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Tuesday 13 March 2018

Breaking the ice. Danger!

I'm going to pictures this week. Yeah, like the headline says, I'm breaking the ice! Action shot.

You may have seen other photos from this shoot earlier on my Instagram. They were taken by my artist friend Elizabeth Zvonar. You can read about her at Wiki HERE, her website, and Daniel Faria Gallery, which is located in Toronto. AND she's on Instagram. Whew.

I'm wearing my upholstery-fabric pants, so wondrous, with my spirography-turtleneck top, both of which coordinate nicely with my dotted wheelie cart and trailer-park-motif lunchbag handbag. Graffiti camouflage wear. My beast coat is trying to escape from the wheelie cart. And it's growling.

And look! It's Turnip Head with Princess Kitty. We're exploring an old tunnel. I was wearing my deluxe burgundy pants from Oska, my mustardy-muppet coat, a longish ombre blue/cream T, and a favourite scarf from the brand HADES. Plus my red beret, because, duh, nobody goes tunnel-exploring without one, or without sunglasses, vintage ones.

Still in that cartoony frame of mind, I went through my photos - and also because I didn't have anything new yet to debut, heh - and found my JLo workout velour onepiece that I painted my alternate body on, which took FOREVER with layers and layers of acrylic paint to get it just right. I'm happy with it now.

And I tried to add a little bad-assery, good-assery, mediocre-assery to the onepiece with this faux-leather biker jacket, which, after being stored in a space bag, is now flaking apart! The bag cautions, no fur, no feathers, but nothing about fake leather. Grrr. That company owes me big-time now, at least $5 !!!! That's okay - I can actually work with this flaking mess - I have a couple of ideas. I bought both of these pieces at My Sister's Closet.

That's it for now. I just did this little prairie-dogging pop-up post for a quick look around before going underground again. BUSY!!!!!

May you all be well and merry and well-fed and hydrated - including your skin.

I'm linking up to Patti at Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine at #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb.


  1. I love your black and white outfits, Mel, so snazzy! Ice in the alley? What madness is this? Please order up some sunshine for NEXT WEEKEND so that we can pose about in downtown Van!

  2. Keep breaking the ice everywhere, fabulous Mel. Another one of your super-powers. Love Turnip Head and Kitty being bold together - courage in numbers! xox


  3. You even make the dangerous times fun!!!

  4. I love the sketch!...can you please make a video of your happenings?..that would be awesome..I love the description of your sounds like they each have their own little cute story..You are the coolest fashionista...I've encountered on Instagram..

  5. When I look at upholstery fabric, purely for entertainment, I always imagine beautiful clothing fabrications. These pants are WONDERFUL!!! The whole oufit is very nice. I also admire your matching accessory items.
    I like the tunnel visiting buddies too. They didn't bring a canary along to test air quality in the tunnel? Two birdless heads!
    Happy Spring Melanie! Love, Jude

  6. I always knew you were an ice breaker, Melanie. One with mega-style.

  7. Indeed you broke the ice with splendid sass and good - assery. I love upholstered fabrics when they are used for fashion. Damasks, brocades and rich jacquards are my favorite. Your lunchbox adds some zippy humor and fun colors.
    Sorry about the flakey jacket, I wonder what you have in mind for that! Happy weekend !

  8. I think the combination of top and trousers is giving the outfit a fab vibe. Love it.
    To have a wheelie cart to match...lucky you.
    The drawing is lovely as it always is. Luckily they are coming OUT of the tunnel of danger. Pfeeew

  9. Do you remember when you were a kid and you'd come across a patch of ice and you'd use every tool at your disposal (i.e., your feet) to break it and and make it submit to your will? That first photo reminds me of that carefree, determined time of life. And, as someone else already said, you are the original ice breaker! (Sounds kind of like a wrestling name--"And in this corner, The Ice Breaker!")

    The black track suit makes me smile on so many levels, but especially because of the artistry you added to the outfit. When you first posted this suit before, I didn't see the feet on the pants to realize it was your alternate body. Now that I see it, I can't stop smiling.

    I am sorry to hear about your jacket but super curious to see what you create from it.

    Keep kicking booty and breaking ice, Mel! You're the BEST!


  10. I love all that black&white matchiness!, and love that even your cart matches!, and the beast coat trying to escape!, so wild!
    You Totally Rock!
    Turnip Head & Princess Kitty duo look fabulous, they always do!, so much glamour exploring a tunnel!
    And you look particularly fabulous in your cartoony catsuit, I love it!

  11. It's difficult to see the outlines of your body in the black and white photo as your patterns merge with the graffiti on the wall - COOL! I hate when cheap faux leather peels! I had a pair of cropped faux leather pants that I loved until the "leather" coating peeled off.

    Always enjoy seeing the adventures of Turnip head and Princess Kitty.


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