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Sunday, 9 March 2014

I get my kicks you know where

Just another day at the office...
Bella of The Citizen Rosebud (of course everyone knows her already) sent me these suspenders months ago, along with some other AWESOME goodies. I've been wanting to debut everything all at once when the weather warms, but I couldn't wait any longer to share these: child-sized Calvin and Hobbes!! braces, LOVE! perfect for hoisting my sky-blue sequin tube top. It was challenge to figure out what to do with them, but now I have gobs of ideas. 
Bella, THANK YOU, again!
Who needs steel toes when you have glittery soles? And my Route 66 thrifted jacket was too big so I slapped a big 'ole zipper diagonally on the front - done, DIY. The hemline is wonderfully asymmetrical when the jacket is closed.

The tube top, blouse, and jacket were thrifted; the suspenders from Bella!; tool box from a collaboration between Chanel and DeWalt via O; the trousers from a sample sale, and; shoes $20 in the reject pile. 

And for inquiring minds - 
You know how when you repeat a word over and over it sounds like gibberish? That's how I felt about my closet - clothes, clothes, clothes, clothes, too many clothes, nothing to wear. Clearly the problem wasn't the clothes, it was the fact I was feeling SQUISHED!!! So, no, I'm not moving; I'm paring, scaling down, weeding. About 70% of my clothes are space-bagged in storage, but now when I open my closet I feel a fresh sense of play, of freedom. I can BREATHE again. 

Oh, yeah, I got a haircut too. Hee. I liked the Warhol mop but it had to go.
I'm skipping over to Patti's visibles at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style. See you there.


  1. Your hair looks great; fully recovered from the hair salon fiasco! It's funny how no ideas turn into many ideas at the blink of an eye. I look forward to seeing your suspenders in many upcoming looks! I mean, they really are too cute to squirrel away.

    And kudos Melanie on the upcycle with the zipped jacket. Function and stylish!!! I imagine you got the zipper at zipper heaven aka Dress Sew.

  2. Your hair looks great, and I love what you did with the jacket. Isn't is amazing how having some SPACE gives us room to play?

  3. $20 reject shoes? Love 'em, not that I could walk in 'em. Great fix on the jacket

  4. Nice hair!! Love the sequin tube top and what a really good idea about adding the suspenders-- I would of never thought of it, but it's perfect.

  5. Ooh, that jacket is spectacular - love the modification. I also love the parking garage backdrop! Great hair and overall awesomeness in the outfit.

  6. You are rocking this super fabulous retro look and that jacket is a great find! Some people just have IT and you are one of them :)

    From Dubai with xxxx
    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  7. Totally agreeing with Mrs C that you have the IT–factor!! I love everything about this outfit. I will definitely have to try the simple and very cool way of narrowing in a wide jacket with a visible zipper sewn on at the front – nice customising detail!!:o)

  8. Another totally unique look that you created!

    I did that 'too big' trick too, only you did it with zippers and I did it with buttons that I placed elsewhere. Worked perfect!

  9. You always blow my mind, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    The shoes are beyond fantastic, and the layering is a true inspiration, dear Melanie.
    happy Monday.

  10. I recently met a DeWalt family member - he is now a monk at a priory in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral!

  11. Very nice hair! And Bella made the perfect choice for you - you plus kids' sequined suspenders = match made in heaven. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, gorgeous one. xox

  12. Only you could hold up your sequin boob tube with child's braces, Mel! You look about 12 feet tall, which you might well be in those stonking shoes (seriously, can you walk in them? I feel utterly inadequate as a woman since I have to confess that I couldn't move in them, fabulous though they are...) Giant Pants of Glory, a refashioned jacket, a hair cut, AND a wardrobe reshuffle? It's all going on, and you look wonderful on it! xxx

  13. Great outfit! Love the tube top over the blouse! :)

  14. A Mel-made moto jacket - how clever! I love graphic clothes like that, and your idea of how to make it fit is brill. Also, your suspended sequined top rocks, but it's the pants and shoes that do the talkin' and the walkin'! Holy Hobbes and yards of fabric!!! I'd love to see a video of those pant legs swooshing - I imagine the effect is like that of butterfly wings on one side of the world causing a hurricane in Kansas!

  15. Brilliant with the diagonal zip treatment on the too big jacket. I'd never have thought of it. Love to see your closet. What's in and what got stuffed. Whatever you've have, you always mix it up just right for the Melanie moment.

  16. That jacket!!! Wow. Plus trust you to figure out a cool way to alter it to fit you.

    In that first photo you look like somehow the heavens have opened up and are shining down on you in the parking garage.

    The suspenders on the tube top is another brilliant idea. Probably the only way I'd ever risk wearing one again.


