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Sunday 25 February 2018

How to survive winter '70s style with a kitty

"Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" (reference to '70s TV series The Brady Bunch). These pants could have walked right out of that show. Or The Partridge Family, another TV series from the same era in which "a widowed mother and her five children make a hit record." Sounds plausible to me. These baggies remind me of the Partridge's concert tour bus, painted patchwork-quilt style. No bus for me, but I have a lunchbag handbag with trailers on it. 


The blue top with the thumb holes and the handbag are from eco thrift boutique My Sister's Closet (MSC), which raises money for Battered Women's Shelter Services in the Vancouver area. 

I surmise by the discreet highly-reflective Lululemon logo on the back that this top is designed for an athletic activity, perhaps football, a bar game where you have to grip a penny between opposing thumbs and lob it over goal posts made by the other player's hands. Thumbs must be agile but also warm to be a pro. I didn't know that Lululemon was focusing on this sport.

I could say I'm on my way to the "arena" for "training" in readiness for the induction of bar football into the Olympics, but that would be untrue - I was on my way to the cafe.

I altered those psychedelic vintage '70s baggies by de-cuffing them - they were too short. Cuffs are very Brady Bunch; high waters* are not. One of them had to go. You can see them with cuffs in the first post I did on them HERE*Pants are called high waters when they are "too short" and won't get wet in a flood.

And I wore my ice-blue faux fur jacket, so deliciously blue and surprisingly warm.

And below, a sketch of Turnip Head and Kitty and Saint B. It snowed heavily in Vancouver this week.
Caption: "Rescue whiskey was bad enough - But rescue martinis with a hair dryer. Have I no dignity?"

Snow blankets, a hair dryer with a generator, robins making nests, martinis, rescue dogs, and windshield-wiper sunglasses make this scene complete. I did this journal sketch at the cafe, as usual, coloured it with pencil crayons, scanned it, and then made a few tiny edits digitally as the undo button for my analog life. A bigger scanner would definitely be needed for bigger undo-s.

In the sketch I'm wearing my red Onepiece onesie made in Norway, zipped up to my nose, leather teal gloves, and some mod-ish ankle boots that zip up the back, all from MSC. On top, I'm wearing my mustard-coloured shaggy coat, which you can't see under the snow.

There's still snow. It's pretty, but I'm hoping for some big-time sublimation (when a substance transforms directly from a solid to a gas, conveniently by-passing that annoying slushy middle stage).

I'll link up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for her Visible Monday, and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for her #iwillwearwhatilike.

Big kitty hugs to all!


  1. Ok, am I blind? where's me clicking "read more?" I mean, there's more than enough exciting news as is... Sounds like you're having Chicago weather. Be careful with hairdryers in the snow, ya know. You have the best evah fuzzy coats. In every color I do believe. And plaid pants, they are the perfect duo.

    1. There's a "jump break" thing on blogger and it doesn't seem to be working consistently, where your page is divided into two parts. Grrr. So, this is all there is. Yes, if I had a St. Bernard with martinis around his neck, I would heed your call for hairdryer safety in the snow. Hahaha. Thanks, Pao!!! xo

  2. EEK! I am seriously coveting those plaid pants. They look fab paired with that jacket. Your sketch made me laugh, which is a great way to start a week!


  3. Saint B is my new favorite saint, and I am of no particular religion. Love the Brady/Partridge trousers, and your fluffy coat, and LOVE your description of football. You're the best, xox


  4. Re 'high water pants' my mum (Irish) used to say 'it looks like their trousers had an argument with their ankles and they're not speaking'.....!!

  5. Time to change your blog to Wordpress hahaha. Instead of blogger. That will require some back-up support. At least it did for me, but I am very happy I changed.
    Anyway. I had totally forgotten about these trousers. Even when I went back to the post in which you wore them the first time (2016), I thought... "I have never seen them. Did I comment?" And yes, I commented. Just goes to show, one can easily throw in an outfit used before and nobody will notice. It is hard enough to remember what is in your own closet. Let alone remember what is in somebody else's closet.
    The sketch is again full of layers. It must be so nice to be creative.
    And high water is an expression we use exactly the same in Dutch.
    Good outfit. I thought we might see a photo with just the top, but no.

  6. Do Martinis warm the blood as quickly as a Rum cocktail? I love the idea of sublimation to get rid of all that wet nastiness. Please get your best scientists working on it. Love the blue on you, especially your wrist-al area with thumb holes. With plaid pants you can never go wrong. However, you might have to high-water them again when snow-melting occurs and sublimation has not yet begun.

  7. I would say that the colour of that jacket really brings out the blue of your eyes, but it might sound like I'm trying to woo you. Instead I'll just say gimme, gimme, gimme those pants!

    Anna x

  8. mwahaha, I love those plaid pants in all its seventies glory! and love your furry jacket!
    And I do love your sketch so much, all those details, the martini little barrel, the nest! you totally rock!

  9. I would call those my "happy pants" if they were mine. They made me think about
    "madras plaid"; gawd! how I loved a good madras back in the day!
    Your cartoon drawings have such layers of sweetness, sarcasm, sloppy sentiment and cynical something or other! I am always very charmed by them Melanie!
    Your fuzzy jacket enhances your eyes so nicely!
    Love, Jude

  10. It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
    (Unless you've seen Despicable Me you will probably be wondering what I'm on about?!)
    Anyways... I need all the help I can get surviving winter to day.
    We're up to our "baws" in the white stuff!

  11. love the sketch!
    and that rainbow of a trouser. fabulous look and the bag is totally cool. btw. - we call to short trousers too "hochwasserhosen" :-)

  12. Yippee! I am home and can finally comment on your fabiliscious post. I adore this blue furry jacket and the cool plaid. What an electric, eclectic combination! I also love the blue sweater and the place where you purchased it. I also like to shop at places where the proceeds go to worthy causes.
    Yes to rescue whiskey!

  13. I hope you've de-snowed by now! I love this furry blue jacket so much - at first I thought you were saying IT was Lulu, but bwah! of course not, they would never go so bold.

  14. Can't believe I missed this one, with it's delightful blue floof-i-ness! I have a couple of "athletic wear" tops I've found while thrifting and I find they are really comfortable and warmer to wear than just a long-sleeved t-shirt. Those plaid trousers are the cat's meow (the dog's barK? , the lion's roar?)


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