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Monday 5 March 2018

My Montecristo magazine debut

I'm feeling so professional. I'm in a magazine, my favourite Canadian magazine! Montecristo. It's quite a rush. Yeah, I was in some big-name global mags (see my press), but this is a home magazine, which makes it special. Not just photos but an essay I wrote called Defying Ageist Fashion Rules: Styleactivism. It's their online version, but I don't care - this is only the first step

So quick, sign me up for kite-surfing, a pie-eating contest, ice-climbing, waterfall kayaking (not making that up), and wing-walking while I'm on this high. Actually, the wing-walking has always appealed to me in theory.

I owe photographer Katrin Braga, who took these photos, for this opportunity. She invited me to join her photographic project and then asked if I would contribute an essay. Of course! A native of Iceland, she excels at taking photos of women in the wind - that's just my own observation. Her IG is here.

Katrin was the first professional photographer I worked with a few years back when fashion designer Claire Cormeau asked me to model her designs. I wrote about it in a post called My Day as a 50+ Supermodel. We've been in touch with each other ever since then. She also dropped my name to talent scouts at a casting agency, which led to a few highly interesting TV commercial auditions, here, here, and here. They were all followed by some regrettable thrift shopping.

Of course I was terrified by each new adventure.

But now? Pffft. No more rigor-mortis-face if you point a camera at me. Well, unless it's the look I'm going for. I have to say that it's a bit disturbing, this new-found comfort, but it seems to be part of the natural evolution of playing in this medium. One is bound to become more at ease after years of posing.

In fact, I created two highly-sophisticated guides to posing, which I previously posted on Bag'n'B, here and here. They have definitely been instrumental in my professional career as a poser.

The awesome coat is from Shelley of Forest City Fashionista. It's in high rotation this winter. The glitter tights were retail because I love them, and the vintage over-the-knee boots are from My Sister's Closet eco-thrift boutique, which supports Battered Women's Shelter Services. O made all the rings I am wearing, and I DIY'ed the praying-mantis pendant. (Some spell it preying, which I thought was correct, but no! I was shocked!)

The light in Katrin's studio that day was amazing.

Above I'm wearing black jeans and a men's dress shirt from MSC, a thrifted men's belt, and a deluxe Maison Martin Margiela blazer that Sandra of @standard.deviations bought me at a Sally Ann. So good. The tie is a gift from a friend.

I had a great time with Katrin on this shoot in her studio. Writing the essay was a challenge because I have a bazillion things to say about style rules. If you've already seen this news on my IG, thanks for bearing with this post. And thank you for your incredible support.

Feel free to Facebook, Twitter, Honk, and Toot this article. Heck, yell it out in the supermarket too if that feels right. Hahaha. I want to do this again. I'm becoming a MONSTER!!! Hahaha.

Of course I'm going to link up with Patti at her Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, and Catherine at her #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb.

Have an amazing week, friends, full of positive surprises.

PS: Claire is now a clothing designer at MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop), which is a consumers' cooperative retail chain that sells outdoor-life clothing/sporting goods to its members (I'm a member). I'm thrilled that she is able to put her design talent to work in their line of clothing. They are so lucky to have her.


  1. Your career as a poseur (sounds more posh but might be more negative?) is going great guns!
    Will have a squizz at the article if I can get it over here.
    I think these looks would be perfect for wing walking!
    Oh and thanks for the info re praying manti...never know when that will come in handy!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. PS. Read the very well written article. Laying rubber with r/age right beside you. Turning 55 tomorrow! Mwah!!

    2. Fifty-five, a best year! Happy Birthday!! I personally prefer "preying" mantis. I'm glad you liked the article. Thanks for stopping by! xo

  2. wowww, love your Styleactivism! love your attitude breaking those stupid rules and looking fabulously Visible and having fun!. I totally embrace all the r/age! (I hate so much all those rules on hiding your arms, your knees, your personality, yourself!)
    I love these photos, you look (particularly) Gorgeous!.

    1. You've got a serious case of Styleactivism as well I think. Sorry, there's no cure. Thank goodness!!

      I understand and support guidelines for people who seeking help on how to put together outfits, but criticism of style choices based on style RULES, especially ones based on age!? Pitui!!! I wipe my tongue with disgust! Hahaha. xoxo!

  3. Proud to know the author of that remarkable essay! You're changing the world, Missy, and don't stop. i loved this line: "my career as a poser." Heh, made me think of a certain US president, only you are all-benevolent. xox


  4. Melanie this pictures are stunning. You are a great MONSTER äääähmmm Model :)

  5. These images are so beautiful. I always love to see your posing, I think you do self-photography wonderfully, but it is great to see you work with a photograph, especially one as talented as I'm sure she is.

