Monday, 9 April 2018

Dressed up for Ed Poe

A Bag and a Beret quiz. Based on the first photo, which scenario is this blog post?

1. The post in which I birth a lunchbag handbag. A labour of love. The doctor faints, nurses weep with joy - "Madam, O joyful day! It's, it's not a boy or a girl! It's a handbag!" Celestial bells. Twinkle stars and tweeting birds orbiting my head. I cradle my newborn and immediately stuff her with chocolate bars, chips, lipstick, and my keys.

2. The post in which I scream in the countryside while balanced on a split-rail fence. I had to put in the fence to sit on and support the handbag because otherwise it looks like I've just given birth to a handbag. (In the original photo I was sitting on the stairs.)

3. The post in which I debut the latest trend, the dangling muffy-pack, a fanny pack worn at the front really low, sub-muff-line, and get swarmed by paparazzi in the woods. Walking is awkward and trying to fish out change or business cards is not only difficult but embarrassing. Restrooms? Pfff, and you thought overalls were difficult...

4. The post in which I wear a tarp.

Go to Photo 2 for the answer.

Ding ding ding ding. If you guessed No. 4, tarp, you'd be right!!!

Bwahaha! I saw this tarp hanging off the side of the truck the day after I wore this dress. This is clearly the vehicle of a tailor who does serious gardening on the side.

In reality, this is the block mesh dress, as known before I polluted my mind with all those other images that I'll think of now every. single. time. I put this on. Thank you so much, brain.

I bought this dress on an expedition to My Sister's Closet with Sheila of sheilaephemera and her partner L when they were in town celebrating their wedding anniversary. Sheila picked it out for me. I would not have given it a second glance because: 1) form-fitting; 2) see-through; 3) Kardashian-ish (say it fast five times). And now I love it so much. Thank you, Sheila!

There's a built-in cropped cami, front only, a very short sewn-in slip, and a big slit up the back. I wore black tights and lycra shorts for psychological backup, a light-knit striped top, and knee-high Converse sneakers, also from MSC.

And to finish the look I wore black eye shadow, which my eyelids are cleverly hiding. Believe me, it was there - it took for-frickin'-ever to take off because I forgot to apply my eye-shadow primer. And I'm wearing near-black lipstick called Poe, as in Edgar Allan.

It's hard to imagine how my image of that writer would be altered if he were known simply as Ed Poe. "Look, honey, there goes Ed Poe of The Pit and the Pendulum." Did you know that that story first appeared in The Gift: A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1843? Happy holidays!

In other news, Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me published a transcript of one of the interviews I did with her early last September. I did a post about the interviews HERE, my first time doing a video interview.

Well, I was immensely relieved to discover that I spoke in real sentences, at least sometimes. You are welcome to have a read HERE and post feedback. (Sorry, I can't join in because I'm not on Facebook.) This particular interview is called "Fashion over 50: Forget what others think and express your eccentricities!" Thank you, Margaret, for this transcript.

And there's lots going on here in Bagland. I'll keep you in the loop as much as I can. I hope YOU are all fine, getting done what needs to get done or at least putting it off satisfactorily with dull pencils that need sharpening. I recently bought 450 vintage pencil crayons. Divine procrastination! More divine than birthing a lunchbag handbag.

I'll link up to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for her Visible Monday and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for her #iwillwearwhatilike. See you's there.


  1. mwhaha, birthing a handbag sounds like The Last Trend, Darling, it has all the required qualities! it's even impossible (check!).
    You look fabulous in your dress and converse boots ensemble, you totally Rock!

  2. Cool dress! You have such a way of styling things to make them a million times better.

  3. Giving birth to that handbag looked damn painful!

    Bravo to Sheila for convincing you to buy this tarp. Ha! It does not look remotely like a tarp on you. It looks very high end designer, even with the high-high-high top sneakers and lunch bag AKA handbag.

    Hey! I figured out I can comment in Chrome. : ) Damn Safari is a piece of junk.


  4. Psychedelic backup!!!! Love that! I love the dress & Converse!!!! I have several black eyeshadows that I'm obsessed with but never quite mastered. They intimidate me! Maybe I need primer...

  5. Whoa, I did NOT think Kardashian when I saw this (that's a good thing, yeah?). I love how you've made the tarp dress your own. I've never given birth, but - do you have to support this lunch-bag for 20 years?? You're gorgeous as ever, and always a wonderful surprise, xox


  6. That is a badass dress and you are just rockin' that badassery right out the wazoo! I'm not really sure what that means but party on, Mel! I would have bought the dress if it was even remotely my size. LOVE.

  7. At first my thought was Alice in Wonderland!😂😂😂 Love your creativity!

  8. No one Kardashian came to mine, lol. I am loving your blocked mesh dress and your high lace up sneakers. Congratulations on the birth of your handbag! So much fun stuff here, no one blogs like you do!
    Yes, to the well delivered, fabulously styled lunch box bag ! And every other stroke of genius emblazoned on this page !

  9. I read the 4 scenarios you posed before looking at the photo and each one made me laugh harder. Then I looked at the photo with those scenarios in mind and I spit out my coffee. SO GOOD! (The giving birth scenario was what did it.)

    Oh, Mel. I just love your style. I think you know that already. And I love this outfit so so so much! As Patti said, there was no wink of Kardashian anywhere in my mind when I looked at how you styled this fantastic dress. That outfit is all Kobayashi! ❤️


  10. You have such an eccentric mind. Your thoughts.. really, I would never come up with such fantasies. You made me feel like a very boring person. Oh no... you taught me never to compare myself to anybody as it would kill creativity. And you are so right. I beg your pardon. I am not boring, just totally different.
    If you give birth to such lovely handbags, you will probably be asked to be a surrogate mother... That will takes its toll on your body.
    Speaking of body.. when did you start shying away from bodycon dresses? I mean, with your body? Get real.

  11. Super cute outfit! I love that dress, you’re just perfect.
    Have a nice day!

  12. Window pane is a pattern that's tough to find these days and this dress just looks so damn fabulous on you Mel! Great find. You have a sophisticated architectural vibe and I love it! Love Jude

  13. The photo of you squeezing a cool print lunchbag from between your nethers is my favourite!! I'm glad Sheila convinced you to buy the dress. You are able to take items that on first glance seem to be over-the top "sexy" and style them so they become super cool and funky. It really does look great on you, with your "Poe, Edgar Allen" lipstick. I've given up trying to wear eyeshadow as within 5 minutes it's sucked into the crease of my eyelid.


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