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Monday 20 August 2018

Zip me up, zip me down

Ah, the beach! Tidal-line trails of plants, bugs, and plastics, grit in your hair, in your clothes, between your toes, under your fingernails, critters, fallen food that can't be saved by the five-second rule, unless you're partial to a little extra crunch. Yes, the only trouble I have with beaches is sand. Minor detail.

Today I wore my boots to the beach. So practical, seriously. I felt I could stomp safely anywhere I wanted on this wide, empty stretch of sand downtown.

The weather was cool enough that I could wear long sleeves and boots without breaking a sweat.

It's still peak tourism season and this waterfront was deserted. More space for me!

I bought the T-shirt, XXL, and track pants by Triple Five Soul at Talize thrift store on two separate expeditions. Note the cool feature: the pant legs zip open from the hem - air-conditioning on demand.

See? I wasn't kidding about that zipper action. I can unzip them "up" all the way to the waistband.

Below, a photo suggesting motion because I certainly was not exercising in this sporty attire. Get real! Well, except for the jumping shots. I had to go have iced tea after that.

But wait! Below, check out this extra extra bonus feature: the pants also unzip down from just under the waistband to the hem. Double-wide air-con!

These pants are ultra handy for, for, for showing off your underwear! They aren't really stripper pants though because, while there is bi-directional zip action, you can't separate the front panel from the rear. If you were working out at the gym this venting might cool you off, but wouldn't you just wear shorts?

The flapping pant legs would add attractive flourishes for when you break into ballroom or flamenco dancing. I guess it doesn't really matter what the zips are for; these are damned cool track pants. And a few passersby appeared entertained or scared; sometimes it's hard to tell what those crooked smiles mean.

Being at the beach, such a summery place, made me think of this favourite song by Chicago, "Saturday in the Park," except the park in this particular song is filled with people celebrating - singing, laughing, eating ice cream, and playing guitars. My beach was filled with sounds of me taking photos - beep beep beep, oof, ack, grrr, pffft.

The boots are from My Sister's Closet, which is run by Battered Women's Shelter Services. And the RayBan sunglasses are from Ah Love the Pug's family, here.

And there I am with one of my journals. I seem to have two on the go now. I fill their pages with sketches, ideas, bad poetry, lists, prose, and musings on my day. 

That's all from me this time. I am well again! Bwahahaha! Thank you for all your powerful healing vibes.


Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me, her second batch of interviews with me are now all open on her YouTube channel. Go watch, have a laugh. It's great fun chatting with her, part of my great big show and tell. (I'm 56 so don't freak out):

  1. Fashion After 60: One Signature Piece = Many Amazing Looks!
  2. Fashion for Women Over 50 Acquiring Awesome Accessories
  3. Fashion After 50: The Search for Funky Treasures
  4. Fashion After 50 *SHOCKER*! Should We Borrow From Men's Style?

Okay, now that's all. Heh.


I'm going to link up with Patti's Not Dead Yet Style and her Visible Monday, and Catherine's Not Dressed as Lamb and her #iwillwearwhatilike

Stay cool, my friends. I know you do!! xo


  1. I've never think on wearing boots to the beach in the peak tourism season!! mwahaha, even if I also hate sand!
    And you've managed to look cool in track pants, to create an interesting look and to have fun taking pictures! fabulousness!

  2. ahhh, the new Sports Illustrated cover shoot. Now trending: double zip/ double exposed swim suit pants. oolala. You saw it here first, people. Glad to hear (and see) you are feeling well again. Having a beach party like I've never seen before.

  3. So glad you feel better! And your beach party looks HOT, in all the good ways. Those track pants - banned in Boston I think, and so great on you. See you RSN (real soon now). xox


  4. Oh my! Those track pants are...unique. Ha ha! What an unusual idea to have zippers like that. Like you want to get naked...but just not ALL the way naked.

    Good on you taking photos at the beach by yourself. Nothing can stop you woman!


  5. I'll be off to the seaside in a week or two, and might even venture onto a beach. Making note to self to take a pair of boots, as I'm not a fan of sand either. You do manage to look fabulous in whatever you wear. I'd look like a bag lady when I'm wearing track pants, even in a would be a pair as funky as yours. xxx

  6. I'm boggled - why would those pants have all those zip options, but GETTING THEM OFF is not one of the options? No, that doesn't make sense.

    As always, I adore your looks. I plan to wear boots at some point this week. All this smoke haze is making it feel like fall already.

    Hope you are taking care of yourself!

  7. I am getting into a boot vibe, too! I love nice sportswear! I have a couple tracksuits I can't wait to get back into.

  8. I put zips like that in some pants when I needed knee replacement surgery. Xrays and exams were a breeze and I didn't have to wear shorts or strip down to my underwear.

  9. Oooo, I CANNOT wait for it to be cool enough here to wear real clothes again (ie. boots and pants). I have never owned a pair of true athletic brand track pants, but if I was going to, I would want them to have side zippers like that. I love the idea of unzipping them up from the bottom and having the fabric flap around my legs when I walk. You are always so inspiring XO

  10. Great trousers and they suit you so well. Also love the red and white stripe at the top. Nice detail. And I am with you for wearing boots (they go brilliantly with the trousers) to the beach. Like you, I hate the sand for all the reasons you mentioned. Glad you are well again.

  11. I love sand! The warm feeling of it! I love beaches. I think that you are the coolest women in your boots on the beach!

  12. Watching you dance and jump around on the beach, I can't help but think of the Scorpion's song "Rock You Like a Hurricane"! Not only are you rockin', you're blasting across the sand in zipper track pants glory! Those pants are worthy of being compared to a hurricane. They're just so cool! Granted, the zippers are confusing--at least the one that goes from the waist down is confusing--but the bottom zipper makes it so you have this sort of slitted palazzo pant track pants, which is way cool and not confusing at all.

    Rock on, Sistah!

    - Sherry

  13. Those pants are pretty cool! I like them muchly- nice to have options, even if some of those involving flashing! Ha ha! Also great you had the beach to yourself for excellent jumping!!!

  14. Where? Are? The? People? That is so weird...seeing all that beach behind you and not a person in sight.

    You look cool...but I KNOW you are cool! Although speaking of cool, didn't you find it a teensy bit hot in long pants, top and boots?

  15. Wouldn't these pants with peek-a-boo sides be great with some crazy print tights of leggings beneath them? You could even fark some with "wisdoms" printed down the side of the leg ready to flash at folks who need wising up!
    You look HEALTHY and sporty here Melanie and clearly those boots were made for sand walking! Love Jude

  16. Bi-directional zipper, jumping and flourishes, I do not know quite the right place to start with the appropriate complements : as always you are fabulous and your mix of creative eclecticism and humor is addicting.
    Loving the way you these styled track pants .
    It is nice to have the whole beach to yourself. When I go to the beach which is rare, I also do not like sand. And , as you can imagine, I never take sun, so I can see myself wearing a similar outfit to the beach.
    And yes to air-conditioned pants!

  17. "This wide, empty stretch of sand downtown" ...something that can only be said by Vancouverites!


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