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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hat Attack 6

Another hat-on-hat for wonderful Judith's Hat Attack 6 link-up at Style Crone, this time a lovely hand-knit wool hat, purchased with gift money several years ago, worn atop my structured acorn hat, seen here. (You know my aversion to flaccid knit hats.)

Short of letting out a squawk, I am rather emu-ish in this, all feathers aflutter, aspiring to flight but remaining firmly land-locked squat with a birdly bulge on my stalk of flesh. And while I love a towering hat with a Suessian beak pointing regally skyward, there is the issue of balance. The thing started to tilt and I didn't even get a warning. In fact, I didn't even know until I saw that last photo. A hat like this simply cannot be worn rakishly off to the side. I am in desperate need of a wristband warning bell like those in vintage pinball machines - TILT TILT - I must get O on that.

The dress is cut low in the back, down to my waist, but I wore a turtleneck layer for warmth and coverage on my inspiration walk today. The dress also has a long scarf-like extension hemmed with feathers sewn on the top right shoulder so it hangs down the back of the dress past the hemline. After some investigation I found a little snap buried in feathers on the front of the dress and one on the end of the scarf so I wrapped the extension around and snapped it into place. The side drape is barely visible on the last photo.

  • felt acorn hat, retail, Kyoto, Japan, more than 20 years ago, aka Hersey's Kiss hat
  • hand-knit hat, retail as gift
  • sleeveless, low-back, velvety-soft brown '20s-style dress with feather detailing
  • brown turtleneck, thrifted, worn under the dress
  • black Betsey Johnson coat, retail, bought in a moment of idiocy at a big sale
  • black faux fur vest on top of coat, thrifted
  • brown leggings with knee socks on top, both retail
  • Miu Miu boots, thrifted
  • leather gloves, gift
  • magic loupe and ring, made for me by O
  • tool box handbag, not shown
(One of my monitors displays these photos with a yellowish cast, the other with blue-violet. Who knows what you're seeing.)

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm glad The Season is almost over so I can give these exhausted words (and myself) a rejuvenating rest. The intention behind the words though is no less sincere than when spoken for the first time. 


  1. Hi! My tablet has a hard time posting on your blog for some reason, but I got throoooooouugh!
    You're wearing the perfect topper for your dramatic smoky frills. Happy New Year!

  2. Love. That. Hat. Love the whole outfit, for that matter - one of my faves!

  3. The hat situation is nice, but it's what is happening south of your neck that I can't get over! The fluffiness is doing it for me. And this dress that apparently is low cut in the back needs another post, with nothing underneath and shots from all angles.

  4. Wow! What a beautifully choreographed outfit. The hat is every flavor!! Onward into the year we go. Love!

    BTW I am obsessed with O's hairy watch. Please don't call the police on me.

  5. Yummmm. Feathers and frills, acorns and Hershey's kisses-wooliness. This is a couture look. You just need the location-location-location, darling!!!! Happy New Year. May we all meet in the Elysian Fields of Blogdom in 2014. XXXXOOOO!!!!

  6. I want to see the back of the dress!

  7. The hat and outfit look like a cool artistic interpretation of a Czarina. The dress from your description sounds gorgeous in the back, too.

  8. Yep, I think we all agree - show us the back of the dress, please! Loving all the textures and layers and feathery, wooly, velvety goodness. Your hat looks like a minaret or Russian onion dome. Only knitted... Here's to plenty more birdly bulges and the invention of wristband alarms in 2014! xxxx

  9. Fluffy and fabulous! And not at all flaccid (even the word is a bit depressing, yeah?) Love all these layers of happiness. xox

  10. I agree with Jean, couture all the way. Fabulous texture and the cool hat punctuates the frills just right!

    blue hue wonderland

  11. I'm in agreement with Aya - my first thought when I saw the full outfit photo was a Russian empress, or Czarina, carrying a bit of your kingdom on your head. I too would like to the see the back of the astonishing dress. I love the layering of vest over coat, and have been doing that myself these days.

    So glad the holidays have been and gone. Get me back to regular hours and productivity, please!

  12. I'm in awe, you are divine (I'm off to stop myself drooling!) x x x

  13. Ohhhhhh feathers! I love the feathers!

  14. Checking all the intricate details of your outfit and deciphering the whole thing - Very interesting - I like the idea of faux fur over a coat, I should to do that one of those days - But it seems I'm not the only one!
    I see leopard print in the lining of the coat?
    Betsey Johnson coat? yes you were crazy that day, but it must gorgeous, non?

    So glad that the holidays are over, i tell you! The X-Mas tree leaves the house this weekend, back to normal - But it was a nice change from the normal routine - I was off most of the holidays and didn't to ride stupid transit so much -

    The hat looks looks like a byzantine crown - First thing that came to my mind -

    Big Hugs!

    Happy New Year, lots of iron for you this year!


  15. ahhh, I think you/it looks good a little tipsy. All the circles of fuzzy colored wool accompanied by a swirl of feathers, and an overlay of faux fur - c'est magnifique.

  16. Ahhhh! I am in a feather 'faze,' and you have just added much pleasure to my day. The combination of brown and black is a personal favorite, and you mix with passion.

    I love the idea of a double hat! What could possible be more sublime? Your creativity is always an inspiration. The colors of the hand knit hat add a festive touch to you feathers and frills. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    Looking forward to all that you add to my life in 2014.

  17. The hat is adorable, and I mean that in the nicest possible way! But it's really your sleek, drapey, furry, shiny black and brown outfit that takes my breath away - it's really stunning! I love the asymmetry, the way it all hangs, and the texture of the animal bits. Buying that Betsey Johnson coat was NOT a moment of idiocy!

  18. I love your hat! Hats the best. Hats should be worn more just in general.

  19. Beautiful!! Love this. You could send the lot to me (don't haha.. really... I have a size 14 (L).
    My iPad says it is black with brown so I think my screen is good. You look so dramatic and elegant. As from another era.
    Happy new year dear Melanie.

  20. Crowning you in all of your fabulousness!! Love the outfit and your "erect" hat!!

  21. You look all fluffy and warm in your latest ensemble...great layering pieces, love the boots, and the hats are like a big juicy cherry on top!

  22. very nice, colorful hat and you are soooo cute!

  23. Happy New Year dear Mel! Well that is certainly one fabulously erect hat, nothing flaccid about it. I adore how you've layered up the 20s style dress for extra warmth and festive birdy pizzazz.

  24. Such wonderful textures! I adore all the feathery fluff, and the hat is the perfect capper.


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