  17. I was a tiny bit disappointed them I was expecting a saucy underwear shot. Us Brits call those things braces, suspenders hold our stocking up!
    Fabulous nonetheless, love the sequinned boob tube and man, don't get me started on those shoes. I NEED them! xxx

  18. I just KNEW you'd come up with something brilliant for those braces! And ya did! I love the sequin "vest" and the whole dazzling look. Stylish, cool as fuck, gobstopper-gorgeous you!

  19. There are so many things I want to say, so I hope this doesn't get too long, goes. Haha.

    You are f*cking amazing! It's not every day that I visit someone's blog and I'm totally hooked from the first photo. I mean this. This outfit is so outside the box that I can't help, but want to see more. I'm a crazy bastard, though, so admittedly I'm biased when it comes to styles that are off the beaten path, so to speak. ;)

    The suspender tube top... I mean. A suspender tube top? I've seen anything like this, nor have I thought that a such a garment could exist. So awesome! I don't know if I could have styled this particular one as well as you did. The jacket pairs beautifully with it. I love that this is a thrift outfit, too.

    You rock, madam. That's all that I can say. I will follow your blog until the end of my days. Amen.

    P.S. - Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog! I appreciate that you took the time to check me out!

    - Anna

  20. Wardrobe space makes such a difference! space! wonderful stuff! I love this outfit so much, all of it! your haircut and the shoes are mighty fine too x x x

  21. If there's ANYONE who can figure out what to do with some cute little suspenders, it's YOU! Brilliant with the sequin boob tube!!! Rock and roll, baby, and with some awesome shit kicker shoes!
    Ha, I have phases where I am overwelmed with all my clothes and shite, and then phases where I am utterly enamoured of paring back for me, though. I just figure I haven't enough SPACE.

  22. Twenty bucks for the shoes??? Sample sale trousers??? I'm blown away with your good taste and fashion style...damn!
    So how did you pare things down, hmmm? Can you give us...uh...collectors...some advice?

  23. You have a pixie cut! Of course you do. Those big pants are a-ma-zing! And the jacket zipper is genius! How nice to get a fashion gift. You did the citizen proud.

  24. Melanie you never cease to amaze me! Honestly you have made a tube top with suspenders look great! I tried on some big pants today and thought of you. love your pants with the rocking shoes. Great hair and I always look forward to your artistic outfits. Gosh I have to do the same with my closet, make room to see what I have.

    blue hue wonderland

  25. Your new hair cut is fabulous and Bella's gifted suspenders really do the trick with your sequin tube top. Creativity is your first, middle and last name!

    Clearly, downsizing is the way to go. I've been working on that for three years!

  26. Allo Mélanie,

    Awwww! i love the shoes from the reject pile, never underestimate the reject pile, there' always good stuff in the reject pile!
    What imagination you have, i love to see what you will come up with next!
    The suspenders and tube top what a brilliant idea!

    Take care Mélanie



  27. Fabulously Cool and Awesome outfit!!, you look gorgeous and really love everything!!, that revamped jacket is so pretty printed!!, your sequined top with suspenders!!, your pants and shoes!! Absolutely Amazing Coolness!!
    besos & fabulousness

  28. Love the jacket, the tube and suspenders (is there any other way to wear them?) the whole outfit and you too. Excellent.
    Trans seasonal clothing storage is a big issue... my coats all are out, ready to store, but I never quite make it. Dan and I share our closets so we're crowded still with stuff in and out. I'm not much closer to my dressing room, but hope dies hard!

  29. I'm inspired by your weeding and paring of clothes (to me, it sounds akin to writing lines of poetry: scaling back, pruning words, filing down...)
    Opening ones wardrobe/closet and 'breathing', now there's a novel concept for those of us with garments packed so tightly that they have to be gently eased from hangers.
    Your hair = fabulous
    Shoes = amazing
    Clippy suspender things + sequins + route 66 jacket = wow

  30. Fabulous look! I love all the little modern details you've added to make this look your own, and the trousers are divine!

  31. I just love that folks like us find the stuff we love in the "reject" pile. It's like looking in the Halloween costume section of Value Village for something to wear to work. Calvin and Hobbes suspenders = SQUEE! And only you would decide to snap 'em on a sequined tube top. You are so hip it hurts ;)

  32. Swoon - I love everything about this outfit! The jacket is groovy and how inovative to put a diagonal zip. The suspenders are so cute and I wish I could wear a boob tube top and think of something as awesome as this combo.

  33. Your hair looks nice, but I slightly prefer the former look (sorry).
    And this outfit is very much in balance. I like the shoes very much in combination with the trousers and the jacket.
    The top with the suspenders add a smile to the outfit.

  34. The jacket is fabulous. Great outfit, I need your trousers they are the perfect style :)


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