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Sunday 13 April 2014

Squeaking under a gibbous moon

Forthwith I went, perforce, of course. Batwinged under a waxing gibbous moon. I have just landed in my boudoir after a long night of squeaking and ruining hair-do's throughout the grand metropolis. Care to join me for a croissant and a cup of hideous fresh-brewed coffee while I sort myself out?
Sandra (of blog Lens is More) and I were style parkouring today, and where better to do it than on a pest-infested mattress in one of our favourite stench alleys? This was an impromptu gig and we thanked the filth underfoot for satisfying our whims so readily.

Wearing: black velvet opera coat, navy linen capris, diamond-patterned socks (retail), bronzy faux-buckle man shoes, indigo beret, three T-shirts (retail sales), fingerless knit gloves DIYed. And a superpower pendant which resembles any/all of the following: the WWII mine from that episode of Gilligan's Island, a diamond-encrusted meteor, Garamon from Ultraman, a disco-ball, a lump of lava with jewels. And matching earrings. And of course the magic loupe from O.
Of course I can fly in everything I wear, but I walk more purposefully in this specific attire. The resonance between where I'm at head-wise and my fabric wrapping was peak today. In fact, except for switching out a black tunic for a few T-shirts, this is exactly what I wore last night for a ramble around Granville Island with O. Wouldn't you know I was caught in my duplicity by an effervescent woman named Darlene, who had seen me walk past her restaurant last night and stopped me on my way home today to say hi. She also enjoys gowning around. (Hi, Darlene, in case you drop by.)
Sandra took the photos of me, I took some of her (see my street style blog HERE for my fave), and I credit the scum-crusted garbage bin, a clean sheet of paper, my sunglasses, and the self-timer for these duo shots. (Jean of Dross Into Gold will understand how hard it was to get this photo.)

Smugly satisfied with our professional crassmanship, we brushed off the critters - well, most of them, the big ones - licked our fingers clean, and proceeded to one of the hippest bars in town for a debriefing over Korean Fried Cauliflower, one order each (too good for sharing), and white wine.

That's all. I don't understand why everywhere I go I seem to be surrounded by Caution tape...

Also, if you haven't already, make sure you check Jane's new post, her second one, about the Freakish Thing at Flight Platform Living. She not only shares the beautiful art she added to the skirt, but also magnifies the additions made by previous wearers.


  1. lol, caution....awesomeness in progress...seems obvious too me, it's clearly tape placed by the friggen-hell-what!-fairies. the bed-bugs leaped with joy at such wondrous bouncing feet!

  2. I love your socks, and I bet that's the classiest action that mattress has ever seen!

  3. If you lived here in Bath, I have no doubt that you would be invited to join about 6 other 'older' women who are having the spotlight turned on them right now for still caring about the way they look, rather than dressing in drip-dry beige as their parents did.

    I'm not sure you are old enough to qualify, though. give it time. The average age of our local fashionistas is about 75 - no, you are DEFINITELY not old enough!

  4. I live through your parkouring adventures. Best socks ever, at least in the Western hemisphere, and the diamond encrusted meteor aids your flying powers.

    If that mattress could talk . . . xox

  5. Harlequin socks peek out from the black bat ensemble. Is there a hidden colourful soul/sole! under all that darkness? I really enjoy your blog, and have awarded you the sunshine and shine on awards!

  6. Your socks are almost as brilliant as your writing. And do let us know once you figure out what superpowers the mine/meteor/disco ball/lump pendant possesses.

  7. Twas brillig.
    So glad you managed to brush off the slithy toves too.
    Now how about flapping on over to the UK for some additional gowning around and style parkouring? Can't guarantee a lack of hazard tape though...

  8. Just the fact that you OWN a black velvet opera coat and you SQUEAK when you wear it.....Mel and San In The Air!

  9. Style parkouring sounds like the best way to spend a day, especially if it ends with chous-fleur and wine. And Vancouver has all those lovely locations for you and Sandra to do your photo shoots! I am so jealous. Here in Eugene we don't have filthy alleys.

