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Monday, 13 January 2014

Visible, Shiny, and animated

I like this. I wore this. I feel good in this. Rain. Dripping awkward umbrella. Wet pant legs. Wet grit crunching under shoes. Cafe. Steaming coffee. Loudness!! Escape into my journal. Home. Fiddling around with photo-taking. Fiddling around with quick edits. Grainy, dissatisfaction. Stray bits. Posting anyway. Pickle face.

  • thrifted shiny-buckle bronze-brown shoes
  • striped socks
  • thrifted Dolce and Gabbana side-zip slacks, old, had to restitch all the seams
  • thrifted T-shirts and DIY T-shirt
  • pink scarf, hand-me-over, worn under coat
  • thrifted shawl, worn over the coat
  • thrifted vintage R coat, made in Tokyo
  • thrifted beret
  • magic loupe O made for me

These slacks (best word for them really) make me feel tall with that vertical stripe. I'm linking these pics up to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, and the shoes of course are being linked up to Bella's fantastic Shoe Shine at The Citizen Rosebud. Scored at Value Village, the shoes may not be glamorous - they may in fact be men's shoes - but they give me a weird sixties vibe that is irresistible. Plus, I can wear them in the rain.

And... I am including a short video of a little kids' story that my partner O and I collaborated on. O often sketches on napkins when we go out and then later I sometimes digitize them, colour them, firm them up slightly, and add backgrounds and filler scenes. You could say that the inspiration comes from O and the final product comes from me. Either way it's a collaboration that works.

I hope this little vignette relaxes you. The quality is not the best. The original digital artwork was trashed a few years ago and this video is made from scans of the surviving printouts, about 2"x2", which I stumbled across about a week ago. Thanks to the Creative Commons contributors at and the music library that comes with VideoPad for the music and sound effects. 

Thanks for your encouragement on my journal sketches in my last post.


  1. I adore the flying bunny and the marshmallow party - it did relax me! And made happy all over. The checked trousers/slacks look very cool with the luxurious scarf. Thanks for sharing all the fun with Visible Monday, xox.

  2. I was drawn to the gorgeous shawl and coat. Glad to know they are thrifted as I love thrifted clothes. Easy on the environment and most of all the budget.

    Thank you for sharing the video of the adventures of little bunny. You are one creative couple. My 19 month old son and I enjoyed watching it and he keeps on saying "Oh!" numerous times while pointing to the rabbit!

  3. I do feel surprisingly relaxed, like I've been in Savasana for a blessed few minutes. I had my cat Samson watch it too, and now he is draped over my arm and it's difficult to type. He is extremely relaxed. Thanks for sharing your creative treasures to us.

    I love those slacks...haven't used that term for much better than pants. And I love how you've gone with a geometric pattern theme. Lots of interest without having to resort to gobs of colour, like I have the habit of doing. I always learn so much from you!

  4. I like this. I watched this. I felt good watching this. I think O's drawings are just about the only thing better than your drawings. I love his use of accent colors - yellow wheat, blue in the flames, red in the apple. But you have such a way with sound editing to make those pictures come alive. It's all so wonderful - your outfit and the video. I'm saving my exclamation point for the end.

    Dry ears!

  5. Thank you, Val. Actually, what I save from Osamu are pen scribbles of the best characters - I get to add the colour. Which I love doing! So, bwa-ha-ha, I'm glad you like the blue in the flames. Oh, and O does the writing too.

  6. Wow, I love your short co-production scribbles video. A lot! The music works so well! I'm ver impressed....again!

  7. J'adore your tres plaid slacks (gawd, I nearly forgot about that word - it's so tangled in the 70s polyester that it nearly strangled!). They are the most fabulous ever!

    What a sweet little video - I was totally charmed.

  8. Now is he a rabbit or a hare? His long and expressive ears say hare to me. I like how they crinkle when he's scared, but stay dry when he goes under water. I don't know why I assume he's a he - I just do!
    Such a characterful and funny little film, you and O are good partners and collaborators. Oh and the upside-down bat toasting his marshmallow is adorable!
    Cool slacks, and a wonderful layered look with that great big splash of orangey-red from the shawl. Stray bits? Where? Pickle face? Any relation to Turnip Head? Love all the vegetable incarnations of yourself, Mel! xxx

  9. Everything is very nice :) thats such a sweet Graphic tees .

  10. Soft clouds and dry ears, I say it all the time but I do love your videos, and I especially loved this one, I am relaxed and with a warm fuzzy tummy too - ps I like your slacks and shoes x x x

  11. Ooo, I love the long-eared adventurer! The Cloud-surfing, log rafting, and marshmallow toasting made me smile. You both have wonderful imaginations and the creative abilities to bring your ideas to life. A splendid collaboration, and a delightful story!

