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Monday, 19 February 2018

Fabularsenic! And Turnip Head. And The Shelley.

Yeah, it's kind of like Janet Leigh in the shower scene in Psycho, that moment you look down and realize exactly what you've put on.

I wore them. I did, a couple of days ago. Under my maxi wool turtleneck dress, from Talize thrift store, which I bought a couple of years ago when Suzanne Carillo and Sue, A Colourful Canvas, and I met up. The leg garment was purchased a couple of years before that at a different thrift store. Sometimes I wear them around home but they felt really warm under this dress. Because of the pants, I would call this a fabularsenic look -

- except the magic loupe O made for me, which is always AWESOME. You can be my twin and get one at his Etsy shop HERE.


But they are bell bottoms. How can I freak out about that? Plus, I look like a leetle froggie sitting on a lily pad in that photo. 

Below is a sketch that shows you the outerwear I had on. Frankly, I could have been wearing ragged thermal underwear under this Welsh wool maxi cape and nobody would be the wiser. 

And Happy Year of the Dog!! I celebrated with this sketch.

I'm carrying my lunch-bag handbag. My hair was down and I wore my dark navy beret. I remember back in the day when I wore my beret almost daily, hence, the name of this blog. And I was going to wear a bag over my head for my blog photos until I realized that the beret wouldn't stay on top of the bag. 

The birds on the bike were inspired by the dozens of pigeons that now roost on the city's bike-share bicycles at the docking station they erected in the pigeon's main hang-out downtown. Good luck with that. Maybe if they put spikes on the seats...

Below, what I wore today, Monday, Feb. 19. 

This outfit is called The Shelley because it features the fan-freakintastic coat and sequins from Shelley of Forest City Fashionista. The skirt is actually a mini-dress, but it was too cold for that so I pulled it down and used the darts for my buttocks - the cup size was a bit too small (that's a first!). The whole thing was kept up with suspenders and hidden by my "I am my own brand" DIY T-shirt and another shirt under that.

Sequin magic. You must see this in sunlight to appreciate its floral splendour.

The world is topsy-turvy. So I had to pose like this. Anything to keep me entertained - and filthy.

The sleeves. With my silk velvet scarf, so good.

And below, a Turnip Head sketch with The Shelley coat (by Danier), worn with turquoise flocked Anthro pants. Suzanne has a pair just like them. And my fitted satin black jacket, a $5 find at My Sister's Closet. I want Kitty's thong sandals.

The cold snap makes me want to nap with Kitty.

I wore that napping outfit the day I took photos with a couple of my paintings, late January. I look different here, probably because I have become one with the work behind me. That's an acrylic and oil pastel piece. I bought that top at a thrift shop after an audition, as a reward for not self-combusting with humiliation.

And there you have it. That's my week, friends.

I shall link up with Patti at Not Dead Style and her Visible Monday. And also with Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for her #iwillwearwhatilike.

Big hugs for visiting!!!!! Thank you so much.

PS. I decided I'd also like to post my kitty drawing to Catherine's Saturday Share Link Up, where you can post anything you like. That's great!


  1. Wow, it's like you're on tour. Here, there, back and forth in time, alt realities. All with costume changes. I'm dazzled and disoriented. wheeeeeee! Luv seeing your artwork with you again.

  2. NOW I get "bag and a beret" - I'm just a bit slower on the uptake. I adore these sketches, and the thongs on Kitty's toes. And your sequined dress/skirt, so dazzling. You're a Queen (heh, ref to Prince Harry, ahem). xox

  3. I'm loving the sequin mini worn as a skirt and Shelley's jacket is just a-mazing! xxx

  4. I adore your art, Melanie! It brings a smile to my face every time I see it, so heartwarming and humorous. And your colorful sequined and furry clothes are fantastic!!! <3

  5. I love the birds in your drawings Melanie. When they're sitting atop your head and kitty's head I love them even more. There's just a sweet sincerety about being immersed in life with a bird on your head. Also, your artful cat nap gives me a new visual for "cozy".
    That creatively repurposed sequin skirt and the green velvet pants are textural delights! Yikes!! I couldn't help but feel like we were back home in your staircase!! Love, Jude

  6. Mel, your artwork is such a delight! As is that sequin skirt. It's like an Antidote To Gloom.

  7. Yes, so much fun!
    I wore some work yoga pants to work today. When I got home, I didn't have to change the bottom half of my outfit. Score one point for laziness.

  8. I always enjoy your artwork. Sequin dress as a skirt , so clever, so good on you. I do like to see you and your art, so true you are as I.

  9. Did you made that last artwork yourself? It s amazing!

  10. It makes me so happy to see little turnip head! Yay for "The Shelley"! I am pleased to have such a shiny, happy outfit named after me. The dress is a really good length when worn as a skirt.

  11. Your blog posts always put me in a happy place. I believe you look more like the tortoise imthe yoga pants sitting on the steps. Which is good if you consider Aesop‘s fables. Your outfit is fantastic. I am loving that sequin skirt – dress !!!
    The coat is also fabulous and I know how you feel with this topsy-turvy world we find ourselves in. In New York I see policemen everywhere and it is unnerving. I love your artwork as well. You are nothing but talent from stem to stern- or tips of toes to top of head? Either, I suppose.
    And I’m very glad to hear that the pigeons have a safe place to hang out. Stay awesome ! Yay turnip head!

  12. Oh fun to see all these new sketches. And the painting. You are first and foremost an artist. Wearing the sequined mini dress as a skirt with the darts on your bum ... hahaha, clever thinking. I love the sequins but would have worn it differently, more conservative. You know that of me. Still I appreciate your take on it.
    Your black and white striped sweater is awesome. That outfit is one I relate to more.
    Again.. conservative. Me that is.

  13. Hehe. Well, you must have been comfortable as hell, because yoga pants are what dreams are made of. ;) I especially love that last photo of you, by the way. The art work, the outfit, everything. Those pants look so rad. I bet they feel amaaaaaazing. :P

    - Anna

  14. LOVE IT!! Do I have to go into every detail? xx


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