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Monday 15 December 2014

She stole his heart

   It's not often I see two people in love – I mean sparking and crackling with love, the kind where even if an army of biting red ants were devouring the coffee shop and people around them, they wouldn't budge, so lost are they in each other's laughter. The bugs could just as well be unicorns and fairy dust. That kind of love. I saw it the other day between a road construction sign woman and a man in a hard hat, both over 50 I'm guessing, during my morning cafĂ© break. I floated in that slipstream of positive energy for, oh, at least an hour.
   I did the painting sketches below some years ago:"She stole his heart," which I thought fit nicely with the love theme, and Shoe Store Madonna which fits with the SHOP NOW! theme this time of year. The businesswoman shields her face with her briefcase as she walks by the shoe emporium sale and the vision of the Madonna left by washing liquid residue on the window. Are you resisting?!!! I know most of you are not. Well done. Carry on. 
I'm linking up to Patti at Visible Monday on her blog Not Dead Yet Style. Save me a place. I'm running late. I'm wearing nothing vintage, but lots of thrifted loot. I'll show you how I style that zebra coat properly in a future post, but on this particular day I was feeling prim and prissy and delightfully flip. The coiled fist says it all. 


  1. You're looking very Audrey Hepburn in that first photo, and Funny Face in the second. I think it's a good look for you, skipping through New York or Rome in your zebra coat.

    Those drawings are so cool! This is a whole other style than the things you've shared before. I especially love the shopper and the scale of the store behind her. That's me, hiding from consumerism, only spending money on little children who don't have their own bank accounts yet. Everyone else is on their own.

  2. Prim and prissy...what a beautiful phrase!
    I think of you with your tool case bag when my son Mr Actor takes his wine bottle bag to circus class. I found it secondhand, and that is his choice of use ( holds his asthma puffer and drink bottle)
    I adore your zebra coat, so footloose, fancyfree in this outfit.
    Ahhh people in love...they spread their force field around :-) xo JJ

  3. Ah, it's been a while, but I remember that love with L (not that I don't still love him, but after 20 years...). Smile, nice.

    You are looking very mod, very streamlined, as though you could steer a saucy motorboat through the waves and not a hair out of place.

  4. That kind of love makes me float too. Love your sleek, mod, fist-ed look. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you're awesome.

  5. I like the hat you are wearing with that coat-
    Ah that kind of love got me into trouble lots of times - Now i live a peaceful love, lots better for me anyway -
    I'm not shopping retail at all these days, i much prefer thrifting and yes lots of shop now or aren't shopping, Are you late shopping? Annoying aren't they?

    Love your sketches, i wish i could draw a bit more, practice, practice they say...

    Have a good one I didn't make Visible Monday, got a cold, maybe i will post today or tomorrow got the crazy outfit out!



  6. I always adore your sketches, Melanie. You speak a thousand words with your brilliant paintings.

    Your thrifting loot is amazing, as always. Every woman needs a zebra coat, and a coiled fist now and then.

  7. Ooh, Heart-wrenching Love - look, she's cut it right out of his chest! I don't think I hanker after that kind of love anymore, the type where your heart drips blood...
    The Shoe Store Madonna is indeed perfect for the season - we need to defend ourselves against the Retail Monsters (and religion, ha!)
    Cool zebra coat, Mel. Please don't punch anyone with that fist! xxx

  8. Great zebra jacket and I love those drawings!!!

  9. Wowza, I love your paintings! Your outfit is quite groovy, too.

    Hello Melanie! Have a lovely week.

  10. A oui, Mme. Bagnaberet, you are my favorite art teacher. Formidable.

  11. Sad little inspiration from real life true love? Dunno, Mel ... made me a little sad, and guess I'm resistant today. You look pretty spectacular in your coat, though, and showing off your unerring sense of what works so well for the woman in your mirror. Love her, I just do!
    Never fails to amaze me ... what we each bring to and take away from art when we see it.

  12. 'Prim' and 'prissy' are 2 such wonderfully archaic english words. Makes me think of Miss Jean Brodie. But oh my, you have a zebra swing coat, and look like you've just stepped into or out of a movie set.
    Shoe store window Madonna is extremely eloquent.

  13. For an animal print obsessive and monochromaniac this is m perfet outfit!!, Looking gorgeous!

  14. Oh! At first I thought you lost your head again. That first picture. But no, there it was again on the second photo. phew. It was just a heart that was lost somewhere else. And not yours either. The drawings tell that story. Looking tres chic and tough today.

    p.s. I am not a robot, do I have to prove it?!

  15. I'll swoon safely over your outfit first (luckily I'm reclining right now) and then sigh relief with your brilliant picture's (I questioned my own reluctance to get involved with the incessant retail assault the other day) I love 'that love' too, I love that me and Dave still cackle and roar, he finds me funny, I find that funny, I think that's cool x x x

  16. My first thought when I saw the post title and the photo was that you had someone's heart in that little metal purse! Surely no one would suspect that chic little woman in the beret and zebra coat?? I get kind of melty inside when I see people that are "my age" and obviously very much in love, with that kind of fierceness that you usually only see in teenagers.
    I love, love, love the paintings!

  17. I love your zebra coat, it really suits you :)

    Your paintings are perfect, and as for love, it's a wonderful thing if you can find it. x

  18. Ah, the paintings, the coat. ME GUSTA!

  19. I am not very good in resisting buying at shops as I am on loads of shopping sprees with different girlfriends. And the only way I can resist this is not to near a shop. Sigh... Savings are drastically diminishing.
    Your zebra coat is oerfect. i love the hell out if it. Not a surprise for you is it?
    And love.... ah love is what makes the world go round. Remember that old song?


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