    Those are very snappy slacks!

  12. really relaxing story, and always love your sketches!
    and your layered outfit is a great combo for the rain, with a 60's vibe and some interesting textures!

  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's a nice little movie you've put into your blog. Your blog is very interesting and artistic with lovely colors. A very exciting and inspiring way to put clothes together.

  14. Soo cute. I wondered if you were making the sound effects yourself, lol. Its great they are included in the software! Xoxo
    Oh and the vertical pants are tres cool.

  15. Wonderful stuff. Left me with a smile on my face. I'm particularly enjoying the winter outfits as I'm in the middle of a heatwave on this side of the globe.

  16. A total work of art. The little glimpse of graphic, the dash of red, chic patterned coat, and the textures surrounding you. My senses are fulfilled!

  17. Mel, I should have read your description more closely. You are the queen of colour!

  18. I do believe that you're the Queen of mixing textures, patterns, and styles. Not to mention that it's done with mostly uber-cool thrifted pieces!
    And then there's the drawings - how cute are they? What a cute video...calming and sweet, yes!

  19. Good outfit! Especially the coat get my full appreciation. Oh and the "curtain" ?? Behind you because of its vibrant colours. The little video is so cute. I have watched it with great pleasure.

  20. Oh that video just made me smile and brightened an otherwise dreary day!!!
    As you always do Melanie--I love your outfit--you just bring me so much joy!

  21. Your 'little vignette' is brilliantly brilliant - I love the mix of humour, innocence, drama, pathos and the 'dry ears' moment. OK I'm going to have to watch this several times. I'm surely not the only one also thinking: Book! Book! Book! This a book!
    Also enjoyed your opening description. I'm studying stream of consciousness texts (among many others) this term, and your stream of inner observations is infinitely more engaging than Joyce's Ulysses! Especially the last two words - pickle face. It put me in mind of Richard Scarry's illustrations of a pickle car.

  22. I loved the little video!!! The art, the sound effects, the music. Perfection.

  23. Pattern mixing done the right way. Love how all this would be wrong in theory but works out beautifully on you!

  24. Allo Mélanie!

    I checked your blog this week, somehow i didn't see that post, oh well!
    Love the adventures of the little bunny, so cute and yes very relaxing - I'ma big fan of anything you do but you know that!

    Those pants are amazing,old D&G? pretty good even if they needed tender loving care -

    Tk God it's the weekend, pretty crazy at work since the new girl started!



  25. Love even your pickle face, doll! Great Mel-look ... you can't avoid being fantastic, so let us see when you're just dinking around. Made my day.
    Awwwwh. Vid also made my crappy week better at the end. Thank you. Pretty cool for cocktail napkin art!
    Got my art-fix and you relieved some of my desolation here in Nowhere! A great post, for me at least! Thanks, Mel.
    I'm pretty sure my ex husband used to wear those shoes. They look better on you, absolutely!

  26. I kept thinking of my 5 yr old grandson as I watched; we both would be delighted and he'd have to watch it over and over which would be fine with me.

    Your ensemble has swag. XXOO

  27. What a sweet little video- I'd like to share it with a child pal- if I had any!

    Thank you for sharing your marvelous shoes (and those socks!!) with Shoe Shine. I love the man/dandy/awesome chick vibe they give to your ensemble. As always you dress to express, and express with style! xo.

  28. What an adorable video! I do feel relaxed.

  29. Melanie, you ooze creativity, warmth and generosity. I feel privileged when I visit your world, and always take a little bit of what I see and hear into my life so many miles away. The magic of the internet.

    And I love the slacks!

  30. Don't worry Bunny! I will save you!!! I played this for my dog, Pancake, and he loved it almost as much as I do. And usually he barks at rabbits! Pickle Face??? Pickle face? What??? Lately I've had a mashed potato face. Love your dreamy outfit.

  31. Ohhhh, the feeling of wet pant legs! I hate that!


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