Thursday, 8 August 2019

Bare arms, plunging necklines, and tower hair, oh my

My arms are bare and I'm starting to be okay with that again. I was a bit wobbly (heh) for a while. Pfft. Bring. It. On! 

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, Grizas dress and jacket, Vancouver 2019

Grizas sent this dress and matching jacket to me over a year ago, April 2018, and I wrote about it here and even made a tiny video. 

I've said it before, I'll never be as young as I am right now, and if I already cover my arms, what will be left to show of my entire body in the years ahead? It's not about the body; it's about what's in the body, so go do something amazing. Go on!! - I tell myself.

And below, another thing I wore this week: my acid orange jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and no coverup top underneath - it's a first. And arms showing. It was just so dang hot and this jumpsuit was so dang cool I had to do it. After about five minutes I forgot about the neckline completely.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, tower hair, vintage orange jumpsuit, Vancouver 2019

It was a good hair day when I wore my dress. Really, when my hair is sticking up all over the place I have yet to figure out what, from someone else's perspective, would constitute a bad tower hair day. "Uh, Mel, your hair is sticking up there." To capture said hair I went down to the Art Gallery for some photos and took the little step stool to sit on.

Exhibit A: Hair.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, tower hair, 2019

My hair is on the cusp of falling over so I have to enjoy every good hair day left before another Big Chop.

And below, the matching jacket. I feel like I'm sitting for a Sears portrait. Heh. Sears is/was a big North American department store, which always seems on the brink of collapse these days. And bye-bye Barneys - almost. At least they are keeping their New York flagship stores open.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, Grizas dress and jacket, 2019
Mel Kobayashi laughing, Bag and a Beret, Grizas dress and jacket, 2019

I even brought my rockstar shirt from O and a vintage tie. I switched out the heels for my slip-on Converse running shoes.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, Grizas dress with rockstar top and vintage tie

Somehow the baggy crotch of the jumpsuit balances out the neckline. I also put on the diamond encrusted meteorite pendant as a distraction from the plunging neckline. That was kind of a big fail - it's big, shiny, and positioned right at the lowest point of the plunge - but it made me happy.

Mel Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret in vintage orange jumpsuit, 2019

SWOOOOSH!!! You can see a bit of pylon or traffic cone in the corner. Coordinating perfectly. I can't lace the top lace holes of my shoes unless I wear socks because the sandals bite my ankles, and I didn't think socks would go.

Mel Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret in vintage orange jumpsuit, 2018

And why not a kick to show you that this is not a dress. It's an even cooler jumpsuit!

Mel Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret in vintage orange jumpsuit, 2018

The parasol was given to me by Lily-Lark last year. I often go out with it to protect from the sun. I went to the Art Gallery again. I love the light up there.

Mel Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret in vintage orange jumpsuit, 2018

And the Pride Parade was last Sunday. I wasn't in the mood to dive into the crowds so I hung out on the periphery in a cafe and sketched in my journal, as I do. That photo below is two photos stuck together. I didn't have my tripod or camera so this is the best I could do with the phone. It still freaks me out taking photos on a phone.

Mel Kobayashi Bag and a Beret paillette top and palazzo pants in Vancouver

That's been my week. How has yours been?

I'm too late for Patti's Visible Monday, dang! (word of the day), but I'll skedaddle over to Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike, at Not Dressed as Lamb. See you there!! 

Stay cool, my friends. 


  1. Two songs bubbled to mind as I read your post: The Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City" and Kiss' "Rock & Roll All Nite." In other words, you're rockin' and heatin' up the city, baybee!

    Like you, I struggle to show bits of skin here and there--arms, back, lower necklines. But also like you, I tend to forget about it once I go outside. All the fear is in my head. Thankfully, no one has ever pointed in disgust or held their nose at what might to some be considered unsightly freckled flesh.

    Keep on rockin'!


  2. You look all kinds of groovy and cool. It's much better than looking square (is that even a thing anymore?) and hot.

    With menopause I've got the hot look mastered and it's not very sexy. I have no idea why they say hot and bothered. I'm just bothered I'm so damn hot.

    I agree 100% that we will never be as young as we are today so best enjoy it.

    That jumpsuit is fantastic!


  3. We have the right to bare arms! I don't care how wobbly my arms are - everyone looks at my ink anyway! I think you look fabulous, as always (your pailettes are so lovely). I am digging your tower of hair - I have hair envy! Only you could rock that gorgeous jumpsuit.

  4. I just had a shoot yesterday and I hided my wobling upper arms! Damn, and I work out 4times a week! I love your Hair! Mine is at bos best when other people think:she just came out of bed! Think Robert Smith! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  5. woww, I totally agree with previous comments, You Totally Rock in your cool striped dress and the orange jumpsuit is absolutely Funky!, love it!, love your pictures, love everything about this post!
    And your hair looks magnificent!, yes!

  6. There is nothing wrong with your arms. I will send you a close-up pictures by mail of mine. You will feel so much better haha.
    I love that linen dress with the jacket. Not your usual style but you can pull it off.
    The orange jumpsuit is fantastic. What is the matter with the neckline? Looks fine to me.

  7. Your arms look great! I've noticed some crepey skin and a bit of wobble on mine, but like you said, if I don't feel ok with bare arms now, by the time I hit 70 I'll be wearing a burka. The grey and white stripes are a chic summer look, but man, I DIG that jumpsuit - the colour, the flappy wide legs, the halter style top, it's all SO GOOD. When I see you do your hair like this it makes me miss my giant coloured hair swoop.

  8. There's something summer serene about this post.
    You seem reflective in your subtle stripes and boldly reflective :-) in your orange jumpsuit. You're beautiful in both.
    Changing seasons seem to ask us to take a moment to contemplate. I'll bet the underside of your umbrella looks like a stained glass window against the bright sun.
    August used to be a difficult month because my students didn't want to return to school and neither did eye. In retirement I reflect a lot.
    Love, Jude

  9. Oh hey, gorgeous model-woman! I've always loved the linen jumpsuit, it looks so free and no woman would ever feel the need for Spanx again. And the orange dress is sexxxxxy and you shine in it. Would love to be sipping coffee and sketching with you right now, xox



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