    When there is a creative collaboration between two people, it's always something extra. Good to hear you feel very comfortable modelling now. You always look very natural on the photographs so I guess I somehow assumed you always felt that way (even if you maybe wrote differently). I think everything we do for a while becomes more comfortable. I imagine I would be very nervous if a photographer were to take my photos!

    Wonderful photography, wonderful clothes...I wish I could pick up that magazine.

    Styleactivism sounds brilliant! Down with the rules!

  6. I read the article, it's so well written and I love the message behind it. You're right, there are so many rules one is supposed to follow once one turns thirty. I don't get it. I'm what 32 and already people seem surprised to see what I'm wearing. It is like we are supposed to dress in a uniform once we turn thirty. I have to say that doesn't appeal to me at all. Down with the ageist fashion!

  7. I think it depends if it's a male or female, the preying vs. praying mantis. (hehe). Wow, Melanie. Can you get any higher? Yes, you can. Seen and Heard is the best. I'm so impressed. kudos, kudos, kudos to you.

  8. Such a great essay and bee-you-ti-full photos. You remind me of the bubbles in episodes of sitcoms where somebody like Lucy or Bobby Brady put too much soap in the washing machine and it foams up all over the place and everybody starts to go crazy until they realize that it is actually FUN to have bubbles all over the place! Average wash cycles are such a yawn. 55. That IS a great age. I remember it like it as yesterday....or nine years ago. You always inspire me, Kiddo.

  9. You are the bomb~! Such an exciting event. I am going to repost on your Styleactivism in a post next month for the AtoZ Challenge. (For my "S" letter day).

  10. I'm so happy to see you've blogged about the publication. And also for catching us up on your photographer and Claire. {A little surprised you are a member of MEC...which brings to mind the fact we've not seen you in the forest lately....}

    You are so incredibly photogenic...but it makes sense that you need to have a certain level of comfort being photographed. Happy that you are finding your element!!!

  11. I just want more & more!!!!

  12. 'Your career as a poser' ... hah! You're the most authentic model in the history of all models. Congrats on hitting the big time locally! it was a brilliant article. 🖤🖤🖤

  13. Radness! Really awesome photo shoot. Congrats! A stepping stone to even greater things for sure! :D

    - Anna

  14. Schtar Monster! Rar! Hear you roar! Mel, you are the best, just the best! Excellent essay, my dear. You're as great a writer as you are an artist.

    I must plan something fabularse to wear when I see you! Gah!

  15. Is that shoot with Clair already a couple of years ago? Oh my, time flies. I have seen the article because Suzanne put it on Facebook and of course I have shared it. It is a very good article and I am not saying this because I want to flatter a friend. It IS a very good article. And the photos are top notch. A jacket by Maison Martin Margiela no less, you lucky so and so.

  16. Your attitudes were well captured in that last photo where only your torso is visible. You seem to be saying, "REALLY!?" You're not a woman that is easily convinced. We need more of that in our role models. There's a whole lot of bullshit, evil, crap going on out there. You look confidently undaunted and just a bit disgusted too. Hooray for representing you and us so well! Love, Jude

  17. Congretulations! That is fantastic!

  18. Read the article. Love the photos (and the article)

  19. Excellent article, Mel! Well done and congratulations.

  20. Great article! How many of us have experienced the 20 something barista/bartender/clerk treating us as if we are invisible? (a hilarious scene in Grace and Frankie comes to mind). I love that you are creating "unstoppable ricochets of positive energy". Lay that rubber down! PS the Monte Cristo is my favorite sandwich ;)

  21. I'm so happy you had this opportunity to shine! It's also so nice to see that fab coat get the attention it deserved. I really enjoyed the essay, and the photos of you are amazeballs. You should be getting more comfortable with being photographed by now - you're a SCHTAR!! XO

  22. Schtar !!
    I adore that photo of your in that vivid pink.. it captures your bold essence.
    Inspiration from here to Tuesday, and all of the Tuesdays that follow.

    Home from vacation, with a WiFi signal that is reliable..looking forward to the read.
    Congratulations, keep on monstering, it looks damn good on you.

  23. That is fantastic! Great photos as well and Super cute outfit!
    Have a nice day

  24. Oh my! And to think you are actually just that wonderful and amazing in real life too. Loves ya, Mel!


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