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Sunday 7 December 2014

My first LinkUp Party

I just swallowed a bird.
If I speak, little yellow feathers might float out of my mouth. If I were polite, I'd wear a mask. (hiccup)

Split, splat, split splat. the sound. of boots. on wet. sidewalks. Halt! 
Excuse me, sir, which way to the Left Bank? "What? Madame, why you just turn left. But you cannot go to zee Left Bank like zat. Although you are wearing a jolie beret, you must wear all black to go there." Oh. Which way to the Right Bank then? "Oh, non, non, non! You turn right here, but you cannot go there. Are you fou? You must wear black there aussi!" Okay, how about straight ahead? "Oh, grande imbecile, Madame! Why, that is the Seine river. No turning. But there is no shopping or cafes there, only leetle fishes." Fine. 
I turned into the wind, positioned my umbrella just right and flew to London for lunch with Vivienne Westwood instead. Such a jaunty petite outfit. Perfect for zee rain yesterday. Next time I'll wear black. 
Originally I was going to post only photos of Miz Bagg showcasing every conceivable angle of her outfit and her magnificent self - nose holes, ear lobes, elbows, knees, toe hair(!) - and then breathlessly proclaim how Miz Bagg, that biatch, had scandalously hijacked my first LinkUp Party!! Unbelievable! And Shelley of Forest City Fashionista was going to send me a photo of herself as it would appear in the last linkup window, the only blogger to break through Miz Bagg's stronghold before the LinkUp Party closed.

Yes, that would have been a great sight gag, but it felt too easy, too trite for the mood I was in once I started the project, so I ended up with these photos, which include two intentional Bagg characters, but mostly different states of me that reflect how I'm feeling, the weather, what leapt out at me from the closet, something I've made, an experiment, a critique, a letting go through clothes and imagination that makes life bearable.

The dialogue was just filler I typed up to check the layout and was never intended for final use, but then I decided I liked that raw quality after all. (The original was much more raw than what's here, influenced by other projects I'm working on.) I like the juxtaposition of the colourful sense of myself I feel in these images in the context of a catty Fashion Police-type commentary, both somewhat unreal and real at the same time.

I like the top middle photo, the pink electric-head-girl cycling socks that I used to wear cycling, now worn with my granny shoes. And below, what I wore today, Sunday.
Caught in the headlights of Santa's sleigh. The parade was today - I wouldn't have known it if it were not for the really weird vibe on the street and the thousands of people everywhere, and, well, the parade itself. The weather was fine, 11C (52F), so there was a great turnout. Wearing: DIY scribble jacket and DIY embroidered-eye jeans, merino wool turtleneck that I wore to the Hamptons, with underlayering as well.

Have you recently read about the man swallowed by an anaconda for reality TV? Frankly, I don't know what the kerfuffle is all about. As you read in VOGOFF in December 2012, here, Miz Bagg ordered that her assistant be partially swallowed by the Mighty Python to research the magical skin rejuvenating effects of its digestive juices. Of course, she was retracted just in time. No word on the juice. Or that assistant.

How are you, lovelies? Having a good December? Brace, brace, brace, there's more to come. Ho ho ho. Mwah. [Edit: I'm linking up to Anne's SpyGirl: 52 Pick-me-up, Crazy Legs, and Mis Papelicos, Share-in-Style.]

Word Verification...
PS - Pao just asked in the comments, what's up with all the auto-robot thing on comments lately? I've noticed this too. My word verification is definitely OFF, but Blogger has decided to turn it on. I think I encounter it on everyone's blog lately.

Does anyone know what's up with this? I thought it might be a gentle "push" from Google to join Google Plus....? Whatever it is, it's annoying. I'm not a verified human?! Okay, well, sometimes I do feel like a robot, but I still run on chocolate, coffee, and fresh bakery buns.


  1. Only Miz Bagg could be her own link up party all by her toute seule! And those comments. Tres amusant. i love that your clothes are jumping out of your closet at you because mine seem to be cowering in the corner collecting dust bunnies. Your scribble coat is beyond amazing. You can come to my house and scribble on my clothing any time you'd like. Cocktails at 5:00.

  2. Lunch with Vivienne Westwood sounds like a great time! You and she would get along like crazy.
    Great link up party!

  3. Best linkup. Of all time. Makes me want to dance (in my new oxfords, yes). Love to meet you for coffee and scribbles. xox

  4. Oh and I thought I missed out. But obviously no one can linky party like you (and yours) can. wheeee!

    What's with all the prove-your-not-a-robot everyone's got on their comments (again)??! geshesh.

