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Monday 28 July 2014

Two birds in the hair. What are they worth?

That's what I wore.
Except for the birds
nesting on my head.
You can't see the clothes 
very well -
the reflection of the camera
flash in the mirror distorted the image
just a bit...

...whereas these trifling snaps have more definition.
The trousers in the second sketch up there are
in the last photo below, huge palazzo entities.
You could fit a small village in them.
And middle, my white linen, rich-boy Hampton's pants.
And top photo, my lovely floral jumpsuit.

I'm linking this mess up to Patti's Visible Monday party.
You can see I've been hanging about the park already
for serious pre-conditioning, just like the pros do.

And a big thank you to 
Sally at Already Pretty for linking to me and my 
upcycled jacket on her 
Friday's Lovely Links, Jul. 18.


  1. Please tell me you're making an illustrated book that we can all buy and have on our coffee tables to make us smile every day. Either that or just promise that you'll keep on blogging forever. Okay?

  2. I'm with Val! An autographed copy please. Loving your brilliant and colorful patterns in the park.

  3. Such fun and quirky drawings - I love your trouser looks.

  4. Did you change trousers three times in a day - that is a serious commitment to freshness in looks and wear! I love your pencil people - they're so awesome. Enjoy the park!

  5. Oh those little sketches are just brilliant, Mel! The expression on your face with the birds in your hair is priceless - part "wtf?" and part "oh ok then." Which seems just right.
    And the colours and prints of the jumpsuit, palazzos and tunic are beautiful. Love! xxxx

  6. Entities, jumpsuits, and rich-boy pants!!! Melanie, you are pro-plus among us triflers! Birds in the hair are priceless, a grand compliment, otherworldly guides - what nestlings might hatch from their chosen sacred space? All of your faces are beautiful.

  7. oh yes, your lovely floral jumpsuit is really lovely, palazzo pants can't be too huge, and rich-boy pants looks great!, you're so fabulous as usual, even sliced!

  8. No such thing as too-big palazzos, or too many fine birds in the hair. You're such a talent, you! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, xox

  9. Village smuggling palazzos? I'll take a pair of those and bring home some of Goa next time.
    Love your little sketches and the delectable peek at your colourful threads. x

  10. Great palazzo's! I do love palazzos for the comfort factor but I don't think I have the height to carry them off - I have a lovely pair of printed silk ones but when I look at photos of me in them I look like I'm being swallowed up by them!

  11. Did your serger come yet?? Anxious to see what you may be working on next! I bought a white shirt/jacket at the thrift store recently and thought of you. I am so inspired to paint on it because of that cool jacket you let us see recently.
    The thing I love about the serger is being able to take things in that are too big. I just bought a dress in size 16 at the thrift store and I took it in 4 sizes and it looks great! I think you're going to love it. Now go get it out of the box and learn how to thread it. You can probably find videos on line. I also took a "bring your serger with you" class.
    Good luck!

    1. (Maniacal laughter goes HERE) Indeed, YES, I got my serger. Spools of thread do not travel well(!) but after I got that sorted, engines did rev, I tell you. I'm super excited and I know exactly what you mean about alterations. I haven't rethreaded it yet, I'm going to use the thread that came pre-threaded as long as possible. Heh. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, yes, paint away! The catharsis is heavenly.

  12. love your style, both, the drawings and the skirts, yes!
    so inspiring x Stefanie

  13. I believe they're priceless. And that's the truth.
    And a serger! You have gone. all. the. way. I've never even touched one. ooo, Melanie what will you do with it?! Can't wait to see the fruits of this union, etc., etc.

  14. You're very welcome, Melanie!

  15. 3 pairs of awesome pants! village stuffing ones sound very appealing and very useful - I love your sketches, all of the detailing is brilliant!
    (I am hoping to send a vogoff, last minute, shameful stuff - as I am tech dreadful, is it done via an attachment on email?) x x x

  16. Inspiration strikes! Loving the photo angles. And the colour against the Vancouver green! Swoon! XO JJ

  17. Holy shit the prints on the palazzos and the jumpsuit are killer!

  18. I've had bird poop in my hair but never two birds. I'm quite envious! AND in love with those amazing colours in the pants I can sort of see.


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