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Thursday 22 November 2012

Executive look takes a detour

I am a tropical flower, blooming madly atop a stalk of pinstripes and animal shoes. My satiny petals stretch to the sky in vain in search of sunshine and nourishment.

New Fashion Rules: 
  1. All political leaders must wear neon colours (and paisley) to important summit meetings to set the right tone for peace and conciliation. 
  2. Male political leaders must wear mod side-zip ankle boots, in white or black, and bell bottoms.
  3. Female leaders must wear go-go boots and maxi dresses. 
This is the new law.

Smiles bloomed all around me as I sashayed down my route, my corolla bobbing in herbaceous splendour. Black and white turned to technicolour in a fleeting trail of sparklets that twinkled in the gloom and wet of another rainy day.

  • sleeveless neon orange satin blouse with ruffles, thrifted
  • neon pink satin blouse, Jacqueline Conoir, thrifted
  • elastic stomacher-style orange belt with rear velcro closure, thrifted
  • pinstriped executive skirt, thrifted
  • D&G animal-print shoes, thrifted
  • red beret, thrifted
  • Betsey Johnson coat, and tights, retail
Also, I hope you all get out there, elbows cocked, wallets bulging, to gorge on Black Friday, which in North America (yes, Canada too) has become the official kick-off day for Holiday Shopping Season!!!! I dislike this day and what it stands for with intensity. Holt Renfrew, a high-end fashion retailer which I frequent for sensory inspiration, had a sign out today, "Thursday is the New Black Friday" - I just found out that there IS such a thing as Black Friday and already it's extended to Thursday. I wonder how long it will take to morph into Black Week, Black Month...

Rain seems to be the weather du jour everywhere right now. I hope you are all finding ways to cope. Maybe shopping will help. After all that venting, who knows? Maybe I'll hit a few thrift stores... I'll use my flower power to knock those shopping suckers outta my way. Okay, so I'm a Venus Fly Trap, not a benign tropical bloom after all...

Bella at Citizen Rosebud has drawn up a pledge which affirms one's intent to shop second-hand first. I'm glad she said "first" because I do still have a weakness for retail from time to time. I have already been living according to this credo, but now I have a beautiful new colourful widget for my sidebar.


  1. Your colourfulness just made my day. This outfit is so happy and fun.
    Wonderful are a spark of joy on this rainy evening here on Vamcouver Island.

  2. You are more clever than a rainbow!This Tom Robbins quote comes to my mind reading your rules:"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and businnes", so I'd love to see our political leaders all dress up in bright colours and bell bottoms as I love the concept of utopia itself.Your otfit is beautiful, I'm starting to have a real obsession with your leopard shoes, they look amazing with everything and orange is a colour that I don't use, but it's lovely on these gray days, I hope to find something brighter on my next second hand rummages!
    Have a wonderful weekend and boycott the Black Friday!
    Love xxxx

  3. Los colores son como el chocolate, levantan el ánimo , el espíritu. Los políticos necesitan vestirse con mucha vitamina para abrir sus mentes, besos, ana.

  4. That outfit really suits you, very pretty, and the colours are amazing! What a tiny waist you have. Love the beret at a jaunty angle!

  5. we need all this colour on a dull day, the orange and pink and red with the exec clothes are fantastic. How I could love to see Mod versions of world leaders! We don't have black Friday, I don't think, but there's probably an equivalent. Boxing Day is the big one over here xxx

  6. Yes, Block Friday. I always do. Every day can be block the shopping madness day! Enough of my sloganeering, your political fashion advice is top notch. It would surely save the world by storm, if only taken. At the very least, you are a shining beacon of hope, not unlike the statue of liberty, or a lighthouse, or batman's beacon, or...

  7. Now that's how to dress for winter. I'm staying home today, and I love to go shopping. I just don't get it, I hope nobody gets killed.

  8. I love the uniform code in the democratic republic of BAGANDABERET! I salute my colorful leaders. Yeah. Black Friday. Bleah. We stay home and un-shop in protest... except my daughter who came home for the holiday and forgot to bring extra underwear. hmmmmm.. suspicious. I've given her permission to purchase a few new pair of knickers!

