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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Let's meditate, shall we?

(warning: exceptional Language in this post)
After I do a questionable post, I like to do a cleansing post like this - spiritual, uplifting, chaste, pure. Won't you ohm with me? 

Just close your eyes and breathe in and out, concentrate on nature's verdant and really growing splendour - what the fuck, was that a fucking spider?!! - and think fluffy pastel-pink happy thoughts about - kee-ryste, am I sitting on a fucking bug?!! - that glittering rainbow magic of a bountiful She-universe sprinkling Love Pellets over - fucking no way if that's gum on my white tunic - our parched and gagging lives. 

Very good. And now, some uplifting meditation, eyes still closed - no cheaties (giggles) - while tenderly walking with antelope-footed grace in elegant daintily-studded platform shoes - goddamn side of my shoe is chafing my foot. Ahhhh, exhale. That was special, wasn't it? - where's the fucking spider!? There's nothing like pure snowy-whiteouts of the mind and surrender to vegetation, that which is still growing and that which is crumpled under foot, as succour for a wilty life-wand - WTF? Now open your eyes slowly with anticipation - goddamn sun, so fucking bright it'll wreck my photo - to my white outfit. (choir sings, rapture ensues)

Can you believe it? Neutrals. And some of you know how I've been whinging about the colour drainage in store windows lately. The good thing about eating your words is there are no calories.

I'm in a quaint park near my home - very secluded except for hundreds of windows looking down on me and a constant flow of traffic. I'm getting better at ignoring it all but it was challenging having 650,000 people in my yard on the weekend* and I only had canapes and drinks enough for two. What a pickle I was in. I needed some loaves and fishes fast, no, strike that, some pizza, calamari, and Bloody Marys, and, oh yes, fruity flan would have been most welcome as well. The real miracle is I didn't swear in this paragraph, but of course I never swear.
*attending Pride Parade

  • white jeggings, rarely worn but inspired by a post by Sylvia at 40+ Style, retail sale bin years ago
  • beigy linen tunic with white trim, retail sale bin years ago
  • white floaty under-tunic, sample sale years ago
  • white blouse thing with collar, Value Village, deconstructed last night
  • magic loupe, O made it for me
  • studded platform shoes, retail sale
I'm including the shoes for fabulous Bella's Shoe Shine at The Citizen Rosebud, which she hosts on the first Wednesday of every month, but I don't see it yet, probably because she's taking a break. But here are my shoes anyway.

(Above written on Tuesday)

And next is what I'm wearing today (Wed) for Anne's Fruit Salad (Tutti Frutti) theme (peach, orange, lemon, lime) in her 52 Pick-Me-Up link-up at SpyGirl. I'm fruit flowers.

Every step is a new posing challenge. One must be prepared for paparazzi on every landing. But guess what? I was paparazzied (style-eyed) on my inspiration walk today by a handsome young man, Ben, who is a Vancouver street style photographer. So thanks to Anne's inspiration, I may be in his collection. I checked his tumblr when I got home, Flairspotting, and it will be interesting to see if he posts me... Sadly, my own street style blog is somewhat dormant at the moment.

I hope this little meditation exercise has helped you carry on with your day. I know it has helped me find my centre - and my top and bottom as well, the latter of which is getting easier to find every single day that I meditate on it. What a relief as I'd rather be human than an insect which only has a head, thorax, and abdomen with no bottom but SIX legs. Think of the pantyhose problem!

If you've not guessed, Miz Bagg is back in town. Who knows what's next.

PS: Powder Blue with Polka Dots posted a great photo of Norma Jean before she became MM. She summarizes everything I meant in the last post in one sentence with one photo. (Do you see the resemblance between Bella and Norma Jean like I do?) And I agree with Curtise's recent post about everyone's posts, if that makes sense.


  1. I laughed so much whilst reading this post, reminded me a lot of what I was like when I used to go to yoga class.

    Great photos, particulary the shot of you in that fabulous jumpsuit!

  2. I think you look beautiful in neutrals - I had to grudgingly admit that they are okay (yes, OKAY) during my capsule challenges last year. And didn't you hear? Black is the new black! OMG, holy shit!

    I love the post about the posts and the posting. I can't articulate it nearly as well.

  3. Right post, right moment! A bit of a wah wah afternoon for me. {Still in the contest though.}

    Loving that tunic! I can make myself feel a bit guilty when I wear neutrals. Silly really.

