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Thursday, 14 February 2019

The devil made me wear neon yellow plaid

Everyone hop on the happy bus! I'll serenade you with my expert tambourine playing until we hit Milwaukee - no guarantees after that. Greyhound bus line is defunct in mid- and western Canada now, so I really think we need a Partridge Family bus line to take its place, full of happy people with shag haircuts wearing baggies (wideleg pants) and peace pendants.  

Why this burst of glee? Because I'm feeling guilty. Very guilty. And I've manufactured this outburst to cancel all that out. 

What happened?

You know I thrive on thrift. Well, I bought retail. RETAIL!!! Gross, pitui. Puh, puh, puh - I scrape my tongue with paper towels. But I couldn't help myself. 

There I was, my body moving down the sidewalk towards home after sketching kitty in my journal, then suddenly, I heard a squeaky braking sound and my left-turn ninker came on. Before you know it, I was on the stairs. Then BLAM, I was in...Topshop!! (sound of horrified screaming)

What's the big deal, right? Lots of people shop there and the Earth keeps spinning, mind you, with a bit bigger wobble these days. The big deal is: 1) my closet is a glamazardous off-world colony; 2) I support thrift shopping to halt the wobble trend; and 3) I'm only dressing off-world these days (my closet). I still regularly shop at high-end designer stores for style inspo, though. 

I digress:
I used to visit Topshop, mostly for ultra-cool footwear with sales of 80 percent off, cool shoes that nobody except me wanted, example here. Then those mega-sales dried up, probably because retailers in general have had to scramble to feed buyers deals in new and improved sale events, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day Month. Discounts seem lower but more frequent. This is my guess. Have you noticed it?

So when I realized where I was, at any second I expected the angel on my shoulder to garrote me with a harp string. But no, I heard a high-pitched sound, almost like singing: it was the devil on my other shoulder, tickling my ear with his spear! (no comment) 

I went to scope out the shoes, but there in front of me was a row of neon plaid puffer jackets. I approached with trepidation and checked my rear view to make sure I wouldn't smack anyone when I recoiled at the underwhelming sale price. Gaaa - 80 percent off. I lunged. Oof. 

But wait, there were a few more racks to nose through. And did I buy again? Let's just say my angel's harp strings are all broke; I'm more thick-skinned than I thought. And the devil, with so much action, dulled his spear. 

I only bought one other piece, which I'll reveal later, but this was a big deal for me - non-shoe retail. To balance things out, I've been revving up my sewing machine at home. I'll show you that later as well. Is it clothing? Is it art? 

And a couple more photos of what I wore last week.

My awesome men's Oscar de la Renta wool/cashmere overcoat made in Bulgaria with my black skinny jeans and pickle-stabber ankle boots. Every single piece here, I realize, is from My Sister's Closet thrift boutique, which supports the Battered Women's Shelter Services. It's one of the very few thrift shops in the city (actually, the only one that I know of) that doesn't charge GST based on its charitable status.

You can see in the above two photos how the light moved in the short time I was there. The second one was taken before the first one. And then this corner below always seems to have light but I don't go there often - it's a bit scungie despite the great graffiti.

I'll do linking up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday and Catherine at Not Dressed a Lamb for her #iwillwearwhatilike when the time comes. 

I hope you guys are all fine. No, not fine - stellar!!! And why not? We're alive, we can dress up almost for free with stuff we have around, and the world is still turning, a bit more wobbly now, but turning. 


  1. I love those bells so much! And you had to get the puffer jacket--so fun. Can't wait to see what future surprise is in store!!

  2. Those bellbottoms are epic!
    I always look at Topper's boot sale, they have some tremendous bargains. xxx

  3. Van has a Topshop?? Uh-oh...could be Dangerouse! As you are in that glorious puffer! So cool!

  4. I wondered if this was a thrift find or not. It looks great on you and I think we all succumb every now and then to the lure of retail, especially hugely discounted retail.

    You must be having a very long cold snap there to break down and buy a puffer coat. The colour is wonderful though. Plaid on plaid is divine.

    What a difference between your two outfits! That's what makes your style so interesting.


  5. Love the bell bottoms and puffer jacket, which obviously was meant for you. You've managed to make me less guilty, as I've succumbed to the lure of retail back in January. And not just once! But how was I supposed to say no to purple fake fur? I had to promise the angel on my shoulder I would be a good girl for the next couple of months. xxx

  6. During the recent Snowmaggedon, I've been so glad to have a puffer jacket. Yours is fabulous!

  7. Ooh ooh... the double plaid! I think this was one of the times where the exception is perfectly acceptable. It is great that you were so conscientious. We certainly do live in a wobbly state. Our perilous planet is woefully worrisome . Sorry I was bent on alliteration.
    Ah, but we do our best.
    Always fabulous and so fetchingly funny ! More alliteration... sorry..
    I have been doing much the same. Very little shopping at all, and actually shopping my abundant giving closet .
    You are slaying it GF!

  8. I too would have swooned at the sight of that pretty plaid puffer.

    I think it's easier to bear the responsibility of being a vulnerable human by just succumbing on an "as needed" basis.
    Winter warmth is imperative and I think this jacket may have special qualities.

  9. My girlfriend is talking about moving to Canada! I told her some fabulous women live there!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I only know you and the fabulous Suzanne! Haha. What a fantastic dresses you wear in the The Wedge post! Hope that you would like to join my Fancy Friday linkup party too!

  10. Amazing! "my closet is a glamazardous off-world colony" is possibly the best piece of word art I've EVER read!!

  11. I occasionally succumb to the draw of the 70% off rack at H&M (that's how I got my silver pants for $10) so I understand an occasional retail "fall off the wagon". The colours in that jacket are so yummy!! I agree with Suzanne about the way you can wear such vastly different styles and carry them off successfully. I like the powerful, purposeful you in the fab Oscar de la Renta coat.

  12. mwhaha, this fabulously yellow jacket have your name all over it!, all we succumb to the retail temptation when is a fab bargain and it looks colorful and shiny and totally cool!! Love your jacket, love your trousers and love even more how they look together! You Rock in doubled plaid!
    And I love you in your men's coat looking so elegant and cool and gorgeous! Rockstar fabulousness!


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