  9. Ooooohhhh. Aaaaahhhhhh. Scrolling down your post was sheer joy, every little morsel. As I drank in your opening lines, I glimpsed your hat, beautiful face, and colorful collar first. I was enthralled by this nectar and continued to become intoxicated, laughing with delight. I immediately saw images of our leaders in their newly decreed finery. I agree that would go a long way in improving the temperament of the world, along with some botanical splendor, strictly for medicinal purposes obviously.

    I've always boycotted Black Friday. It strikes me as the epitome of everything I dislike about a consumer culture. Consequently, I'm sitting here in my pj's getting ready to reclaim my kitchen. We've been fortunate to have lovely weather (by my standards, anyway). I hope you get a break soon.

    I love Bella's badge and wholeheartedly embrace it, just don't know how to put it on my site. Someone will help me figure it out soon, however. In the meantime I think it dresses up B&B just splendidly!! It's the perfect accessory for your outfit.

  10. Oooh! You and Helga are positively blinding me with your colourful fabulousness today. I adore this outfit and totally dig your rules.
    How much better those leaders would look in paisley, Go-Go boots and bell bottoms.
    We don't have anything like Black Friday but the madness leading up to Xmas is probably our equivalent, you could get crushed to death in the frenzy for a boxed set of bath salts in Boots'. xxx

  11. Ooh, an orange stomacher! I am so envious! You look just marvelous in your orange and pink today - I am sure you left dribblets of colour in your wake, like petals drifting from a willowy flower.

    I dislike what Black Friday stands for as well. I'm off today, out to venture into the rain, and am headed to a church rummage/vintage sale to spread a little of my dollars back into my community. Nothing black about that.

    I am also going to be taking Bella's pledge. I think it's an important thing to do. Good for you, Melanie!

  12. I'm all for leaders jazzing up their look! Especially the go go boots!YEAH!
    Black Friday is only ever seen as the Friday the 13th bad luck thing here....which I see as good luck, as I was born on a Black Friday!
    Gawd, there's always some bloody excuse to get people in spending, the bastards.Avoid,avoid!!!
    Those shoes make me groan in envy,darl, and all the colour...DIVOON!Bloom your way madly through the Winter like a perfect flower!

  13. I support the New Laws! Time for change. You look glorious, as per always. xoxoxo

  14. I agree. Photos of politicians at events are always so boring. Why can't they have some sort of style? Dummies!

  15. Ooh, love the orange and pink combo! You look gorgeous!

    We are being innundated with Christmas advertising here, all of it a total turn-off. We've also got rain and mad wind, but it's not tempting me to rush out buying stuff, I'm wrapped in a blanket on the sofa reading a book.

    Sadly, our politicians will never dress in mod or go-go boots. Our three main party leaders look boringly identical - I'm sure it's a cunning plan!

  16. I'm voting Mel! You look so good in those vibrant colours, orange and pink are just fabulous together, and that orange belt and leopard shoes are so sexy! Politicians dress so conservatively, I wonder why they feel they can't express any
    personality through their clothes? Your sartorial manifesto sounds excellent!
    The whole Black Friday phenomenon doesn't seem to be a Brit thing, or maybe it's just that I have missed it? It's quite possible, I don't really appraise myself of shopping trends... I haven't done any shopping today, if that helps to support the Block Friday alternative campaign!
    Secondhand shopping is a way of life for me already, no pledge necessary!
    Have a bright and colourful weekend, my dear! xxxxxx

  17. That neon orange blouse is a beauty!

  18. I'm posting your dress code at work first thing on Monday :)

    I can't believe it would dare rain on such a lovely tropical flower as you, but I guess flowers do need a bit of rain, right?

    Ugh, Black Friday. I haven't taken off my pjs or left the house, due to the insanity level of the shoppers. I can't think of anything I need that warrants mad crowds.