  4. Your Serene do look amazing in that light neutral outfit. The shoes are perfect for squishing big spiders, and really cool too!

  5. "The good thing about eating your words is there are no calories."

    That's the best thing I've read in days.

    You look entirely ethereal in white.

  6. Very amusing. Love the jeggings and shoes.

  7. I wish I could meditate like you - your mind encompasses everything, including the tiniest souls squished under your studded platforms.

    This post is just hilarious! I loved every bit of it, and the way your neutrals blossomed into a fruit salad. Both outfits look fabulous!

  8. Very glad I could inspire you Melanie. I must say I absolute adore the white and cream outfit on you with the fabulous jamper and shirt. And the shoes being the final icing on the cake. You should definitely wear these leggings more often!

  9. What is up with Vancouver???? So many gorgeous creatures in the streets. Of course, YOU are the STAR. Love the contrast of the two outfits. I love the way you meditate. Entomological Nirvana.

  10. Haha Melanie you make me laugh!! Those shoes woo hoo gimme! I'm yet to slow down and meditate but I'm too curious, we tried recently at a health spa but I was the only one peeping with one eye open!! Haha call me nosey but I don't miss a trick xxxx

  11. I love this post (but then, I love all of your posts) fruity flans and 650,000 people in a secluded spot - the neutrals are serene and pantsuit is amazing, your shoes have a special place in my heart - and 2 legs are indeed enough, I huff and puff getting those in pantyhose x

  12. Ah, I feel centered and cleansed just reading about your self-connectivity and inward journey. And I learned a few juicy new swear-phrases too, score! Love the neutrals, you wear them beautifully. And the fruit salad too.

  13. My english is poor so i sometimes have to struggle my way through your texts, but they are worth it! And if they were'nt (you see ... strange english, right? "were'nt" ?)I would follow your blog because of your amazing outfits. No one could wear that jumpsuit like you do!

  14. you crack me up!

    Both outfits are awesome as usual. Oh, to be able to wear layers again( I'll have to wait till November)

    I always thought MM looked better "before".

  15. I'll be thinking of you during yoga class today -- I suspect the opening meditation might find me giggling, thanks to you!

  16. You are so f**cking awesome I can't stand it! And this post induced much snorting while attempting to stifle laughter at my desk. I want to marry that jumpsuit, because I love it soo much. I would treat it kindly, and shower it with affection and the respect it deserves. You can even make neutrals look subversive.

  17. Favourite sentence,

    "The good thing about eating your words is there are no calories."

    I need to put a post together just with quotes from your blog.


  18. What a unexpected deviation for you to go to neutrals!!! It would be like me doing so...a little scary, at best...but once again, you pull it off with panache! You look so very elegant! Yet I always long to see you in the crazy stuff...maybe because vicariously I can live through your sassy antics! What a cool way to start the morning...cracking up over your meditation style! (I had an encounter with a big hairy spider just last night, too!!!)

  19. Love this post!! your mellow meditation helped me zone out whilst a coworker was boring me too near tears!!
    I adore the neutral outfit--so serene!!
    And tuttu-Frutti Melanie is spectacular!! that jumpsuit is just AMAZING!!

  20. Oh yes, six legs really would be terribly challenging, but just think, one could wear 3 jumpsuits and then plait the top halves of two of them tidyly up the thorax.
    Your posts are fast becoming my pick-me-up of choice. A brilliant display of wit-meets-meditation-meets-paparazzi-preparation. Perfect.

  21. You just made me spit rum across the screen (a bit early, but heck, it's Thursday afternoon).
    You sound like the dialogue that used to run through my head in the unwind bit in yoga classes, loved the bending, didn't care for the mind stuff.
    You scared me a bit with the neutrals but the shoes are fucking awesome and don't even get me started on that glorious cat suit, I'd fight you for that! xxx

  22. What a way to start a so-far dreary Thursday...! my stomach lurches with joy when I see there is a new post from you. I love the neutrals on you, but OMG the fruit salad is spectacular!

  23. Errrrrmeeeegeeeeeerrrrrhd I clicked on the thing and you are fucking THERE at the top of the god damn fucking PAGE!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!! I nearly wet my pants at the sight of your incredible jumpsuit, then again at the Tumblr page! Damn my pelvic floor, I really need to do some morning sun salutations to get that fucker sorted pronto. I just love you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  24. Dare I say, those neutral really suit you. But then you shocked me out of my meditative coma and into vibrant life with your INCREDIBLE jumpsuit woweeeeeee! Glad to see you're comfortable clothing both anima and animus, the light and the shadow sides of yourself dear Mel.

