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Sunday 18 August 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

From turquoise seas to...
the manure pit?
Like royalty, the travelling yellow skirt freak show does 
not discriminate in her mission of goodwill.

See Tamera
in her glamorous yellow skirt stylings.
Her goddess countenance eclipses even
the unspeakable beauty of the barnyard with its
heavy equipment and cows and petrified dung(!?).
Moo to be-YOO-tiful!

Go! GO NOW!!

Tamera also includes some wonderful photos of her addition to the FYS and those of previous skirters. Thanks, Tamera!

And this is for Patti and the gang over at Visible Monday.

If ya know what's good for ya, youse guys'll hightail it outta my hood. I'm packin' a heater in my bag (flat shoes as backup), and believe you me, youse don't wanna make me use it. Now, bring me my tea and make it snappy, herbal, straight up. And no funny stuff.

Lovely gowns and sequins all week and what finally compelled me to pick up my camera? Pants - go figure. This outfit: thrifted low-rise tuxedo pants, thrifted tuxedo blouse, thrifted fur felt hat, borrowed zipper tie, and pointy high-heels, retail. (The "dental dilemma" is the use of x-rays as a routine diagnostic method - BAD. The article cautions readers to make sure their dentists are only using "F" high-speed x-ray film.)

Incredibly talented artist Anne at SpyGirl has done another amazing sketch of me in her "Fruit Salad" 52-Pick-Me-Up theme outfit of my previous post - I can't believe it! I was also style-eyed on the street that day and the photographer posted me at Flairspotting (edit: the link doesn't work any more) after all. I wondered if he would... Clearly, Anne knows what's good for ya.

Check out how accurate she got the patterning on my jumpsuit. WOW! Thanks, Anne. 

I'm on a digital break so that's why I haven't been around much. But I'm still here, still cheering your ultra-fabulosity!!


  1. great sketch, and you are wearing a great outfit

  2. Tamera's TYSFS adventure is tremendous - feels a lot like home!

    I figured those pointy shoes and red lips were all the heat you could ever need and more, leaving paper-bag space for funny business and gin and such. Pants and hat are seriously badass on you.

    Thanks for the tip about the x-rays - would have driven me mad not to know, lol.

  3. Tamera did such a good job! Laughed so much!
    Gracie killed me!
    Digital break hey? TG you showed up!
    You are the style Diva of the west i'm btw the style diva of the East!
    I'm not complete without you girl!



  4. I loved Tamera's take on the skirt. You look so wonderful in your gangsta duds, Melanie!

  5. You look fabulous as usual! And thank you for the dental tip. I have to take my daughter in for x-rays and did not want to get them. Now I know what to say. xoxoxox!

  6. I love the pants, the tie, the beret...but most of all I adore the awesome pointy shoes...looks like they could kill in more ways than one! Congrats on your most recent shouldn't be any other way!

  7. The thrifted fur felt hat tops off another fabulous outfit. Tuxedo pants with pointy toed heels have never looked so good together. I'm grateful for the dental tip of the day, and will surely remember to question my dentist during my next exam.

    The sketch is perfection, as Anne once again works her magic.

  8. Those shoes are serious fence climbers*! Now you're freaking me out just thinking about my dentist. But you are looking fabulous doing it!
    *that's what we call pointy toed shoes cuz you can really get them into the chain link when you're running from the police or a rival gang or in your case the paparazzi.

  9. I have never liked heels worn with trousers until now. This is stunning. Thank you.

    (I found your blog through Megan Mae)

  10. Love the pop of red in tie and lips. Tamara's adventure with the skirt turned out amazing.

  11. You look supercool in that outfit , a lady gangster packning heat .

  12. Tamera's photos are a joy, aren't they? She really turned on the supermodel poses!
    You look incredible in those tuxedo trousers and hat, very sharp, Melanie, very sharp! I think you wear trousers better than anyone I know. Another great pic from Anne, that jumpsuit deserves to be spotted and photographed and sketched repeatedly!
    Missing you, hurry back from your break! xxxxx

  13. love these tuxedo trousers! you are one hot moll. Another fab sketch from Anne, you are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  14. I think you can pretty much get anything you want in that bad ass out fit! Love how tough and beautiful you look! Tameras photos are probably my favorite, that skirts is so much more traveled than I:)

  15. The skirt was SO MUCH FUN--and I knew that poncho (for $1) needed to travel with it!!

    You are looking rather 30's gangsterish in your outfit-or you could be some gangster's gun-moll!!

