Saturday, 31 August 2019

Ruffled in a frock coat

I've been sequestered in my garrett feverishly toiling on a new symphony in H-minor with none but my pet raven Grasp as a silent companion at the window. This work will break all the records. It'll be huge. Great. Really fantastico. 

But now I am stepping out for refreshment with gentle verse and a forest shower. "O," my giddy soul cries to the heavens, "Dispatch thy muses - and a new rollerball pen." Writing with a feather is fecking annoying. And plucking them from seagulls may even be an offense. Grasp doesn't share either.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, frock coat, plaid pants, ruffled blouse, poetry

Artliness temporarily satisfied, I clamber onto nearby battlements and gaze seaward, brow furrowed (not really, those are just lines). I scan the horizon, searching, searching for my ship, which should be coming in any decade now.

It would be so much easier if it were a jet coming in and not a frigging frigate. And an airport at least has a Food Court where I could hang out. But wait, maybe my ship is a luxury yacht or, gulp, a tanker. I must consult the Manual. Does anyone know where it is? Oh dear!

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, frock coat, plaid pants, ruffled blouse, time travel

Still waiting, contemplating more poetry. And owning that wall, I mean battlement (the top of a fortified wall of a castle with holes for shooting from). Bafflements is a good word too to describe a confusing wall or even this blog post.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, frock coat, plaid pants, ruffled blouse, time travel

And what ho? What's this? The royal court has decided to have an official portrait of me painted?

Me looketh upon the artist with suspicion. "O, Painter, be thou forewarned. If thou dost not capture a flattering likeness, I shall lop off thine head." (Why must I stick my hand in the jacket like that?)

In fact, I would prefer a non-likeness, so not to worry. And we would go out for martinis and pickles and swap stories on where to get good rollerballs and plumes, if not provided deus ex machina (unexpected godly intervention that saves the day), which is always my preferred method.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, frock coat, plaid pants, ruffled blouse

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, frock coat, plaid pants, ruffled blouse

I love this aubergine frock coat with ruffles and my Partridge Family pants.

This outfit is a definite time-slipper. I conceived it for chasing bad guys with Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, a movie which features the phrase, "Groovy, baaaaby," spoken with a toothy grin. But on this light-rain day it morphed from Austin Powers to Jane Austen.

Details of the blouse. I wore suspenders with the pants too.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, plaid pants, ruffled blouse, suspenders

I have been possessed by ruffles and blazers (and frock coats) for almost a year now. Finally, I farked this thrifted Asos blouse by adding ruffles around the collar and sleeves, and down the front. There's even netting behind the base layer for body and lift, although that was original to the blouse, I confess.

Now I shall fark all my blouses! I would happily wear ensembles like this every single day, although I would need a hound and maybe a horse. I already have a sports car (as you can see in the video clip link in the right sidebar) and a toothy grin.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, frock coat, plaid pants, ruffled blouse

I went to another play with Mara, the opening night of Shakespeare's Coriolanus at Bard on the Beach, front row, where we were right in the heat of battle. Clearly, its influence has spilled into this blog post.

I had never been so close to "violence" before, even feigned. The blood and wounds looked pretty convincing, which made me ponder even more the tragically flawed nature of our species.

The story is timeless: ruthless power-seekers contend with colleagues, family, foes, and poor people hungry for a good line. Sigh. In this play, all the people really want is corn. Is that so hard? The lead role is gender-switched to female and played brilliantly and breathlessly by Moya O'Connell. The play runs until Sep. 21 on the Howard Family Stage in the Douglas Campbell Theatre. Check HERE. (Not sponsored)

I debuted my farked blouse with this outfit that night. Mara debuted a coat that she farked with red paint too. Stunning.

And, finally, I put together my third annual (plus a few months) compilation video of what I wore 2018/2019. Click the photo or HERE to watch the video on Instagram. You don't have to be a member of IG to watch it though.

Mel Kobayashi, What I Wore video, 2018-2019

That's it for this week.

Oh, except I opened a new page with lots of my sketches HERE featuring Ternip Hedd (changed the spelling to avoid conflict). Most of these sketches you've seen on Bag'n'B; a few may be new.

I'll be linking to Patti at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, and Catherine at #iwillwearwhatilike, Not Dressed as Lamb when the time is right.

Cheers, everyone. How does your ship come in? Land? Sea? Air? Carrier pigeon? Ether? Curious minds want to know.


  1. I prefer hot air balloon as my key mode of transport to the hithers and yons. Your entire ensemble would fit swimmingly with the multi colors of my balloon. Won't you join me? I always carry a picnic basket within my balloon basket. It is filled with fresh martinis and pickles. All we need to do is speak quickly to set the balloon sailing, for we are both full of some very hot air. :)

    Just reading about your visit to the Bard on the Beach made me a little swoony. How I love S-speare, but sometimes his plays can be unsettlingly violent.

    Now I am off to romp in some fields of barley with Sting and David Bowie. Won't you join us? I'll be the one blowing up the balloons.

    United in Tufts of Brilliant Insanity,
    Your Petite Friend,

  2. If Tilda Swinton hadn't played the title character in the film "Orlando", you would have been excellent in the role. You can wear the "Dandy" style so well - I think you should always wear ruffles and frock coats!

    I luuuuuvvvvved the page with your sketches, and the store of the little rabbit-like creature that you did with O is so adorable.

  3. i can't bear the thought of the word "ship" at this moment, as mine is no doubt being shredded in the tentacles of Hurricane Dorian. But I hope yours is a helicopter, ready to swoop down and carry you to all the Best Places.

    Love, love the ruffled blouse, and your portrait is worthy of the mantelpiece. Our Lady of Style and Fabulousness! xox


  4. I love all the light hearted whimsy that filled this post. I think we all need clothing that carries us away by boat, train or even hot air balloon like Sherry.

    That coat is stealing the show even if the pants and farked blouse are trying their hardest to compete.

    I really enjoyed your sketches again.


  5. Love the jacket and blouse. And you have used the right words to describe your state (of mind). Oh how I wish I could express myself in English like this. Or even in Dutch for all that matters. That picture of you in zephia colours in the frame: brilliant.
    I think your looking to what is coming, reminds me of Bluebeard's wife who says to her sister: "Anna, Anna, does thou see anyone coming?" Or something like that, after she looked in the forbidden closet.

  6. I sink into your words like they are a miasma of liquid and air, gently buffeted (not the food kind of buffet) on all sides by feathers or are they ruffles? The plaid gently holds in the sides, in a Marcel Marceau-mime-like constriction of shape. So, the Bard's words got to you? As well as the bloodshed, no doubt! Get thee to a nunnery! (Wrong play).

    Happy to see you farking about, Mel! I saw you on the floor-stand poster at the local SDM! Eee, I squeed!

  7. aha, there you are in all your frockstar glory. This frockcoat is one of your best yet, especially with the embellished ruffle blouse and the stripped pants. The BEST. Throw in Shakespeare and what more could anyone want? Well, yeah, the ship coming in. I don't know what I'm waiting for to come night? a new regime?

  8. This look brings to mind a poem my mother could recite. I'll dig for it and send an email. I love everything about this. You could grace a history book on the colonial period. King George's buddy, Lady Melanie of Van Couver (by way of Scotland) wearing the family tartan and plush, dressy waistcoat.

    Your InstaGram Annual video capsule is WONDERFUL!! Clearly you post there more often. Love, Jude

  9. love your fabulous post and your not bafflement-inducing writting!. And love your ruffled shirt, frock coat and plaid pants and the Total Fabulousness they create together!. Fabulousness And Fun!!!


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