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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

From rainbow platforms she rises
sunrays spewing from her arse
the Divine, the inspired freakish thing, the 
from boudoir FILM noir
playground to bar-boundXX
with glowing beckoning codpiece
quivering and naked pale on

Magic shrooms
Hallucinogenic daydreams
You must see this.
G  o !    G o   n o w ! !

Oh, Sara, thank you so much for your joyful and fishy contribution to this piece of fabric! Seeing your post was an unspeakably welcome distraction from the living I'm crafting at the moment. If you haven't already seen her post, don't miss it. The quilt grows. The journey continues.

...and a quick update

Ere I am J.H...The ghost in the machine.
(from the movie Brazil)

I'm too late for Hat Attack. I'm too late for the latest Visible Monday and Secondhand First(TM) and Shoe Shine and and and... In fact, I'm late for most of the Net life swirling wildly beyond my control within the guts of this machine, beyond this little clickety keyboard and the blue ghost-light of the screen. But here's whad I got, which I am linking to Shiny T Tuesday at Flight Platform Living.

First, the hat. It's my black hat, a vintage one, $7, worn with a vintage car coat circa early '50s, golden and shiny, black side-zip slim-cut linen capris, and super-high studded platform shoes. I'll leave the visualizations of everything but the hat and my left eye and my bits of messy hair to your imaginations. 

Bing. S'a meercle. Here I am again. In my jeans. In a thrifted jacket (designed by a famous He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) enhanced, nay, resurrected by permanent markers (my faithful Sharpies - I had to get a new pack). This is MY jacket now, sucka'! Fake bone-tone reptile skin. I always smile like this when I come out of the salon in Brazil.

I'm in Mad Hatter mode. I'll connect later youse guys...

PS I just joined Mis Papelicos for her Share-in-Style: Pink as well. No pink here. I just felt like being a gatecrasher.
Okay, I just joined Bella's Shoe Shine too, hosted by Sheila at Ephemera instead of The Citizen Rosebud for something new. You can't even see my shoes. Heh. 


  1. omg you look divine! i love your sharpie fashion! you are always always always totally inspiring! I am chuffed beyond words that you shared at shiny t xxxxxx

  2. Sooooooooooooo wonderful, come and join us in pink or any other colour

  3. you look eerie and gorgeous in the hat pic. A quote from Brazil,too -- it' a lucky day!

    I'm going to Sara's now . . .

  4. Love that hat pic, Suitable For Framing™! but that jacket, wow, just gorgeous!! It's so funny, LM and I were just talking about Brazil the other day. A space in the airport reminded us of one of the interiors.

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you're taking a break from pushing that grindstone around and around. And yes, I mean Miz Bagg. At least you're finally getting out to see the light of, well, the stairwell.

    The hat photo is divine! Iconic like Audrey or Marilyn. Next I'll be looking for a giant leopard-print high heel hat on your head. And your hair is lovely and shiny and reflects all the colors of your psychedelic jacket. This Melstrom will tide me over until your next post!

  6. Luuuuuurrrrrve that jacket, or more accurately, what you did to that jacket. You have me scouring the thrift stores for something I can draw on with a sharpie(s). The pants make your legs look 8 ft long.
    It's a good look for you, trust me ;)

  7. Thank you for linking me up :)
    I'm so happy to have been part of this project. I'm well curious to see what it will look like when it's all covered in patches and drawings...
    Love the alteration you did to your jacket. You always do the best alterations!

    I hope you are well. xx

  8. The hat. The jacket. The jacket. The hat. The traveling yellow skirt. It's all too much creative wonder. I need to lie down.
    The hat image reminds me of a cross between Erwin Blumenfeld's Jan1950 Vogue cover (though minus the mouth in yours) and irving Penn's June 1950 Vogue cover.
    And the jacket. What new wonder is this? I want to see it teamed with the boots now. A surfeit of amazingness.

  9. That hat is stunning - I think you will like my new mushroom hat. And Shoe Shine is still on - come on over, even though we can't see your shoes. ;-P

  10. you're all legs in those trousers! Looking gooooooood!

  11. Looking so very fabulous here! Gosh your hair is so darn attractive and cool. Love the jacket with these jeans. Melanie you have it going on!

    blue hue wonderland

  12. ooo, ooo, ooo, I want to see that jacket close up right now! Ok, I'll wait for it, but it looks so fabulous having been Sharpified by you. Glad to see you've made a break for blogdom while you can. The b&w hat is so haute.

  13. Good to see you Melanie!
    We need a close up of that jacket!
    Do it soon when you have time
    Plus let me know when you will call, i know you are busy!

    Love and hugs


  14. Ooh, that's a very mysterious photo, love it. And the artified jacket looks amazing.
    PS. Are your legs really a mile long? They look it. xxx

  15. Fantastic hat and photo treatment too. Wish I could copy your long slim look without any effort that is.

  16. So happy to see your smiling face and effervescent creativity. Your black vintage hat has given me a Hat Attack with your clever post! I love your Mad Hatter mode!

  17. That jacket rocks, Melanie, as do the high-waisted wideleg pants. A stunning look on you! Xoxo

  18. Give me just 6 inches of your legs, I know you won't miss them 'cos they go on for miles!
    Love what you did to that jacket, I have Sharpies, I have clothes I lack the talent! xxx

  19. YOU ARE WELCOME TO ANY PARTY- go ahead crash 'em all- you are a treasure.

  20. LOL, you imposter! You are hilarious, Melanie! Thank you for playing along with Shoe Shine!

  21. You can draw on ALL of my clothes, woman, you are a genius! And thank you for the Brazil reference.

  22. Gorgeous hat pic, you look so mysterious and soooo glam! and your amazing legs! your sharpie jacket is just awesome, I like how you use a sharpie! much better than me putting a name on my daughters blazer! x x x

  23. Bra-Ziiiiiiiiillll. That's me singing Brazil. You look very pretty. Oh that jacket! I had to use my own magic loup to see it up close. It has definitely had some work done.

  24. The ORIGINAL Color-Outside-the-Lines DIVA(!!), gate crasher par excellence, and designer redesigner. Never mind hairtastic visionary. You never fail to inspire. Miss you!!

  25. Terrific outfit. My kindagirl. Fantastic jacket, great trousers. And I would have liked some more photos of the hat as I think it is devine.
    Oh... and I have the yellow skirt now....I feel soooo responsible for delivering something good. It weighs heavily upon me.


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