    You're fabulous as always! The mine from Gilligan's Island strikes just the right note with your opera coat and harlequin socks. (I recommend using flea spray on your shoes.)

  10. Was this taken on East Hastings? I do hope you avoided the empty syringes.

    Seriously though...I am glad that mattress cannot talk. I noticed the caution tape right away. I thought it was police tape at first and was worried there might be a dead body about to pop out from under the mattress.

    You are so brave taking photos in places like that. Thank heavens you have your meteorite necklace that you can hurl at someone should any large rats or hookers think you are imposing on their turf.

    The socks are glorious.


  11. Ah, the fearless Miz Baggs and Co., going where no sane person has gone before ;) Love the using mattress as trampoline shot, and your use of sunglasses, paper and self-timer. I don't seem to have much luck with using that on my camera.

    That is an awesome piece of bling around your neck - when you throw it, do sharp blades spring out from the jewels?

  12. As always, I admire your masterful layering (long coats and loose shirts always look so lovely on a lean, slender figure) and your leg/footwear is divine.

    How creative your action shots always are! I don't know if I can do that in the likes of Orange County, but I'm itching to try, thanks to you.

  13. You should walk around with your own roll of caution tape, Melanie! Love the action shots and that giant meteor necklace.

  14. Caution indeed, women trampolining in velvet amid the bugs and general detritus of a back alley! Fabulous photos, love that coat and the meteor of madness! xxx

  15. I have been to Janey's! they are brilliant additions on the iconic skirt! I'm a little worried about the excess white powder by the mattress, you don't think it has a problem do you haha! wonderful shannigans going on there! x x x

  16. Great fun as always. Fly on girl!

  17. I love your coat and I literally lean closer to my computer screen every time you wear it. Is it a clever photography trick? That mattress looks so clean. You should bottle and sell your energy and effervescence. We could dedicate a whole blog post to naming the potion.

  18. BLAST OFF!!!!! Sproi-oi-oinng!!!!!!! And Awaaaaay! You and Sandra are out of this world, my friend. Fantastic!

  19. Hello!

    Well, we can honestly say that NEVER has a flea ridden mattress in a 'stench alley' looked so stylish!

    The velvet opera coat is absolutely wonderful. We want it and we want it NOW! Of course, if we did have it we should be fighting over it and, in any case, it definitely looks so much better on you. Teamed with the are without doubt the most stylish diva in town.

    We have discovered you via the delicious Curtise who is past caring and we note our long term blogger mate Tom staring out at us from your followers. We feel in good company and have signed up as followers immediately! To know more about us....we are just a click away...

  20. Your writing! I could read it for days on end. And your escapades and ensembles thrill me. How fortunate I am to have you in my 'blog life!'

  21. Great shots on the mattress ! great courage you had there! Can't take that chance around here, too many critters, real big monstrous critters of all colors and shapes, lol!
    You are too much Mélanie!

    Doing better i have more good moments than bad


  22. Beautiful layering, killer socks. So perfect! Love the colors!

    - Anna

  23. wouuau, love all your glorious velvet fabulousness, you look so cool and gorgeous wearing your coat and beret and your Awesome Socks and shoes!!, and so funny pics!
    you're delightful and talented!!

  24. The jumping shot is SUPERB!!! How many tries did it take? :-) As a huge fan of black (despite my efforts to embrace color) I am crazy about this Ensemble. You added just enough, with the socks and jools, to preserve the Mel factor. The description of the food and wine has me weeping as I intone I'mnothungry...I'mnothungry, avoiding the kitchen at all costs. But soon I'll be able to jump as high as you can, and zip my pants again. XXXXOOO Love you.

  25. Those are some mighty cool socks and shoes. Love the jumping pictures. I was at your street style blog last week, well done. Love the mix of all styles and general approachable feel of this blog!

    blue hue wonderland

  26. I so understand why there is caution tape everywhere you go hahahahaha.
    You are such a mad woman. I love it.

  27. A black velvet coat is a true dream, I woul also squeak wearing it if i did, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love and sunshine, dear Melanie

  28. Like this look!

    You look like a chic witch from Miyasaki's film :)


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