  5. Nobody can partehhh like Mizz Bagg! I love the jeans and scribble jacket look--I'm such a sucker for jeans.

  6. Your linkup party is spectacular! Love the pop of peachy pink in your first photo. Keep warm and hope no one else coughs/sneezes on you.

  7. Ha, I swear there are some bloggers out there who would LOVE a link-up just for them, with no one else allowed... The "Not even worth a comment" on No. 24 hits home rather acutely too...
    The thumbnails are wonderful, as is your Lunch with Dame Viv outfit, and of course the scribble jacket and magic eye jeans.
    December, ugh. It'll come, it'll go, C'est ca. xxx

  8. I was is REALLY into themselves! LOL So why didn't I think of this? ha ha!

    All of your doodle art clothing is amazing.


  9. I laugh at the solo link party, great idea!
    How are you doing my lovely crazy amie!

    I'm going to have my hair kind of buzzed on wednesday, not smooth buzzed, too friggin cold but quite, quite short...

    I love that jacket btw!



  10. I CAN'T BELIEVE you had lunch with dahling Viv without inviting me!!! Tres Chic outfit though.

    I enjoyed Miz Bagg's linkup party - she really is the Empress of self-promotion, isn't she ;)

  11. I want to meet you at Connie's and scribble on her. Cocktails at 7:00, too

  12. Ha! Some of those titles made me laugh tea over the keyboard, link of their own especially!
    What is going on with that word verification thingy? Mine's definitely "Off" but Blogger's having none of it! xxx

  13. Tweet Tweet you gorgeous thing you....
    You're welcome to come down to the desert after all those cocktails you're invited to partake in and I'll make ya a pot of tortilla soup to ward off the dreaded hangover.....heehee


  14. Ha! Awesome linky party, Melanie! I noticed the auto-robot-detection going on, checked my settings, feck off, Google Blogger, you can't tell me what to moderate!

    L and I got booed when we crossed the street during the Truck Parade on Saturday. Booed! We had important drinking to do!

  15. I didn't read about the man who swallowed a python, but I think I saw some pictures. I did read that captcha and all that crap isn't really necessary because there's some program that can detect your humanity by the mouse movements when you leave a comment. So Blogger can just bite me.

    Three words for you and your crazy fun blog posts - coffee table book. And three words for Miz Bagg - give Melanie a promotion.

  16. Sheila, you and L got booed? Seriously? The noive!! Your outfits alone would be worth a cheer.
    I was cut off from getting to the thrift shop because of the parade so I was FORCED to watch, until I had to escape for coffee and pastry. Heh.

  17. Brilliant use of the linkup party. You never cease to amaze me!

  18. Eee!! I'm looking at a verification bot right now. 107! 107! 107!!

  19. For a moment I thought you had a real link-up party, and then I discovered the theme! Hysterical!

    "What leapt out at me from the closet." Oh how I know that one! However, your outfits are magnificent as usual. Love the turtleneck with your "eye" jeans.

  20. I adore your idea of a link up party! Fun!! Love the eyes on your knees and this awesome jacket! I'll have to show it to my daughter - she'll appreciate. xxx

  21. I simply cannot count the ways in which I love you! Really.

  22. ... as you S-mel the money, one last link is missing at the linkup-party : The "Exit Through The Giftshop". Having a great December - Greets from Europe, TT

  23. hurrah for Miz Bag link-up party!! she can rock any party, even a one-person party!
    Lots of Fabulousness and Fun!!

  24. I think I like I don't have to prove I'm a robot hehe! I do feel like one sometimes, word verification is everywhere isn't it? I loved your link-up, lots and lots of awesome and all appreciated! Christmas is upon us, I have attempted distasteful decorating again, my Santa riding Rudolph is my triumph this year x x x

  25. TIME TO VOTE today dear friend . Time to really look at each other( Rosy and I are excluded )
    Tons of love.

  26. What a unique link up party! Really fun idea, made me smile.


  28. I loved this post. So many things I loved. Then I read all the comments (which I normally never do) and thought RATS, they have stolen my words! I was going to say that. Oh well, that is what you get when you are late arriving at the party. So for my opinion, see above (or below).
    As for the robot.. Yes I have seen it turn up everywhere, including your blog. It is easy though. I suppose Google has had many hackers on their blogs and want to protect their product Blogger.
    I am on Wordpress now and I have a plug-in which allows me to verify someone who comments on my blog the first time. After the first verification, that person can comment without any further questions. Unless of course, I change my mind : grrrrrr.


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