you in those shoes?

    My song for today? I think they've already come up with these lyrics but something like "diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean, uh huh..." At least that's close. If I wrote a song for today it would be Stop 'N Go. (And take it slow).

    1. Can you sing Stop 'N Go for us? I KNOW you have an amazing voice...

  6. Your creativity is never ending, and astounding too I might add.
    Those shoes look like pieces of the night sky, ready to take you on a shooting star escapade!

    If I wrote a song about my day today it would go something like this:

    Get the kid out the door
    Shuffle back, scrub the floor
    Now down some joe
    And rinse my cup
    Check my blog roll
    and see what's up

    Scroll, comment, click, and type
    I love these mornings
    When I gots time to write

    They don't always roll this way
    Some days are horrid
    Just not enough play

    One things true
    We've all got in common
    This is the best damn past time
    Since the days of shaman.


    1. Love your song, Joni!! You gotta hook up with your son, if he'll allow it, strap on your bass guitar, and put this to music!

  7. LOVE Joni's song!!!
    Ms Melanie,those new booties are divoon! Shame about the lack of quality,but they make up for it in kick arse glamour! reminds me that I have something similar in gold sequin coming soon...I ordered them when drunk,so I hope I like them! Whoops.
    That skirt is bloody inspired.Simple,but so classy,and the one suspender is perfect!You look slinkTASTIC! Slink on over here baby!

  8. OOH OOH OOH THE SKIRT!!!! Divine, it is, the fabric, the shape, the suspender... I could not love it more except if it were on my body instead of yours. I adore your spectacular, shamefully divotous glittery bastard booties! You are spectacular and I quite love the location too - particularly the reflector/safety thing in the background. It's ART! Sarah xxx

  9. The skirt looks great with the single suspender Melanie. All your outfits show such an artful touch. and I agree: Dressew has to be the best sewing store around.

  10. You made a skirt? That falls down? And you fixed it with a single brace? You're a bloody genius! (I can't bring myself to say suspender, the stubborn Old English Pedant in me thinks they are the things on your legs that hold your stockings up...)
    That swoony blouse is perfection, and look at those stomp-worthy glitter boots. Crap quality maybe, but oh the glamour!
    My song title? "I left my heart in Walsall" (with Vix!) xxxx

  11. What not to love, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. DIY skirt and those gorgeous shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You are pure art in motion, my dearest friend.

  12. If you've heard us in the UK mention Primark, then quite a lot of their shoes are the same quality as your booties. Not that they don't look fabulous and the pink ribbon makes them look all expensive. I adore your one strap suspender skirt!
    I think today's song was already written by The smiths - Still Ill xxxx

  13. .......awesome? Yes, they do. Love the skirt.

  14. As I was reading about how you made the skirt and then added the single suspender I started to bemoan my own lack of clothing-construction creativity....HOW freaking BRILLIANT is this outfit!!! I LOVE high waisted clingy skirts and it looks gorgeous with the poofy sleeve blouse and the rock star boots. I would so love to get dolled up and go out on the town with you in this outfit - we could be a kick-ass, bossy-booted, spectacularly stripey duo! And can I just add that you have a fab-tastic body that this outfit shows off to Puuuuuurrrrfection, dahling ;)

  15. Spectacular! Your killer skirt has a kimono look to it in the first pic. Everything is just fabulous together. Love the one suspender concept. And the change out of shoelaces. Your my idol, Melanie!

  16. Whoa! Don't you look a treat?! Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately, as my computer has had the virtual equivalent of pnemonia. Anyway, it seems to have recovered, so I had a treat to see a couple of your latest posts.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  17. Joni's song rules!!!!! I'm pretty sure you could move massive amounts of concrete in those starry shoes. They are sparkletastic and I am always jealous of you gals that can wear heels, me not so much but I do love how they look on you! I can't believe you made this skirt, the one suspender is my favorite part. If I had to give a song title to my day, mind you it's just starting, I guess it would be called CAFFEINE BEFORE SUNRISE :)
    Have a killer weekend!!!

