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Sunday 22 April 2018

My big screen debut

I recently attended a pre-screening of a film. Why? Because I'm in it! It's a documentary feature called Keep It In The Streets. As such, I didn't have to memorize anything, but I still managed to flub my lines. Heh.

What's the film about? The YouTube trailer caption says: "A nameless group of street photographers chronicle what happens when they start to interact with, and wake up to the city they live in." Yes, that's exactly it. (Trailer is below.)

I was photographed by two of the filmmakers a couple of years ago one wintry day outside of Nordstrom, and then last summer they caught me again coming out of the library, which is when they asked for a short interview.

So I'm in a few scenes, along with some photos from Bag and a Beret. Several movie-goers asked for info about my blog after the screening, which was surreal, considering I thought I'd have ended up on the cutting-room floor. I was relieved that the "flubbed" parts were gone though.

A still from the movie trailer

I love this movie (not just because I'm in it, heh). What's cool is there is no one star. The filmmakers captured a diversity of people. With such passion. Such joie de vivre. It is a true showcase of what complex yet simple creatures we humans are. We want the same things - to be happy, to pursue our dreams of every size and shape, to connect, to find and share compassion. Very uplifting.

Keep It In The Streets let me experience my city in a fresh new light. That's the trailer below.

The young men who made this hope to get the film in the doc film fest roster, which would be awesome. I wish them luck. Their sense of purpose, vision, and total lack of pretension were a blast of fresh air. It was an honour to be included in this project. I'll keep you posted on developments.

Behind the scenes. The film has an amazing original soundtrack.

In the meantime, check out the Keep It In The Streets Instagram HERE, which features photos and clips from the film. And their YouTube channel HERE, where they have an excellent "Brainwash Teaser." Feel free to spread the love. Keep It In The Streets. What's it called again? Oh yeah, Keep It In The Streets

In more news...
Lyn Slater, Accidental Icon, just won a Shorty Award, which are social media awards, in the category of Fashion - not fashion over 40, not fashion over 50, just Fashion. Whoa. That's progress. She has always said age is not a factor. Way to go, Lyn! See her at the podium HERE
Also, Catherine, Not Dressed as Lamb has won her second UK Blog Award for Fashion & Beauty, again, a win where age is not a factor. Congratulations! Her post is HERE

I made a tiny video of how I felt wearing a vintage dusty-yellow brocade coat I recently altered. It was a coat-dress and I opened up the front so that now it is definitely a coat. I've left the edges raw, which I might keep this way - time will tell. You have to click the photo to see the movie, which is on my Instagram.

There is not a really clear view of the coat - it's just a capture of my mood. I'll show the coat more clearly another time. 

And below, what I wore today, my floral bell-bottom pants with a burgundy burnt velvet blouse, and man shoes, yes.

I almost forgot to post the outfit shot. Then how could I link to Patti and Catherine? So here we go: linking to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed at Lamb. See you there!

Have a stellar week, all! May your boundaries be stretched - in a good way.


  1. I'm so excited with your big screen debut! I hope the movie comes here.

    Your little movies are always great. You look like you have the paparazzi following you everywhere you go.

    It's warm enough there for no jacket! Hello Spring!


  2. I think the movie is/will be eye-opening, and will reach a lot of "individuals" who want to connect. Of course, you are already a schtar, and congrats on this new opp! Love your mini vid on IG too - the way it pops to black and white is cool. xox


  3. I definitely want to see that documentary! Love those photoprint pants, too.

  4. Way to go, Mel! Dazzle them with your brilliance!

  5. How absolutely fabulous!! You definitely know how to stretch the boundaries, and kudos to that!!!

  6. I want to see this documentary! The trailer made me excited to visit Vancouver again (yay!), but I really want to see the parts of the film where you're featured. What a cool project to be a part of. In addition, I always love the little movies you make. When I saw it on IG, I kept thinking "moody blues" but your duster makes it more "moody yellow." :)

    Keep on rockin'!

    - Sherry

  7. EE! You are a schtar! Demand better tables in restaurants, poo-poo things in stores, and elbow your way to the front of the line every time! Congrats, and I will definitely watch this movie.

  8. Oh that looks like something I want to see more of!

  9. Please let us know more about the journey of this film because it sounds like exactly what we need to lift our sagging spirits as we wait for Spring. Your bright baby blues just pop in the trailer and in your remodeled coat you're a new kind of golden girl! Shine on Mel!! Love, Jude

  10. I think you are a goofball. Which is probably why I love you.
    Hollywood awaits you my dear. Congratulations with your film debut.

  11. Watching you with joy and awe as your star continues to rise.

    Anna x

  12. Consider my boundaries stretched in the very best ways, love the bits of you on film, and agree with Anna that is is joyful to watch your star rise !
    And as always you adorn the staircase brilliantly, love the hair syled that way for a change, and the man shoes as counterpoint!

  13. woww, I want to see this documentary!, it looks fresh and interesting!, and you're a Schtar once more!! (lots of enthusiasm!!)
    And I love your floral pants and velvet shirt, and your dandy attitude!, so elegant and cool!

  14. Love just the name of the film! And agree, "keep it in the streets." Congratulations!

  15. YAY MEL!! I love the idea behind the film, and that you are in it, of course. Hopefully they can get it into one of the documentary film circuits, and maybe it will come to the Hot doc festival in Toronto.

  16. Wow! That is the coolest news evah. A Mel Movie & Friends. Will it be on Netflix?


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