Sunday, 1 April 2018

The dress of 1,000 faces

It's spring. And I'm ready - in this awesome striped dove-grey linen dress and jacket. They arrived on my doorstep almost like magic a while ago, specially sent from GRIZAS in the EU, so this is a sponsored post. After you read a little more, you'll know why I couldn't say no. Of course the views are entirely my own.

I had been waiting impatiently for the exact right day to debut this outfit, and then, BAM, last week, sunshine and semi-warmth, it was time. Hurray! The problem was having so many styling ideas and just one photo shoot. In the end, I opted for coppery-green glitter tights, two super-long strands of faux pearls, and, at the last minute, men's shoes. Plus of course the magic loupe O made me - I never leave home without it.

All of GRIZAS's clothing are made from natural fibres. This dress flows beautifully when I walk.

There's something regal about that black and white photo, all harumphs and tra-la's. It appears I had to shove my hands in my pockets lest they break into a royal wave! No doubt I'm on my way for pinky tea in the solarium at the country estate, whilst awaiting the hounds and news of Lord B's scandalous little adventure. Ah, euphemisms, how I miss them. More tea? Don't mind if I do. With a little something added perhaps.

But don't let that B&W image fool you.

Versatility travels the limits with this outfit, so much room for play.

For example, femininity sprang to mind initially with this jacket and dress, which I played up with the pearls and a brief flirtation with pointy-toe black pumps and a scarf for a lovely tinge of '20s style.

But then I put on the man shoes and heard an electric guitar. Yeeeah! The shoes were the perfect anchor for my mood; they said, Get your trod on!, while the dress said, Nay, tarry a while. I always enjoy the push/pull of contrasts.

I would happily wear this styling to a spring/summer wedding or tea at my country estate or indeed to a stenchy alley, obviously.

I'd also be more than content to swap out the man shoes and pearls for, say, knee-high Converse sneakers and a cross-body book bag for a casual vibe and hanging out at the cafe. Linen easily crosses lines when it comes to high/low styling.

Oh, and did I mention pockets? Yup, both dress and jacket.

Plus, these pieces work well as separates - the jacket with a T or blouse and jeans, and the dress with a top underneath if I need coverage. Or I could wear sandals and my swimsuit under the dress for a trip to the beach.

So here we have it, in this order: cafe, wedding, country estate tea, beach and stenchy alley (perhaps with Lord B?!) all in one day. And pockets to keep my royal wave at bay. See what I mean? One must always be prepared.

Below you can see the jacket buttoned up and how the stripes form a great upward arrow, and the strong A-line or arrow cut of the dress with its vertical stripes emphasizes the play between the angles. These triangulations are what attracted me to the outfit in the first place.

I started out the shoot with a scarf, but I ditched it quick - too fiddly for my taste. Don't you love those windows?

And I made a super-mini video just for myself, 10 seconds. I was not only in the mood but the alley was quiet, which made filming with a tripod less of an ordeal. I am going to post this video without the voice-over on my Instagram as well.

That's all from me this week. I hope you enjoyed this little romp with GRIZAS. They were a pleasure to work with, and you'll be seeing these pieces more as summer descends.

Whether you're celebrating a holiday or not, may the rest of your weekend be jolly - and your whole week for that matter.

When the time is right, I shall link up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for her weekly Visible Monday and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for her weekly #iwillwearwhatilike. See you there.

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  1. You had me at "linen." And then threw in "pockets" which sealed the deal. Seriously cool (in both the physical and metaphysical senses) look. Love the video!!

  2. ooo, I luv it, and you in it. Linen is my fav. And dashing it is in the alley or, as you say, anywhere you can imagine. Way to go!

  3. Those are FAB separates, I can see why you were drawn to them. They're positively louche, particularly with the (*TWANG*) men's shoes and pearls.

  4. Oh, linen, how I love thee! Also love you in said linen, Mel. Totally up my alley! (Preferably a non-stinky one.)

  5. I love a linen, especially in spring/summer. This has an effortlessly cool vibe and you look fabulous!! x

  6. I love how you make such a dress/jacket combination your own. I really like the dress with the cute shoulder straps. The jacket is fun and quirky but I would wear that on skinny jeans (white, blue, grey, red). Not that this combinations doesn’t suit you but that is what I would do. Just in case you wanted to know haha.

  7. I see why you had to say YES! This suit suits you (heh) and you'll find a ton of ways to style and restyle it. A cup of tea sounds dreamy right this moment. xox


  8. I'd never have considered either of those pieces but on you, you utter rock star, they look amazing! xxx

  9. What a sweet little video! As Vix commented, I wouldn't have imagined those pieces on you, but I really like them. The dress would look great with some converse, knee sox and a little denim or painted jacket, and the jacket would go over so many things. Definitely a good freebee, especially LINEN!

  10. That little snippet of video is so sweet! In just 10 seconds you evoke a mood and leave me wanting more! Yup, even in that plain ol' alley way! The dress is great and the pearls seem perfect with it. Pockets are so wonderful aren't they? They have a way of sealing the deal! Love, Jude

  11. You are the style queen my dear, and oh yes, I'd love to join you for afternoon tea, thank you! I'll be right along once I've found my darling little twin set to keep the chills at bay. Linen plus pockets, why they can do no wrong can they? The addition of loden coloured tights and men's shoes makes this totally unique to you, as ever. Inspiring no less.

    Anna x

  12. I see why you had to accept these pieces, linen! and pockets! and I love the subtle stripes!, and the 20's style with a twist!
    I would love to see you rocking these pieces with your converse!, fabulousness!

  13. Ahh, that is a brilliant dress and jacket! They are truly versatile AND comfy!!! The best combo!

  14. As I sniff and snort with the beginnings of a cold, your post helped me relax, breathe deeply, think of country estates and tea with Lord B in stenchy alleys. Ahhh.... This dress/jacket combo is everything you said it was, like a luxurious little weekend getaway in an outfit. I'm going to check out GRIZAS with hopes they have something for the wee lords and ladies like me.

    Keep enjoying Spring.


  15. Grizas really makes lovely things, and you wear them beautifully!

  16. Love the easy breezy look of these stripes. Fabulous stripe on stripe look, and I love the edge that you added with the men’s shoes. Love the fiddly scarf, too, since I am a maximalist.
    Gorgeous shoot and an inspiration, as always.
    So glad you found a snippet of sun to spotlight you !!

  17. "Pinky tea"? Don't mind if I do. You can royal wave in my direction any time, my dear.
    Never heard of pinky tea...I love it!
    So that's why so many people walk around with their hands in their pockets. Royalty in disguise!
    Stinky alley twirls are the look so happy!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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