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Saturday 5 April 2014

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!!

(excerpt from Jane's post)

No longer a shiny turd, I'm a 
ShinY-SouL DancinG
In a skirt made for freaks and that's ME......
sEE mE pRAncIng!

E  at

The bunnies and chicks spied the yellow hue of new SPRING
and came out to PLAY, oh the smiles they did bring!
We danced and we span and we were joyous to be in this club
is such a great 

Jane is No. 17 with the skirt. Think of those air miles. And Jane, we never thought you were a shiny turd with bitch voices. Bwa-ha-ha. You'll have to read her post to know what I'm talking about. So GO, GO NOW. Read Jane's tale. You won't be disappointed. Thanks so much, Jane!


  1. I am on my way, jane is so groovy!

  2. That was a very disturbing post. I need to lie down now.

  3. That yellow skirt has seen a lot of life!

  4. Hi Melanie!

    How are you doing, you must wondered where i was!
    I had an accident, i fell and got a bad concussion-
    I feel lot better, i can use the pc and tablet now without, that is a good sign
    It was a rough 3 weeks but it's almost over!
    Looking forward to all your fantastic posts
    I will resume blogging maybe in a week, will see

    See you soon and take care


  5. Off to see the TYS in its new incarnation!!!

  6. I'm next on the list, so excited! I already know what I'll be adding to it too!!!


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