  16. the yellow skirt adventure is gripping me - Tamera is regal amongst nature- I have Bugsy Mallone in my head with your gangster awesomeness - and now, the song 'we could have been anything that we wanted to be' is firmly in my head, x

  17. You're outfit is amazing/perfect. Cracking up at the thought of someone rushing herbal tea to a wise guy, lol.

  18. I love your menswear interpretation. Pretty and kinda dame.

  19. You look so sharp and chic in your menswear look. I could easily see you behind a desk with Madame PI on the door.

  20. I'm going to start calling you Crazy Legs McGee! You look fabulous! Love those pants.

  21. oh you look utterly gorgeous. i love you in that hat and those wants those shoes!! I have just been on an enforced media computer broke down...for a month....and couldn't be fixed! agggghhh! i got a shiny new laptop a few days ago and now finally i can reply to your message and say 'no you din't miss the pin up actually never ever got posted before the complete malfunction of all things technical!! popping over here to let you know the shiny t tuesday pin up linky is!!!! xxxxx

  22. Youze soitenly knowz how to put on glad rags, Mel. Youz is lookin' swell, just swell, Dollface. But just don't sit wit ur back to da door in da tea-room ... ya know what I mean?

    Tanks, Mel. Youz made my week.

  23. Good to know you are not leaving us. This outfit looks very good on you. I love black and white with a pop of colour. Trust you to add a tie and a hat to make it special.

  24. LOOKING SHARP!!! The hair as almost-sideburns is pretty cool too. :-) I howled when I saw Tamera's post. The skirt is magical. Adrienne looked so cool and glamorous in her pics. I want to go back and review what everyone has done with it so far.

    Have a good week!!!! XXOO

  25. Showing off your incredible pins in that sleek and sharp androgynous style and looking utterly marvellous! Well done to Tamera for her original take on the yellow skirt photoshoot, it did make me laugh! And how lovely to see Anne celebrating your style with that beautiful portrait.

  26. Wise guy, eh? Youse can bring dem shoes ovah to my house and rub out a few spiders hiding in da corners. (Spiders again!)

    I love the tie, and the trous, and especially the shoes!

  27. Amazing picture Melanie, love it xxx

  28. Melanie, I love the tuxedo flair! And I am so impressed with your outfit on Flairspotting. Very cool. Thank goodness the yellow skirt is still on the fly. I will have to go check it out right away!!


  29. I adore this outfit. Androgynous glam!

  30. Awesome hat and trousers! Love the pointy shoes!

  31. Can't help thinking that those shoes might have concealed mini gun barrels in the toes, ready for some toe-tapping action. (Actually, the first time I typed that, I hit the 'i' instead of the 'u' so it read, "...concealed gin barrels..." I think I like that idea even more).
    Have been missing your online presence so it's jolly nice to have this incarnation to cheer the day AND Anne's amazing sketch. Heading off now to catch up with the the tysfs.

  32. man, that outfit is great. I picture you as playing a cross dressing landlord in a 1940s film.

  33. The skirt is racking up an enviable amount of adventures, from beach to barnyard! You look way too awesome in this outfit. If you ever decide to have a uniform, it must involve a fedora, tie and red lipstick.

  34. I absolutely adore your outfit, you look amazing & I like how creative you always are with your pictures!

  35. Honored to grace your post -- glad you like your sketch!

    You look fantastic, gangsta Mel!

  36. Hey Melanie, great to see you just hanging around looking too cool, man. yeah.

    And being recognized for your dress ability simultaneously in multi-media is so right on.

    The yellow skirt knows no bounds... as Tamera exquisitely expressed out and about the ole barnyard.

  37. How very Dick Tracy.

    This is a very sexy outfit.

    That article on the X-rays is freaking me out.

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog. It has been a tough couple of weeks and your humour here put a smile on my face : )


  38. Love this outfit on you - the trousers are amazing and the shoes - WOW.

  39. So many different looks but yet very Melanie. Matador, Bowie, hippie, Studio 54, artistic ... etc

  40. Ooh those tuxedo pants are fucking FABULARSE on you!

    Four margaritas and a valium and now I'm a fucking Swear Bear! You, my dear, are WELCOME.

    Yes. You are.

    Sarah xxx


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