  19. Orange with pink, always my favourite!

  20. Oh you are a fiery hot coal!!! I would attend your summit.

  21. Yellow and burnt ogange, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh passion in motion.
    Love, love, love, my dear Melanie.

  22. I love the shapes that the stomacher and trousers create! So cool. Black Friday often marks my day to stop shopping. I don't like the crowds or spending the money in retail places. I stick to online shopping most of the time, from ebay or good companies I support. I have already accepted the pledge, although it's usually how I shop anyway.

  23. Well, this outfit made my evening. The orange belt is totally divine, as is your entire creative expression of the day. And your new rules make total sense to me.

    I have never understood Black Friday and can't imagine standing in line to buy 'stuff.' Although I have done so for an estate sale, but now I just stroll in whenever I please. There's usually something waiting for me whenever I get there. And it fits right into Bella's 'Shop Second Hat First.'

  24. Oh wow! I am so glad I popped in this late evening to play catch-up! You are divoon, as Helga would say, in your bright colors! And I love the mustard from a few posts back!! I am totally in agreement with your rules! I could add a few. For starters, I baked a pan of cornbread tonight and have had several warm pieces with butter. I am so calm and ready to negotiate about anything!!1 It is amazing! I think everyone at summits should eat warm cornbread and butter. It's the law!!!!! xoxo Lynn

  25. I think your new fashion rules would get me to watch political television again. ;) Much more visually fun anyway. I'd love to take some big ass scissors to Hilary Clinton for sure.

    You're looking fantastic in your colorful outfits Melanie!

  26. Oh to have such artistic inspiration as yours Melanie, not to mention such a way with words!!!

  27. You are handsome as a matador (but as a matador who is kind to the bulls)And this with politicians and their clothes. I am upset that women leaders wear masculine jackets when they want to be taken seriously. It does not matter how many women leaders we have on company boards as long as they need to be dressed as men to get people listen. It's difficult to arguing in English but I hope you understand that I agree with your new great laws!

  28. I also think all politicians have to be covered in tattoos and know how to make a martini! I am loving this bright orange corset belt with your shimmery pink top. Delicious! I did a bit of shopping on Black Friday, nothing too crazy but I agree this holiday has gotten out of control!

  29. Black Friday leaves me cold, too, but your look is hot, hot, HOT! Let's hope our leaders follow your wise example.

  30. I don't think there is a lovely posterchild/goddess as to the beauty of shopping secondhand first than you. I love your mix of business pin stripes with leopard and glorious technicolor. Even from here, it warms my bones.

  31. PS: I agree with Krista- would love to see a sleeved politician swinging a cocktail shaker.

  32. Long live bright colours, especially when they are orange corset belts and fuschia blouses! I love how happy you look in this outfit. I will definitely endorse your rules of political attire.

    I was in Toronto on "Black Friday" and it was utter madness. It's the same crap that was on sale the week before, but people feel like it gives them permission to empty their wallet for stuff no one really needs. Arggghh!

  33. Black Friday sucks!! you are a glorious rainbow of joy!! How i wish our politico's followed your new rules!!

  34. Melanie, I DESPISE the Black Friday thing. This year I sent a newsletter to over 17,000 people and told them I wasn't participating in the madness and stressing out my employees the day after Thanksgiving. I then gave them a coupon code of NOSHEEP, so they could save some money on products from my store 9 days BEFORE Black Friday. In the end, it was the worst sale we have ever had! I couldn't get the peeps to see their sheepy behavior. I just feel like those days are really propaganda "money extraction" days but many peeps (sheeps) don't care, they want to shop with the herd. :-)

  35. Great new law! Shouldn't it be brought up on UN level, and spread to the whole world? You're the best ambassador for this new law, in the most gorgeous colours, and with lots of shine too! Fabulous!

  36. I love the colours in this outfit - only you can carry this off and look so fabulous.

    I'm with you - I love second-hand, but cannot give up retail either.

  37. Wow. See what I miss when I go underground for a few days. This. Is. Amazing. I LOVE the colours. I LOVE the crazy fabularse corset-belt. I love your gorgeousness. LOVE! Sarah xxx


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