    I love mindfulness myself in all its forms.

  25. I saw you on Flairspotting!!! What a lovely photo!
    you are so gorgeous and vibrant!

  26. I don't think I've said so many 'Gimmes' in quite a while... I'll start with the shoes because heels are just my thing, then maybe those psychedelic dungaree-like things (I can never find anything quite on that level, but they brightened up my day no end) then the whole white outfit is just a lesson in effortless chic. :)

  27. The neutrals does look good on you and the them. Just makes this outfit! That jumpsuit is power-packed with outstanding pattern and you wear this with such flair!

    blue hue wonderland

  28. Wow that is one truly amazing jumpsuit......pleased I was all calm and relaxed from the mediation.........because that puppy blows you away. Wonderful.
    Hope you have a scrumptious weekend.
    Love V

  29. You described my daily meditation practice with perfection! You look as gorgeous in neutrals as you do in 'fruit salad.' And the shoes are beyond amazing. Melanie, you are a jewel!

  30. You made me laugh with where the fuck is the spider! I know hey! you try to be serene in a pastoral surrounding but still worring about the fucking spiders, ants and all the lovely blood sucking creatures!

    You look adorable in your neutrals and chapeau my dear for wearing those life threatening heels!

    Have a good weekend


  31. Flying overhead and waving hello. Can you see me? I can see you and you're food for the soul. :-) XXXXOOOO

  32. I´m glad I found your blog, I´m loving both your style and sense of humor.

  33. you rock both outfits, from white and beige neutrals with stunning shoes to fabulously colorful catsuit!, ohhh, that's a fruity glorious print!
    You're inspiring and absolutely funny!!
    besos & arte

  34. I love a good Pride Parade!

  35. you are so cool, I love those shoes

  36. This post really made me laugh. You are very good at meditating haha.
    The shoes are gorgeous and so is the white outfit. Can you actually walk on the shoes? That seems terribly difficult to me. Also loved the phrase: "The good thing about eating your words is there are no calories."

  37. Ahhhh .... dreamily cleansed and ready for OMG super-tangy saturation!!! Masterful.

    I was struck by the beauty of Ben's portraits on Flairspotting - wow. And you are the crown jewel!

  38. Thank you very much for your meditation. I hope it'll carry me throughout the day, though worrying about spiders may not be stopped. My god those shoes are spectacular. The catsuit is psychedelic in the extreme and looks just amazing on you

  39. The heels are such an addition to to the first outfit. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  40. I had a great chuckle laughing out loud while reading this, nice post and great outfit, the subject certainly encouraged me to take a break, with no spiders.

  41. so beautiful , well written !!!!!!!
    keep in touch

  42. Killer heels and jumpsuit! I do love your posts.
    The meditation routine is all too familiar. I once took a guided meditation class that lead you through a garden and various places until you eventually met your higher self. At the end everyone was saying how amazing it was and describing their experiences - I on the other hand had stayed in the garden to rearrange the flower beds and contemplate foxgloves or sunflowers - completely missed the higher self stuff.....


    (and is there a spider around here??)

  44. Oh I am so late, it's almost too embarrassing to show up at all... But never mind, I'm here now.
    Neutrals? YOU? No! Yes! You look serene and beautiful, even if you weren't really... I can't do that meditation malarkey, I always get distracted with trivia. No idea where my centre's got to.
    Ah, a riot of colour and wild style, that's more like it. Glorious jumpsuit. Look at those flares! Look at your floaty sleeves! Beautiful!
    You always make perfect sense, Melanie! xxxxx

  45. Your post sure made me laugh! I love nature but the bugs always ruin it! LOL! I loved seeing you in neutrals, such a sweet outfit! The shoes were just a great punch of attitude!


  46. omg if yoga classes did commentary like that i would take up joga...although i would have to wear incontinence pants under my white lycra as i think i may just have wet myself!!! from cool neutral to **** me colour! sublime!!!


    Those neutrals, frankly, can kiss my exquisite jiggly arse. Neutrals are for PUSSIES.

    YOU are AMAZING. And hilarious. And things.

    Sarah xxx


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