  18. I think you're some kind of sartorial genius, Melanie. I'm so glad you only had one suspender - perfect!

    Since this was yesterday, my song title would be, "150 pieces of chocolate on the table, 150 pieces of chocolate!" and then you'd just count down like that 99 bottles of beer on the wall ditty :P

  19. I'm a new reader, and I just have to say, that skirt and suspender are brilliant. I love everything about this outfit and this post.

  20. I LOVE this--I would swear that amazing skirt came off the rack at some pricey designer boutique!!
    I love your fun booties--shame they are crap quality!
    Joni's song is HILARIOUS!!
    My song on a typical work day "We're on the Island of Misfit Toys......"

    1. Whoa, I love the vibe of your surreal song title... Ultra cool.

  21. What? Those booties are a fine booty indeed. How do you walk in them? My ankles would have divots in them from falling down and bumping into things trying to wear those. Such a dramatic look, it's YOU!

  22. The skirt is so so fab with those shoes. I'm especially drawn to the retro proportions and modern touches. I agree with Lynne, sartorial genius.

  23. Joni's song has made my day! I love your improvised handmade skirt & single brace and the genius addition of the fabric ties to the bastard massive glitter heels takes them to another dimension.
    My song? "Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, please" 'cos it's Saturday, innit. xxx

  24. Amazing shoes... I like your look, white, black, glitter... elegant and total glam! And ties roses... and heels...WAO! SPECTACULAR!

  25. I love the single suspender! Another magnificent and creative ensemble. The shoes with your choice of laces grounds the outfit with perfection. Brava!

  26. You are always stylish and wonderful! Love this look and those fab shoes!

  27. The shoes are cute, tho! And the skirt is creative genius!

  28. I love the idea of the single suspender--and the pocket for pens and such. never know when another great idea will strike.

  29. Hi Mélanie,

    My song would be Put your energy where it is worth it -
    Some days you see stuff that makes you unhappy - but i say to myself not worth the taught, wasted valuable energy -
    Love the booties they are gorgeous, i couldn't walk in them -
    I adore the firt pic - love that outfit, one suspender it seems?

    I will post your package this week
    Hope you will like it - hope it fits can wait to see you in that outfit i will send you - you have to wear both items together!
    And i think those booties would look great with what i will send you
    You to judge

    Take care

    Ariane xxxx

  30. Brilliant single suspender skirt! With the gorgeous glitter shoes and the lovely shirt you could be on the front cover of an arts magazine! I do like your hair colour and the red lips too!

  31. I'm late to this party, but I continue to be in awe of your imagination, ingenuity, and sewing skills. I have to ask -- what is a shoe divet? Is it a scuff, or a peeling up sole, or something else?

    See, now, I could have predicted that those shoes wouldn't exactly be durable, long-wearing, everyday basics that last forever. But who the hell cares??????? I'd totally cheat on my everyday boots with those.

  32. I'm a big fan of suspenders,
    but I always find them not that comfortable to wear...

    This outfit divine!
    You rock.

  33. This is exactly the type of outfit I'd expect to see in the hippest, trendiest most edgy magazine and underneath the photo would read, "price upon request".

  34. love this kind of shoes! for me it's the most comfy way of wearing!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  35. I'm looking for a blouse like that!

  36. I am slain by your awesomeness. Melanie, I am deeply in love with that skirt and its single multi-functional suspender! Your blouse and boots are also very fine. Too bad about the quality - I have a coat with the most wonderful shape and honey-cruller collar I feel similarly about - so good, and yet so bad, just like dear Patti's ex-boyfreinds, indeed!

  37. I'm all for the fake Litas. Like you I bought a pair of them and was surprised at how comfortable they actually are!
    Hugs xx

  38. Ooh, it's hard not to be attracted to glitter of any kind, especially sparkly booties (saw a pair in the window here just yesterday, and they were magic)! If any one can keep the dreaminess of these boots going, Melanie, it is surely you. Your outfit is fab. You are like a contemporary Dorothy with those sparklies, but way cooler. :)

    P.S. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. xoxo

  39. wow that skirt is beyond amazing!


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